We will be sharing information on healing from experiencing a scam. You are welcome to post your feelings, thoughts, poems, prayers, or what ever helps you heal and move on.

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  1. romancescams says:

    NO Shame

    “I just want you to know that there is no shame being lonely or in wanting to love or be loved by others. The shame belongs to those who would use that wonderful attribute for their own personal gain.

    As James Lee Burke said, “Our moral failure lies in the
    frailty of our vision and not in our hearts. Our undoing is in our collective willingness to trust those whom we shouldn’t, those who invariably used our best instincts against us.”

    Please know that you have nothing to feel bad about or be ashamed of. Desiring companionship is the most fundamental need that God placed in us humans.”

    Rick J.

    Romance Scam Victim

    • Evi Kurniawati says:

      I am victim of scammer, lost my money but the effect for whole my life more than i lost money! I fall sick cause so depresi, could not eat anything, i stayed at hospital for one week, my heart broken piece by piece, lost my hope, my trust, my integrity about relationship….how stupid i am!

      • thesaddoc says:

        I am trying to keep a strong facade because I am a pediatrician and I’m a single mother and I was almost scammed. My twelve year marriage ended because of alcoholism and abuse, then a two year relationship ended because the guy could not deal with the fact I have a child, then when I thought I was picking up the pieces this guy hammers through my life. He posed as Jeffery Roderick from Germany. Civil engineer also, also going to Kuala Lumpur, etc. so far so good. Right? Well, wrong. I reverse googled his pictures and up came a Ukranian politician. I confronted him. He said he was embarrassed about his looks. Oh, but when he asked for money it became war. I don’t have much to spare, and a kid to put through school. I drove to his supposed house and of course he didn’t live there…. By then I was livid. I’ve been crying so much, not because of sadness but because of fury…. Am I really that desperate for love? The answer is yes, yes I am. And I will never trust anyone ever again. Ever.

      • Fooled says:

        i am currently going through the same thing. i just can not believe that someone would use people like that. To realize that someone never loved you to begin with and only used you to gain access to the united states is beyond hurt. I am so depressed and emotional that at time I feel like i am going insane. I have reported him to ICE, but they take so long to investigate things that he will probably be long on by then. He lives life as though nothing is bothering him, he has never tried to save this marriage at all but he begged and pleaded when his ass was still in his country. I lost everything and trying to pick myself up and start all over again and it is very difficult to do.

      • RomanceScams says:

        fooled, is sounds, from your letter, as if you married your scammer. We have a support group which you can join to find support. We have another moderator who married into a green card scam if you would like to talk to her, I can put you in touch. If you want to join the group, go to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams and look for the icon, JOIN THIS GROUP, click it and follow the instructions for joining. Hugs

      • Justin says:

        I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please know you are not stupid. You’re an innocent woman who was just looking for love, which every woman deserves. You have nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone was wrong it was the asshole who took advantage of that and broke your heart. If you were here I’d comfort you and tell you everything will be alright. In sincerely hope you’ll find a man who will genuinely love you the way a woman deserves to be loved.

      • Justin says:

        I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please know you are not stupid. You’re an innocent woman who was just looking for love, which every woman deserves. You have nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone was wrong it was the asshole who took advantage of that and broke your heart. If you were here I’d comfort you and tell you everything will be alright. In sincerely hope you’ll find a man who will genuinely love you the way a woman deserves to be loved.

      • Debbie says:

        Your not stupid ,they have their ways to trap us.after mine left csuse I would not pay .I read all about scammers and what I read was like reliving my life 2weeks ago but I went on imagegoogle.com guess what I found him again of course I told them about him being a scammer they took his page down .i will continue to use this page just in case he pops back up and yes I Loved him broke my heart was going to throw a way 25 marriage so honey you are not by yourself

      • Nisha says:

        Dont be sad.things will change may be.because i feel im also a victim.honestly i feel to kill myself.

      • Keith Berkson says:

        I dont believe stupid has anything to do with it, I believe these scum attack

      • Susan says:

        I am also one of the victim. Please tell yourself that you have nothing to feel bad about or be ashamed of . The shame belongs to your scammer who is a person of low class, sick, man of no integrity and worst than an animal. Yes, we are made stupid. This is because we have a beautiful heart. We can life our head up all high and mighty but the scammer can never look up and face their children and God at
        the end of their life. Just treat this a lesson in life. Brave yourself up.

      • Mono says:

        Please don’t give up in life. You will heal and please pray.You can move on from this. Best of luck

      • I understand your feeling…I’m my situation ..we romance so deeple whit poems…but you see…he thought that I wask madly crazy in lover..that a matter than less than a month…he tried that game whit the money…I blocked him….never gave him any thing…plus I reported him….yes….the mental state that he left…was very hard..me cause we text each other at any time..day and night ..or in the middle of the night…but I had a feeling that something was wrong ..too much romance too quick…telling me that he lover me..that he wanted to be whit me….at the same time…I stared checking the pucture of the profile and that aroused suspicious …I did a lot of serching….I found that he had criminal records…this are criminals that have no feeling at all for others ….they only care for money….con artist…very professional…it didn’t bother me for too long because as a Christian lady that I’m a prayed so hard..and I less that too month I was fine…..mentally I felt to destroy …but I’m glad that God help me to recover soon.. stay away from dating sites…no trusting..I don’t even want to try any of those any more…I going all fashion way..if I see you and I like you..then …we exchange phone…is more safe…..blessing to you

      • Rachellarry says:

        I was a victim too. I lost about US$10k, I lost my savings for my education. I was ashamed and embarrassed before my family. I was so into him, I let my heart spoke louder than my mind. I trusted him so much, I feel wanted for the first time, but it became such a nightmare to me. I was left broken hearted and traumatized. I don’t trust people now. It was hard for the first week, but I think we all have to learn it the hard way. Cheer up! x

      • Darshini kalra says:

        Oh no try to restore and put the past behind. Im the same victim of nigerian scammer..i just move on even i feel depressed and sturggling to cope up ..forget the past put forward the future and regain strength

      • Satnam says:

        I am Satnam from India working in UAE. My age is 43 old single men. I meet a woman on Shadi .com dating site. She send me request I accept her request. Then she send me her person email ID. Then she sends me her picture. I believe on her so much. Because in my life no any woman sends any message or email with her picture. Because before I never using internet. She says me she is citizen of USA and working with UNO as a nurse. Then she say me she need also life partner. I tell her i am belonging to very poor family so i am not eligible for her. I tell her my parents are sick and my income is very low. So she say me if you’re interested to relocated, she is ready to my help so see send my agent email address and phone. Then i call the agent and he advice me to sent 1200 dollars to open file for visa. Then start everyday call to call. he always demand for money i sent to him my all money for visa. Then one day he tells me you are not eligible for USA visa. My all money lost. Then she tells me she sends me two cores Indian rupees for my parent’s treatment and she wanted to buy an apartment in India for investment. But I advise to her I don’t need money please don’t send me any. She everyday say she already send me fund this. Which agent was leaving in Bombay working with UNO.

        I never amazing those women also make men fool and cheating to others. In my life i think woman need love and respect from man. I now see the other face a woman. My heart is broken and lost my faith in woman. She has killed my true feelings, my love and all dreams. Now I lost my all money and my own house for her.i think perhaps she love me.but it is my dream or my foolishness i don’t know.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Dear Satnam. You sound very sad, like you are giving up on feeling any better in the future than you do now. In the Romance Scams group, we understand that feeling as well as anger, self-blame, despair, grief, confusion and depression. We learned to live our lives one day at a time, trying to create new routines to replace the time we spent under the control of the dream the scammers created for us, just so that they can take our money. Satnam, things do improve over time as we learn about what happened to us, as we report to law enforcement agencies, as we learn that we did nothing wrong. We were victims of a crime!

        It sounds like you are involved with scammers, not a lovely woman who has fallen in love with you. In fact, it is very likely the person you talked with wa a young man from Western Africa. Scammers use their skills in technology to change their voices, create false phone numbers, steal and photoshop changes in photographs of other innocent people.Scammers work in groups of 4 to 10 men; they are telling their deceitful stories of love and a happy future to many victims at one time.
        They care nothing for the victims they steal money from. They don’t care if we are penniless, ill, or suicidal.

        You can learn much more about how scammers work and begin to heal and regain hope if you join our Yahoo e-mail group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/RomanceScams (safe link). Everyone there has been scammed or is very concerned about a family member who does not believe they are victims of a scam. There is compassion, understanding and information that will help you. Please join us.

        You can recover from this bad time. I know you can!

      • RomanceScams says:

        If you have joined the email group, and I believe you have, feel free to introduce yourself, tell as much or as little of your story as you are comfortable with. It’s been quit there lately, so you will get responses from ,embers and counselors.

      • nina says:

        aw im so sorry, my ache is similar but not quite as bad, god heals everyone who believes…

      • nomcebo says:

        You were not stupid we know that we found love where we least expected it……..so u didnt know the soul behind that was scruel i also lost a lot of money too my man sent me a gift the corrier guy from myus.com kept asking for money and when i told them to take it back to him……they started begging

      • You are not stupid. Matter of fact you are a child of God. You just want to be loved and I understand I was a victim too. God Bless You

      • You are no stupid. You just want to be loved.

      • Lila Salongo says:

        As Salam Alaykum.I am a fairly young, single mother of two boys. I have a gut feeling that I am currently involved and in love with the same man who victimized you. I cannot give specifics here, due to my need for privacy. I pray to God that some how you will see and read this and that we may talk privately. I know that you are Japanese and were seeing Sultan around 2000-2003.
        You can contact me at stargazer9503@gmail.com. I pray that God will connect us.
        Sincerely, You Sister in God

      • RomanceScams says:

        Lila, are you aware that you are responding to a message from 2014. This person is unlikely to still be reading messages here, although it is not impossible. The reason we get these strong feelings of recognition when we read another person’s scam story is because they all use the same basic script, modifying it as they get to know their victim better. Names and photos, if identical, are not proof of the same scammers. They share or sell information they have had success with, or just discard it to be picked up by other scammers. There is really nothing to be gained by contactin another victim that you believe to be connected with the same scammer. You were both told nothing that was true, not one single thing. It is difficult to accept, but it is actually a fact. Concentrate on healing emotionally, also financially if you sent money. If you want more information on how theses scams are actually conducted, please join the Yahoo email support group at http://www.romancescams.org. There is much to learn about dealing with a scam and healing.

    • so sad says:

      I have just found out I’ve been scammed … my dear friends are supporting me . He took my money … he can keep it ..but he has broken my heart . I hope this pain goes away
      ..from so sad

      • How did he scam you out of this money. Was it a so called parcel he was sending via courier??

      • Judi Huggins says:

        I’m currently realizing that I’m one of the most naive human beings that ever lived. I too have been scammed and now have to deal with a broken heart. Please don’t give up on life. You will soon mend and so will I. If you are strong enough to post this, you are strong enough to get your life back. If you need to get encouragement, these sites help you a great deal. When I get angry, I ferl stronger. Good luck. Judi Huggins

      • FERENC KRAXNER says:

        i was also scammed 18 monthes long.i sold my car my house for getting money and sending to her-everytime she was asking for the slip of sended money and this made me secure that it is on the right way to her.i was buying twice tickets to come but she was never arriving me.
        i was giving her 28000 dollar-but at least she has got an accident-this i did not believe anymore, because after 2 days the hospital was saying it costs 2000 dollar.
        what kind of beuty operation has she dot there for such a great amount in that short time??
        as than am was sure in that, that am was scammed , but they will get her present with ebola-i dont wish them-
        but my dear do not think bad or have frustration-because we are living and have health and all will give our god us back.

      • 1lonelyheart2 says:

        Dear so sad,
        I too was a victim of a romance scam…the money is just a small amount but the hurt is immeasurable…He came into my life, (via facebook) when I was most vulnerable. I felt like, still do, that my husband of 25 years no longer loves me. I have been feeling my husband’s coldness and indifference for the past 5 years. I still look good at 56 and could still get any other guy if I wanted to but I could not get myself to doing it.

        One day, I got his email on facebook requesting to be my friend. His was a picture of a handsome, descent and a very trustworthy looking guy. Something happened to me every time I looked at his picture. I realized it was my deep love for him that I developed after a few months of communicating with him. He was about my age, an architect from the UK who was left by his 8 year live-in girl friend for his best friend. To forget about her, he accepted a job in Sydney, Australia. His parents have both passed away five and six years ago and he had no siblings. He told me that he was from West Midlands London. Everything made sense to me especially I had never heard of such things as romance scam before. I guess I grew up and old in a very sheltered or naïve environment. I even thought we were just a perfect match, both highly educated, both treated unkindly by our loved ones and we were ready for a new relationship. He was the answer to my prayers for a man who would truly love me, more than my husband did for 20 years. He said that he was going to be the last man/love of my life. I so wanted to believe that and I did

        One day I was upset because of my husband’s usual indifference and taking me for granted. I was crying when he called…he was adamant to have my phone number which he asked for 5 months into our online relationship. He “wanted to hear my voice”. He called me in the morning and at night, my time. Little did I know that he was going to use my phone number to find out where exactly I lived. He was already strategizing the scam. So when he called, he noticed that I sounded upset and insisted on telling him what was wrong. I told him and went on telling him about my other past relationships and marriages where I was hurt by the men that I loved. He pretended to be so upset about my situation and told me that he would fly to the US and take me away from my husband. We were going to run away, send a lawyer and get my divorce from Australia where my husband would not be able to reach me and hurt me anymore. Then we were going to marry in Australia. I was not consulted, just informed of his impulsive decision. I told him there was no reason to rush as I was in no way in danger. He insisted he was coming… sent me an electronic copy of his plane ticket and told me to meet him at the airport…although I told him he had to make his way to my city on his own as I could not get away without my husband knowing it…he agreed, anything just to be with me. I was in heaven at the time…finally, a man who would go crazy and do whatever just to rescue my from my unhappiness.

        Then the bomb dropped…on the day of his arrival, I received a call from a supposed “Malaysia immigration officer” telling me that my beloved was held up at the immigration and would be put to jail unless he came up with $1,500. I told him to contact his embassy but he said he already did and they would bail him out in a week and he would not stay in jail for even an hour, so please help him…I would not let him either so I sent him via western union the money I have been saving. The officer told me that he was on his way to retrieve all his luggage and his money that he did not declare, reason for which he was held…according to them he did not declare the $80,000 in cash, travelers checks that he had withdrawn from his bank account to use for my divorce and for his stay in the US until my divorce was finalized…he wasn’t leaving with out me.

        A few hours later, another call from the same lady officer…he was sent back to immigration by the court because this time he needed to pay for a money laundering certificate…After this, I started calling the UK embassy in the US and in Malaysia, the Malaysian embassy in the US, the Interpol and the FBI. All of them were not so sympathetic and they sounded tired of the story which they have heard many many times. There is no detention, no case, every thing was a scam. If a UK citizen was in such trouble, the UK embassy would definitely intervene on their behalf. Understandably, I did not send any more money. A few phone calls and research and it became clear, I was scammed…they stole my money but most of all, they hurt me in the worst way a human being has every hurt me before… I do not even know how to describe the hurt…I just know that when nobody is looking, my tears just start falling…worse of all I can’t tell anyone…

        I am so glad that I found this web site…I know now that I am not alone. I also want to mention that there are 2 men involved in this story…the man I talked to that sometimes bewildered me because his messages seemed to be different every time…it seemed to me that either he was in a hurry sometimes that he forgot to check his grammar or the messages were written by different people…then there’s the man in the pictures…I am sure that I am in love with the man in the picture which further research was clarified to be another victim…I know who he is, he is a model and so far does not have anything to do with the scam…he does not even know I exist and he does not know I love him…He doesn’t need to know. Now I am in the process of healing and trying to forget this ever happened. I will tell my husband about this in time…then we will deal with our issue, the lack of attention and affection…then maybe we will divorce or not without a third person involved.

      • malia says:

        Move on I know the feeling, us woman are vulnerable, but it’s good to share and support each other. It happened to me unfortunatel . And is happening again. I have photos of a divorced Marine at this time telling me he’s divorced.Closed his bank account and lost his tablet, borrows his friends cell to text me and is starving in Africa and the shipment for food to be delivered for Marines is too dangerous. One time he said he was so sick for a week and I worried like hell. He said he was in the Infermery. I felt so guilty, I borrowed 200.00 dollars and sent it through Western Union. I love this guy so much, and deceive myself. I want to believe he is being honest with me. I have received pictures of various photos of his kids and uniformed photos. They appear legit. Bottom line he has all these reasons for needing money. I get so upset and we ague thru text. Then we mellow out for days, then argue again. Its never ending and stressful I just wish I had the courage to leave him. I love him and want to believe him
        In the back of my mind I know the Military takes care of him. Desperately in love”

      • romancescams says:


        Please, please, please take your own advice. This man is a scammer. Delete, block and ignore him in every way. Do not say another word. Quietly disappear. Then go to our website to learn how to protect yourself and your computer.

        Diane G

      • Debbie says:

        The pain will go away once you get made and search about scans I used image google.com I had his picture and they will give you site where his picture is the you write the site he is a scammer I saved my conversation of him asking for 1.500 for a down payment for his son .you will be fine but you have to get mad first

      • Kln says:

        I have had same thing happen to me

      • marlene says:

        Just wonder why someone go through all this just to get the money we give to foundations that organizations money and that’s the way I’m a look at it and I gave the to them and we don’t know what it’s for but they play too many games in one day someone going to catch up to their scheming ASS I hope and pray everyday

      • karen says:

        dear so sad, it will go away- trust me- it happened to me and i am better and angry- you will be just fine like me- i promise 🙂

      • Joan says:

        I post an ad for penpals on Craigslist Hawaii website after a vacation there in December. A man contacted me and said he wanted to be my penpal. We exchanged emails and he told me he originally came from Santa Barbara, California. He was retired successful businessman and lived mostly in Kauai, Hawaii. When we exchanged photos he said I am a very attractive woman and he wanted to romance me. I am separated from my husband and was in the divorce proceedings. When I hesitated it, he said he will move back to California just to be closer to me. I agreed to keep a platonic relationship with him. He wrote to me, texted me and called me almost every single day and he told me he fell in love with me desperately. He invited me to his apartment in Santa Barbara. During that visit, he told me he was a licensed stock broker and very good at investing money. He asked me if I have money to invest with him. I gave him $5K and he sent me an email showing the stocks he had bought. One and half months later he sent me another email and said my returned on the stocks increased 28% and he asked me if I had more money to invest, I said no. From the time we first communicated in January to April this year, he tried very hard to romance me, sending me cards, writing me love poems, and also tried to project himself as a very successful businessman. Later I found out most of his claims like how successful his business was, were not true. He also lied about his age. He told me he was born in 1950 when in fact he was born in 1937. I became suspicious and decided to end the relationship. I asked him to sell my stocks and send me back the money. He was either busy or in the meeting as he claimed. I sent him a few more emails and told him if he didn’t send me back my money, I’d report him to California Department of Business Oversight. He left a phone message and told me he will not send me any money. He said he had spent a lot of money romancing me and he will keep all my money. I called the California Department of Business Oversight and was told he is not registered stock broker in California. I immediately reported him to the local police department, the general attorney office as well as California Department of Business Oversight for security fraud. Though I haven’t heard anything back from these government agencies yet I am optimistic he will be punished. I told him very clearly he can’t get away from it.

    • hi

      i am a 48 year old british man, who just may of got saved from a scam. I am a muslim a convert to islam. any way i was contacted by a beautiful young algerian woman on facebook. she added me from a new converts pages there. She is 29 years old and very wealthy. At first i was suspioius because why would a young woman add me etc. So i checked her profile, no city given so i saw her photographs, she had been to england on them so i thought oh ok, she is in england. so i added her to my friends list. with thin a few days i had was in conversation with her on facebook chat and quickly progressed to skype. Now things got interesting i told her straight i was not interested in marriage as i could not afford to keep a wife etc. I told her i had 5 children and was divorced. Yes she seem content to keep in contact.

      The skype contact kept increasing til they were 3 – 5 hours per day for a about 3 week to four weeks. however this was only during work days sunday to thursday. after few weeks asked if i could write to her and she said no, lets keep it on facebook or email. i thought this odd but left it as it was. I thought may be she was worried about her famlies reaction. never once i thought she had something to hide. Also i must point out i am experienced with a morrocan scammer and their ways as i have been to morrocoo twice. so time passed, till about two weeks ago i asked her how she felt about me and she said she respected me allot, but did not like me in a romantic way. Yet wanted to continue the conversations. well i backed off quick and she contacted me again.. so like a fool i started to do the skype things agains and getting more involved with woman. when i asked her aagain she said no does not like me in a romantic way. so yet again i backed off.

      The bomb shell next time she talked was that she would like to marry me and if only i was younger and had no children ( i have kids but not living with me ) like a fool t took this as a positive sign, instead of a negative . sure it meant she was thinking of me as possible partner. she know i liked her allot and was positively encouraging me to keep in contact, i mean why encourage a guy who i falling for her not unless she is after a visa or rally like me. i remember once when she gave me her mobile number she never answered, her excuse was that their phone company was bad. It was not she wanted me to chase her. I phoned her to confirm the number was hers, and before i answered she said straight away ” do not worry i gave u the correct number”, in fact there were other numbers she used. i thought this was strange, has she done this before? clearly so. to cut a long story short. i decided to ask her some questions, ie i am on here with her because she is bored with work, and i help her get through the day, she seemed to want me around allot. also i asked her if i am a stop gap measure till she gets married for real. she of course said no

      Then she started crying on skype, i thought wow what did i say. i thought she only like me as a friend, why get upset, of course it was a deviced to get me to feel for her more. The next day i contacted her she was still in a bad mood looking very sad, and was treating me very badly on skype. i could not understand it. i felt like a fish on a hook, like i was being played with. i felt very confused, did not know which way to turn,. does she like, me, in way ? is this fake, is this real. so the next day i decided not to speak to her on skype just to think and never go any text from her. so i though i do a ploy and to her i say i was told she was married because she kept to contacting me at work etc. she said she was not, so when had few text, then she said look i want to stop this now, so i thought ok thats it. i have challenged her and she did not like it. it turns out this was not the case and she did want me to keep in contact, but by this time i had unfriended her on facebook..

      so i asked around about this woman, to her friends and they said well she was not married, sitll it was fishy. any way i text the algerian gilrl to say ok i was wrong and apologised. she did not like the fact i checked her out and would not accept my apology. i have 5 young childnren to protect and be responsible for.she did not care about that, or the fact i suffer form panic attacks and depression which she knew as i had told her. I had just got a new smart phone, so i was messing with it and sent a picture by mistake to a few of my friends. one was her she texted back she did not like me asking about her and did not want to be friends, well that was obvious lol from the day before lol. i again offer my appoloy she refused and read it straight away saying she did not want me to contact her again. whichi have not done so .

      The point is this i felt enamoured by the young lady,. i felt like a fish on a hook being played with. i completely misread everything. and i know muslim culture and rules . just be careful they will butter u up, they will give u warm compliments, they will make u feel they are centre of the universe but faceboook conversations will be one sided, she never what i wrote hardly, so i got fed up with it. it hurts like hell to be so foolish, bewared they are very good at this keep away. In my view she wanted a visa, she would of married me and then left. she sort me out for the sole reason.

    • Tammy says:

      How do you reverse Google a picture? I believe I am being scammed

    • Julie says:

      Thank you. Id rather be alone then with that particular brand of evil. I just can’t break away 100 percent. I cry hours and hours and that’s just not me. Why him?

    • Alex says:

      I’m Alex, I’m 34.. Single never married. I have a relatively successful career in IT.. Last week, I started speaking to this person I met on a dating site about a week ago. It is not very easy at this point referring to that person as he or she. One will never know exactly who that was..
      She was keen to take the communication onto email and actually, in hindsight, I feel really stupid as he or she (I don’t know who now lol), was using very bad grammar and spelling was atrocious… For someone with university education, she was even writing her sentences with missing words. So this was my first suspicion.
      Of course, I did not want to believe that she (at the time, let’s just say it was a she), was a scammer. So I held on, and continued to write and she made herself sound even more like the perfect person for me. A successful business lady, who wanted love and companionship and she was not a super model by any means but she was attractive… Anyway.. Alarm bells rang when she said she was going on a business trip to Dubai. She sent pictures over the days that followed, and though the pictures were consistent with all other pictures she had sent, it was quite clear whomever it was had taken these pictures was at a resort…. Ah ha – Very possibly these were someone’s honeymoon pictures and not the pictures of someone who was on a business trip… And was that a wedding ring?? Wait. She had rings on all fingers in other pictures… Must be okay then. So – Having done business trips myself, I never had the chance to stay in a resort! The best I ever got was a hilton… Anyhow..
      All this time I was clinging on to the hope that she was actually real and that all the letters meant something and I said to myself. If we get past this dubai trip thing we are ok. So nearly a week went by. And the day before she was meant to return.. Everything seemed fine… At this time, I thought, OK, she will be back in England soon. Perhaps this is actually a real person…. So – I checked my email and what do you know… the world had fallen apart around her… Apparently she had invested 60 000 GBP into the business trip to purchase goods that she had to transport back to England. Customs would not let her goods go until she paid 2681…. Wait… 2681 what ?… Not UAE Dheni. 2681 GBP! That’s around 4000 dollars…
      Right. So one thing you do not know about me is I worked in computer industry for a long time.. and I have knowledge. So, at this stage, I was heavily conflicted. My heart, is saying ‘pay her!’ and my head is saying ‘Hold… I told you so!’ and ‘Who is this? For all I know its some skinny bald headed guy called Nigel’…
      Right.. So, I had a brilliant idea and asked her for ID. I said. ‘ Right, I really don’t know who you are so, Take a picture of yourself holding up your passport, the bill you have been asked to pay and your flight ticket and then I will consider paying the money…’..
      I did not hear anything back for several hours. The response was she would not do that because of identity theft and I was told how bad a man I was for not giving her (or nigel), the benefit of the doubt (.. oh right, wait! after the 5 or 6 emails we had exchanged with each other…. (lol)).. Anyway.
      ‘Okay. Fine’ I said. ‘I can’t pay you that much money. Maybe you can just put your stuff in storage and come back here and sort it out from the UK. After all, I said, ‘ you are a smart business woman with a business degree, I am sure you can dig yourself out of that one or find a solution! ‘…. Ahhh – Wolverhampton University… don’t really sing about the fact they do business degrees… Maybe she just went to the wrong school!!…
      In the end I even asked her to call me or to come on Skype but she refused saying that webcams are banned in UAE…
      So that was my last 7 days. I was scammed, not of money, but of my feelings and I survived, just about… My dignity is relatively intact and yes, I do feel somewhat foolish and slightly heartbroken. Not so much after Nigel but, at this point I cannot help but wonder who this person was in the pictures.
      I did not listen to my brain from the beginning and even now, secretly I still hope that the real person in the photos would exist and I can’t help but wonder who she is.
      So there is my story. I had an interesting week and now I am going to eat a tub of ice cream…. open a bottle of wine… and check my bank account. 😉
      Don’t fall for these people. This situation was not as serious as most but I can tell they are very good with words and arguments.

    • Alta says:

      Rick J. beautiful, sure real love will not fail y. We see the red lights but we still look for the kindness in a phantom person. What we have to learn through this is to not: 1 undersell ourselves 2 Before y start on this journey looking for “something” – decide what y want, where y gonna pitch, what y value is and do go for the best y want.

      Good wishes for y, not give up on love. There are lots of phantoms out there, y first establish who y are and y value….


    • Peanuts says:

      I really like the info you posted here..reading all this makes me aware and scared at the same time.For all who have lost everything or a lot of money..how can they begin healing and coming back to where they were financially..can you file bankruptcy like chapter 7 for something like this? How do you pay back money to the people you borrowed money from…a lot of people seen like they fell into debt.I was pretty much shelters all my life..always married..never heard of such romantic scams..makes me beware!

      • RomanceScams says:

        Hi Peanuts, sorry it has taken me so long to answer your questions. for some reason I was not receiving my notifications from here. Anyway, One thing you can do is consider joining our support group. There you will learn how others have coped with all of these things you talk about here. You can join by going to http://www.yahoogroups.com/romancescams and clicking on join this group. Good luck.

    • Lynn says:

      Recently via a dating site I get to know Alex from Canada …said he’s working in Kalua Lumpur Malaysia for work as an Engineer for oil and gas industry (1st alarm goes off in my head) until end of April. He has a 7 years old son and he’s widow (2nd alarm goes off). While chatting he said he wants another kid with me and added he would like another child to accompany his 15 years old son (3rd alarm goes off because of the inconsistent age of his only child). I said ok cut the crap you’re a scammer and he accuse me that I am lying to him. I laughed and blocked him off. Sweet victory!

    • Debra says:

      Thank You Rick J. After one year, he finally left me just over 1 week ago. I’m broke, owe over 100,000 US dollars, my business is going under, I have lost the trust and respect of my Family, friends and business associates and his voice haunts my every thought. I helped him and here in what was my perfect world suffered along with him with what I thought was happening to him. And now …..looking back…..I was strong, confident, popular and Loved by all of my family and friends……today…..I’m scared, nervous, ashamed and barely holding on to my sanity…..and all because I Loved Him.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Debra, please think about joining our support group. We are there for you, to help you get back your control and start moving forward again. You can join by going to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams/info Go file a report at IC3. When you have finished filing that report, they will send you a case number.You can use this case number to file your losses on your income tax. You can do amended taxes for up to 3 years back. Come to the group and learn more. Hugs

      • gail says:

        I can relate to your story. So sorry this happened to you. I got scammed recently. Got my savings thankfully i didnt go and get a loan like he wanted me to or get a title loan on my car. Just wish i had figured it out sooner. Still cant believe i was dumb enough to fall for it.

      • RomanceScams says:

        You were not dumb, Gail. These scammers are highly skilled criminals who use personal profiling to find out what you like, what you want, what you need. Some of them have advanced degrees but wor as scammers because the income is better! They have very good technology skills to photoshop stolen pictures, spoof phone numbers and make skype videos appear to be real. Here is more information on how they work. Please don’t blame yourself.

        * Scammers will project trust and confidence. they befriend potential victims, getting to know more and more about them while revealing little about themselves.
        * Scammers offer something – friendship, acceptance, love. Just a friendly gesture can create trust and a perception of gratefulness and indebtedness.
        * Scammers use humor and music and poetry; these are used as an endearing and disarming tool.
        * Scammers solicit a request and offer a good reason for that request. Psychology research shows people are likely to respond to any reasonable request.

        Scammers use psychology/social engineering to get the victim under their control with their excellent psychological profiling skills. Scammers know how, and when to place those skills into play to make the victim feel pity, duty, guilt and fear as well as anticipation, trust and love.

        We learn to de-program ourselves from the scammers’ psychological hold on us – the grooming, programming, brainwashing and manipulation. With appropriate help and support de-programing will succeed.

      • Vickie says:

        Hi Debra. Your words hit home, resonate with what I have been telling my love/scammer. I count the $50,000 spent over 2 yrs as less loss than the embarassment, pain and emptiness I feel. I wslked away from my marriage, leftvmy house, refinanced my car…all to help him get a govt contract in Nigeria. My story is long, convoluted and I still haven’t let go. Im dealing with the “real” physical person…I called his bluff after 2 wks and he came clean. In two yrs he has been robbed at home, wallet stolen, mom hit by truck, robbed at ATM, broken leg, and surgery for collaspsed lung. I do believe that by a comhination of romancing and suggestive hypnosis we are led by our deepest desires to nutured and be loved…1 step at a time. I’m still struggling with letting go. How is this possible?! Grieving, Vickie

    • radha rao says:

      Like all the other ladies who have posted here,i feel stupid n cheated , being an educated professional i fell for this and also feel emotionally cheated.i have a similar story where befriended this man from u.k. who professed his love for me very quickly and when he came to india was stuck in customs and i had to pay for his release and for him to transfer money in my a/c as he couldnt withdraw it.his name is donald alexander and his profile still exists on fb.he is from birmingham and a structural engineer. just saddened by soo many women being in the same place as me.lost my heart and money

      • Lzbth says:

        Hi Radha,
        I too faced a similar ordeal on 19 April, 2016. i lost fifty thousand rupees by paying to the so called fake customs. his name is kelvin roland, a u.k citizen, widower with a daughter and his profile is still active on fb. i had shared my actual identity but he never did. my mind had understood but my heart refused to accept bcoz i desperately wanted my romance to work out. at the end i lost a considerable amount of money.

      • Sue Long says:

        This is directed to Lzbth below. This man contacted me also. Of course he used a different but similar name. What did he tell you other than what you posted.

    • Debra says:

      I understand You…..I feel this way too….for me, I wasn’t looking or lonely. I just wanted to be there for someone who was sad….or so I thought. But over time, Love happens. The Hurt is something that never seem to go away.

      • Escaped says:

        @Lzbth OMG that guy kelvin Roland also sent me a request too. He was at that time with different name Steven or something. I did not accept him but I did go thru his pics. I can see he is still active on FB. What do you do at such instances? Admins? How can we be sure that it is that guy in pictures? I feel bad for the real guy. By the way if anyone with name adams Coleman sends you all a request, beware. He is a scammer too. I cannot do anything as he has blocked me when I said I have no money.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Dear Escaped,

        Something that is important to know is that there is no connection between the name used and the photos and the real men in the scammer group. It is extremely rare for a scammer to work alone. They work in groups of varying numbers, most participating in each scam with many scams going forward at the same time. The photos are stolen from social media sites or several may be blended with photoshop, so that they are not of any actual person. The names are made up and are used interchangeably between the many scammer groups. The victim’s information may be sold to other scammers.

        Another important thing to know is that we should never tell scammers we know who and what they are. These are highly skilled criminals with ties to terrorists groups. They think nothing of uploading malware, viruses into the victim’s computer and phones. They may install programs that show them every keystroke, revealing personal and financial information. The most important thing to do immediately when you suspect you are in contact with scammers is to block all means of contract, ignore all phone calls from unknown numbers, report the information to law enforcement agencies, make copies of all emails and texts and photos and put them in a secure place where you will not see them frequently. Do not maintain contact with anyone you suspect of being a scammer.

        It is common for us to want to believe that the person who who scammed someone else is the same person who scammed us, but it is unlikely even though the pictures or names may be the same. There are an estimated 8 million scammers out there, so it is difficult to find out who they are, much less find a group reusing the same identity frequently. The exception can be when a person’s contact list is stolen, or a person’s FB friends are targeted. Even then the scammers are likely to change names and photos.

    • Betty says:

      You are not stupid. I was scammed by a man named Mark Wilson. He said he lived in Liverpool England. He needed money to pay for lawyer and guarantors to get his money in India. A lot of women started contacting me. He was doing the same to them.

    • Cheryl says:

      Rick, I am also a Victim as I found your message to many It has truly had an impact on me in knowing I am a Good person and needed a more loving companionship relationship. And yes the shame belongs to those who use you for their own personal gain as you stated. Your statement is very powerful as I am asking God to guide me to heal my self and go on with my life. Taking a 360 turn I have enrolled in a Criminal Justice School along with my extensive research to become an advocate for both Women and Men who have been Violated by such crimes.
      We are Gods Children
      Cheryl S.
      Romance Scam Victim 2016

    • Forgotten says:

      I don’t feel ashamed for being alone.. just forgotten, just got a scam letter again and found this site when I posted some of the sentences in her note. I am sick and I am dying, I just don’t want to die alone. But nobody cares, they say the cruelest things, and I don’t believe there’s any Humanity left on Earth.. if Hillary wins the election I’m going to kill myself.
      Then all you selfish buggers can pay for my burial, because nobody caring enough to listen while I was alive.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Forgotten, I am glad you found us here. We do care. We don’t know your story but everyone here has been touched by these scams in one way or another. You are not alone. I don’t know who is saying cruel things to you, but that will not happen in this group. And for you to threaten to kill yourself over a political issue is just wrong. Suicide is a permanent fix to a temporary problem. Tell us your story so we know how to help you.

    • pedro says:

      Ohh I am so sorry to hear that could you tell me how that happened to you please? It’s just with the intention to have more expierence about this issues!! I really hope that you are doing well now believe me.

    • Probi says:

      I was almost scammed but thanks to the warnings of Romance Scam, the emai lD showed up as a fraud .In this digital age, accounts can be compromised easily.Thanks Romance Scam for saving me

    • Silvio Valastro says:

      Hi Rick,

      Your so kind to comment like that and it helps other men to come forward with their romance scamer experiences.

      Warm regards,


    • Betty says:

      Last night I finally got to see the real face and talk to my scammer. Instead of being from Liverpool, England and being Italian he was a Nigerian with an accent. He went into a long story of why he does what he does. He said his mom had a stroke and he spends most of the money on drugs for her. He apologized for scamming me. I played along with it. I found his real facebook page and it didn’t add up to what he said. He begged me not to tell anyone about him and of course I promised. Now I don’t know what to do or where to report this information I have. To me there is no excuse to scam people and he continues to beg me for money. Would love to see this man and all other scammers caught.

    • Michele Sheats says:

      I was a victim of a romance scammer. His name is Greyson Marino and he told me he had a daughter named Tiffany and was a CEO at Marino Satellite Corporation. He was also on match.com as DogLover as his profile. . He told me he had gold bars coming from Madrid and that he wanted them to come to my home so then he would follow and meet me. He sent me roses, sent me love emails, told me he wanted to marry me and said he loved me with all his heart. I believed and trusted him. I am going through a divorce and he took advantage of me because i was lonely and without love in my life. He kept asking me for money to help pay for penalties of the gold help pay for a certificate to sell the gold and pay attorney fees. I feel so ashamed. I can’t talk about this. Only a few people know just my children and I am so very embarrassed and ashamed. I gave him about 40 k took money out of my 401 K account with an airline I worked for. I sent him many money grams and western union All because I believe him, trusted him and did fall in love with him. I was in a bad place at the time in life. I didn’t know what I was doing. All I knew is that I wanted him to come to me. He was a smooth talker and knew exactly what to write. I never met him. Just corresponded with emails and text messages. I gave someone I never met 40 thousand dollars. Oh my God I can’t believe this. How foolish I feel and how ashamed. I hate him for what he did. He has no conscience at all. I reported him to the local police and filed a report with an investigator with the police. I have blocked all contact from him. I pray that someday he will be caught and arrested for what he did to me. He is probably now trying to find another woman to hurt just like me. Another woman he will convince to give him thousands of dollars. He is the scum of the earth. How cruel to do this to me. He broke my heart, broke my bank account and I was devastated.

      • Melissa Zone says:

        I am so sorry to hear. But your not alone. There are so many scammers out there. I am sorry this happened to you and pray God gives you the love your truly desires one day. Hugs!

      • Michele Sheats says:

        Thank you Melissa. Have you ever been cheated out of money? Michele

      • Melissa Zone says:

        No. I have family and friends in the military. I know they have access to money no matter were they are. I have been hit up in Instagram many times by scammer though. Their very easy to spot on there and Facebook. When all they have is girl followers and all they follow are many women, that’s a clear sign. I don’t know about the dating sight as I am not single.

  2. VB says:

    I feel relieved that everything is over,but at the same time its a very sad sensation having 48 yrs of age and realize that although i have been blessed with many spiritual, intellectual and material things in the search of a true and respectful companion i overlook all red flags that this scammer presented

    The superficiality of his writing , bad grammar , unanswered questions,told me that he love me after three letters, emptiness in his messages and huge repetitive love letters i wanted so deseparately to believe that i didnt exercise good judgment and after all my former bad experiences to have this one in a different level hurts me very much and leaves me with uncertainty and lack of confidence

    I have affected my self esteem and im very confused about my capability to trust and love and sense who is right for me

    I thought i was above and beyond bad experiences or the feeling of emptiness and hurt but this fraud has affected me a lot

    • Elsie gray says:

      I to am being scammed,I sure does make you look stupid when you take a good look at yourself, and try to figure out why you get in such a mess.

    • Rita says:

      I am 66 and widowed 2 years and I had the very same experiences and I know it hurts deeply and relate to somthing from all of these blogs — all the same warnings were there for me and I kept going as well all I can come with is that I want this to make me stronger and more discerning in the future but as I read even the best end of getting caught in the trap of the deep need for love what I felt is I cant believe how good these guys are at building the story they do – my scammer had such detailed emailes and I guess the details are what take your defenses down!! They are good at what they are doing I never thought I was so vundrable – good luck on your healing my friend time heals all wounds start by forgiving yourself you are human

    • Momo says:

      It’s awful and I feel for you. But please be strong and give it ,you will def heal. You’ve learned a valuable lesson be happy about that.

  3. romancescams says:


    Know you are not alone. Many have walked in your shoes and continue to since these criminals cannot be arrested and punished at this time by our government.

    Take time to care for you and heal. Visit our group and read other’s stories and posts. It can help just to know for sure you are not alone. Our group is available at:


    To your health and healing,
    Moderator/Peer Counselor

  4. EE says:

    I too have been victimized. Being a 54 year old professional woman with so much to offer, I can’t believe I fell for this scam. On the other hand, I know it is because I am lonely and want so much to have a partner in my life to love. I too did a superficial search all along as I corresponded with my scammer who overloaded me with romantic letters, sent flowers, copies of his passport, false stories and requests for money. My search yielded nothing so I plodded on.
    I eventually sent money via Western Union to a third party. The name turned out to be Nigerian, although my scammer’s name was Italian.
    And the story goes on until I realized enough was enough and I was out $15,000. I have two promissory notes signed, so I felt I protected myself, but that was before I knew of the widespread fraud that was perpetrated upon me. I am sure they are unenforceable.
    Every day I wake up to the unpaid state of my finances. It makes me sick. My children look at me in a different way. They found a copy of the promissory note in my downloads. I tried to explain to them that I am a victim and they understand that but still cannot understand why I went as far as to send money, why I kept this a secret from them. That hurts. But now is a time of healing and I thank this website for being there as a source for me to get my story out there and hopefully to help others with prevention.

    • Vira says:

      Think i was scammed too. What was the italian name used

      • romancescams says:

        It really doesn’t matter what name is used. Every one is either made up or stolen from another victim of a romance or other type of scam. You will not find him because he doesn’t exist. If the name used was stolen from a real person, then that person is also a victim but one that needs to be left alone because he or she is not even aware of the crime or that you exist. For support and information, please visit us at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info or at our website: http://www.romancescams.org.

      • Debbie says:

        Has anyone spoke with a Sean Adriano Patrick from NYC? Italian, wife & daughter died in a tragic car accident 4 yrs ago, and raising his 9 year old granddaughter, Stephanie, whose in a boarding school? He’s now on a contract in Johannesburg South Africa needing money to pay a lawyer to release cargo containers, so they can be filled with oil for the UK. He contacted me via LinkedIn. All kinds of little red flags went up, and NO I did not send him money!

      • RomanceScams says:

        He is a scammer. He is not from NY, He is not Italian. He is West African, born and raised. Delete, remove, block and ignore.We have a support group where you can learn more about these scams and how to spot them. Go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info and join the group there.

      • Anna says:

        My scammer sounds like Debbie’s but with the Name Dattoli Mondello. Recently moved to the U.K. from Holland. He Is half Italian / Half Dutch but had spent 20yrs in Calefornia working with Shell oil. He had an American accent and needed money for a certificate to release crude oil barrels to be shipped to his buyers from Dubai to Japan. He was stuck in Dubai until he could sort the mess out. I didn’t give him any money. Although felt I had let him down and still wonder every day what he’s doing and is he real, what if I’m wrong? Although in my head I know I have been scammed, just can’t believe he was a lier. He talked of joining our families and being one big family. Even told his daughter about me and my kids, saying he’d found her a new mummy. Yes, I fell for the whole lot. Although the red flags were there and I chose to ignore them.

    • becky parrish says:

      Wow, same here, I’m 54, separated and was very skeptical at first, but then the love and understanding poured in and I kind of took the bait. I was never amorous in my email exchanges with him, but he was overkill in his love for me. I definitely found that interesting. Also, he was a civil engineer working in Nairobi, Kenya and waiting to get paid by the Ministry of Works, but they needed a document, which he did not have.
      Luckily, I caught on, by sending messages via facebook to our three mutual friends. He/they were doing the same thing to them. I would never have sent him money, because I am not in a position to do that. I did some research about the tell tell signs of scammers, but I was certainly smitten and wanted to believe he was real.
      What a bizarre world we live in.

      • Jules says:

        I also have been scammed by an engineer working in Nairobi Kenya , and strangely enough his daughters name is Becky! I dare say it is the same one. It has certainly screwed with my head . I have had counselling to come to terms with loss of future because we had a life planned. Very clever. I did give him money, because he made me feel that our future together depended on the success of his fictitious project and I believed him. I have read that their success lies not in who they target but in when they target a person, which makes sense when you think of dating sites. People get the courage to put themselves out there and are open to possibilities. This is what they take advantage of. You cannot let them win by not trusting again, just be wiser and maybe get a friend to check details with you and meet them early on. There are good people out there , and we can’t forget that.

      • malia says:

        Be strong not every one is bad, we can’t give up hope on love. I feel the same and I know many of us here have been hurt. But the ones that love like we do are special and we get taken advantage of but we must know and keep our head up. I take anti anxiety pills, now because I have had stress really bad now. I feel for myself and everyone who has a good heart like myself. We all deserve love, trust and happiness. Never give up on who you are.

      • Rita says:

        Boy do I hear you my scammer also said civil engineer on a project in nairobi on a project he even sent me a copy of the award letters for this project and then said he ran into trouble needing to pay a non resident tax for working in nairobi he said he was from saginaw mi and when I kept googling him under suspicion and couldnt find any one with the name they used an Italian name as many seem to have done the last attempt was when a dr. called me when he was suppose to come home and said he was in the hospital in a coma and needed pounds?! of blood and someone had to pay or have him flown home and I told them to call the american embassy and he hung up on me never to be heard from again – but yes I was suspect of the over loaded overtures of love but i started falling into it all and its the need to be loved with the type of devotion they express that hurts

  5. KP says:

    I’m an educated, professional singer mother of two. I too was hit by a romance scam and I am completely humiliated that I fell for this. He was charming and British and made me laugh. Something I have not done in a long time. We have been talking for a year and yes I have sent him various amounts of money via Western Union over the past year for one issue or another. I was shocked at how much I had sent over the past year. He used my Christian belief and good heart to bank on; literally. Certain thinks did not add up and I started to feel used, well now I know why. Oh I did the research and found out that he existed or at least his name did in several hundred places. He is a contractor whom was left well off as his father was in the import/export business. He has several homes in the US. But the airlines lost his luggage when he got to Nigeria and one sob story after another. Being that I had traveled overseas on several occassions I know how different countries vary in what they require. But when the US Consulate would “not help him” then I started with my own phone calls. YEP I had been scammed. He sent me his passport and driver’s license. I checked them out and found out that they were fake. I’m just now dealing with the anger and hurt. Part of me still wants to believe in him, but I know better and it is a struggle. So if anyone out there has been in contact with a David Kimmel, let me hear from you. His writing is very eloquent, but when he gets mad then his language is rough and spelling is awful. I contributed that to the language barrier as he was raised in Britian.

    • malia says:

      The reason I am spilling my guts to all reading is because it helps me. And I know if any of you in anyway has been hurt, face it deal with it. You were naive, vulnerable, seeking love and affection, lost out on any amount of money or emotional loss and or trust. Its been done you lost out, your hearts are so big and beautiful. Your a victim and its not your fault. As I said your a victim ” live and learn, keep the trust but be weiry of con’s. I really want to believe the majority of people are real. Let your hearts heal and I really doubt cons leave any ways to track themselves for prosecution unless their stupid. If they were stupid how could they fool innocent victims. One thing for sure they have to answer to god in the end, if that can give you peace and closure. If you gave up a lot , I would suggest file bankruptcy or whatever you need to do and get back on track with your life. Realistically never sleep in the street in place of a stranger. Its about you” first and only you first, your not secondary to a fool.

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  7. Karla Smith says:

    Hello, I have just recently, I believe has been scammed. I never went to dating sites nor was I interested in a relationship. On my inbox of facebook, I got a note from this guy who says his name is Henry Norton and he is from Dundee, Scotland. At first I was skeptical and asked him how he got my name. He was very sweet and told me if I ever got uncomfortable with talking to him that I could just stop. He told me was not comfortable with facebook, that he didn’t understand it and had me go to Yahoo Messenger. We started ‘chatting’ and he also emailed me. He seemed like a dream come true. We did this for over a month when a job offer (he says he is a building and road construction engineer), sent him on contract to Malaysia. He and his daughter, Rosabel, went and he was there for what he was a few days, when he supposedly lost his wallet (or it got stolen?) He was stressed out and for a few days, kept fuming about what he should do. Out of the blue he asked if there was any way I could help. I have been divorced from an abusive marriage and my ex left me with alot of debt which I had finally paid off by my own working and scraping. I told him there was no way I could ever get that money. He kept on until I felt so bad for him and his little girl and I went to a bank and got a loan (surprisingly) for $5,000. I sent it to him like he asked via Western Union. One of my sons discovered what I did (he worked at the grocery store where I sent the Western Union). He told my other 4 kids and they took me to my brother, who is also my pastor. They told me I was never going to see that money again. I told him that he was different that he promised he would go to Scotland in a week and withdraw money from his account and pay me with interest. They finally convinced me (by showing me scam websites) that this was a con. I am now still talking to this guy (the week will be up next Monday, Aug. 1) until then acting like I didn’t suspect anything. He is now asking me for $1400 for a plane ticket to Scotland. I am praying for that money back. I put my car on collateral and I cannot afford payments. I really was convinced that he was paying me back. I want to know if he really is a con or if there was any way I could get him jailed and my money back. I am desperate. I have been literally ill since this happened last Friday (the 22nd). Can anyone help me? I feel like a fool and at the same time, my heart is broken. How could I have been so gullible or stupid? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks so much!!

    • romancescams says:

      Hello again, Karla, I just replied to your first post.

      Moderator/Peer Counselor
      Romance Scams

      • Jeremia says:

        Hi you all, victums of Romancescam.
        I’m reading all off these scams, Its a shame people are using others feeling to ripe them off. But to tell the thruth, I’m laughing about this all. Please notice that your not stupid of dom. Have pitty for those who are scamming people. I’ve been scamed many times like you people.

        At this moment I’m also a victum. I met him on a dating site. He asked me if I’m on facebook.Some thing was telling me that it is not good. But I was currious when or how this one would come with his scam. So after a few these he couldn’t wait anymore so he pop up his thing.It was hilarious because what I know had happend. I kept him to long to win my trust.
        And now as of today May 28th 2015 he wants me to send him money for his daughter recovery do to an accident.

        I asked him for a picture of his daughter in the state that she is so I can pray for her. I can recieve a picture.

        Victums, let me teach you about a scammer. They all are: of shore, working as engineer, or pace keeper in a war zone of in Africa. They all uses the country in which a lot of problems are. Like war or those bad things.

        When a man or woman started a chat with you and claims his or her is madly in love with you and asked you right away your hand in marriage. And want to send you presents and money consider that a scam. He or she wants your hard working money.
        The most used scam attacks
        * off-shore worker
        *in war zone
        *Wife is late ( died in a car accident)
        So beware don’t fall for those traps any more. Focus on the way they approach with their love and affection. A true love is not that fast to grow even with a mirracle.
        Take care and be aware,
        Yours faithfully
        Romancescam victum

    • Sabine says:

      Hi Karla, my name is Sabine, I am german from Bavaria.
      I almost had the same experience but I did not pay.
      Please try to understand you really got scammed from this guy and he will do it always again as long you are willing to pay money to him.
      He will never make you happy, please get red of him, because he is never gona show up even you would pay more money for his flight ticket.
      Try to get help from your friends so they can hold you and you will get over this romance in a couple of weeks, for sure.

      All the best for you

      • Claudia says:

        Hello Sabine,

        I was asked for money too and did not gave it. But the man continues to chat with me? What happend with you when you didn’t pay?


    • blantinah says:

      I have been there with E-mails &mssages from facebook .still stressed .

      • malia says:

        I feel you, I an still going with the flow texting and loving this guy. I know Its he’s bad for me mentally, but its as if I’m waiting for him to dump me because I can’t give him money. I just find it gameful and hurtful to my heart that I put myself through this hoping he will except the fact that I come first and not him. Who will pay my bills and my car. I know this much about life that nothing and no one is promised, only god.

    • malia says:

      Unfortunately, I feel bad for you. It has happened to me twice with different men. The day you can’t help them anymore they want nothing to do with you. They sweep you off your feet, fill your heart with love and happiness, but if they ask for a money, that’s the biggest red flag. This is an experience for me. I am testing the waters and only out 500.00 but no more this is my total spent on my stupid ness divided by two idiots. I let them in my face book and say to myself next” to see what each one goes through to try to deceive me. But yet hoping one for once would be a real sweet and honest person and not a con. Now what I do is play along with hope, but once they play me, its bye bye. Its a game to me now, a deadly one, for me’ so hoping one is really true. And its a deder todder, with my heart, because I am human. I hate people who hurt others this way. And I know it happens to you men. Let someone capture your heart play along and prolong things, play their game, and totally delete them and piss them off, too. But if they ask for a dime, you know they are up to something. No real man online or otherwise should never ask a woman for money. Women should be given money, not asked for it. And please woman let’s keep our reputation clean if we truly find a sweet man, and not hurt him if he is genuine.

      • Jenny says:

        I have also been hurt. Met I guy who I thought was genuine, i thought I loved him, ina way I still do. He was in Nigeria for work but lived here in the UK. He asked me to email him and Instant Message him. All was going fine until a month in he started asking me for money because he was robbed, beaten up was taken to hospital, had to pay for hospital bills and his hotel bills. Yes, I sent him money, I was in love. Heart rules head, I sent him money for his air fare, he wanted more money for immigration, I didn’t have the money. He told me to get lost and not contact him again, I was hurt I did what I told, I wiped all his details off. Three months later he arrived back in the UK, we chatted on IM and emailed each other, he asked me for money to top up his mobile etc. He said that if i sent him money for his train fare to come down to see me he would stay with me and we will be together. He has finished with me as I didn’t send him money. I used to work but now currently been informed I have a disability so I am semi retired. I have washed my hands of him for good. Love hurts I know, I have lost a lot of money. We are survivers we can get through this. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and carry on, That is my motto. Take Care all of you out there who has been hurt. 🙂

  8. Carmen Fron says:

    My name is Carmen Fron I believe that I have also been scammed by a man named Henry Antonio Norton from Dundee, Scotland. I met him around july 13, 2011 through facebook. He didn’t initially email me or message me through facebook however he had sent a message to my sister who is visiting me and she shared his picture and very nice message about him and I was so impressed that I sent him a message telling him that I really liked his profile and his picture and thought that we might have some things in common he had said he had lost his wife and had a 7 year old daughter named Rosabel and I am a widow and know how it feels to be lonely so if he would like to be friends and maybe talk sometimes that would be okay. So I sent him this message through facebook. He immediately replied the next day and insisted that I install yahoo messenger because he didn’t do facebook to well. So that was what I did. Eventually after about talking for a couple of weeks we exchanged phone numbers and started talking on the phone. He told me that he had got a job as a contract engineer site in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia and he would be there for about a month to finish his project and that he would come to the US to meet me and my family. He asked me to marry him and I have been so blind to all the romantic letters and the way that he spoke to me over the past two months that I said yes and then after he supposedly went to Malaysia and started his job there he sent me a message on my phone telling me his wallet had been stolen and he had lost everything. He started asking me the next day if there was any way that I could help him so I sent him 1000.00 the first time and then 500.00 the second time. He still kept telling me that he needed about 20,000.00 to pay the tax office for his equipment for his contract that he is working on and he started pressuring me the next few days that if I could send him 5000.00 that he could take care of his bills at the hotel that he was staying in and get a flight ticket and then he would pay me back because he supposedly could not access his bank account information in Scotland from where he was in Malaysia. He said that the only way he could take care of his bank needs was to be there in person so they could verify his signature. Now where I am from all I have to have is a password to access my account. I have never heard of such a thing with any bank like that. I started to become very suspicious about him and asking me for money after I sent him the 5000.00 and didn’t hear back from him until almost a day and a half later he said he was not wanting to tell me that the hotel he is staying at wanted more money before they would schedule his flight reservation back to Scotland. So now he is telling me he needs 6500.00 for a flight ticket back to Scotland and that when he gets back he will western union 10,000.00 to me to take care of all of my bills and pay off my car and take care of anything that I need. I have been keeping all this information about sending him all this money over the past month from everyone and I finally just broke down to my sister who is still staying here with me and she immediately started recommending that we do some kind of search or background history on this Henry Antonio Norton. So I typed in his name his age and where he said he is from which in this case is Dundee, Scotland, and to my surprise was a story about this same man almost identical to mine about him. I am still in shock. I am so ashamed of myself for what I have done and the fact that I have been so blind to all the warning signs about this guy. He had me believing that he loved me and would do anything for me once he finished his contract in Malaysia. He also told me that his aunt is raising his daughter while he is working. His aunts name that he gave me is Donna Nelson. Now I don’t know what I am going to do I am broke because I just sold part of my property just to be able to send him this money that I have sent and I just feel like the biggest fool. I hope someday he gets what he deserves. I would love to see him go to jail for what he has done to me and obviously no telling how many other countless women he has preyed upon. My heart is so broken right now I don’t feel I will ever trust ever again any man for as long as I live. This man Henry Antonio Norton does not know that I am onto him either so I am hoping that there is someone who can help me out if you know anyone who can help me in this situation it would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Carmen Fron

    • romancescams says:

      Hello Carmen,

      Please immediately cut off all contact with this criminal. Absolutely everything he has told you is a lie. You are involved with a young man from either Ghana or Nigeria who may or may not be in Malaysia but has never been in this country. He has stolen your money and what you have sent will never be recovered. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they can get it back for you. The money is gone. His government has no interest in stopping this crime. It feeds the corruption and lines pockets.

      I am so very sorry this happened to you and that you did not find us before you lost more than some time. You are not alone and please do not feel ashamed. This happens, unfortunately, to many people every day. There are over 17,000 of them who are members of our support group. Please go to:


      Read the front page and join, if you would like to. If you are not ready to join, you can still read the messages. We are here for you to support you through this. There is nothing you can do about the money right now but work your way through it month by month. You can block, delete and ignore this criminal. If he has your phone number and begins to call, use a whistle or block his phone number. Again, I hope you come join us and ask for help. You don’t have to tell your story until your are ready but it will help you begin to sort out your feelings and to heal.

      Peer Counselor/Moderator

    • rachel says:


      i was reading you statement on this website, i have too been scammed through romance letters on facebook, His name is Christian Giovanni, Hawaii, his daughter is named rosabel. I had been through cancer, and he told me he lost his wife to cancer as well… This person is still doing to others. i cannot believe it…

      i feel so betrayed.

      • Fer says:

        Hi Rachel. I am living the same. But he told me a different name. How can we share their photos?
        I didnt send money.
        Bests regards

    • malia says:

      Ladys, I have learned and been lied too. This is what they say ! I lost my wallet ” me and my son are hungry, I need your Bank Account number to transfer 10.000 or more into your bank to get money out of Nigeria tax free and have the FBI knocking at your door and no body to blame but yourself. Lies about how all this is for the two of you or as a family. One guy from the UK told me he was traveling and would send me a box with gifts and some money. Malaysia called where the check mail called and said they have a box and screened it contained a lot of money and gifts.They wanted a release fee of 1,500.00 and it would be shipped to me, I said if it has so much money in there then take out what you charge and send me the package. They said they weren’t allowed to do that. I called the guy who supposebly got home to the UK and he said Malaysia said if the fee wasn’t paid they woulexhausted. for fraud, he said pa y the fee go now and get that money to pay them after all that money I put in the box for you and you can’t pay it ! go now and find a way. Well money wow ! I scrambled around but knew it was unreal to get that much money. I gave up and was exhausted. So frustrated trying to get the money. I was told by a family member not to except anything you have to pay for and never except a lie about putting money into your account’ you will regret it the rest of your life from a online stranger love. The sad part is this is true about con’s using someone’s pictures and life to con innocent people. Some people are dead and con’s use their life and pictures to fool people.

    • Lisa wu says:

      Hi Carmen,

      It’s a total scam!!!

      I was felling in love with a guy who’s name suppose to be Matteo Angelo Antonio, he spent three month to woo me and made me believe he came from a wealthy family in UK. His wife is into drugs and was divorced three years ago with a 12 years old daughter. He sent me ton of pictures of this nice looking man with friends and family. He has a classic car collection and asked me to marry him so he can get his 4.200.000 million ponds from the family lawyer.
      He will not meet me since he is traveling to Germany and Australia for his projects but he needs money to
      pay the Government. I trusted my instinct and didn’t send money. Instead I contacted the name of the family lawyer from the law website, the real lawyer knew nothing about the Mattro family and believed it’s a scam. Before that I have emailed someone who has the same name as the lawyer and suppose to be the family counsel.

      I phone this guy and asked to do video chat for the first time, accidentally he picked it up and I saw the face of an African not the guy in all the pictures!!!

      I threatened him to report his scam to the London police and he hang up in a hurry. He spoke broken English with accent, can be very sweet and make you feel missed and loved. He wants to marry you! Don’t be fooled Carmen, no man will ever ask for money before you meet, open your eyes, trust your instinct. If you feel something doesn’t add up, it’s true they don’t add up!!!

  9. Carmen Fron says:

    The man I spoke about is now still trying to get 6500.00 from me for a plane ticket to Scotland. I told him absolutely not and he became very vulgor with me and hung up so I am certain he is doing this with other people and scamming him I hope that he is caught someday and justice is served. Thanks for replying to my letter I may join your group someday just not sure what to do right now I am very hurt and very confused as to how someone could go this far with anyone and act like nothing is wrong with this behaviour. I will never trust anyone ever again on the internet and especially him. Thanks Carmen

    • Dear Carmen,

      I believe that there is such a thing as “financial rape” and even “spiritual rape” as if a man can “rape your very soul”. I’m an older woman. My former spouse and father of my three children suffers from mental illness and eventually we had to separate and divorce. I raised my children alone and just take care of myself. Every now and then, I do get lonely, but I don’t date because I have a hard time trusting men and still have some feelings for my husband of 17 years. I guy tried to start a Facebook romance with me. I knew something was wrong because he just came on way too strong, too fast etc. I didn’t send him one penny. I told my son who instantly blocked him from my account. My children helped me change my Facebook security.

      I talked to male colleagues and friends about this guy. “Please tell me I’m an Angel, a Goddess”, I jokingly asked a male friend. He just started to laugh so hard. The people who really know me, know all of my imperfections and the “real me”. I will pray so hard for you that you will recover from this experience. You are going through what a women goes through when she is raped, believing that everything has been stolen from you, including your soul. Reach out to your family, friends, and other close to you. Trust them. Those who truly know you really do love you and they will protect you and look out for you.

  10. romancescams says:


    It is very important that you cease all contact with this criminal. Block and delete and ignore him everywhere you communicate with him. If you can block his phone number(s), do so. The longer you stay in contact, the greater the danger to your computer and the continued attack on your emotional state is not healthy either. Please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/romancescams/. You will find support and help to walk through this.

    Peer Counselor/Moderator

  11. cathy says:

    He contacted me on face book also and talked me into signing up for yahoo messenger and gave me the same line about his wife dying and having a young daughter named Rosabel. And after a few weeks he felt god sent me to fill the void in his life and he wanted to come to the US and meet my family and take me back to Scotland and marry me. All was just great until I asked his wifes name and then things changed. He became very cool in his e-mails and writing. Thanks to you coming forward I had the heads up and was prepared. You probably saved my life, because I don’t have money to send since I am on disability. Thank you for being brave enough for coming forward.
    Feeling foolish lady

    • romancescams says:


      Please don’t feel foolish. This type of scam can happen to anyone who is online and looking to meet others and is unaware they exist. I’m glad you found information before it was too late.


  12. cathy says:

    Ladies beware, in a e-mail he sent me the other night he called me Jennifer and when I corrected him on that he actually was mad at me and claim that was Italian for “my princess” but in another e-mail he signed off as Edward. So keep your guard up and if there is a Jennifer out there checking, watch yourself.

    • Dear victim..i have alsoexperienced the same..showered with love. The man’s name was Richard Lambert from Glascow Scottland.very romantic..i did not send too much but for me its not easy. He asked me to send money to his lawyer in Seville Spain and his secretary..jennifer felix will receive the money.so i have her name cause she had to produce her id or passport..they also wanted western union but i could only send thhrough moneygram in dollars.after receiving i did nothhear from him and realised he was a con man.it was a bad emotional situation..devastated depressed.

      • Lisa wu says:


        Sounds like this guy has the same background as the guy trying to scam me. Spain is the home town, living in Liverpool or Manchester or Birmingham… There are few of these scams around. Seeking vulnerable women who’s searching for true love and still believe there are few good man out there.
        There are lots of red flags but we chose to ignore them. Daniel is what we are doing. Looking back I shook my head, we are smarter than this but love can fool you in a big way.
        Thank god I tested him and realized he will turn to the next woman in a heart beat, he also gets irritated when question his motive and intentions.
        The best way is cutting him off and move on. You will forget about the jerk who doesn’t even exist. I tricked him to pick up the video chat and saw his face – an African ugly looking guy with funny accent!!!

        He is not what he claim to be!!!

        Love yourself and move on!!!

  13. Carmen Fron says:

    I am so glad that you found this site and my letter about this criminal who was trying to scam you. I am also glad you didn’t send ‘it’ any money. I am sure ‘it’ that is what we call scammers since they are not really a real person they are criminals who steals peoples names and their pictures and uses them to make people like you and me think that they are looking for love. That is such a joke. Anyways I am sorry that you had to go through this with ‘it’ and thank God that you found my letter about him. I hope that my letter about this criminal helps others before it is to late because unfortunately their will be countless others.
    Stay with the Romance Scams group and keep learning all that you can. This group of people in here will be there for you whenever you need them I know they have been the most awesome group of people that I have ever known. Take care

  14. ola kaza says:

    I was scammed by a man named daniel coffman. He introduced himself as a self employed pharmacist PH.D. After some time he naturally asked for money. Daniel has a stutter when speaking. He can easily be identified by that trait.

  15. Jen says:

    There was a post above that said that a Jennifer should beware if dealing with a Scottish scammer. Well my name is Jennifer and I was scammed by a British scammer who said he was from Inverness, Scotland. He said that he was working here in the US. As a psychologist at a university. Said he had a PHD from Manchester, England. he actually sent me his picture, and I did meet him in person several times, so the picture he sent me was REALLY him. he would never tell me his home address, and when I called him, he would never pick ip the phone. I always had to leave a message. After a month of knowing him, and slept with him twice, he suddenly had to return to Scotland to deal with his grandfathers death. then a week later he said he was not coming back to the US because he got another job working at Manchester University as a psychologist and lecturer. then all kinds of bad things started happening. He said that his grandfather had swindled his money and now the UK tax authority was after him to pay for the actions of his grandfather. This went on for 8 months, and I he got $36,000 off of me. He came back to the US about once a month to “be with me, hold me in his arms”, etc., but in reality he only wanted sex. He made a few mistakes in his scam — he contradicted himself a number of times, actually signed off an email with a different name called Garrett (I only knew his name as Aidenn Boeddington). I was taken aback by that, and when I confronted him about it, he made up some story that Scottish people have 2 names, an English name and a Scottish name. I did not trust Jim at that point, but he started to get really agitated and said I had trust issues, etc. I was so in love with him and wanted to believe in him so I let it pass. after 8 months I was running out of money and told him that. he would only email me Monday thru Thursday, saying he liked to go camping from fri-Sunday to festered. I told him it’s been 8 months and that I wanted more attention from him. he argued with me saying he was too busy. I had had enough of his elusiveness, and told him things had to change. A week later, he wrote me a goodbye letter saying that the UK police have arrested him for the tax issue and now he was going to prison for 8-10 years. After that I never heard back from him. I honestly thought he was going to prison, so I hired an investigator in the UK to find out which prison he went to. a week later the PI said that “Aidenn Boeddington” did not exist in the UK, nor were birth records found for him, nor did he work at Manchester University, nor was there any record of him having a court case or going to prison. I knew at that point that I had been scammed.
    I was devastated. I feel like I was violated emotionally, sexually, and financially. I have cried every day for months. It was my first “relationship” after getting divorced, so I was especially vulnerable which is why he picked me as his victim.
    On reflection, I can see now how all the stories he told me were all in support of his scam. Estranged from family, abused as a child, married before to a woman who cheated on him with 12 men, didn’t have a credit card because he had huge outstanding loans that he used to fund his education to get a PHD, would never let me visit him in the UK, never gave me his address or tel # in the UK, etc.
    I tried contacting my local police but the said they could not help me, in fact no One could help me, that the scammer was long gone.
    I have felt powerless, ashamed, used, and violated. I am slowly getting my self respect back, but it is an everyday struggle.
    I hope he gets caught someday, as he made a lot of slip ups. So, ladies, beware of UK or Scottish scammers, especially ones who seem very knowledgeable about psychology and are hyper focused on sex. If you ever meet him, he is about 40 years old, about 5’6″, athletic build, talks alot, and pretends to be highly insecure, plays the guitar.

    • Chloe says:

      May I ask if this man was not Caucasian? I think I might have met him.

    • Raquel says:

      I am glad this forum is here. Apparently, Aidenn is back in operation. He posted on Craigslist but did not give out a last name. There are too many similiarities to your account, with the physical description, to be anyone else. He is still a psychiatrist at a prominent University working off a grant concerning those with PTSD. He is very sexual (glad I didn’t meet with him) and really is able to read into your vulnerabilities. His wife taught Kama Sutra and died in a tragic car accident 33 months ago. He was able to pay his way through school by becoming a certified massage therapist… And is more than willing to demonstrate. Oh, and he was a footballer on Manchester City FC when he was 16. A lovely little fantasy he can weave for you and is adept at creating parallels to your life. I will admit he created some excitement in my life but I already have blocked him, and said thanks but no thanks. I am sorry, Jennifer, you went through so much. I bless you for sharing and sparing me the pain.

    • Has information says:

      Please send me a private message.

  16. Jen says:

    Oops I just notice that I made some typos in my last post — sorry about that.

    Ladies, please remind yourselves everyday that you are kind, loving and compassionate, and that those qualities are nothing to be ashamed of. Without people like us, the world would be a terrible place.

  17. Martha Allen says:

    I have been involved with a romance scammer in Accra Ghana for 11 months. I have sent thousands of dollars to him, most of which he didn’t ask for outright. I knew for sure he was a scammer after 6 months but was so bonded by then that i still communicate. I convinced myself I would play him but I’m still in denial I guess because after 4 months of not caving in to help him through his continuing crises I have sent more money. I sent a Samsung tablet with a camera hoping to get him to finally send a photo I could really believe was him but sure enough it was damaged enroute and now he has supposedly helped me put in a claim with USPS. Ill find iut in a few days if that also was a deception. i was surprised to read that 75 % of victims continue contact after they have been warned by authorities. I am so dependent on him emotionally; he can have me laughing through my tears with very little effort. No one in all my life has had this kind if hold on me. He is a genius and I have never been able to find any information regarding his true identity despite months of efforts. He says he is a mechanical engineer from Norway who was living in Salt Lake City before accepting a contract in Accra. He knows I have turned him in to Western Union and the local Police as well as IC3 but still we continue. It is like an addiction. I try to meet other people but nobody can measure up to the closeness I feel to him. I tell myself he is a scammer who fell in love with me and wants to change. In all of my life I have never felt loved like he makes me feel. I’m not a very social person and its hard for me to meet people. I’m also 70 so there is that. I befriended a man who had posted a blog on another site. He lost all of his savings and mortgaged his house and car in a period of weeks without ever even talking to the scammer on the phone. He considered suicide. I have read very mean comments directed at and criticizing victims and at least one was directed at me. But if I am to be faulted I’d prefer it be for having a heart instead of being heartless. I don’t regret losing the money as much as losing the dreams that I had, my trust of people in general and my self respect.

    • Wendy Hill says:

      Martha, I have recently been in a romance scam attempt but I didn’t send him any money because there were too many little red flags. When I finally realized what was going on and confronted him, he protested vehemently and pretended to cry fro the hurt, which made me feel guilty. I even contemplated suicide but talked to friends who talked me into loving myself and realizing that God loves me more than any man can.
      Please don’t beat yourself up about this relationship, but please end it immediately. You sound like a wonderful person, and we, the lonely and loving, are more susceptible to this kind of fraud than others. We always see the best in other people. Don’t continue to talk to him or you will be sending him more money to support his illegal, immoral lifestyle. And don’t give up…God still has a plan for you and it doesn’t include this jerk! Give your money to St. Jude’s Cancer Research Hospital for Children or some other well-deserving organization who can use your money for good, not evil. There will be another man for you out there, or you may be used in ministry to others, as God is using me. It is very painful to let go of someone who adores you and spends all of his attention on you…but that’s his job — his source of income, so please be open to other relationships, ones that are REAL and that make you truly beautiful inside and out.
      Wendy Hill

      • Jean Dawson says:

        Hi everyone…. yes I to have been scammed romantically and financially. I tonight told him no more money to which my life was threatened. He claimed he was sending money for our future life. Sadly the requests for money kept happening. Money for custom’s taxes in Indonesia. Money for hotel as held up in Indonesia. Money for Immigration after arrival in Malaysia. Parcel overweight etc. The list goes on. I have retired and not financially secure anymore so this has put me back into increased financial difficulty. I was not so intrigued by the open confessions of love but by the photos he sent. Such a kind looking man. I did not initially answer his message on messenger and thought he had got me confused with my gorgeous looking daughters. He said no it was me. I have been single for 23 years and did not have that strong desire to find a partner even thought I often felt unloved etc. I have been determined to be a strong woman and stay single. First I was sad and very unhappy as he was either not real or his identity targeted as an imposter. I may never know! His profile was on face book as Peter Davis. A major in the USA army and posted at Afganistan. So many things became obvious and so I decided to pay some money to catch him out. Cost me about 7000 all up that I now have to pay for from my pension. I am sad but I refuse to break my heart. This situation has strengthened my ability to stay alone and build my relational with My God
        I am a Christian. Just very cautious now and not sure how cautious I need to be. I write precisely to show my lovely sisters so many of us are in the same boat, however I am not beaten. I have blocked all avenues and just want to move on. I do love him but how can you love a chat friend who i have never met and only wants more and more money. This is a great site and allowed me to share . We women are strong and can overcome this. Love you all. Jeanie

      • RomanceScams says:

        Jean, this is guaranteed, 100% a scam. What you really have is a west African male hiding behind the stolen picture of a soldier. If he were a real military man he would not be on the internet looking for a relationship. He is in a war zone and that means, first of all, that he would not have internet connections to be talking to anyone, and second, if he did and were caught, he would be tried for treason. There is a huge cell of these west African scammers in Malaysia. Most likely that is where this particular scammer really is. The death threats are idle threats. He cannot get to you to do anything. It is a means of scaring you into hanging in there and sending him more money. Delete, remove, block and ignore. We do have a support group you are welcome to join. go to https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info click on JOIN GROUP and then follow the instructions given. Hugs

  18. Ed Collier says:

    Hello. This was my first time experiencing a romance scam. I met her on Zoosk. Her name is Diana Sabantseva or Sabanseva. She sent pictures of a very pretty blonde Russian girl. She was very nice until I told her that I would not send her the money she requested for Visa,travel expenses. Her email address is shongovate27@yahoo.com. Be very careful of this woman.

  19. Sandra says:

    I was scammed by a man named Garyson Roberts, he sent me several e mails declaring his love, then asked me for my phone number, texted me and called me several times, progressively with more affection. I found out that he is a scammer and confronted him. He vanished. He claims to live in Fisher island, Florida, is 6’5 tall, mining engineer born in Berlin, raised in Australia, CEO of QMM Quarring and Mining Manufacture, the web page seems fake, after researching the addresses of the alleged properties, these were non existent. [link removed.] His grammar was bad and his pronunciation did not resemble the accents of where he claimed to be from. I found out in other blogs that he tried to scam other women asking for money. Please be aware.

  20. Ib says:

    Hi all,

    I would like to warn everyone about Sweeney Dickson. He says he is 35 years old, wife died in child birth, has a daughter named Victoria who is 6 (birthday is supposedly June 1, both parents are dead, brother died (Henry) died in 911. His uncle who raised him also died about six months ago. He is an engineer making thousands of dollars. He does not have Skype and refuses to use a camera to talk. He is quite the romancer.

    He will fall in love with you in one day, want you to be the mother to Victoria the next, business partner by the third day and you are engaged by the next weekend.

    he says he had a fashion business in Malaysia and needs someone to take over and help since his wife is no longer alive. He will travel to Malaysia to sort out the detail of this business transaction and then ask you to contact his lawyer Hellen Weng. The lawyer will email but pay attention to the spelling of her name, there is two different spellings.. Ie Hellen and Helen.

    The lawyer will ask you to send a copy of your drivers license and international passport. After this email she will email you asking that you pay $1700 for the paper work to br process so the banks won’t question the turning over his willed benefits of the project. Once you decline in giving the money he gets realllllly sweet and tried to butter you up,

    A few days later he is going to come back and state that he is upset because the lawyer is taking the papers to the Malaysian government to be sealed and he does not want to lose his hard work. So he ask you again to help and begs you to burrow money from friends and you can pay them back when the business deal goes through.

    I called out as a scammer and refused and I have never heard from since.

  21. greenfrog says:

    Hi, my friend is being scammed by men on the internet. These men have the same pattern of contact as you have all mentioned here. She has been in contact with many men who all send false photos and she spends hours talking to them on the phone. At the moment there is a man in England who says he is flying to Australia to meet her at the end of July. This man is a civil engineer (aren’t they all) married for 30 years, wife died of cervical cancer, 27yo son who is a chef. He owns a house in Perth and rents it out. He sent her photos from a professional photography agency in Italy. I told her this was a scam and she told me to mind my own business and that she knew what she was doing and was not stupid enough to send money. But she firmly believes he is coming over from England to marry her. What do I do at this point?
    Regards Greenfrog

    • romancescams says:

      Try to get her to visit our group at Yahoo: http://groups.yahoo.com/romanscescams and/or visit our website: http://www.romancescams.org.

      Even if she doesn’t believe you now, you know what is going to happen and she will need your support. If there is nothing else you can do to convince her of the truth, let her know you will be there for her when she needs you.

      Sometimes that’s all a friend can do … stop watching for the oncoming disaster for our own mental and emotional health but be ready to be there when the time is right.

      I am sorry you are going through and hope this helps,

  22. greenfrog says:

    Thanks. All I can do is wait now and be there for whatever happens.

  23. Claudia says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m chatting with A person who claims he is from US and called me too and saw him on live Cam. He had to go to Nigeria for buying soccerplayers, he claimde to be an socceragent . After being very romantic very soon he asked me ( not directly) to help him with money. It wasn’t much but I said wouldn’t pay hem because I can’t. The strange thing is he continues chatting me and his profile is still on the chatsite. There are some things I can relate too when I read about scamming but some not. What am I supposed to do to find out if he is for real?
    Hope someone can help me!

    Regards, Claudia

    • romancescams says:


      If he has asked you for money, he is a scammer. Please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/romancescams, our support group, or our website at http://www.romancescams.org to learn how to protect yourself now and in the future.

    • sharon white says:

      i have the same problem with someone that i am chatting with.im not sure if this man is real or not.alot of the time it seems real but other times its in the back of my mind that he might be a scammer,this person hasnt asked me for money but claims he has a son who lives with his sister and he wants to go there to be with him,cause he is ill,and that he,s planning to come out here to meet me in december.me to would like to know the truth also he says heis an engineer out in the sea and is trying to look for a more local job.

    • Don says:

      Listen to me I have a group of guys that are tracking scammers
      Give me as much info on this guy and we will try to track him down
      My wife was scammed so I got a group together and we work on tracking scammers
      All of us have been affected by scammers in one way or the other
      Some of us have military experience
      Take care
      Please do not blame yourself
      It’s not your fault
      These scammers are from hell

      • Maricris Brown says:

        I’ve been scammed also, the person was supposedly somewhere in Ghana Africa and is going by the name James Green and here’s the email jamesgreen3339@gmail.com I really need help getting him to pay what he owes me, but above all I want him caught.

      • RomanceScams says:

        I am sorry to tell you but you will never get your money back and the likelihood of him being caught is slim. You need to report him where he found you and delete, remove, block and ignore. File a report at ic3 and if what you lost was big enough, you can use the reporting number you get from ic3 to file the loss on your taxes.

      • Debbie says:

        Omg, you guys are my hero! It’s about time that someone turns the table on these guys & gals! The best of luck to you, and may the Angels always guide & Protect you!

      • Pedro Luis Torraca Roche is working a scam on me right now. I am not going to send money, just waiting to see how far he goes with this. Claims to be from Denver but now in North Carolina. Classic – independent contractor, widower, etc. Contacted me via facebook. Please see what you can find before he really does scam someone.

      • Pedro Luis Torraca Roche is attempting to ‘romance” me right now. No money requested yet and you can bet he won’t be getting any. I am just waiting to see how far he goes. He claims to be from Denver but relocated to North Carolina and yep, widower, independent contractor, the whole nine yards. If you can find him and put a stop to it so that others who might actually send him money won’t, I would really appreciate it.

      • Luzpi says:

        Hi Don, I think I have been scamed the last three years. I met Robert Brownsword in latinamericancupid on dec 2012, he says he is retired from US army, is CEO from his own company Fleetsec LLC, divorced with two kids and her mother take care of them, at the same time that he was chief of psycologic operarios in the Army, I search all this info on internet and found everything was “true”, so, I continue communication with him, but He used desappear from time to time, so I told him it was very strange because he told me he had to travel to África and middle east and in response he said that he used dating website to recruit people but he fall inlove and that he wanted protect me from he and that was the reason to dont add me on Facebook as a friend because there are very dangerous people there. I believed everything but anyway I left him. Some months after We returned back into a relationsip and this time I told him I would visit him in USA and traveled on september 2015, everything was a dream come true so after that visit we continue more inlove and had another meeting in Europe, this time with my family and it seemed he was confortable with them and in this meeting he told me about doing business together and that my beauty will be helpful for it, at the same time talking about our future together and buy a house, what makes me have doubts because he doesnt own a house now. Anyway we continue with the relationsip and by february he said he has to travel again to Iraq on mision, so I checked on his facebook and sadly found he was on Dominican Republic with a woman Elisa Lara and contacted with her, she said they “live together “, because he stay in her house when he travel there and they are not married, her history with him have been similar than mine, just that I never accepted live with him without marry. One suspicious thing is that he always asked for pics from me, working, so I suspect that they created fake profiles with my pics and thats why he said he would need my beauty for the bisiness. When we were in Europe, he told me that his company do many kind of business, one of them, I could know, but that he was afraid I leave him when I woul find what the other business is, what now that I have readed about romance scam, I think I was scamed as he is active in the dating website I met him and he recognized everything was a lie. All of us need support as we are victims, but we need report them.

      • Sarah says:

        Hello, I believe my mom is being scammed and she is in complete denial and is starting to shut off my sister and I. She has been talking to someone who goes by the name of “Danny Alonso” who is apparently an independent contractor and civil engineer from Amsterdam who lives in Manhattan- is a widower with a 21 yr old daughter who goes to college in Canada. She first started talking to him almost 3 months ago while he was on a job in Spain that took too long because of broken parts and some ‘tax issue’. I have warned her about scammers from the beginning and was concerned as soon as I heard her description. I’ve tried google image recognition with his photo and several google searches and have not found a trace. She said he has not asked her for money and continues to defend him. He writes long romantic emails to her and they text several times a day and talk for hours. For the past month he has been ‘stuck’ in Paris with ‘red tape’ because he said he was paid by the Spanish government in cash (2 million!) for his job and was detained because he couldn’t bring all the cash back to NYC. When I asked my mom why he didnt have a bank to put his money in she said he was having ‘issues’ with the bank but did not give a clear explanation from him. For the past month now he has been saying he will fly to NYC the following week so they can finally meet but as soon as the date gets closer, there is more ‘red tape’ or security isssues. She still seems to believe him and I’m not sure now if she has given him money or not because she has stopped giving me details but she is clearly brainwashed that this man is for real and that they are in love. I’m not sure what to do at this point- all we have is his phone number (408-669-1250) which we have tracked to a ping phone but we don’t have any other information from her other than details like how he calls her ‘angel’ and wants to buy a house with her and live a ‘simple life’.

      • RomanceScams says:

        This absolutely is a scammer your mother is dealing with. He will never come to her. There will always be excuses. There are no public records for a Danny Alonso in Manhattan. There are 3 with that name in New York but none in Manhattan. The ages of the three are 40, 49 and 83.

        The reason she is shutting you and your sister out is because she is brainwashed and he is telling her she must because you are jealous of their relationship and will do everything in your power to break them up. She will listen to him because she is brainwashed to do exactly that. The money requests will come. He is already setting that up. If you live near your mother and know where the local money gram and western union shops are, you can go there and have the scammers name added to their black lists and she will not be able to send money through those sources. He may try to get her to open a bank account so he can put money in. If she does this, it is money laundering and is a federal crime, meaning prison rather than just jail time. see if you can get her to talk to me. my email address is yvwiya at yahoo dot com.

      • Jang says:

        Hi there

        My friend is going through similar to what jas been mentioned here. I have suspected it to be a scam from the start. She has just sent over some money again, few hours ago.

        This is the facebook he uses:

      • Robert Makar says:

        don my wife been scammed id like to talk to you

      • RomanceScams says:

        Robert, Don wrote that comment back in February, so he may not see your request. If you want to tell more of your story, or just learn how victims get involved in a scam, we can help.

  24. Susan Haines says:

    I wrote this for my scammer men (or women, you never know) posted it this week, had several trying to get money from me, but never sent any anthing cause I knew what they were, so here is what i wrote for them

    you know who you are!

    Come on baby, lay with me
    I will make you scream and holler
    and when we’re done, you’ll sigh my name
    by the way, you got a dollar?

    If I were there with you my love
    I’d kiss your sweet lips honey
    I know I’d never let you go
    can you please lend me money?

    My love for you grows even stronger
    each day that you’re not here
    I can’t wait till I can kiss your lips
    can you wire money dear?

    The stars will shine and the rivers flow
    and my love for you won’t end
    I cannot live without your love
    how much money can you send?

    You complete me you are my Queen
    Your touch makes dark nights bright
    My mom can’t wait to meet you,
    Please send money for my flight!

    You know you are my only love
    I yearn for you each day.
    I dream of you on lonely nights
    Is the bankcard on it’s way?

    I don’t know why you will not help
    this man, who loves you so

    Written, with love Baby, by Susan Haines
    Thanks for the memories

    • Wendy Hill says:

      Awesome job, Susan! I loved every word!!!

      • Elsie gray says:

        oh!!! that is a jackpot for the scammers best i have ever heard. I also was being scammed but i was smarter than he was he didn’t get money from me ,but i fell for his sweet talk and chats about how much he loved me and i did fall for his picture i cried every night that i couldn’t be in his arms .but when he started asking for money the red flags started to fly and i am still picking up the pieces of my heart for falling in love with {just a picture} that was not even him to start with it was stolen. one of them was in a casket {a dead man in a funeral home with his family } this was two different scammers i found it on spokeo scammers I have saved all my emails in a folder for the F B I to catch these crimnals that hurt so many people. Susan Haines you are a wonderful poet you hit the nail on the head Love you fir it.elsie_gray@twc.com

    • Leann says:

      Lord so TRUR!!!

    • Elsie gray says:

      These two guys name was raymond hector528@yahoo.com and the one in the casket funeral home was randywilliams376@facebook.com

    • Purobi says:

      Susan,great expression and the core of what a scammer is about;feeding off ‘normal’ people’s emotions, they are parasites in society and cyber criminals.

      I hope your poem helps people to get off the emotional treadmill that scammers put them on and view what’s happening or has happened realistically and with enough humor to get back on track and help others who need healing.

  25. Briar Rose says:

    I was scammed by a man who messaged me on facebook. He called himself George Dylan, a marine engineer of Evergreen Shipping UK sailing to Australia, aged 53, widowed for 5 years with an eleven year old boy at his home at Bristol taken care of by an old maid, and wanting to find a partner. We switched to emailing each other on Yahoo upon his request. He was quite persistent that we be friends even though I told him that I was too old for him and a relationship was not my cup of tea. We chatted as friends over yahoo and telephone everyday for a couple of weeks. He was careful in not sending over too much romantic words but often attempted to subtly tickle my fantasy. I must admit that it was warm communicating with him, probably because I am a widow and don’t have much friends. One day he called to say that his boy was sent to hospital for broken bones and asked me to send over by western union or monergram a downpayment of 1300GBP required by the hospital before doing the surgery. I insisted to pay the hospital direct and asked for details of the hospital to enable my dr friend in UK to check the position. He suddenly remembered that had money at home which could meet the purpose. Two days later he said his ship had machine problem and there were pirates blocking the sea and asked for my full name and address for sending me 300 thousand plus GBP which he kept in the vault. This rang an alarm. After talking to a police inspector friend, I learnt how to trace IP address and traced his to be from Iceland and Russia. I sms him that he was dishonest and that I would not continue with the conversation. I googled marine engineer/Australia/pirates and found the same scripts he wrote to me. In the two days that followed, there were weird calls apparently originated from Russia but with untraceable area code 553. Don’t know if they were from his gang but I didn’t pick them up. It’s lucky that I did not fall for him but my feeling is complicated when I see that innocent looking guy in the profile picture who definitely is also a victim. I blame myself for being so stupid as to accept a stranger as friend so easily and blind to all the red flags. I am still trying to get over.

    Watch out for this scumbag. The name he claimed himself to be is George Dylan, email address being georgedylan_01@yahoo.com and tel no. being 447719837067 and 447031741797. I was also advised that tel no starting with 4470x is UK redirected line which can be picked up anywhere in the world and is definitely fake.

    • elin says:

      i just met scammer, he didn’t ask money but collected my photo, i afraid if he will use it for scam other people, i met in dating online, not a premium member, he give clue in his profile how to contact him. his skype name is enjoyme_sg and his email is enjoyme@hotmail.com. He called himself Simon Andrew Clarke, an aeronautic engineer at boeing, aged 41, divorced for 8 years, from Raleigh, NC, and relocated in Singapore since 3 years ago, and now at Belgium doing Boeing project. He promised to come to visit me in Jakarta, and already booked the hotel and flight, i checked at the hotel no reservation by his name, and he never come. He didn’t online anymore at skype, before he said he trapped at busy work and can’t online, but i knew he online at dating site. So please be careful for new modus of scam.

    • Mary says:

      I was so sure this won’t happen to me but after I searched online for his tel no. I found this site. He gave me this no. as being his 447719837067 but his MO has nothing to do with what I am reading here. I don’t know if this is a network or if it’s the same person that changed his MO. He wrote me on facebook July last year. His profile name was Julian Ross and he claimed to be a photographer. We switched to email and he sent me emails with his sad life story about his first wife and child that died in a car wreck. Now he was at his second marriage, had a 2 year old little girl and had a cheater wife so he was a few weeks apart of his divorce. After a month, his facebook profile disappear, 5 days later after I was curious to know why he did not had too much facebook activity on his profile as I was thinking that a photographer would have. He then took it down and said that he had some privacy concerns but at the beginning of september he made a new one under the name of Julian Ross – Photography, and now he’s changed his profile name to Julian Andrew Ross. This time he had a few persons active on his profile. Persons that also contacted me (as well as one that was supposed to be his mother). He made me feel welcomed in his circle of friends. He did not ask me for money until november last year. He avoided giving me his phone no. for months due to different reasons like his cell being broken or that he is in the middle of a divorce and he didn’t want his wife to see those calls. He said that his wife is watching him, he was traveling all over the world with his job, he was always checking in on his facebook profile from every place he was going to and he was taking his wife with him and his small child because he did not trust her with their child until their divorce was over.
      He told me that his deceased son’s name was Michael and that my teenager son, also named Michael, was so dear to him because he was reminding him of his beloved Mike.
      In his emails he wrote me that he had a drunk as a father and his entire life was an “ongoing bad luck” as he told me. There were many red flags but I ignored them. I am a divorced woman with children, I have a good job that is not allowing me to go out and date.
      His ‘mother’ added me on facebook and I had some really nice chats with her. His friend Alexander and his wife, Bonnie, also started writing me after two months of talking to him. They were all very nice and happy that their friend finally found someone like me. They always knew what to say and when to say it to make me feel good. And they were successful!
      He was supposed to come and meet me a few times but something was always happening. At this time he was still not asking for money. He was saying that he has money, a great house in Spain that he was trying to sell so he can leave everything behind and start a new life with me after his divorce.
      First time he asked for money was in november. He told me that he had suffered a stroke in the past, he is traveling and not feeling good now and all his bank accounts were blocked due to different reasons. I wanted to help him. He told me in the past that he was short on money because most of them are being held in investments he did but when I wanted to help him he said that he is fine. I think he was trying to make me trust him even more. This time he asked me to send the money to a friend of his because he was in the hospital. I can’t recall his friend’s name that well because at that time I was not paying attention to all the details. He was a lovely man that was planning a life with me. I rushed to a western union and sent money to a Agniesca or with a ‘k’ Leh/Lec/Lech/Leck- in Warsawa Poland. He thanked me so many times for helping him but I told him that money are not a problem as long as I know he’s in good shape. It was a large amount of money.
      He was sending me songs that he sung playing the guitar, one of them even had my name sung by him. There was a lot of sweet talk that I fell for but then there were some other red flags that I ignored as well…
      He was writing about his wife, Anna, that was crazy but that was something I did not fell for. I know how a divorce feels like so I told him they should both be considerate of their child’s feelings and not start fights over nothing. I told him how we were during our divorce and how we regret that now. He was angry when he heard that I am still in contact with my ex husband and that we are friends and he got angrier when he saw that I did not allow him to say bad things about his wife or my ex husband. I think that he wanted to push everyone away from me. At some point his wife contacted my ex husband and she told him that I am not looking after my children because I am too busy chatting with her husband. She made my ex husband’s life a hell and mine too. She wrote me on facebook asking me to leave her husband alone, she wrote to my 22 year old son that I am an ‘unfit mother’.
      He was playing innocent trying to stop the ‘crazy wife’ and when my ex husband tried to find out more about him, Julian wrote him many threatening emails about how he is trying to do everything he can to make him have his child taken away at custody trial. He did that with my eldest too, my best friend and every one I told him about and introduced him to. He intimidated all those who were around me and drove them far away from me. My ex husband stopped searching details on him, my eldest moved to my ex husband.
      By now I was alone and more vulnerable to him. My eldest told me that he is a scammer but his MO was so different from everything I read. He had a wreck of a life but these friends and his mother writing me, and other details like not accepting my money at first when I offered made me think that he is genuine.
      His MO was different and I think my response to his MO was different too because I trusted him with too much.
      My eldest recently came to me showing a site of the man from who he stole his photos from. In one of the photos posted on facebook, there was a name written on an envelope. Another red flag I ignored. My eldest searched that name and found this man who is more or less of a public figure and had in the past thousands of people in his facebook list. My eldest wrote him and his reply was shocking. He told me he knew because it was not the first time that something like this was happening and that the man who now claims to be Julian, was also known under other names and he was also spotted on other sites like tagged, POF, match and he was not always a photographer.
      He wrote that his photo was recognized by someone he knew on a site designed for scammers back in 2009 but he nicely asked them to take it down because he did not want to expose himself and his family even more to those in search for other photographs to scam women, but he received emails about this concern before that too. He said that he will write himself for Julian’s account to be closed like he did that many times before.
      Then I searched the phone no. he gave me and saw this site. ‘Julian’ does not know at this moment that I found out everything there was to find out about him to convince myself he is a good scammer but this time I want his name to appear in a search if any other woman is scammed by him to send money. He is really good with words. He is still trying to contact me and I try to ignore that as much as I can until I confront him. He is still sending emails to my ex husband, eldest and friend saying that it is their fault that I distanced myself from him. At the same time he is still sending me messages of love saying that he has already rented a place close to me because he wants to make this work.
      I don’t know if this is the same scumbag you wrote about or if this is another person from the same gang but he is a scammer for sure. He scammed me out of money and feelings and he is using his facebook account to do that. I know for sure that on the same account he is scamming more women because he is always posting things in ‘custom’ mode. One time he posted a status update that was supposed to be meant for me because it was our ‘anniversary’ but facebook chose automatically another person with the same name as mine and she wrote a comment to say that he is lovely as always and that she loves him and can’t wait to meet him. She was a middle aged woman just as I am and when I asked him about her he deleted the post, or customized it, and told me that she is a crazy woman that doesn’t leave him alone. Another red flag I ignored because he was such a handsome man that it was not hard to believe that other women can fall in love with him too…
      Beware of him! I don’t think there is much to be done to stop him/them or get my money back but posting his name here is a start so other women can find this message and stop everything before they get robbed of money and feelings!

      • romancescams says:

        Hi Mary,

        I am so sorry! I hate to hear when we are unable to get to know and educate an individual before they lose time and/or money and get hurt by these criminals. Please check out our Yahoo group for support. It helps to share your story here and there. One never knows how much it can help and it helps others too.

        Our website also has a lot of information to help learn all about these scams so that you can have a safer online experience. There are really wonderful sites on the web, including many of the dating sites and Facebook, however we need to make sure we know enough to keep ourselves safe from harm and protect our computers and/or other hardware from destruction.

        Remember that everything this scammer and/or anyone associated with him is a lie. They will say anything to keep you talking. There are tens of thousands of scammers working dating sites and anywhere people gather online to socialize. They are even on sites one would not think just waiting and baiting unaware potential victims.

        Again, thank you for sharing,

      • Mary says:

        Thank you for your reply and support, romancescams!
        I will send your website to everyone I know! It is really hard to face things like this alone and knowing that because of you, many people you care about got hurt. It is also really hard to trust anyone online because there were so many ‘friends’ of his that wrote me and seemed to be so normal and genuine people.

  26. faith walker says:

    This man prayed for me and my family. Taught me to hsve more faith in GOD. We talked on the everyday for 20 months. we laughed and joked. We cried together. Argued a lot. He preached the word of God. We fasted set prsyer time to pray over the phone. Im confused. He plans to come but never arrived. He said he is being held down my evil doers. This man sounds genuine. Pls dont trust him. He lies constantly. He claimd to be a man of God and knows the bible really well.He says he is from spain. Hispanic. I over heard him speak african. I believe he is spanish working his scam out of nigeria, uk and kenya. Where I have sent him money to all three countries. He has connections in USA and Argentina. I have copies of his passport, visa, and drivers licenses and other photo. This guy is good very good. Beware
    He is Luckyman4u. Number 1077 on pigbusters.com

  27. Vicky B. says:

    Thanks for your post Mary and for your head-up on facebook! I was not yet scammed by this man, Julian. He first added me on facebook in February last year but I kept the distance because I myself am a widow for 2 years (1 year back to that day). He wrote me for a few weeks and he was also planning his future with me. I told him to back off because I have to deal with my grieving in my own way and time. All he said was that he understood that very well and that he will wait for me. December current year he added me again from his new profile and asked if I was ok with us being friends. He was respectful of my feelings and, just like you are saying, knew his way around with words. He is intelligent and elevated in his vocabulary and it didn’t take long until we started an online relationship. His messages were so lovely that I became addicted to that. He did not gave me his phone no and all I had was an email address that is no longer available I think. He as well told me that he is having a hard time with his wife, now ex-wife, and that she is checking everything (phone, emails) so he has to be careful about that.
    I spoke with his friends as well, he posted things on his profile about me, he posted lovely photos of him as a tall, dark hair, green eyed man with an earing in his left ear and tattoos. He had photos with his daughter named Iris, his deceased wife and son but this time his son’s name was Andy, as my son’s name. It didn’t ring any bell as he was named Andrew as well.
    Same sob stories. I was also contacted by his ‘wife’ and his mother. And he started writing to persons around me as well. He was nice at first and then really mean saying afterwards that he was trying to protect me and our relationship! No one stood up for me and they all said that I am crazy for talking with him and they interrupted any kind of connection with me because they were getting his emails so often. I think you were right about his MO. It is different and he was in need of isolating us from everyone around so we could trust them completely. I regained my friends when I showed them the real chats on my facebook and his emails and they were then convinced that I never said anything negative about them.
    I do believe that is a network because there were so many persons related to him that I spoke with (Daniel, Kyra, Magdalin, Micha, Bonnie, Bill, his mother and sister).
    He did not ask for any money yet but he had a few crisis when he said that his bank accounts were blocked but he would never ask me to help him because he should be the one helping me not the other way around.
    He has rented a place close to my place as well but never gave me the address because he wanted to surprise me and took me into our new home when we meet. We were supposed to meet beginning of January, then a week ago.
    He sent me personalized photos of him but looking now at them I can see the details that make those photos fakes. He sent me plane tickets but when I checked the flight company a week ago as I was waiting for him at the airport, there was no Julian Ross on that plane. He said that he had to cancel that because his “crazy ex-wife” left with his child and he had to find them. His replies lately were vague and sad. Maybe this was his try to make me feel sorry for him.
    He sent me songs, he traveled to Switzerland, Hungary,Poland, Finland, Italy and he told me all about his house in Spain and sent me photos of a really nice place with a pool.
    I never suspected him to be a scammer because he knew very well that I do not have any money and he was still nice with me but after I read these stories and many others I see that they don’t care about that and many women borrow money and would do anything to help someone in need.

  28. Luiza Hernandez says:

    hi, Mary! thanks for helping! i can contact some other persons I saw on his profile to warn them! Julian wrote me a long time ago. i think it was on eharmony. we had a nice chat, switched to mail. he sent me many of his songs and said he never did this before for anyone. he set up a facebook profile and added me. i think troubles started in week 3 when all of the sudden his wife was acting crazy. i told him that i want to talk to him when he will be free. he wrote me a few months later and said he’s divorced. i told him i am seeing someone but we chated anyway. i fit in what he is searching: middle aged, good job. this time he had a deceased daughter named as one of my daughters. he was funny but when he started to make fun of the guy i was seeing i asked him to stop because he is a online chat and that is it. he started being aggressive in his writing but then he cooled off and said he is sorry. he tried to contact that man i was seeing but john is a common name and he wrote to the wrong john from my facebook list. that is when i stopped chating with him. after a few weeks he came back and said he is sorry. i stopped seeing that man before that so i believed is not a bad thing trying something out with Julian because we went a long time back and he tried to get closer to me.
    he did not give me his phone no. he always found excuses. he asked me for money 2 times but i am a single parent with 3 daughters so i told him i can’t do that at those moments. i asked him onse if he is a scam or why is he asking for money.he got angry and told me that i know him for a long time and i don’t trust him. first sign for me that i have to stop that. when he asked me a again to send him money i told him i am going to do that but first i want to hear his voice. we spoke on skype for a few hours but his webcam was broken. after i heard his voice i knew for sure that he will say that about his webcam. he said he lives in spain for the ast 3 yrs but didn’t know any word in spanish.it is impossible not to know a few words when you live there. i told him something in spanish and he was surprised. another sign for me. he was trying to have a british accent but his accent was not british. i could hear the facebook message sound while i was talking to him but he said it was his friend. didn’t care that much about that anymore. i was too added on facebook by his mother after 5-6 weeks of talking every day with Julian. this was before he called me on skype. i asked her if i can call her but she found excuses too.after we spoke on skype i never talked to him again. i still have him in my list, he is still writing me but i am not writing back. i had this strange feeling from the beginning that everything he is saying is too perfect but we chated since beginning of 2013.
    i am not shocked he is a scam.just a bit sour.

  29. Mary Hirst says:

    I am the second Mary that posted comments on Julian’s status update! Thank you for your message, Mary! It came when he was asking for money once more after sending him 4 times already. We exchanged mails and talk on facebook for 8 months. He first wrote me on match.com. His profile was soon gone. Same story – lost his wife and child, cheater new wife that was watching him closely. No tel no, we skyped after many weeks of asking him to call me so I can hear his voice, but no webcam using different reasons for that. Is it possible that he will use my photos/post them on other sites? Or is it possible that he recorded my webcam? I asked him about his accent but he had great answers like always.
    He asked for money after 3 months. He said he will move close to me, he will come visit me but something always went wrong. He was accusing me of not being real so I gave him my passwords. His wife wrote to my son, to his girlfriend. He wrote them and others in my facebook / mail contacts that I was close friends with. He/his wife sent my son our chats.
    There was always an emergency of some kind. I offered my help too and he refused it but then asked for it.
    After I got your message I read more online and saw some sites about the warning signs. These are some I recognized.
    Did they contact you and immediately give you their email address so they can speak to you off the site?
    Is their account no longer on the site? They claim to have removed it because they found true love with you and don’t need it anymore, but the truth is that the site closed their account down for mass mailing.
    Do they say “Am XXXXXX by name”, “Am the only child of my parents” or “Am an engineer by profession”? Using “Am” instead of “I am” is a typically West African way of speaking. A huge warning sign if they use photos of Caucasians.
    Do they “BUZZ” or “DING” you constantly when you talk in instant message?
    Are they vague about the place they claim to live at? Can they tell you about the place with any kind of detail and without pauses that give them time to search for answers?
    Do they give an occupation as part of their name, such as Engineer Davies Fred?
    Do they ask you to appear on webcam, but come up with excuses why they can’t appear on webcam.
    Do they claim to be from the UK/USA/Germany etc. ?
    Does their accent sound like the nationality they claim to be?
    Does it ever seem like you’re not talking to just one person? Scammers often work in groups and you may be talking to 3 or 4 different people all claiming to be the same person. Maybe you notice they forget something you told them yesterday or seem to write differently from one day to the next.
    Check the IP address in their emails to see if they show the location they claim to be at.
    If they ask for money, do they ask for you to send it via Western Union or Money Gram, or to have your bank details so they can send you money?
    A friend of mine did a check on his IP in his emails and this is what he found. – GB London – GB London – Switzerland – Netherlands – Poland, Katowice – Poland, Strzelin – Russian Federation – Spain – Spain – Finland – Novara Italy – France – USA, CA – USA, PA – Lagos – South Africa – Saudi Arabia – Canada, Quebec
    I asked him about his ips without mentioning about your message or this site. He was really defensive and mad, insinuating that I am the one who is not real. Next day he deleted everything about me on his profile and asked me to never message him again.
    He sent me songs. He was romantic but lately I had the feeling that I was talking to more than one person. He told me he is having problems with his ex-wife, closed bank accounts, sick child. In his first email he told me about his child and when I asked about his name he told me it was Michael but a few weeks later he called him Richard, as my youngest saying that his son had Richard as a middle name.
    He cleaned me out of some money but what he did to me goes deeper than that.
    Facebook is the right place for scammers like him. The accounts on facebook are not suspended so easy for mass mailing/friend requests as they are on dating sites.

  30. Rachel Clark says:

    “sure baby!am doin that just gimme some time cuz annas actin out!”
    “never did that for anyone!hope ull like my song.aint been in mood of holdin a guitar for years!”
    “baby u gave me life back!”
    “can hardly wait to see u tmrrw!”
    “my f^^^^n child is missin and all my bank acc r blocked! Happy now???u never understand me!!all u do is ask but aint givin me nothing!”
    “ur so beautiful can hardly wait to hug u.am searching as we speak houses close to u until we know each other better!!!!”
    My ex was an artist himself and photos posted on Julian’s fb had different styles and that was a big question mark for my ex. When I asked him to upload them on deviantart as my ex was doing for more views he got angry and aggressive. After I received your message my son searched for a few photos that I loved and found them on deviantart: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Cancer-291922464. All he did was search for cancer over there and they popped out fast.
    I suppose this sounds familiar too – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ComoRKmqiVw . He sent me 40 songs {english and french spoken songs}. My son did not find all of them but I am sure they are out there.
    Everything was stolen and used with middle aged busy women with no time and experience to look and see if it’s true or not. Now I made time and with the help of my teen son and you, I got at the bottom of this, already lost 10 months with this scammer. He emailed my friends messages as “ur a bitch that should burn in hell for tryin to keep me away from my baby!”. His addresses were on photography.net, yahoo, gmail, usa.com, artlover.com, songwriter.net.
    I don’t know how to track the ip but I see someone did that and the result was as subtle as sledgehammers.
    He asked for money after many months of disasters in his life. I was facebooking his friends and mum. She passed away friday night and he was in need of money for funeral because his bank accounts were still blocked. He asked for money to be sent to Africa first in June 2013 while he was there with the red cross as a photographer {sent me photos with african children}, Jackie Miller from Lugansk, Ukraine and Agniescka Lech in Poland. Now was a Henry Williams in Liverpool but I got your message before I made that payment as well. I told him he is a scammer and he was firing accusations as ‘you don’t trust me’, ‘am movin close to u and u still aint trustin me’, ‘what else u want me to do?’. I told him about the Lagos, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Canada, Poland, Russia ip and he was pissed! He blocked me from fb and all his friends were gone from fb or maybe blocked me as well. I now wish I told him I sent the money today and after he came back with no money from WU, tell him about the ip and that he was spotted at the WU when he went to pick up the money.
    He has accounts on match.com {lonelyman4ever before it got deleted}, zenfolio, linkedin.
    My brother found his wife on a site, two months later they were married and they are happy. My story with Julian saddens me. Thanks for your message Mary! I was onto him for some time but never tried to contact persons in his fb. I think we should target persons that were less active on his profile. All others are in this too!

    • Mary says:

      Rachel, I found this about Jackie Miller from Lugansk:


      Julian said his first born died year 2012. This is from 2011 but his ‘first born’s’ age/name was changing according to victim’s children.

  31. Jane Doe says:

    Is Julian going to use my photos to scam others?
    He wrote to many of my friends. Are they really at sword point? His messages to them were ghastly. He was not only rude but completely beastly and he terrified everyone around me!
    I sent him money repeatedly to the already mentioned countries and persons. He stopped writing my friends as soon as he got what he wanted (my money and complete trust). Is he going to start again if I will stop sending him money? Is he going to act upon his words?
    I had no idea he was writing to my friends until it was too late to do something!

  32. Sarah Jones says:

    Julian IM me on match.com and sweet-talked me into a relationship. It took him a long time to gain my trust but eventually he did and I lost 15k to him. Since I met him – dec 2012 – he had 7 different FB profiles. Jules Ross, Julian Ross, Julian “Photographer” Ross, Jules Ross-Photography, Julian Andrew Ross, JA Ross, Julian Ross-Photography.
    Some of them were active simultaneously.
    I saw his photo on different accounts on match under different names but he said that some stole it. Same thing with his first wife and child, second wife cheated with a black guy and gave birth to a black baby so he was going to divorce which he eventually did.
    His youngest, Iris, had pneumonia and needed treatment, she broke her hand, he got robbed. So many stories he told me. He wrote my friends awful messages. Just awful and horrid! 1 month was all he needed to make everyone around hate me.
    Is he serious when he is saying to my friends that he is going after them for trying to keep me away from him? If it is of any importance, they absolutely did not do that!
    I sent him 4 photos of myself. Will he use my photos in further crimes? I am not a beautiful woman.

  33. Mary says:

    To Jane and Sarah
    At this point we have no reason to believe that he will act upon his words, Jane! His messages to collateral victims-persons we know and told him about were meant to give them quite a turn, see how they respond and see if anyone could shut off his scheme. I have no reason to think that he will go after our friends. One of the victims was married with a police officer which was not intimidated by Julian’s messages, so he cut off any kind of connection with this woman. He will try to find good or bad things about us and surrounding persons. He will attempt to use the bad things against us to explain his hate against those surrounding us. He wants to be our hero and eventually we will have to pay for his services!
    I am not sure if he will use our photos to con others in future scams. After surfing the internet I see that some of them are doing that. Julian had many photos of this man and his family but there are many scammers who only use 1 to 5 photos of what they say it’s themselves and that is enough to carry him/her into effect he desires! They know how to get by with what they have. They are clever.

  34. Mark Collins says:

    I have no intent of offending anyone but in my line of duty collateral victim or damage is to things or persons that are incidental to the intended target. There is nothing incidental about what is going on with our lives since my ex met Julian Ross. We were harrowed by him 24/7.

    To me:
    u think ur better than anyone but ur all scumbags!if u try to hurt my baby am goin to come after u!
    she told me how u replaced her with another woman.left ur family to be with ur new wife.ur such a scumbag marryin a slut who wanted ur baby and a free ticket to ur money!
    look at ur fuckin face!u have to pay for love!

    To my wife:
    lift up ur skirt an open ur legs maybe ull get a free ticket to my money too!
    u deserve one other.my babys too good for u guys! stay away from her shes not alone anymore

    To my brother-in-law:
    u trained ur sis good bein so slutty now tell her to mind her own business!

    For a complete disclosure, I had met my second wife online 2 years after our divorce and remarried 1 year later. I did not left my family for her. Our divorce was not about cheating. Neither one of us cheated but it is not the first time I heard my ex saying to newest of her friends that I left my family to remarry my second wife.
    Nothing is incidental about this, Mary! It was an exchange of sad stories between them set on falsehoods on both sides! She paid with money for her fun! All the rest of us paid with our families, peaceful mornings, days and evenings for her fun and desire of feeling loved by the “gorgeous famous photographer” as someone called him! We had to close facebook accounts and email accounts of ours and our children, change our phone numbers.
    I have one obscure point. My ex chatted with him for 11 months! He had so much time to chat with her but no time at all to meet her? He was rich but his computer had no webcam! He had all sort of young girls crushing on him and he was calling them “kids”. I am a 57 year old man and I never met one man who was not tickled by a young girl’s attention. He had written on his profile that he had sponsored for scholarships, he was buying places in UK and US at a slap of his hands and suddenly all his accounts were blocked. Am I the only man having an emergency account? One day he was looking younger than he did in a photo he sent with his first family that supposedly passed away in a car accident 10 years ago! I am sure that all of you ladies know that Benjamin Button is a fictional character!
    There were many warning signs but I am not judging any of you for not seeing them! I know how loneliness feels like and how honest persons can be fooled by someone!
    My ex was special! She was told by many that he sounds like a fraud, she has had her doubts about him, she has seen everything we all sent her about romance scams! We were worried about her but she was only worried about him and was spending her time asking him to come back to her. It was of less importance to her if he was hurting others, if everything he did or said was suspicious, if he didn’t show up while she waited 4 hours each time. It was enough a lovely message from him to make it all better! If he did not show up it was because he was afraid of us, if he was hurting us was because he was trying to guard her, his messages to us were a fraud because “that is not Julian”. We were always the ogres!
    She was my wife of 19 years and I don’t like that she got hurt but she is not accepting what her joyride did to the rest of us. This is something you should all think about!
    I feel for you all! Mary, you have my sympathy for having the courage to come forward with this in your try to help others but please do not call us collateral victims! We are not collateral at all! Everything he used against us were things told by our ex wives, wives, friends, enemies so we are your victims too as well as Julian’s!


  35. Amy says:

    The minute you posted on his profile he deactivated it and sent me a friend request from Andrew Ross. He had been asking me an awful lot of questions about my husband, family, friends and it felt odd. He had been asking for more photos of me. When I kept asking about your post he unfriended me and deactivated the “Andrew Ross” account too. We had been chatting for 2 weeks and he was a nice man to me. His life was odd but I had no reasons to doubt his intentions until I saw your post and had a look over all these stories about him.
    Thank you, Mary! You can count me, my family and friends as being saved from a heartache!

  36. Janet Coleman says:

    i call it as i see it! his targets are our enemies not our friends and this is because of us! we meet a lovely man with a teary story so we tell him teary stories and complain about everyone who ever saddened us! you can’t get his attention by saying the goods in your life while his had been a disaster! i wanted his attention and told him everything about my ‘enemies’. we are his source of information and our enemies are his source of information about us! mark is right! i never saw it that way but we should leave aside our complaints and tears for the money we had lost (4k for me). julian’s m.o. is different as he is making us a part of it by turning us into victims as well as abatters! i have had a personal vendetta against someone and told Julian about that man making everything sound disastrous. i think few of us told him about the goodies in our life and we got what we paid for!
    i was deceived by julian! we should all listen to our children. i don’t know how many of your children told you that he is bad news. mine told me from the start but he was so nice and special. pay attention to red flags and don’t ever make your personal problems a part of the discussion.
    mary i sympathise with your feelings and i admire your courage to make this public but posting on his facebook will only show him where he went wrong. as we well know he is a smart man with an answer for everything. is unmistakably to say we are dealing with an experienced con artist. after two months of chatting with his divorce being over he was in great need of cooling off so he traveled all over europe in 10 days, had a trip to africa to find children he can sponsor and i was wowed by that! my 15 year old told me i should have a big “L” on my forehead.
    he is charming, persuasive, inventive and knows how to use our feelings, insecurity or simply ignorance to his earnings!

  37. Chrissy Richards says:

    Julian is confused! I saw plane tkts, birth certificate, dob 12/20/1970 then he sent another one with dob 11/09/1972. Shuffled his second wife’s name with his first. His answers are confusing and I received a desperate email where he was addressing to a Danielle!
    He was bearing down to this person bulldozing her with colorful appellation! He said his ‘ticket out’ are those (very) personal chats and photos they had been exchanging for 18 months that he will make public to her children/family/friends/work. This is a shakedown therefore if there is a Danielle reading this, be on the watch!

    • romancescams says:

      This “Julian” is a made up person. Please do not continue putting yourselves at risk by allowing contact. The longer you stay in touch, the more at risk you make yourself and your computer. Please report him to the social media site he is on and anytime you see a new profile that is “his”, report it again. Meanwhile, for support and education, please go to our Yahoo site. You are invited to read any and all messages posted there and can join and participate at any time.

  38. normagulbin says:

    Iam one of a million that other girl want marry a forener but one day names mattehew collin add me and hi told me hi love me hi sent me agrement for magried but he asking me money then he sead he was in uk to move in nigeria but i found that he hes a scammer coz of phone # he give me and i asking him to skype coz i want to see hes face but he refuse me then when i call a phone and speak to him hes not from uk thanks god to save my money

    • Rose says:

      I received mail trough fb by the same name Matthew Collin/s.he told me he is a marine engineer and sailing a lot.thank God I did not continue my communication with him.

  39. tonya says:

    I do believe I have a scam artist. He told me his wife died in child birth and he is a engineer and he has a 4 yr old daughter named Mimi. MIMI has some illness with her kidneys and he pays 1000 dollars for her injection. He tried to get me to pay it. I refused. Then he wanted his uncle to send money to a bank. I refused. Today he wants to send 1 million dollars to my bank account. To see what bank he was going to send me to i said ok. Well the information is for The United kingdom. So I know he is a scam artist now just wondering why he would want to send money to my account and had anyone had this same story.

  40. tonya says:

    I would like to add more to this story so that if he is new then beware. Eddy Jones or eddy crook email eddycrook93@yahoo.com. He is good and will make you feel so sorry for him. Mimi is what he uses to get money from you. He’s on a ship which can’t have phones or anything.

  41. Karla Jo says:

    I was picked out of many on match a few weeks back by a Tom Williams. Jules4love was the nickname but the profile was gone after 2 days.
    He said his middle name is Julian, he is a photographer. Widowed by his first wife, lost his first child. Now married with a second wife but very close to a divorce due to her infidelity. He has a young little girl, Iris. Travels all over the world, has a lot of money but never has the possibility to call me. His deceased son’s name is John, like my only child. Many things in common so I think he is “Julian Ross” that I found on this page.
    Beware of him, he’s ‘working’ now under the name of Tom Williams, born in UK, living in Spain, dob 11/12/1970, playing guitar, sending songs, saying all the right things! True charmer! Don’t fall!

  42. ed collier says:

    I hope nobody ever loses faith and trust in others because of these people. I have also been a victim. She was sending me these wonderful sweet letters and pictures and even called me. It was just the thought of being wanted and needed and loved that was so good about it. They prey on the lonely and best hearted people. It would help if we could reach out and bash them in the head with a baseball bat, but we can’t. We are so much better than them. We don’t deserve to be sick and sad. God will punish them tenfold for what they do to innocent people. Wrecking someone’s life for a little bit of money. At least we can learn lessons and be a better stronger person the next time. I hope anybody that is sick and sad today realize that they are not alone and time will heal their pain. Don’t let these sneaky foolish greedy lying people win. They are born losers anyway and obviously have nothing better to do with their lives. We are all better than them and don’t you forget that because it is true.

    • Franca74 says:

      Thanks Ed, i really needed to read your words..I’m a victim too, feel so sad after a 4 months ‘relationship’ online that ended a couple of weeks ago. Thought it was a beautiful fairytale for a young widow like me…Good looking blond german guy who sent love messages every day, chat everyday, promised the world to me. Was supposed to come to visit me, I even went to the airport to pick him up but didn’t show up..Nothing, absolutly NOTHINg made me suspect it was a scam (Didn’t even know about all this scam business)..I opened my eyes wide when he sent me a fake photo of a guy with a broken leg…the story is much longer..and yes, I lost money too…The blond guy has nothing to do with it (I’m glad about this)..I was so ashamed at first but the one who has to be is the person who has taken me for a fool. I cut all contact with him.

    • Pink Daisy says:

      Thank you Ed. It really helped to know other people have also been there. My heart is still so broken. My marriage were at a very low point when I were scammed. I pour my heart out in front of this “Godsend” man, who I found out was a low life Nigerian somewhere in a rotten dump. I told him things no other person knew. Thank God my family convince me that it was a scam and I saw it for what it was, before it was to late! But at last, the emotional damage is almost to much to handle! I’m now living on my own, not able to trust any man ever again. May God hold each of us very close in this very difficult time……….

    • Anonymous says:

      You said it so well ed, your comment and wanted to prevent so many others from falling prey like I was is the reason I am about to tell my story. I have to say sadly enough, I feel a little better that I am not the only one this happens too, because I feel so ashamed, dumb and naive to let this happen to me. Because, I don’t wish for my family and friends to find this out, I am keeping my name confidential. I too was recently victim of a love scam. I met him on cupid site. His goes by the name of James Adriano, Italian with an 8yrs old son named Kelvin , wife died 3yrs ago of cancer. First I was a bit reluctant to answer as I did not feel any attraction. Then, he was so nice in his message so I decided to talk to him. Yes, I am divorced for several years now, have not had a decent relationship since my hurtful and short marriage. So, when he requested that we start to talk on yahoo messenger, as it would be easier, I agreed. He told me to feel free to ask him any questions to make me comfortable at first since he had nothing to hide.
      This man was too nice, genuinely concerned about my well being. We exchange pics via yahoo. He said he was a civil engineer and was self employed. Because he could be there for his son. He said he was well off, had nanny for his son if he needed to go out. He would put bid for contract job overseas. So this summer he got one for republic of benin in south Africa. He said he had to leave right away to start a new job there for about a month. He said he had to take his son with him name kelvin Adriano, since he had no one to leave him. It was going to be his son birthday soon, so son was happy to go. Then, we kept talking when he got there. He started telling me how much he likes me, missing me. So I said to him at first, that he didn’t know me well enough to miss me already. But, he made me start to believe that it was because we were hitting it off. He wouldn’t give me his number at first. Soon after he got to Africa, he was telling me, he had a driver there to take him places, driver wife babysit for him, take his son to beach and shopping because they also had a son his age as well. Soon after, he told me son got sick with malaria, hospital bills high, he spent every money he had on job he started to buy supplies to renovate train station. He said boss has given him a check , but could only cash it on different set dates. So red flag for me was how dare this man I have never met ask me for money. I said no at first. He told me he had no one else to ask, I was an angel, a god sent.
      As a Christian, good hearted, I love kids, so when he kept insisting, I caved feeling sorry. He said his son was all he had, no other family members, parents died 10yrs ago. Long story short, I sent him money via Western union. Apparently, the so called driver named Leo Harrison, helped him so much throughout this whole ordeal, but is part of scam, cuz he would have me send money under his name too by saying it was easier to pick up money at times. It was one sad sorry after another, money to pay for hotels fees, buy medicines, to get all kinds of tests done and had to pay before they do anything in such poor country like that. He also told me, other friends was helping him too, but it was never enough. I had pray about it before sending the money, asking God for signs if this was a scam. But I miss it, because I was falling for this man. He was always concerned, asking about me and family, my well being. I ended up borrowing money from family and friend for him, by telling them it was for me. He took all my savings, me a single mother. I finally started to tell him I had no more money to send, he kept promising soon he would be home to pay it all back.
      He needed money to pay for airline ticket since his stay got extended because of son illness. At some point, I think I kept sending him money cuz I wanted him to come back fast to pay me back. Soo dumb and naive of me. One time he said he got robbed after picking up money that I had wired to him, with my stupid brain I felt bad , scared for him and send him more money. When son was finally better to come back, he wrote me 2days later to say plane almost crashed, so airline put them in hotel until they can get another plane. Then second time coming back, he said kid pass out while they were about to board plane and now in comma, dying. Now I was telling him, I couldn’t do it anymore, my checks were bouncing, living from paycheck to paycheck. One friend only whom I told about all this said to beware, that it sounded like a scam. But knowing my friend to be always negative, I didn’t believe her.
      I must say I did have doubt at times, I say too him I am sending you all this money but I don’t even know ur address, reluctantly he gave me a fake one, cuz I Google it, and said why someone else name came up. He said he don’t know, that it was his address, he said he was in tears because I didn’t believe him. So, I let it go, thinking that If he son was truly dying, now wasn’t the time to argue with him. Finally, I said he needed to contact US embassy for help. He told me he did, that everything take time, they had to fill paperwork, they would only pay for hospital bills. So he needed money for food, hotel bills. Then, one day he said son was stable from coma and US EMBASSY was gonna help bring son to USA for better care. Then, 4d went by without hearing from him. Then, finally wrote to say son died, now he making funeral arrangements. Needing money for funeral, would be cheaper to bury him there. Red flags were truly going up for me. My friend told me to say to him I was so stressed I was in hospital. He pretended to be sorry for me, apologize for causing me so much pain. The worthless man asked me if I could borrow more money from family member while I was laying in hospital bed. I said no cuz I couldn’t even pay my bill. Finally, when I said I came out of hospital, he said embassy wasn’t coming tru to help with burial, that friend send him money but he needed little bit more to complete it.
      When I realized this was taking so long for him to come home, he kept begging, saying he wanted to get home. Against my better judgment, since he said he only needed small amount, I sent it too him. Then finally he was coming home, promised to call soon he landed, but didn’t. After almost a week, I kept messaging him on Kik, finally he said he was in states but was not feeling well. He wouldn’t speak to me anymore, said he needed time to figure things out.
      There was so much to this story, feel like I could write a book. Finally, I figured out I was never gonna see my money ever again. He wrote back 1wk later to say he was in hospital. He kept telling me he asked bank to make deposit for me but not sure why they are not doing it. I knew he was lying. I wrote him a nasty letter on yahoo telling him I knew he was lying about a lot of things, his email is James _Adriano43@yahoo.com
      He never wrote back to this day. I finally tried to research him more. I called someone named Dennis Wiser, whom I found his number on white pages, because one day James had this Dennis person send me a transfer via Western union, saying it was his friend trying to help him. When I asked him why he didn’t have him send the money straight to him, he said no reason, that he would not do it again.
      To end this story, when I finally called Dennis, he said he didn’t know any James, but heard of him on Facebook scam. He said he got taken for a lot of money too via Facebook when someone befriended him as friend of his cousin. When I heard it all, I was in so much shock, but it also brought closure for me because it truly verified the fact that, James Adriano was a real scammer. He even mentioned to me Leo Harrison, the so called driver of James, without me even telling Dennis about any of their names.
      I am praying that God give me peace of mind and helped me move on. I have learned a great lesson, will be more aware, careful and not so naive and trustworthy anymore. So, I hope my story would help others from falling prey of these scammers. I know God don’t like ugly and has a special place in hell for these people. He is also on cupid site under smile _king43

  43. ed collier says:

    Thank you. And it helps to know that you are not alone and it is not your fault at all. It will take time, but you will find peace and better things. One of the hardest things for me was having to tell all of my friends that I had told about her that it was just a scam. Having to be reminded of it. You hang in there.

    • Franca74 says:

      Nobody knows about the money I sent…Was I alone, the harm wasn’t too much of a deal. But I have a daughter and I’m mad at myself to have lost more than 2000 euro that I took away from her future…To think that a bastard is having fun with my money makes me furious. The hardest problem I have to cope with is the opinion I have about myself. My self-esteem is down to zero because of all this story. I’m really mad and furious cause I gave too much trust and fell for beautiful love words written by who knows who, that I never saw in person (talked on the phone, yes)…I’m shocked, really. In front of the few people I told about it, I pretend I laugh about it, but inside, I still cry. How could someone play with feelings like this? And make fun of LOVE????

      • Jules says:

        Franca, your only mistake is that you trusted someone, and that’s a wonderful quality in normal circumstances. They are the ones who deliberately and calculatedly deceived you. Decent people don’t expect that and that’s what they rely on. My scammers had a professional website , knew the supposed project details inside out and after months of two conversations a day, there was not one contradiction that stood out. I was sent his return flight code and printed off his flight details for a quantas flight home, in his name. How much more is a person supposed to check? These are well educated, highly organised criminal rings that tweek their scams every time they have an anomaly exposed. The average person is no where near this level of sophistication , and we couldn’t live being that suspicious of everyone. It’s them not you, start planning from now on.

    • Vickyyyyy says:

      Omg you are actually so pathetic stop plaguing other people with ur friggin problems!

  44. ed collier says:

    Some people will do and say anything for money. The money he did get from you will not last him forever. I can understand how you feel about losing money that could have went to your daughter, but all we can do is live and learn sometimes. No doubt in my mind that they will pay for what they are doing to people.

  45. Cindy Chandra says:

    I am from Indonesia, and I have been approached by scammers (yes, 3 at a time), and I can’t tell how grateful I am that this blog exists. Going through all the comments, I have come to believe in my inner instincts even more. I have not been financially or emotionally victimized. Their names on facebook are James Smith Milner, Venice Robin, and Dorice (supposedly a lesbian). Basically they prey on middle-aged males and females established in business, single parents. What gave them away besides the overwhelming dIeclarations of undying love and the desires to marry the victim are their lack of English vocabulary, punctuation and mastery of spelling. If these are neglected, at least when they talk to you on the phone their peculiar accent reveals themselves. One of them masturbated during a phone call and sang me a love song (Paint My Love by Michael Learns to Rock) on another occasion. Is that part of the job? I just found it awkward. They call with Malaysian (+6011) and UK (+44) number. I hope this helps to identify them sooner, before the ceaseless requests of money transfers as well as feelings start to develop.

  46. Daniel says:

    Scammers from Ghana get so much information from those that have been able to get a visa in other countries who have scammed their way there through marriage. These scammers send photos of western families and contacts so they can preen their victim. In one case that I am aware of this scammer from Accra Ghana chatted to this lady in Australia for a year and finally she became his first victim. She married him and he was able to get a permanent residency with his forged certificates and lies, she believed him and then found out that he only married her to get permanent residency and then bring his family out.. He his now free to live and earn money, own a house, a car and travel back and forth overseas whenever he wishes, all on forged documents that the government have passed through as legitimate. Hopefully one day the authorities will catch up with him, as every attempt to have him deported has failed.

  47. Patricia says:

    I don’t know if I am victim of scam or not, this two months has been so weird. He contacted me trough meetic.fr, by the third day we were so close and he said i am the one he want to pass the rest if his life. He tell me that since then.
    He has his own business selling goods, so he got a good contract one month ago and he traveled to Malaysa when he put his foot in Kuala Lumpur Airport catastrophe began. It supposes he knows his business, so he decided to bring cash with him for good purchase instead of make a bank transfer, he said it was easy and faster in that way. He flew from London to Kuala lumpur making one stop in Dubai, he did not find place in a direct flight. Due to the stop in Dubai his business passport to bring big amount of cash with him was not valid. So he was mantained at the airport until he paid, he didn’t bring enough money to pay in his wallet. And he asked me to complete the balace… I gave him money…. When finally he paid, almost one week later, an officer told him his briefcase were taken to United Nations Office because of his content…. So he were taken to the UN offices and there he is informed that he must pay a permit/certificate… He had not money, so he got in contact with one of his employees and he helped him to buy some jewerly of his late wife first, his car later.. He did not get the balance so,….. I send him more money… He paid to UN, and now they told him they took the briefcase to a security box, they took hom to the Bank and… He must pay again, but now to the bank… He does not have money and no one to ask for, so…. I had to pay,,, He intriduce himself as a widower with a 5 years old daugther, honest, catholic, risponsable person.
    I though that was the last when he told me ( yesterday) that probably he needed to pay more.
    He got so angry with the front desk person at the bank when they informed him that, so he hit a security officer and now he is at jail waiting for his sentece in one week.
    He gave my phone nomber to one officer and ask him to inform me about it. The man explained me everything with detail. In order to do not present charges, the injured officer was asking for money … I did not pay, but the man sent me a message this afternoon where he told me my fiance ( i was introduce in that way) is waiting sentece because the injured officer presented charges finally. Now if my fiance pays a huge amount he could be release but we have 7 days as deadline. This person who is informing me of the situation told me that he help him because he talked to him, listened his story and he feels he is a good person, and his wife encourage him to help my fiance.
    I have copies of the receipts (airport and UN) the man who is informing me looks a sincere person, he said me that it is dangerous for my fiance to be in jail in Malaysia because of the kind of people there and religión, that he looks bad, sick and he is crying.
    I called to the UK embassy in Malaysia and to the jail where it suppousrs he is, but they told me I need the passport number to get information in both places
    I do not what to do, if this is scam is to elaborated… And if it is real is too bad luck.
    I do not know what to do.. I have given him 22000 so far, i do not have money.. And i am not completely sure this is scam. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
    I have had contact to him only by phone,, text messages and messenger.
    Thanks for read my story

    • Jen says:

      I hope you have cut all contact with this horrible man…this is a well known scam…

    • lori woods says:

      this is a scam dear, don’t send anything.

    • Andre says:

      He’s a Nigerian scammer and you have to report to the authority there in Nigeria

      • RomanceScams says:

        Sorry Andre, but you are wrong. It does absolutely no good to report there. 1. the majority of the police are on the scammers payroll. and 2. how do you report someone you know nothing about. The pictures are stolen, the names are made up, they work in groups so they all use the same name. Nothing you know about the scammer is true. To legally report you have to have the ability to pick the person out in a line up if and when they are arrested. You cannot do it with these West African scammers.

  48. Franca74 says:

    Patricia, it’s all part of a scam. My scammer had an ”accident” on his way to the Lagos airport (was on his way to meet me). A couple of days after, I get A call from ”a doctor” saying that my ”boyfriend” was in coma and they needed money to buy blood or the ”hospital” was going to suspend treatment. I refused (I was starting to smell fraud), telling him to contact the british embassy. Another doctor contacted me then via chat saying she was a ”woman”.. I had written to the Lagos British embassy to report that a ”english” citizen was there hurt and if they could please help him. That’s where someone told me, a few days later that he was probably a scammer. And from there I found this blog and learned all about romance scams (I knew ABSOLUTLY NOTHING ABOUT SCAMS)…And this after a four months online relationship and more than 3000$ lost. No use saying how hurt and devastated I’ve been… CUT ALL CONTACT WITH HIM, IT’S ALL A LIE.

  49. Patricia says:

    Thanks Franca, I blocked their phone numbers but third person has appeared now. It seems it will never stop. Since the first moment I felt it was so good to be true.. but I wanted to believe. Believe that good things happen. Talk to you and with my friends about all this, and read all the available information in internet has helped me to deal with the fact I feel that I lost myself for a man who I never met. It hurts a lot, my selfesteem is zero, it will take me long time to recover.

    • Susan Christ says:

      I too new was to good to be real but kept saying what if he really is a soldier I don’t want to let a USA soldier down I’m still corresponding I had stopped for 2 weeks and now started again but I find he seems to be hunting me down on chat sites even if the new username is completely different. I have given more info then I should have and I’m scared because I’m married and I don’t want my marriage to be over.

    • Hazel says:

      They never give up. When one does, another appears. I understand it is not one person but usually a group of 6 and one talks while others work computers to answer any questions u may ask. They are so disgusting. Give no one money! No one! That is the game.

  50. Franca74 says:

    Dear Patricia, I went through your SAME feelings..don’t worry, it will take time but you will surely be better. It took a while for me but now, thanks to this blog too, I came to be convinced that we victims should not feel ashamed. We had TRUE LOVE to give but some bastards took advantage of it. THEY are the one’s who should never look themselves in a mirror without feeling SHAME. It was too good to be true for me too and I wanted to believe it with all my soul. Of course, there have been consequences such as not believing in REAL love anymore or not being willing to TRUST anyone anymore, but I’m sure I’ll change my mind about this too, with time….IGNORE, BLOCK anything that comes from there, numbers, emails, etc. I received other phone calls too but blocked the number..And I keep receiving messages on Facebook of men that are obviously scammers, with a terrible english. I MAKE FUN OF THEM!!!! It makes me feel so NICE!!!!

    • Sahsya says:

      Franca..am agree with you. I make fun of them too. We already know their way to cheat people..talk with this barstard mem make me smile..how they going to lie and cheat us. They thought they are clever..actually they are so stupid person in this world. What they give they get back

      • RomanceScams says:

        Sahsya, scammers are not stupid; they are very savvy about technology, using a form of light hypnosis in the way they condition victims to expect communications at certain times, using psychological profiling to find a victim’s vulnerabilities. Many are highly educated but turn to scamming because pay for regular jobs is so low. They work in groups of 4 to 10 men with a leader or boss supervising. The situation that causes them the most upset, the most anger is being blocked and ignored. It is not when they are teased, taunted and baited. These are actually very dangerous practices, leading to damage to your electronic equipment, hacking of your personal information and contacts, and sometimes taking over your equipment to use as a base for their operations. Please consider these dangers the next time you think of toying with these dangerous criminals.

  51. Evonhrain says:

    This is really helpful. I also was invited by a name of Andrew Clarke in facebook who said from Newcastle, UK. He also ask for my contact number and was full of flaterring words that made me really suspicious. He said that he is a petroleum geologist that works in a shipping company and his wife died and they have a 16yr old daughter. He told me that he is alone for long and planning to settle down and would like to know me, blah, blah,blah… It was really my first time to encounter such drama and don;t really feel the endearments, so I kept on asking him about definite details on his work and the company he is working. He became angry why I kept on asking him about it and said that I am more interested of his money than him. So I frankly told him that I am not interested talking to him and his not my type. So he disappeared in my FB account.
    Now, another man invited me again by the name of Joseph Dalif, said he came Lebanon and now living in Brecon, UK., divorce for 3yrs and have a 12yr old daughter. I just wondered how he found me and not convince of his reason. Unlike Andrew, this one is more slow and seem to b projecting himself as highly professional but quite odd cause he can’t rightly spell the word “chat” and kept on using the word “chart”. Hmmm, another hoax again….

  52. John walker says:

    Have been a victim.to Ghana dating scam.His name was Osei Duah impersonating Ann Angel a porn model.I lost. £11,300.00 for her travelling to Ontario.Reported to the Embassy who link me to contact the Ghana crime unit and scammers was arrested.
    Beware of scam

  53. Wilbur Worry Warts says:

    I am hoping someone might be able to give me some advise regarding a possible romance scam.

    I have a very dear friend, (we were in a relationship for about 5 years, then broke up on good terms), who has recently fallen in love with foreigner (Sri Lanka, Muslim). Now she is pregnant with his child after only knowing each other for around 6 months, and he insists that they must get married before the baby is born due to his religious and cultural beliefs. Seems to contradict Muslim beliefs that they have been having pre marital sex to begin with, and the fact that he’s not marrying a virgin, and that he will be marrying an atheist. He has been in Australia for a number of years, and is still on a temporary visa, awaiting but not granted citizenship. I am very worried for her wellbeing, as I have friends that have been tricked into marriage for citizenship purposes, and then after citizenship is granted they are no longer to be seen.
    I know I might be a bit bias due to our previous, recent and lengthy wonderful relationship, but I cant help but be sceptical of his intentions, and worried for her future and wellbeing.
    I think she is blinded by love, and may not be able to see the signs of a scam, or is choosing to ignore them. I did sometimes find her to be a bit naïve and gullible.
    I checked out his Facebook page and noticed that he has many friends, but has not become friends with ANY of her FB friends. He certainly did not accept my friend request. Also none of her real life friends have had the opportunity to get to know him at all, except for brief and limited introductions.
    Also, he has refused to marry her in his own country, explaining that if they have a wedding there he would have to invite his whole family, a time consuming and difficult process.
    It seems quite out of character of her. In fact, during our relationship she was quite opposed to the concept of marriage and was certainly not interested in having children any time soon.
    And with the combination of Australian immigration laws getting tighter and tougher, and the fact that her new fiancé has been waiting for years for his temporary visa status to be upgraded to permanent, I’m worried that he has intentionally tried to get her pregnant in order to persuade/force her to marry him, which will grant him access to the much sought after Australian Citizenship that he has been trying soooo hard to achieve for around 8 years.
    I have recently raised my concerns with her regarding his possible intentions, and she refuses to believe that she could be used in such a manner. She became very defensive of him, and when I hoped for her and her child’s future that he turns out to be a descent guy in the long-run, she replied “Of course he will. You don’t need to worry about that”. I feel this to be a very naïve and ignorant attitude. No one can know that. She does however find it odd that she fell pregnant so quickly, considering that when we were together for much longer using limited contraception methods, that she never fell pregnant.
    I know he hasn’t told his parents of the pregnancy, and that they now spend much of their time at home alone together on a limited income. This is quite different to the very social and active, outgoing and family oriented girl that I spent years with.
    So now my comments towards their child/marriage has pushed her further away from me, and I think she may be withdrawing contact with me.
    I really don’t think she understands the implications of having a child at a young age, with limited income and no savings, and the possibility of being a single mum with no job/income not to mention marrying into a Muslim family, whilst maintaining an atheist lifestyle with no religious beliefs or practices, and while trying to launch her labour-intensive artistic career.
    Of course, I’m worried that once his residency is granted he will leave her and the child for a Muslim virgin, and pursue to sponsor his family in migrating to Australia.

    I don’t know what to do, or if there is anything else I can do, now that we have even less contact than ever. I just want the best for her, but this does not sound like a love marriage to me. I smell a rat.
    I really hope they have a happy, long and prosperous future together, but I wish she would acknowledge the risks and signs of a possible scam, instead of just dismissing them as being my issues with racism.

    Can anyone help ease my worries, or guide me towards a solution to his debacle?
    I’m going round in circles here in a pool of worry and getting nowhere.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

    Much love.
    Wilbur Worry Warts of Australia.

  54. Elle says:

    I don’t know if this guy is part of a scam or not but he contacted me on a site to discuss shared experiences. I was there to meet friends as I was new to the area. He said he was a 50yr old engineer, divorced, single parent with a 15yr old daughter. He was from New York but had moved to California because it was too difficult to stay in NY because his ex cheated with his best friend. He also said he lost both parents in an accident and his sister to cancer. He asked if I had messenger and wanted to message me there. Things started out ok as I told him I just wanted to be friends. The first few emails were very tamed but by day three he was calling me dear and baby. By day four he had his daughter sending me emails which I was very concerned about. He wanted me to ask her how pure and open his heart was towards me. I reminded him that I was only interested in being friends. The emails continued to be littered with empty words of great love and how God had meant for us to meet. He knew a lot about the counties in my state but I never disclosed my city. He knew a lot about the catholic church and seemed to be aware of a lot of actors and comedians. He said he had a project in London and didn’t know when he would return but said it would be very soon. He often spoke of dealing with the Chinese and having issues getting his chemicals. He told me not to worry myself over his issues and I assured him that I wasn’t worried cause I knew he could handle it on his own. Then he asked me to call his international number so we could pray together but I told him it was not feasible for me. He claimed he would pay the expense, all he cared about was talking to me and praying for our relationship. I told him it would be easier to do video chat but then he became very upset and claimed I didn’t believe he was real when I remarked on his strange behavior he said it was because he was an orphan. When I finally called he didn’t sound like he was from NY. The connection was really bad so I hung up. He called back wanted to do messenger. I told him I couldn’t be in contact with him anymore because it was obvious he wanted more than my friendship. Like I said, I’m not sure if this person is a scammer but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Thanks to this site I was able to pick up on a lot of telling signs.

  55. Elle says:

    A few details I forgot, when I explained that I only wanted a friend this person went on and on about how he could heal me from the hurt of my past relationships. I assured him that I had no issues with my past relationships as they were all amicable. The sob story seemed to get worse each time we spoke, which really made me think this person needs to be in therapy. He often forgot or seemed to be unaware of details I had mentioned the day before. Like I told him that I was traveling for work and did not have access to television, but he kept asking if I was watching the world cup. He kept asking when I was getting paid which I explained was none of his business. Also, he said he didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs on his original email. By email three he was only a social drinker, by email seven he was drinking wine often to relieve stress. Just was not consistent.

  56. Jane Doe says:

    I have been scammed a year ago through the free internet dating website. It was hard to believe that I am 50 years old divorced woman is when I fell to a scam. I was a sucker for true love. He was supposedly from Florida named Paul Martins with a son Sean (an engineer) but was stationed in Ghana. Fell in love with his story and he was able to get deeper with his passion and love. I wanted to believe he was real because he was the man of my dreams who would help me with my life. Unfortunately I lost all my money that I saved up for my children (i still can’t believe to this day how stupid I was). I felt that I am the most stupid woman on earth but I can’t go back to the past. The money is gone but I call God for his guidance, peace of mind , forgiveness and help in moving on mentally, psychologically and spiritually.. I am thankful that no harm was done to me and my 3 children. I read online that scam was in the scriptures. I am trying to move on and file bankruptcy for fresh start. Life is more important. Believing and asking God for help is the only thing that is giving me strength. I will bring this embarrassing experience of my life to my grave and is something I cannot share to my children.. I did not commit suicide and have chosen my 3 children over the money i lost. I cannot hold on to an ugly memories that will ruin my life. I believe that everything happens for a reason and this was a destiny that i cannot change in my life. I believe that God will compensate me with a true love who will be my lifetime companion. God will give me justice at the right time.

    • Pink Daisy says:

      Hey Jane Doe. Don’t ever feel alone. There are so many of us. I also thought I was to good for something like this to ever happen to me. I didn’t have the wonderful marriage I so desperatly wanted, and this guy came into my life at this time. Talk about bad timing. He was everything I wanted, loving me with a love I wanted all of my life. My family convince me to check him out. Against my will, I did. Thank God! His photo’s was used in hundreds of romance scams. Looks like a bunch of Nigerians were behind this. I didn’t lost money, but I suffer enormous emotional damage – to the point I’m going to book myself into a mental hospital. You look after yourself. This thing causes so much damage to a loving, caring person. Know your not alone and your not stupid at all! We will survive and be better people after we healed from this……

  57. Wheng Garcia says:

    I was a victim to this internet love scam recently, when I’ve found out just last Wednesday July 30, that he’s coming here to meet me in my country, Philippines on Aug. 1. He had sent me his hotel bookings through my email that he’s really coming to meet me and my family. His name is Les Coleman a Scottish man from Aberdeen, Scotland. He told me that he was a international journalist and a movie editor that is why he’s been to different locations to shoot for a movie. On my surprise, when he made a transit from Seoul to KL Malaysia on Aug. 1…he calls and told me that he was caught up by Malaysian immigration for not declaring 10k British Pounds that he brings to his suitcase…what the heck?! he thought I wasn’t smart to know the rules of a tourist. So a Malaysian immigration called me up to mobile sim +6011 (fake officer) that my husband (he told the officer that I’m his wife) was caught bringing such amount and he doesn’t want to give them proof where the money came from. So I pretended to the officer that my (fake husband) will go here in my country to buy a property. Now the Malaysian (fake) officer told me that my husband should just give them a 6,000.00 Malaysian Ringgit = 1,874.59 USD so as to my husband will be release ASAP before he missed his flight going to the Phils. and the officer told me it was a under the table request by his superior. Meaning, they were asking me and my (fake) husband to bribe the officer. Les, was pressuring me to give money to them because they got all the money and they confiscated everything. I told him to just leave the 10k British Pounds to them so that he will not be locked up and face the crime of Anti Money Laundering. Because all the while he knows I have no job right now, and he was asking me to ask help to my family. But i didn’t! I am not stupid to do that even if I loved him already! We chatted and talked to his UK mobile starts (+44) he made me fall from him we chatted for almost 4 months but I balance my emotions over my mind. It made suspicious when I ask him to send the important IDs to me via email before he will book his flight like passport, company IDs etc. for emergency purposes. He even refuse to meet me via skype he told me he’s not used into new social media formats. Until now, Im making a backround check and will email and send the pictures he sent me to the company name that he gave me maybe he’s just using others identity and I want that man to be aware. Poor scammer! he thought I will be fooled by his tactics. I hope others will be wisier and smart and make a backround research before giving the important details and giving your hearts to strangers!

    • romancescams says:

      Please do NOT attempt to contact the other victim — the one whose photo and, maybe, identification was being used by this criminal. It is a waste of time. There is nothing that person can do about stopping the use of his personal information and/or photographs and no one will get punished. Since the scammer used this individual’s and/or made up information, how would you ever be able to have him caught. You do not know who this criminal is! Your time is better spent learning how not to fall prey to another scammer and sharing what you learn with others to educate them.

    • J says:

      I cannot believe this guy tried the same thing on my sister, luckily she called me and told me the story and I told her not to do anything and the more she told me, I knew it was a scam but he talked to her for about 3 months and told her the exact same story I’m reading. would be good to share this story like on Facebook or something.

  58. Jane says:

    I was nearly a victim of a romance scam. I got to know an Indian man named Manuel Philip Buthello in Singapore. From the start, he would show me photographs of his adopted white family members. They are namely his adopted mother, Bronywn Lorimer, and his adopted sisters, Katy and Jill. His intention was probably to create the impression that he is a family man.
    Manuel Philip Buthello was a two timer or multiple timer. He would claim that he was working 12 – 14 hours a day to avoid me questioning why he was not seeing me or not answering my telephone calls. He preyed on me as my family is fairly well-to-do.
    He pretended that he wanted to marry me. Later, he lied that he was served a notice of seizure by the bank and had to go back to Canada immediately. When he was in “Canada”, he lied that the government was charging him for money laundering because he wanted to send some money to me. I realized it was a series of lies when it was clear to me that he was in Singapore all the while. He had not gone back to Canada.
    I advise everyone to beware of similar romance cheats.

    • Bettina says:

      Hi, I know of this person Manuel Philip Buthello, I meet him on a cruise where he worked. He romanced me until I gave in and fooled around. We got caught by a crew member and he lost his job. The guilt was eating me alive. He returned to India but for the next 4 year he took me for every cent I had, close to $40.000 AUS. This was for medial bill, food, rent, travel to Canada, and heaps more. I know he was not telling the truth but that didn’t stop me I felt the over powering need to help him and still do. I haven’t sent any money for the past 3 year but he still contact me telling me all the time. He thanks me for the money and says he will pay it back. With all my heart I want to believe him, because I can’t believe he could do this. After reading your post I am saddened that he is scaming others. I know he was in Singapore around the time you meet him. I think he is now in China proberly doing the same to a Chinese woman that he tells me he is seeing. There is so much more to tell about this man but I fell I am to blame for you and others being scammed, I was the one who caused him to lose his job. I blame myself. I am glad you didn’t give him any money, he got enough to from me.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Bettina, be very careful if this man says he is paying back and sends you a check or money order. If you deposit that check or money order, you will believe it is good and perhaps withdraw some of the money. Some time later (because this does take time) the bank will notify you that the check or money order is counterfeit, fraudulent, and you will owe the bank whatever money you have spent from that deposit. Also, do not share any of your banking information with him, is he says he wants it So he can deposit the money he owes you. Also, do not open a joint account with him. You will find yourself out even more money than you have lost already. Also do not deposit any money orders or checks he sends you saying that it is money paid to him from a employer or from a friend, but that he is unable to cash it. He will then ask you to wire most of that money back to him, saying you can keep the balance. This will involve you in money laundering which can lead to your arrest.

  59. Jane says:

    I want to add that Manuel Philip Buthello presents himself as a devout Catholic who attends church regularly. Do not be fooled by persons who seem to be godly.

    • Kay says:

      Dear Jane,

      After reading your passage, I strongly suspect that this man may be scamming a close friend of ours who believes the world of him. the similarities between your story and her’s are overwhelming and the implications scary.

      We have recently started becoming suspicious about him as things aren’t adding up, like close family in Canada with whom my friend has never see or spoken with, an extraordinary situation that requires active monetary support, etc.

      I’d like some proof that the man is a scammer before we actively intervene, so far we been able to gently dissuade her from a course of action that would leave a significant hole in her finances. However I suspect it is a matter of time before he manages to bring her around.

      I’d thus request you to please physically describe him, or better yet, send across any image of him that you have.

      Any help here would be most appreciated.

      Many thanks


      • Kay says:

        Dear moderator,

        We have been patiently waiting your you to put this up on your group. In the interim we have watched our friend’s condition deteriorate as she begins to suspect the worst. Please help.



      • romancescams says:

        Hello Kay and everyone else,

        I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments. I have been ill for over 7 months and am just now beginning to recover enough to approve and respond to messages. We are all volunteers and there is often not enough of us available to always cover for one another.

        This will be generic in nature to attempt to answer as many comments as I can in this one comment. To receive timely help and support, please visit our Yahoo group at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/. The group is open so that one can read but you will need to join to participate. Before signing up, please set up a separate anonymous email address. Do not use your regular email address. You want to use an email address that you can delete if necessary at some point in the future and you want to use an address that truly hides your identity and/or is such that no one can identify you by the email address.

        If you are sending money, stop. The only way to save yourself from this point forward is to block, delete and take action to remove every way you communicate with the scammer. Your money is most probably helping to fund terrorist activies, specifically Al Quaeda and Hamas, as well as others. Your money is gone for good. Do not believe the scammer. You will not receive your money back. There are files at the Yahoo group that will walk you through freeing yourself.

        If you have received money, know it has been stolen from another victim. The only reason a scammer will send you money (cash) is to woo you and your bank accounts. If you receive a check from the scammer, do not deposit it. Do not spend it if you have deposited it. The check is going to come back as a fraud and you will be responsible to repay the bank any money not available. Again, there are instructions as to how to handle this and be safe. This is another situation where you can end up in prison. It is felony fraud, money laundering, among others.

        If you are receiving merchandise to forward to the scammer, you could be arrested for defrauding the credit card company(ies), retailers, etc. There are at this time several women and men who are serving prison terms because they were educated about this and refused to stop receiving and forward merchandise purchased using stolen credit cards.

        Friends and family being victimized by scammers should be encouraged to join our Yahoo group. There are several peer counselors there who will help bring them around. Please be aware that there are times when no matter what is said, revealed and/or proven, a victim will absolutely refuse help and continue with the “scammer relationship”. None of us can make another adult stop taking self-destructive actions if he/she is determined. However, our experience is that we are able to help most victims if they really want the help. It is a terrible loss for most, especially those who have been involved with the scammer for a long period of time.

        Don’t play with a scammer. They may seem ignorant and uneducated but it is a ruse. These guys are organized and work in groups contacting hundreds and thousands of potential victims. They are computer experts and even though you may think it is alright to continue because you do not send money, it is not. An angry scammer can send a virus or malware in the most sophisticated manner and once it is activated, can totally destroy a computer.

        Again, stop all contact. It is difficult. The grief is real. These criminals do not care about you. They will not stop as long as they think they can get money and/or eventually obtain a green card and entry to the United States. Take care of yourself. Be gentle and allow yourself to grieve this loss. It hurts. Loneliness is a struggle but please do not stay in any relationship that is abusive. Being a scam victim is abusive. It will take time to recover, grieve, forgive yourself and, if necessary, work on paying any debt accrued due to being a romance scam victim. You are not stupid. You are not alone. Please join the Yahoo group and ask for help and support. Every one of the peer counselors was a victim of a scam artist. Some lost a lot and others, like me, lost nothing but a little bit of time. We each know and understand what it feels like when this happens.

        If you have sent money and you live in the USA, you may be able to claim your loss when filing taxes as a theft. There are instructions on how to do this in the Files section at the Yahoo group. If you have reshipped merchandise, there is information in the Yahoo group files that will help you figure out what to do to stop.

        I know I jumped around a bit but hope that I have been of help. I can help but there are over 10 peer counselors available at varying times through the Yahoo group. I pretty much stay in the background and take care of this blog and our website. If you need immediate assistance, feel free to contact me at dianeg@romancescams.org and I will do my best to assist.


      • Bettina says:

        Hi Kay, I have all the proof you need. Photos and current phone number. He took me for $ 40,000 Aus.

  60. Hazel says:

    I was scam by someone with name of Chris Howard claim to work at Kay Medical, liverpool, UK. I was on FB & he as me to friend him . Since my family were Garretts from Leciestershire UK I did friend him. It did not take me long to realize this was a scam as his knowledge of England was non existence . I had never been scammed before and out of curiosity decided to play along. He was good! Very good! I got a sad tale that never seem to end. Tragedy after tragedy! Wife died in car accident, left with a beautiful small child, cheated out of business left to him by adopted father. Rearing this child who was then 7 yrs old and need a mother figure in her life.
    Finally after emails and phone call. He ask if I would be able to help him out. Financially until he got established in America. I assured him that I had NO Money! Romance fizzled after that. So sad!
    It was interesting but i deleted him. I missed Susan, his precious Daughter but still have nice pictures to remember her by. I would truly love to know who they really are. That was a child that anyone would love to have in their life.
    I guess some people will stoop to any level to try to get your money. Use a child and send her picture out. How low can you go.
    Since that failed, i was then approached by a fake Gen. Martin E Dempsey who don’t the most beautiful love letter. Of course i knew of the real Gen. Dempsey and had heard something about some Ghana scammers using him to scam people. Low! Utter garbage to defile a prominent US General! Delete after telling them i fwd their beautiful letter to the real General and he said he had a Drone with their name on it. I warned them to be careful. After that. Paul’s Weddock! Delete! Truthful it was funny! I had fun turning it around on them. Play along! Time is money for them. Waste it! Have a little fun. Incidentally i found the site (on a German site )which had Facebook written on it. Humm! Facebook! Delete! Delete!

  61. Piper says:

    I think the admin of this web page is truly working hard for his website, because here every information is
    quality based stuff.

  62. Susan says:

    I am in an online romance that I have know from the start is a scam. Yet for some reason I kept sending money. Why if I knew did I send it I’m lonely I wanted it to be true I told myself I would only send a certain amount then stop. Well I have gone way over that amount and have finally stop sending. Yet part if me still wants to try and hope it’s real. I’m crazy I know.

  63. lidwina says:

    I think I have a scam love too. His name is Alexandre Theodore. We met on facebook but we after few chat in Facebook we talk by phone. He never send me any sweet latter. He seems like just be what he is. Sometimes we argue, and he also very stuborn but also very jealosy man. After few months talked to eachother, then he told me he love me. I already met some of the scammers and I can notice them from the letter that they send and from their voice. But this man was diffrent he said he came from Oslo Norway. We talked for olmost half year now. First we just talk our daily life. He said nothing about need money or everything. He even want to buy me ticket to go to Oslo to meet him. But since I’m affraid I won’t do that either. Then he promise to come to my country. But lately he told me he has sone money problem with his project in Turkey. He said he already find people to help him but can’t find any. So he start to asked for my help. But since I aware about scammers so until now I never send him any money. He even asked me to come meet him in Oslo and go with him to Turkey to see the project. And he still call me everyday. I still don’t know what to do. I already try to find him by google I find nothing and also I try to search him in the malescammer.com still haven’t find anything. Now I’m confuse. But one thing for sure I will never send him the money.

  64. sonja says:

    My husband befriended a girl from Africa and less then 30 day’s he sent his whole check. He is claiming to have seen the passport and the visa already. In all this inside a month.

  65. Rob says:

    It’s not only women that are lonely and get taken by these parasites. Me M54 and lack a bit of confidence in meeting the fairer sex.
    I have also been done. Not for much but still does nothing for the confidence. Her parents had passed and she was selling business and living in house late mum left. Still had bills to pay and irs bill etc so couldn’t afford this and that could I help out. Loved me wanted to move to oz etc… and I fell for it because of the attention I was getting. Too good to be true and after reading these posts have blocked her from calling and any other communication. Hopefully I have the willpower to stay away.
    Thanks all and good luck with your futures

  66. Susan Christ says:

    I new it was a scam and yet I fell for it any way can’t get dumber then I am.

  67. sally says:

    Itisjustmebill on pof. Claims he works in LE,on an overseas job as a cybercrime consultant, cannot produce anymore photos than the one on pof,says he s widowed and lives at The Villages in florida. He wrote everyday,tuesday thru most fridays. Had an answer for every question…..like weekends were their busiest times and security was high.
    There is a bill johnson who was widowed and lives at The Villages but is recently remarried. Photos dont match but stories are similiar. I reported but it appears he is still on. He went as far to create a fb site that we are in a relationship. I blocked it and deleted most of my ost.v He states he studied at univ.of marylandcollege park. LastvI. heard from him was September 9 stating we would discuss our futures together when he got home. Then nothing. No response. His email is …….justme23456@hotmail.com.
    Left me embarrassed and hurt.

  68. hope says:

    Lost a freind because he didn’t want me bringing up the “opinion” that he’s being scammed. He’s talked to this american citizen that currently resides in Nigeria for 10 months. They’ve never Skype’s or met. From the beginning her bio goes like this..She’s 29,inheriting 5 million from her dead parents but surprise has no access to the funds hence needing his “help” via western union. She told him to tell no one of her inheritance and he obliged but told me. I was suspicious from when he told me. He’s a man of little means and unemployed and went to prison for robbery but in that respect he’s changed his ways. Still he thinks theres nothing abnormal about this beautiful millionaire is coming to marry him. Her story now is that the person designated to watch over her inheritance took advantage. My heart sank when he told me this. He’s so stuck in it and feels he’s helping the woman he intends to marry. He won’t hear of it when I tell him to view sites or Google images,he says its just my opinion based on little evidence. We no longer speak because of this and other issues but he knows I will be there for him. I just don’t know when he will wake up. In some ways his refusal to do a google image search or admit to doing it,signals a denial but subconscious feeling he will find something he doesn’t want to know. Also he hasn’t even told his father or sister about this person but told a distant brother that he knows will keep quiet. The thing that has me worried is that he claims she’s offered him job opportunities. I told him I hope its not cashing bogus checks/money orders but he claims to not have cashed anything though I find it very hard to believe that he’s not seen one red flag on his own. I guess he will see it on his own when he’s ready. Just hope a seed has been planted for him to think before he wires her anything else.

  69. I fell victim also…quite handsome guy…even talked to me I a Scottish accent. Sometimes there were quite long pauses. I was very lonely..just stopped working…and that’s how this man”read” my weakness. Fortunately he did not get a lot of money for I decided to look on internet at the modus operandi of these internet”lovers”…I blocked this guy immediately and felt sorry for the men who’s photos he used. The next time somehow he got on my internet again with…hello darling”…I said to him which road does he choose…the broad road to hell …or the narrow. Road to heaven…..that I know about these scams. He never contacted me again…but I had to see a psychologist an could not be alone for several months…he made a hole in my soul

  70. Hazel says:

    I received a friend request on FB. I think i knew from day one it was a scam. He claim to be Chris Howard from the uk.
    My relatives immigrated from where he claim to live. He knew nothing about the uk. Like u i did some investigating! I read that u should play along and waste their time. I did just that. It was fun! I enjoyed the game and he got nothing from me but my yahoo acct.

  71. Terry Ceesay says:

    I think I am being scammed. What do I do?

  72. Sonja says:

    Hi There

    I was approached out of the blue by Henry Walters. He claimed to be working on a big contract in the UK, to the value of R10 million South African Rand. We started chatting, and I told him I only wanted to be friends. He also progressed from the first week, to calling me dear, and then love. I kept telling him I will only do relationships once we meet. Well, a pipe burst, two of his workers were injured, and now he as to get a letter from a lawyer to come back home, to personally attend to his blocked account, and then go back to fix the machines with his own money, since he is an independent contractor.

    Mr Henry told me his Agent Sam will be helping him with expenses but if I could make a small contribution it would be valued, and I could be the one to pick him up from the airport.
    I made a contribution of R3000. The next day he needed more, so I sent another R3000. Now he needs R7000 to get the lawyers letter confirming his return to the site and also a return plane ticket (it sounds so legitimate, it’s scary). He did cost estimations etc, and the bank blocked his account due to the recent deposit of a large cheque to the value of R1 million.

    I checked some scam sites, and used his picture in Google – right click and search for similar images – well to my great surprise my dearest Henry is also based in Houston, Texas, looking for another life partner, and posing under the name Gabby90 on Texas LDS Singles.

    Yes I was lonely, yes he made me feel great, loved, and appreciated, always asking after the welfare of my kids, myself, telling me he is going to church (catholic) on sundays, we could chat afterwards. He has an international roaming cellular number that he called me from with such a heavy accent, I could not understand him – turns out he’s from Spain apparently (but grew up in USA, and have traveled all over). His penmanship is horrible, also using the “am missing you” instead of “I’m or I am” – and he also kept on forgetting information we talked about previously – generic responses to my questions, and simply ignoring other questions with long silences in the IM – yes, I should have known when his profile were removed from Facebook due to abuse – but i thought somebody was abusing him, this handsome man!

    And so I paid my school fees. He is still asking me for money, but I have told him in no uncertain terms there will not be a single cent more to be paid. Then he tells me we can chat later. He called me awake this morning before 5, and the UK is supposedly 2 hours ahead of us, so why is he calling me at 3 o clock his time to ask to chat on IM, then asking about money?

    My whole bubble burst, I was looking for a man with self respect, and who I can look up to, not somebody begging me for money.

    • Dr.Smith Benson says:

      We wish to reveal to you that we are Groups of American detective working with the Africa security agency to captured all scamers and fruadsters. Your money can be recoverd without delay, provided you give us correct information about your dealings with the sconners.If you have any question or clarification please feel free to send us by email or you may contact us at our Africa line number + 225 48 35 98 32. email :dr.1smithbenson@gmail.com

      Best regards,

      Dr.Smith Benson

  73. lidwinalay76 says:

    I was met a guy in fb on March. He told me he live in Oslo, he has no kid because his wife and son pass away few years ago in trafic acident. I’ve been added by a lot of scammer before and I notice every one of them from the very first time. Because usually they really interest on how I make money. But with this Norwegian man was very different. He never asked about my work too deep. First we chat few times and after that he asked my phone number. I don’t know why I gave him my number at that time. And after that we call almost every day. But he never told me any vairy tale story or sweet talk by telling me I’m preety or anything not even how he want to spend all of his life with me. We just talk like a friend he just said he like to hear my voice and feel comfort to talk with me. I try to tested him too by asked about some norwegia language. And after a month talked he said to me that he think he liked me. And I told him that I like him too. Because we talk every night it has been a habit to me to hear his voice before I’m going to sleep or when I’m awake and he will go to sleep. He said he was a contractor and he had a project in turkey. And one day he told me he was in turkey but we still talk on phone almost everyday and but not as intens as when he was in his country. We also talk by video cam, but still I have some doubt about him. I just feel affraid that he might be a scammer and I told him about my feeling and he told me I have to trust him and he promise me when he finish his project in turkey he will come to visit me in my country. He also asked me to come meet him in norway before he went to turkey. But because we just know eachother for awhile I don’t want to come at that time even he told me he will bought me ticket to come to norway. And few months ago he told me that he has problem with his project and he need money he asked ne if I can help him. I said I have no money. He said okay and he will try to find it by him self. Since that I get affraid and our relationship getting hard because I get scared and he got the problem. But one think for sure I feel really connected with him before because he is not like another scammer that tell about sweet things every day. No we just talk about daily life and we also have intimate on phone, even I feel so stupid at the first time. And he never push me to send the money. Sometimes we talked until he fell asleep. Sometimes he call me when he was on his way somewhere. But lately the problem getting bigger because I loose my job and I got stressed by my own problem, so every time he told me about his problem I feel like he want to scam me. And we have a lot of fight and argue and he told me since when he ever gave me his account to transfer money. I try to find his picture in the google but can’t find it. But I found one search engine that can find by email. We never send any letter from email before. He also never send me one single letter about any poem or sweet letter. But I asked his email address one day and I try to find him. I find him in hi5 using that search engine. But he look so different in that site. So I take the picture and confront him again and he said that I really crazy he said it was him when he was still 28 years old while now he already 45. We have a big fight and finaly I break up with him 2 weeks ago. I thought it will be the best for me. But still untill now I still miss him. And still confuse rather he was a scammer or not because a lot of things that told about a scammer he doesn’t have it. But why he ask for money even he never really push me to send it to him. I have delete all of his numbers but he still on my skype account but since then he never find me anymore. Usualy when we have fight he will called me again and told me that he still love me and don’t want us to break up. This time he not even try to call me again. He said lets finished our problem now and when we already get through our problem maybe someday we can talk again. Now I just confuse and I’m affraid I’ve made mistake by acusing him a scammer. Please if anybody has any idea about my problem. Because I also feel guilty if I acusing someone and the truth he is nothing like that.


  74. Karen says:

    Well I was hit too. 57 professional woman. I have been single after multiple failed relationships for more than 13 years. My daughter just moved to texas with my 3 grandchildren and i have aging parents. Yes I am lonely. This happened at the beginning of the holiday season. I was on an online dating site. http://www.pof.com. this guy reaches out to me. gets my phone number and starts texting me. I am an amateur photographer so this guy is an artist that lives about an hour away. I though this is nice someone I can relate to on a creative level. The guy called me, we spoke for about 30 minutes. He spoke with a heavy accent. Said he had been raised in Germany. I didn’t hear from him for another 2 weeks. Then the text messages increased along with an occasional phone call. I pushed for an in person meeting but something always came up. The last time “something came up” to prevent us from meeting was a fantastic job offer in South Africa, Cape Town. He was to paint a mural for $800k dollars. Well he called me from S Africa and his bags were lost. Wanted me to send him a lap top, iPad and sun glasses because the sun was bright there. I blew a gasket blocked his numbers and called my mobile carrier to make sure my phone records were safe. Then I called the guy he was imposing as. The real Bill Turner, a local artist, said that this had happened before as two other women had approached him at art shows asking about conversations they had had with this imposter on facebook. I am lucky I snapped out of it soon enough not to have sent him money or electronics but, I still feel embarased and dissapointed in myself to have fell as far as I did. Have I become that desperate? My eyes are wide open now. Next guy will not have it so easy. rather be alone than to deal with situations like this. It has spoiled a good holiday for sure.

  75. sally says:

    I too am 57, an rn,edicated,good looking woman who was looking for mr.right. I had red flags in my gut but ignored them. I am still healing. Its been a nightmare,but with time,and support from hearing Im not yhe only one,I will be ok….thru the grace of God.

  76. Karen says:

    Ladies, The one thing we all have in common is the desire to be loved. We are compassionate and caring and think with our hearts. I have been scammed and despite suspecting that I was being lied to, wanted to believe I was wrong . . .my first response is how could I have been so stupid?? Because I was vulnerable and these men and women prey on other people’s needs. It’s an awful experience, but I now know I am in good company . . .I am sorry for all of us and hope we have at least moved past the hurt and betrayal . . .these people are sociopaths and it’s very sad they have chosen to engage in such deceit.

  77. Kimmy says:

    Hi all,

    I was scammed by a man whom promised he would love me forever and wanted to make me a millionaire.

    It was a long story. I just recently got out of my sadness and starting to accept the truth. It took me exactly one year. He has been paying me back money but only half of it.

    Now, I am telling myself to stay strong and fight. I don’t want to let con man exists in this world any more.

  78. cathy says:

    ive just been scammed.he said he was a marine.we had been talking for months om yahoo messenger.we first spoke on evow dating site.after months of talking and him constantly telling me he had been looking for someone like me all his life i fell for his charm hook line and sinker.i had recently came out of an 18 year relationship so was very flattered by all that he was saying.he told me he was widowed well thats what it said on his evow profile with a 15 year old son.he told me he would be off shore for 4 months and it would be killing him not getting to meet me since he was meant to be permenantly based in britain.so we continued to talk every day for another 2 months.i felt as if i knew him better than the man i had been with for 18 years.by the time he asked me to put money to a phone connection supposedly on his ship to allow us to talk over the phone rather than having to wait for hours every day i was already head over heels as he made me believe the feeling was most definitely mutual.he made out i would need to apply for a connection.he sent me what was meant to be all his details as a marine and also addresses in both usa and britain,date of birth,ssn,marine references,thewhole works.ive actually got documents in my email storage with government stamps on them and names of ranking officers making out if i pay a £250 fee i will have a phone connection with him.i didnt have £250 to give him but like a fool i took a loan out for £150 and told him that was all i could get.he said the drsatcomm would send the details as to a bank account and that i would have to transfer the money to the account and that would allow the connection.the next thing was the gave a date as to the connection but a couple of days before the date he told me a jet fighter had hit the communication tower on the ship and had knocked the telephone cables down.this is when i started to doubt him as 2 days prior he was confessing his undying love for me,unfortunately the penny didnt drop before i transferred the money from my bank to the one that was sent to me.when i questioned him about it the following day he said they were trying to fix it and to my surprise after my conversation the day before another email came through supposedly from drsatcomm saying how sorry they were but the connection date had been changed to the 21st instead of the 5th.when it got near the 21st he then started saying he was desperate to be with me at christmas and that i could apply for leave on tour for him on the grounds he needed to get accommodation permenantly in britain as he wanted to be settled with me and his son before the end of the year.anyway these government stamped documents came through in an email and i filled them out as he requested.he even sent 3 high ranking officers names as references as he said they had to approve his leave.a week later the cruncher came.i received another email informing me his leave was approved but a returnable insurance fee needed to be paid.the fee was £1350 and supposedly he would bring a credit note with details on how to reclaim it from certain bank.i told him i didnt have any money and he said hed see what he could do all the time asking me if i had anything i could sell.and for some reason my gut was telling me to check out his name and foto romancescam.com and their was the fotos he had sent me.2 in marine clothes meant to have been when he first arrived on the ship the other one was the one on evow.i emailed him and told him about the fotos.i told him i was handing all data including the bank account details that i was given.he emailed me back pleading that he was genuine and totally in love with me and would never do that to me.he even said he had only just read my email and that he had come online earlier to tell me everything was paid and that hed be here at christmas.he said he had his captain redirect the other money i had sent to the money needed for his leave.i checked the sort code and bank details and to say they are meant to be in the ocean the bank account details are for a bank account in the lloyds bank in chelmsford.i have every email every document every conversation on yahoo messenger the photos he sent which by the way had 2 different names for the 2 different fotos.i emailed him a couple of times on one occasionhe said he had been in a deep sea accident while on his sea trial and thats why he hadnt been in touch for a few days.he said he had been laid up in sick bay.even the ip addresses he had been using should never have came up as sunnyvale california especially when he was meant to be in the middle of the pacific ocean on a nimitz nuclear ship.does anyone know how i go about getting him charged for this regardless of who he really is.

  79. g says:

    Very concerned about my 63 yr old dad widower who seems to be infatuated with a 51yo yoga instructor from KL! Apparently she has no kids, he has us 4 girls. We r confused and not getting much from him but she is coming to stay at his house for a week on 31st dec2014. Im v shocked by this. He hasn’t even talked on the phone or Skyped. Pls tell me this isnt normal as I don’t think it is. He won’t listen. He’s not a stupid man but wow totally niave to online dating. Already sent another woman $100 as she needed it for bills apparently. .can’t believe that I have to deal with this issue but he doesn’t understand the ego Internet or scamming thing, he just doesn’t believe people would do that as he is an honest man himself. Please give me advice to help him. My sisters and I are stressed big time.

  80. Eric cole says:

    My sister has been talking to this man from Nigeria on Facebook he really has her head in a cloud. She’s been thinking about really going to nigera. But I think it’s some kind of scam or she’s walking into danger. What should I do

    • romancescams says:

      Please ask your sister to join us on our Yahoo group. If she won’t, please join yourself and ask for help. She should not travel to West Africa. It is dangerous and people have been killed and lost, never to return home.

  81. lisa says:

    I met a guy thought it was too good to be true but I gave him chance my friends bonded him out jail things changed started being mean to me I listened to his best friend finally after was to late still have to get my license plates and keys and other stuff my ex’s gf him and her have been scamming and stealing people’s cars and scrapping them I got my car back still have to go to the cops

    • romancescams says:

      We are involved in romance scams perpetrated by West African scammers and those who have migrated to other parts of the world.

      In any case where the victim and scammer actually live in the same country, the legal system/police of that country can arrest, try and convict the criminal. Please always report this and any crime first and foremost to your police department. The scammer continues to scam until they are caught. This only works if you know for a fact that the scammer lives in your country because the two of you have met face-to-face in real life, not via webcam, etc.

      We are very sorry this happened to you and can help support your healing on our Yahoo group as long as you do not use the scammer’s information in posting. We do not allow that because we can be sued for defamation.

      Hope some of this information helps,

  82. ben says:

    Beware of Bennett Miguel Antonius William – he is #1 con artist

  83. Dyosa C says:

    I am victimized by a scammer. Don’t send money on this account: Metrobank cauayan isabela branch Acct name: Digna D. Yanos with an account no: 134-3-134-46983-9 and swift code: MBTCPHM

  84. Imari says:

    A guy sent me a message on zoosk asking if I traveled what place would I choose. I replied back and he then sent me his Mobil number to text him. We texted back and forth for two weeks. I informed him that I was in the mist of a divorce and was only looking for a friend. I guess he didn’t hear me. He said he lived in Ohio and that was what his zoosk page said. He was model gorgeous and Supposingly 2 years younger then me. Although he is Caucasian, he said he was from South Africa ( which really didn’t matter). In those 2 weeks, I had some problems at work. He’d ask about my day and I’d tell him it wasn’t worth discussing but he claim to want to be apart of everything in my life. He always had the right words. We sent each other pictures back and forth. Then he claimed to be in love with me. Towards the 3 week he said he had to go to Florida for a job. He was supposed to be a electronic technician. He text and called everyday saying he missed me. I soon became emotionally attached. He asked about my family, would my children accept him in their life, etc. then one day he asked me about a moneypak. I had no clue what it was. He said he needed it to get supplies. He said I could get one for $5.00… And needed $600.00. Well I’m slow so I went to Kroger’s thinking I could get this moneypak for $5.00, give him the pin and he would put $600.00 on there. The cashier explained that I had to have the $600.00 too. I called him and he said that he thought he’d explained it to me and I’d loan him the money 😳(1st red flag).
    I told him that I’m a single mother and didn’t have money like that. He said he was sorry and that he would send me something to help me out. He asked for my address and my crazy butt gave it to him.
    He then said that he had 1 oh his consultants send me a check and he wanted me to deposit it in my account. He wanted me to western union him some of the money and leave the rest in my account. (Red flag number 2)
    He continued talking to me until he went to sleep. After a week, he said the check should have been to me. I then told him that after this so called check get to me, my bank will hold it to make sure it was ok. I told him that I didn’t like him asking me to cash a check and after this was over not to contact me again. He became irrate and upset. He said he couldn’t understand why I was hurting him. He said that he loved me and I said I loved him back. After a lengthy conversation, he said he would ask me to do this again. So I forgave him. And we continued to talk. Well, Wednesday, he asked me for my address again and I became suspicious again. We have not met in person yet but he’s wants my address. I asked him for his. He gave me an address. When we disconnected, I googled address and a address came up for a house for sale. I immediately blocked his number. But I had so many questions. He realized that I blocked him the next morning and called from a Florida number but I refused to answer. I knew he was trying to scam me but my mind was confused. He sent private pictures of his body and if this was not him, what was he doing with pictures of another mans private? So I then went on search sites with his name. I didn’t expect it to really be his name, and the age and name never matched up. I almost gave up, until I put his name in Google image and low and behold, after scrolling through a bunch of pictures, I found him. A mugshot jail picture. He said he was 44 but the report said he was 25. The same age as my oldest son & he was born in Florida. Then I went back to the house for sale. It had pictures of the inside interior. The house he said he lived in in Ohio.I matched the walls and fixtures to pictures he sent me of him in. It was the same house. I don’t know if he’s new at this but my instinct uncovered something I just don’t know what. My only issue now is that he has my address.

  85. Leann says:

    Religious scammer. Man claims to be a minister of your faith. Comes in with all the this is gods doing bringing us together bubble bobble blah.Prays with you and he has to be telling the truth right because he’s a pastor? WRONG!!! Soon he needs money for this mission, for food for Orphanage, for GODS WORK, do you know anybody else that would support his ministry. Soon he has an illness malaria can’t leave the hospital to his bills paid is going to die more blob Loblaw and do you send money. Next He has a death in the family Hospital were not released body for burial until bills paid in Kenya. Then a family member is ill next he loses his home can people in your church help??? This is the lowest of the low and yes I fell for it for six months and sadly brought others into it. I feel do ashamed!

    • romancescams says:


      Please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed. You were victimized. Would you feel ashamed if someone broke into your house or vehicle and stole everything out of it? No. A thief groomed you to believe he cared for the sole purpose of stealing as much as possible from you. Please come visit and join our Yahoo support group. You will find others who have gone through this who will support you and understand. You will also find education so that this kind of thing never happens again.

      RS Yahoo Group:https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info.

  86. Leann says:

    Please if anyone has info of being scamed by a pastor in kenya let me know

  87. Leann says:

    Please let’s know about pastor scam from kenya

  88. jan says:

    I spent over $50,000 on this man. The last thing he asked was for me to send him money for a plane ticket which I did and supposedly he was in a taxi cab accident on the way to the airport now the hospital is asking or harassing me for money to pay his hospital bills. I have been heart broken and I bought all kinds of things for when he came home and had prepared everything for him to come- and he even asked me to get a Brazilian waxing which I did. We corresponded for 6 months. I just wanted somebody to love me and for me to love. I am devastated. Does anyone have any ideas about how to heal from this?

  89. Tammy says:

    I Was on a dating site called plenty of fish I was approached by a man whose dating name was pasky15
    He asked me for my email I’d and i gave it to him
    He wrote to me immediately. Swearing undying love till his dying day said he was divorced from Germany and that his mother had died and father was alive
    He also claimed to be a construction Engineer working with huge international projects
    He also sent me some nice pictures of himself I’m China and he asked me to marry him I found all this very strange so looked up his ip adress which showed cape town Calafornia as against his stating he was living in Melbourne
    Then suddenly I found his profile on pof changed the picture was gone and all personal details were changed I immediately. Knew he was a scammer
    Thought I should warn others
    He claimed to be kelvin jones anderson
    His emails ids are
    Please note be aware

  90. Cory says:

    I just got scammed too… It all started with E-Harmony! it was one of those cases where the guy never turned up when we were supposed to meet for the first time. I had my suspicions about him and wanted to use this meet-up to seek the truth. But instead – he (and his friend) used his tactics to steal money from me. I tried to recall the money from the bank but it did not work. I have blocked his number from my phone but the guy still has the nerve to write to me by email trying to make it seem like he was the victim and I was destroying him?! I just ignore him and move on with my daily life. There are crazy people out there! Stealing has become nothing in this world. But as they say — “What goes around, comes around” these ‘people’ will pay for their actions some day ! Just in case – he claimed to be Travis McGregor (mcgregor.travis70@gmail.com) , an engineer from South Australia. I have filed a report with the police. If only I had read this site much earlier…

  91. Cory says:

    Thanks for your advice. I tried to post his photo on your site, but it would not allow it to upload. Can you fix it please?

  92. romancescams says:

    Hi Cory, if the upload email on our website doesn’t work, please send your photo(s) to tammilee13@yahoo.com. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  93. jennifer says:

    Was recently approached of pof, didn’t take long for me to realize something was amiss…I wasn’t hurt because we had only talked a few times. used the facebook profile richard mchill.

  94. BRENDA says:

    There’s. Courier named fast speed xpress deliveries that always keeps sending me correspondence asking me to pay at their represantative account and that they will deliver the package in 24 hours but nothing since last year March until to date,don’t know what to do to discover my money that I loaned from loan sharks who are now tormenting me and my family

  95. Cory says:

    As advised, I sent photos of the scammer (Travis McGregor) to the email address you sent me. But no response. Were the photos posted ?

  96. romancescams says:

    Hi Cory, I am not sure. All our work is done by volunteers. If you are concerned about when your pictures are uploaded to our albums, please contact tammilee13@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  97. Cory says:

    I emailed Tammilee13 to check what happened to the photos but there has been no response. I wonder if this site is for real? You never know– maybe there are scammers involved?

  98. Diane G says:

    Please be patient! We are all volunteers who have other responsibilities. The site is for real. Please feel free to email our owner if you have other questions.

  99. Cory says:

    Ok. But are you sure these volunteers are not scammers or associated with any?

    • Bunny says:

      Hello Cory, We are real. Let me tell you about me. I came on back in 2005. I am 76 years old and ran into my scammer in ebay. Romancescams was brand new at the time I found it. I have been with it ever since and have met many of the moderators in person. Your question about tammilee13 is that she gets upwards to 500 pictures a day. She has no time to reply to each sender but you can check the albums to see if your pictures are there yet. Also feel free to join the group and make friends and learn more about these scams. You can see the albums at http://album.romancescams.info/ and join the group at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams Hugs, Bunny

  100. Cory says:

    Well – I don’t know what or whom to believe these days .

  101. Bunny says:

    I am sure that is true as it is the way the majority of victims feel after these scams. Can you tell me your story? I would like to help you if I could.

  102. Cory says:

    My story has been posted alreadyb

  103. Bunny says:

    I am sorry Cory, I didn’t see it. You see, I am new to the blog part of our group. Diane was the one that took care of that and she has retired so I have only seen your last 3 postings.

  104. Cory says:

    Long story short – a person names Travis McGregor stole a lot of money from with is friend . His email address was mcgregor.travis70@gmail.com and he claimed to be from south Australia . I knew something was wrong and wanted to see if he was for real by meeting him but he did not show up. I sent him the money for fear he may do something even more horrible if I didn’t. These criminals should be put in prison.

  105. Bunny says:

    Are you American? If so, go file a report with IC3. You can find a link to them and learn what they are by going to http://www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com and when you are finished filing your report, they will send you a case number. You can use that case number to file your losses on your income taxes. You also need to block this scammer in your email and anywhere else he has a way of getting in and getting to you.

    These scammer tell all sorts of stories about where they are from but where they are actually from is West Africa. These scams started in Nigeria and spread from there. Now there are estimated to be 8 million of them world wide. They have spread out over the globe. You cannot stop them and the police can do nothing because the government of their country protects them because of the money they bring into the economy. You just need to delete, remove, block and ignore him. Hugs

  106. Cory says:

    I filed a report but not on the link you gave me. Thank you and yes , I read about the Nigerians . It’s funny how you sign your email with a ‘hug’. So did The scammer in his messages to me! I hated it .

    • BRENDA says:

      Hi my name is Brenda I was also a victim and I’m still a victim of this scammer,it started in 2014 March when I met this guy online,we started connecting,he told me he was a Marine Engineer lost his wife and a child,after some few days he told me he was going on sea for some ship project,and aalways he buys his Mom and sister some gifts And he will also buy me,and send it Via a courier named Fastspeed Xpress delivery services,little did I know that is the beginning of a bad hadache,and he said they will deliver in 3 days,I belived him,he also send me the invoice of all that he has bought for me,ok after 3 days the courier emailed me telling me about the customs duties and I must pay the amount of R35 000,for me it was very difficult,then he send me Whatsapp to explaine that I must look for aa loan and I will pay it back in a weeks time,so I started making loans from the different loan sharks,sell my things,borrowed from my pension mom,they gave me the account numbers for their representative for Absa Bank or Standard bank,I deposited the money I was told “my package will be delivered within 24 hours but still there was nothing,to my suprise they wanted money for Certificate of insurance,the drug and money Laundering,again for IRs(international Revenue services)and all this time again different loan sharks and they are so dangerous,until today 2015 March haven’t receive anything its 1 year now,and the courier also told me All rhe money I was paying that its refundable,Now on the 18 Maarch they’ve send me an email saying my package was under investigation in my country South Africa,I once tried committing suicide wondering how I’m going to pay all this money to the loan sharks because they are harrasing me even adding interest plus the worst is I’m nomore working,and this so called my boyfriend whenever I ask him about the package he become so Furious now he says his angry with me,he is nomore sending messages,I wish I could die aand forget about this because I cannot even tell anyone about this guy,Please help. Yours B
      Sent from Brenda Ringane via my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Bunny says:

        Brenda, please, please do not think suicide. That is a permanent fix to a temporary problem. I know this hurts like the dickens and I am sorry for that. There are 2 things I would like you to do. 1. Immediately, without another word, delete, remove, block and ignore the scammer and delete the whatsapp from your computer. Run a scan of your computer and if it finds anything, change your passwords.
        2. I want you to join our support group where you will get help and support to get you through this. You can join by going to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams when you get in, find the button, JOIN THI S GROUP and click on that, scroll down and pick the way you want to deliver the email then click save. then write what you have written here and post it to the boards.

      • BRENDA says:

        Thank you very much
        Sent from Brenda Ringane via my BlackBerry® wireless device

  107. Bunny says:

    I am sorry about the hugs, When I first came to the scam group everyone signed Love, or sincerely. Neither of which sounded much good considering the situation. Since we were a healing group, hugs just seemed more appropriate to me so that is how I started signing and everyone picked it up from me. I have been doing it for 10 years. Not sure I can remember not to do it in my replies to you. Bunny

  108. Debbie Hiles says:

    I am trying to figure out if I am being scammed. I have been talking to someone I meet on match and I live in Ga. When I was first contacted he called on a local 404 area code phone, then had to go to Capetown to finish a job and the phone calls are coming in with the appropriate number on caller ID. He is stuck there right now due to having to finish his job for payment but seems to be having problems while he is there, like credit cards being stolen. Part of me trust him, but with looking at all scams out there, I’m trying to be prepared. How do they use local phone numbers then change to out of the country if the are not really in the area? Has anyone dealt with a scam where the phone numbers change from local to out of the country?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Debbie, this is most definitely a scammer you are dealing with. Business men who know they will be going out of the country do not get on the internet to start up a relationship. The landline is a VOIP line. (voice over internet protocol) in otherwise, a computer generated call which can have a number from anywhere in the world they want the victim to believe they are at. Most likely, he is in West Africa or Malaysia but regardless, he is a scammer. Delete, remove, block and ignore.And you are welcome to contact me with any questions you might have.

  109. Kali says:

    I have so much difficulty when trying to find useful blogs,
    looks like most people run them to earn a living
    I will definitely be coming back, its a nice site

  110. sosad says:

    I was the latest victim. I am wiser now. Malysian immigration and money laundering system has got alot to answer for. I felt really cheated and hurt my pride. He even asked me to get a bank loan, sell all my possession to give him 21k pounds. He used a decent looking person family photo that i fall in love with. But his voice doesnt match the picture. What they says Love is blind. Emotional blackmail like crying override all your senses, and logics. beware of jesuschristian59@yahoo.com. No good giving phone numbers as its just a sims cards they can afford to chuck it away.

    • sosad says:

      i made a mistake, this person does exist. jesuschristian59@yahoo.com is not a scammer.

      • RomanceScams says:

        ((He even asked me to get a bank loan, sell all my possession to give him 21k pounds.))
        Only scammers will ask a woman to do this. There is not an honest man alive that would dream of putting a woman through something like that. You have a scammer. No matter what he is telling you to convince you otherwise, you have a bonafide scammer criminal on your hands. You desperately need to delete, remove, block and ignore this criminal without another word.

  111. sosad says:

    i still dont know whether i been scammed or made a terrible mistake of a innocent person who is real. he is very angry. i have to believe in faith. he still come to see me to give a peace of his mind. bad luck for me.

  112. RomanceScams says:

    Oh my goodness. He has sucked you back in. He most definitely is a scammer and will only steal more of your money. Please for your own sake, delete, remove, block and ignore this criminal before he steals more from you. Do not say another word to him, just delete and block him from your computer.

    • sosad says:

      yes this time he want to give me some money. I refused and informed the police. Thank you for this website made me realised how far they would go. Believe it they are still using same old tricks.

      • RomanceScams says:

        When they offer to give money it leads you into money laundering and that is a federal crime that can land you in prison. Do not list to him and be sucked back in. This IS a criminal you are dealing with. Hugs

  113. Michelle says:

    I am not sure if i am dealing with a scammer or not. I have only been chatting to him for 2 weeks. Says his name is Ruiz Medina and has send me 4 pics, but i just have a feeling… says his parents died in a car crash and he has a 10 yr old son that lives with his ex. He says he is in the US forces and he was just deployed to Nigeria as a peace keeper, says he is a sharp shooter. We talked about the scam thing because i actually put a paragraph on my profile saying
    “if you are a scammer don’t waste your time because i have already dealt with a few of you, but if you do try to scam me …I will play you right back and you will have wasted your valuable time…
    and it’s true i did have one but got out and way from him. I Did this in hopes they would stay away.

    But this one has me wondering. He asked me 2 days ago to get him a phone because his is messing up and he wants to stay connected with me. He told me he wants a Q5 or Q10. Those are very expensive but he told me once he gets back home to NY he will pay me back. He says he has no money whil there. He also told me that once i sent it he would register my name and number with the department and we can chat when ever we want. Then he says im not asking you for money so this is different. I don’t know about this, the phone is like 4 or 5 hundred dollars and i don’t have the money so i suggested a used one he didnt like that but then was ok with it but im thinking it will cost allot to send DHL and thats how he wants me to send it. I just wonder if this is his way of starting small and then building up to money????

    • RomanceScams says:

      Michelle, this is 100% guaranteed, a scammer. We have no peace keeping forces in Nigeria. You need to not play with them through. They have the ability to burn your computer beyond use before you can even shut it down. Just delete, remove, block and ignore without another word. Hugs

      • michelle says:

        Thank you so much,,,,I think I knew it but just needed to here it from someone else…and today is so happy that I am gonna send the phone that he Wants all my info, name address etc. So he can register me…lol
        Thanks again…I am deleting him right now!

  114. RomanceScams says:

    Michelle, anytime you hear someone say anything about Ghana, Nigeria or Malaysia, just automatically delete, remove, block and ignore.

    • michelle says:

      Thanks for the tips it’s not easy being single these days and wanting to just meet some decent people…lol, it’s a job in its self. I seem to attract them because this would be number 3
      I Found this site By chance and am very grateful to know there is somewhere to go to ask the question or just share your story because this is something that can be very embarrassing so your not so keen to ask a friend or family member for their input. They would most likely put you down for being blinded and allowing someone to take you like that.

  115. RomanceScams says:

    You are right Michelle, Most of the time, family and friends are not receptive to the victims of these scams. There is a support group you can join and find thousands of like minded people who have all been where you are at. Just give it some thought. If you choose to join, I suggest that you create a bogus account to use just for the group. The group is an open group which means everything is picked up by googled and made available to the open net so by creating a bogus account to use just for joining would keep you safe on that score.

    If you choose to join, you can do so by going to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams This will take you to the home page for the group where you will find an icon that says, JOIN THIS GROUP. Click on that and follow the instructions. Hugs

  116. Cas says:

    Sorry to hear this happened to you all

  117. Don says:

    My wife was scammed for a large amount of money and it has ruined my marriage and ruined her emotionally!
    If I ever catch these guys heaven help them as I will make them pay like they never have been!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Don, I am so sorry you and your wife have gone through this. Unfortunately, there will be no catching thesee criminals. They are West Africans and they use light hypnosis and a lot of psychological profiling to brain wash their victims into doing things they would otherwise never dream of doing. Your wife was brainwashed and under their mind control. But the fact they hide behind stolen images, use false identity and live in a foriegn country, makes it impossible to catch and bring them to justice. Send your wife to our support group to help break the hold the scammers have on her. She can join at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams

      • sosad says:

        I totally agreed that these people hide behind stolen images. I searched through google images and can not trace the picture he used to scammed me. He probably got the images from old mobile handsets or stolen mobile handset. The emotional damage is the most painful as you left with insecurity and mistrust. The one that scammed me was in USA. So please beware Malaysia bank accounts as it appears connected direct to US bank account. Want to know the number? His mobile no. in 0017755255084. email address for banker middle man is raymondchoongmy@gmail.com. Scammer email address is jesuschristian59@yahoo.com. Malaysia number 006011160696372. Immigration Officer number 0060163045228. I am totally mad at myself and I pray to god retribution will visit upon them. Good Luck to you all.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Sosad, I am so sorry this happened to you. However you have a few of your facts wrong here. I know it is because you do not fully understand how these scams work but he is NOT in the USA. 99% of them will tell you they are from the states but they are not and have never been in the states. The majority of them are in 3 countries. Africa, Malaysia and the UK. Canada comes in 4th and the USA 5th. However, the ones in the USA, don’t do much other than shuffle goods. They know they will get caught here so don’t do the thing that will get them caught.

        The scammers use voip for phone calls so you never know where the call is really coming from. They mask their IP numbers so you cannot tell where their emails are coming from. The manipulate videos so they can appear on skype and make you believe you have talked to them in real time. Many pictures cannot be traced because they are too recently stolen and have not been reported yet. Many of the pictures come from previous victims or are stolen from websites that all you to copy pictures, they also steal from magazines.

        Bankers NEVER use gmail accounts. NEVER. They will always have a bank email account that they will use. If a US bank was used, it was a scammer using a mule to launder the money. The mule is not a scammer but an unwitting victim who is a pawn for the scammer.

        There is much to learn where these scams are concerned.

  118. Cory says:

    I was caught in a scam. And the scammer came into my life through EHarmony! They matches us . When they terminated his account – I called them and asked why and they could not give me a clear answer . It was also already too late as we had already started communicating. I believe these dating sites should take better customer protection measures ! I will never go on an online dating site again! Ever!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Hi Cory, The reason the scammers account was terminated was because he paid with a stolen credit card. Eharmoney cannot tell you that as it would be a breach of privacy.

      I do agree with you that the dating sites could do more to protect their memberships from this sort of thing but it all comes down to numbers. The more members you can count, the higher in the search engines is your location.

      Now for never going on the dating sites again, that is cutting off your nose to spite your face. What you need to do is learn to spot the scammers so you don’t get caught by one again. Remain on the dating site to do all of your talking. The scammers will rush you off because they do pay with stolen credit card and they do get caught that way and terminated from the site so even if you do get caught by one again, if you keep the talk on the site, you will not be stuck with them.

      What you need to do is delete, remove, block and ignore. If he calls you on the phone, lay the phone on your smoke alarm and hit the test button.

  119. charlie says:

    I am having a similar experience with someone called Kyle Peterson met on a dating site now closed his prof down and had to go to Cambodia for work not been asked for any money but all seems too good to be true I have sent a reply to an email of his this morning telling that I feel it’s not right and my gut instinct never usually fails me any one else had an experience with someone of this name Tia Charlie

    • RomanceScams says:

      Hello Cahrlie, Names really don’t mean much with the scammers as they change names like we change socks so finding someone else whose scammer used that same name is next to impossible. Also they work in groups of 5 to 6 men and they take places with each other so for you to have the same scammer through out the scam time, is also a minor happening.

      Listen to those gut instincts. They seem to be serving you well. Do not second guess yourself. Hugs

    • Yoruichi says:

      Yes, same, just got an email from the same, Kyle Peterson, a contractor who had to go to Cambodia for work, all seemed ok, none of the usual warning signs, until today when he asked for some money because of some permit fees… I must admit, it was well crafted, I was always probing, asking questions, watching for any discrepancies, but did not see any. Oh of course I did not pay.

  120. Cory says:

    We should abandon all dating sites and clean them up ! It is too dangerous and only increases these risks .

    • RomanceScams says:

      Cory, they are not just on the dating sites. They are in every open place you can go. Are you on Facebook? They are there by the thousands. I was hit by the one that I dealt with on Ebay. I was not in any dating site.

      The answer is to learn to recognize these criminals so you know who they are without question. Go to our website and find the file, ‘They might be a scammer if’. Print that out and keep a copy close to you so you can use it to weed people out. If you can get into a site, they are already there so if you cut yourself off from the dating sites, you are only cutting off your nose to spite your face. Hugs

  121. charlie says:

    I have been some research and traced the ip address of this guy and it seems it is a scammer I knew it and thank God I trusted my instinct he sent me an email just telling me he doesn’t what else to say other than that I’m too old and too chubby for him what do I do now ?.

  122. RomanceScams says:

    Without another word, delete, remove, block and ignore. You could also consider going to our website and reading the info there to learn more about these scams and how they operate. You can find that at http://www.romancescams.org or you can consider joining our support group and talk to other people who have experienced this scam and learn that. You can do that by going to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/romancescams Hugs

  123. sosad says:

    Goggle Image search worked. I found the person I was searching for. He is also a victim of ID theft. he is a prominent person based in U.S. Please use the google image search engine before you are too emotionally involved with scammers. I have learnt a great lesson. Thank you for this website as it has open my eyes.

  124. RomanceScams says:

    Using Google is a good idea but it does not always bring any results. The only time you will get results is if the scammer stole the picture from somewhere on the internet OR the picture was previously reported as a scammer photo.

    Sometimes the scammers get their pictures from another scam victim and those pictures have never been posted anywhere before so the results show nothing. If this happens, do not automatically believe you are safe.

  125. John says:

    I was too scammed by a girl from Seeking Arrangement by the name of Kelsey Gordon from Crawley Perth W.A, i sent her money she never showed for a date and now i find out she had plenty of men on the go and was simply a prostitute paying her way through university. She apprantley also had a fake gofundme page to raise money for her mental illness to pay for doctors and never spent a cent just all on herself.

    I feel sick to the core i got taken advantage off.

  126. Diba says:

    I as a victim of scammer, charls kredo.

  127. Anna says:

    I’ve had one of these men definitely trying it on as a romance scammer. His romantic messages were so over the top, I ended up googling some of them, and sure enough these lines are being used all over the place! I met mine on a dating web app (Hot or Not), and he also ended up adding me to Facebook. Unlucky for him, I got talking to another of his facebook ‘friends’ a brazilian woman who was having exactly the same messages sent to her. Unfortunately she had got sucked in further than me and ended up parting with money to do with a fee that needed paying if the guy was to ship some ‘goods’ to her. I’ve even got another one on there today trying it on. The clues are things like bad grammar/spelling, (although they do quite a bit of copying and pasting to help them). Calling you things like ‘dear’, mentioning the word ‘state’ when they mean country/town or city, telling you their wife is dead either by car crash or died in chilbirth perhaps. (mine said his wife had died in ‘car wreck’, and of course in the UK we don’t use the term car wreck)…When someone tells you they were brought up in the UK, but is using strange vocabulary, it’s time to wonder why…Also, they quite often tell you that due to the nature of their job (overseas etc), their kids are being looked after by a nanny, or have to be in boarding school as there’s no one else to care for them…

    • RomanceScams says:

      Anna, you make some good points here but you are making one mistake. You are lumping all of the scammers as being the same. Some of them have college educations and can speak your language as well as you can, without the mistakes. That is when you have to watch for those little grammatical errors such as saying car wreck. These scams are not all cut and dried but they do all use the same basic script. They were born in one country, grew up in another and are now working in a 3rd. Hugs

  128. ontheway says:

    I wish people are more careful online.There are lots of game players, those who not only want money, but are just bored, lonely, they look bad and no one would date them…I had a genuine interested in a man who seemed to be older than me, who seemed to be sweet, kind, respectful, just a nice christian guy…Anytime I would ask for his photos, he would make an excuse, but i really liked him and gave him time…We got involved romantically (which was extremely stupid on my part), i believed anything he would say to me, including how he looks,.. I started seeing many contraditions with him, and i decided to step over my heart and break our bond…he was very mad, called me psycho, insane, lunatic, just insulting me at all levels… few months after, i encountered his private profile on the site where we had a private connection, and there was a photo of him, kissing one of the woman he lead on among tens of other women he flirted with… he removed all comments, all people it was just that photo….and i realized why he never showed me his photo…he looks awful, he is not in 30’s like he claimed to be, he is in his 50’s, with greys in his hair, gross hairstyle and outfit, slob… I am so thankful for a decision i made, because i now have a guy my age who is absolutely wonderful to me, 1000 times better than this love scammer…Be careful out there people…

  129. raven says:

    Hi everyone. I have just been reading all these comments on scammers and what a good site this is to help all of you…. Please, if any of you meet someone after this, some advise for all of you. GO ON THE SITE… PIG BUSTERS…. TYPE IN THERE EMAIL..OR YAHOO MESSENGER BEFORE YOU START TO TALK OR MEET. THEY WILL LET YOU KNOW FIRST HAND IF THEY ARE SCAMMERS OR NOT. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Hi Raven, Unfortunately PigBusters does not always have all of the answers. These scammers change names and addresses like you change socks Some of them come across as never havign been heard of before. Doesn’t mean that they are not a scammer!.

  130. Debbie Hiles says:

    I can not say how much I agree with you telling people to be careful. I had a gut feeling I would be posting on this site one day but kept hoping it would turn out differently for me. It didn’t and I want to add my voice to those of us who are being and have been scammed. I was contacted a few days ago by a lady asking how I knew James. He had accidently left my email address on an email he had copied and pasted to her also. Since then we have compared notes and researched as much as we can, but did uncover 2 more email addresses he was using and in one of the profiles the very same words were used he had used in emails to us. We have compared emails and they are word for word in some cases. We had both fallen for the scam and sent money and now that we find out we have been played our hearts are broken. I read all the red flags on the scam sites but made excuses how mine did not exactly fit. This scam is you meet the guy on the dating site, you move to emails and phone calls. He is in your area, but has excuses why not to meet. Then he has to go out of the country. If you wonder how he is able to change phone numbers, at one point calling from a local number, then calling from the out of country number, I have been told there is a world calling card that can accomplish this. That was one of the big head scratchers I had.. Then his credit cards are stolen, he runs into some kind of trouble that causes legal action or whatever they come up with. They need money to get home, they even cry because they are so desperate to get back to you. In 3 months time I had fallen so hard for this guy I would walk through fire for him only to find out what a fool I had been. If you have doubts from the start, make sure the person you are talking to is real. I couldn’t find anything on any searches for my person and they were offended I had tried to search them. They gave me their address, but there was not a house by that house number and again were offended I had done that, even though they had no problem asking me to send items to them and money. This person is working out of Cape Town South Africa, so if you get funny looks and lots of questions when you try to wire money there, you deserve them and realize just why you are getting them. Please pay attention to the red flags: not being able to meet you, leaving the country, this guy was an engineer also, which I see in a lot of these post, asking for money no matter what the reason but will not give you concrete information about themselves. It’s best to stop it early before your heart gets so far in that your head doesn’t listen and then you are miserable because you have lost money and your heart is broken. Also, the photo they send is most likely fake. I had a PI in Cape Town do some research on my guy and the picture came up as an English actors picture he was using, then when I called him on it, he sent others that I could tell had been doctored someway. So, please, please do be careful and more alert to who you meet on line. My scammer goes by Jameson Russell and I believe another name is George Simons..He says he is from Orleans France if under Jameson Russell and Austria if George Simons. Also, other clues are they have a child living elsewhere and their wife has passed away. I hope this helps stop some of the scams.

  131. Cory says:

    Hi. I was scammed too. By a ‘Travis McGregor’ from Australia . Can you let us know how you got to know these guys ? Online dating ? I used EHarmony – and have stopped using these dating sites!

    • RomanceScams says:

      Hi Cory, the scammers are everywhere on the internet. If you can get into a site so can they. But don’t put your life on hold for fear of them. Go to our website, romancescams.org and find the file, they might be a scammer if, and print that out, keep it close. Use it to learn to spot them in a heart beat and go back to living your life knowing you will not get taken again. Take your life back. Hugs

  132. Debbie says:

    Match.com but the other lady was on another dating site..I don’t think anyplace is safe from scammers any more. They have upped their game at working the internet and I talked to a fraud investigator today that told me because they operate outside the US it’s doubtful they can be found. It seems the best way to fight back is to share information. The other lady that I have been talking to contacted the attorney generals office at her end and received a reply that there was already an investigation on these scammers..but I don’t think they will ever pay for what they have done. The best way to hurt them is to not be fooled and fall into their traps.

    • RomanceScams says:

      There is estimated to be 8 million of these scammers world wide. 99% of them come out of West Africa, no matter where they are located right now. If you can get into a site on the internet, so can they. I had one hit on me in a newspaper forum. So they are everywhere. So to romancescams.org and find the file, they might be a scammer if, and print that out and keep it close. It will help you learn to spot them in a heartbeat. The pictures they use are stolen pictures and not actual pictures of the person scamming you. So the best way to hurt them is to learn to spot them then block this without speaking to them. They do not understand silence and it drives them nuts. Educate those around you with what you learn. Spread the word.

  133. Cory says:

    You are right. I hope they did not take a huge sum of money from you.

  134. Debbie says:

    They took enough that I can’t believe how stupid I was. What is so crazy is at the time I could justify sending it. Now I look at it like “what cool aid was I drinking to think like that”?

    • Lisa says:

      I feel the same way! You are NOT alone. I was scammed and taken for in the thousands as if my money was like Play Money. To this day I am fathom or blinded by Love like a robot. I felt hypnotized by his voice and I still miss him too! : (

  135. Cory says:

    I know the feeling. I was skeptical when I was asked for money but I feared he might do something even worse to me if I didn’t give him the money !

  136. RomanceScams says:

    Hi Debbie, these particular scammers use light hypnosis and a lot of psychological profiling to brain wash their victims. This is how they get people to do things they would not otherwise do. Hugs

  137. Debbie says:

    I knew they had to be good profilers, but never imagined they could use hypnosis at all. I have to say I do feel as though that is what happened. I know I will never fall into their trap again…!!

    • RomanceScams says:

      go to our website, romancescams.org and find the file, THEY MIGHT BE A SCAMMER IF and print it out and to keep close by. It will help you learn to spot them in a hurry. Hugs

  138. sosad says:

    why do they all wanted to be engineer?

    • kath says:

      yeah right..the Nigerian scammers introduce himself that he is an engineer and a business man in London..i feel so sorry for the American guy that they used to send me,.i want to know if there is a way to get noticed him and others that the scammers using their images/identity to scam others, they using mostly an image of military man, they are also a victim of this scammers..so please if someone knows please tell..thank you verymuch

      • RomanceScams says:

        Sikat, We do not recommend finding the picture victim. In most cases they already know their pictures are being used and it is an invasion of their privacy for you to contact him. Consider this, There is estimated to be 8 million of these scammers out there working. They all get the pictures they use from the same pool so there could be hundreds or even thousands using that same picture. But even considering there are 5 to 6 men working in a group all using that same picture and each member of the group is scamming 10 to 20 people each. That is 100 to 120 victims having this picture used on them. If only half of those people come looking for the picture victim, that is 60 people invading his personal space. How do you think you would feel with an onslaught like that.

        Because of the near murder of a picture victim, there is now a law for this. It is called cyber stalking and you can be arrested and fined for it. Please forget doing this

  139. RomanceScams says:

    because it is easy to explain why they travel so much.

  140. Michelle says:

    has anyone dealt with a handsome German man goes by Scott?
    I have lost my entire savings to him. He knows just what to say and what promises to make. I even went to the airport to pick him up and he never showed up. Said his flight was diverted in a emergency. 3 times he promises to come back to the states and each time a tragedy occurs and he doesn’t make it but always needs more money. Beware he is so good at this you are willing sending him more and more money until you have nothing left

    • RomanceScams says:

      Names mean nothing really. They change names like we change socks. He is not the man in the picture. He is a west African man who is hiding behind a stolen picture and a fake name. You need to go to http://www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com and follow the icons to IC3. File a report there. When you are done, they will send you a case number. Hang onto that number as it will allow you to file your losses on your income taxes. Hugs

  141. Cory says:

    Such disgusting people! I am so sorry. A guy names Travis McGregor scammed money from me too but fortunately I have a full time job so I was able to earn it back in no time. But i still recall how much he hurt me — his disgusting voice, his lies , fake photos. How do you meet Scott? Online dating?

  142. Lisa says:

    I’m the latest scam victim too! This scammer named Dario Chris Uberto (a pipeline specialist engineer) claims to be from Venice, Italy he did seem to have an Italian accent, spoke and wrote in Italian. He wrote good English with good grammar Whenever he emailed me. He sent over 100 photos of the man (possibly a victim too). He said he moved from McLean, VA , had a wife who died in a car crash 4 years ago with a 7 year old daughter named Rachel and recently moved to Southern California in Newport Coast (an affluent and expensive area by the ocean in Orange County) in January of this year. I actually Found him by accident on Match.com (wished now I never did!). I sent him a short message and within 5 minutes he responded back that he loved my smile and profile. Gave me his phone number that I can call or text him. He also said that he was Deactivating his profile then. So the next day, I texted him and within a few hours he responded back. He even wanted to hear my voice, he seemed Real, and for over 3 months we had texted and spoken on the phone Everyday for 2-3 times a day! I was on a trip that he admitted he said “P.S. I love you” . I just met him less than a week!! But during those times we would text or talk like normal people “dating” getting to know each other, etc. He would quote me love poems and serenade me with YouTube Love Songs, songs I’ve never heard before but actually my kind of music and some that I knew. I already was smitten by the time I left for my trip! So I was easily swayed to have ” fallen in love with him”! I couldn’t believe it myself. Funny thing about this scenario is, that he never once asked for money. Yes, twice we’re supposed to meet but he got a job contract offshore on a rig off Anchorage, Alaska. I helped him into his ” bank account” to pay his wire transfers to a Chinese Manga Mega Steel company in Guangdong, China. Also wired it to a recipient called Mega Galaxy Limited and a bank in Shanghai, China. I believe now that fictitious company are All in the scam! They even have a website and so did this Dario had a “construction business ” website too. It all looked legit as far as I can tell, but I’m no expert to spot scammers since I was new to this and never been in this situation in 3 years that I’ve been on several dating sites! This was my first encounter and hopefully my Last. I thought I would NEVER be caught that I was smarter than these other women who were scammed before. But lo and behold I too was scammed several thousands of US dollars!! I felt that I was so in LOVE that I would do Anything for this guy because of the way he made feel; beautiful, cared for and Loved!! Boy was I mistaken in the most painful way possible – through my Heart! : (
    Will I be vulnerable to new people and let Love in again because of this? You bet!!! I will NOT let these scammers Win by Closing myself Off, and even commit suicide (even though I felt like it cause I was heartbroken and felt devastated at the loss of my money). I AM A SURVIVOR!!! I live to tell this so Other Women can learn from mine/ our Mistakes.

    • Julie says:

      So, mine contacted me on Facebook. He is a marine engineer, widower, his daughter’s name is Nicole. He is currently telling me the ship he works on which is on it’s way to Australia is having seriuos problems and he is afriad pirates are going to seize the ship. He wants to send me the $25,000.00 in “Great British pounds” he has in a lock box. I’m still waiting to see his angle. I thought it was a citizenship thing, as the red flags have all been waving, but then he pulled out with that. Damn. I am that weak and vulnerable that I hoped it to be true. Thank God it has only been a little over a month. How can people be so evil?

  143. Cory says:

    Lisa – i am so sorry for what happened , and I hope he never bothers you again. I am sharing this ‘Dario’ guy’s name to friends who are on dating sites so they won’t get trapped. I was scammed through EHarmony – the guy was Travis McGregor from Australia, After a while of chatting, I sensed it was all a scam, but when he asked for money I had to give it to him because I was afraid that if I didn’t, he may do something even worse to me!

  144. Ann Ocampos says:

    I think I have been Scam by the name of Mark lewis key south florida a minister who have a sick mother and have a daughter i think also he is an Engineer also but thank god i dont have any money to spare for him i hope tht we will not scam my family also i pray for that as God is my witness i prayed tht he will not scam my family god please protect me

  145. How heart breaking ! I had a lot of bad luck in love . My husband sent me so many time in the hospital that I cannot even count ….I am very cautious and smart. I thought. But I amnit. I am
    Needy and weak, somebody tell me how much I am wonderful,joeuvh they will live me and adore me … My heart starts to beat agsin . I need so much to be loved, that I did not see it coming . He was wonderful, my Alexander. Understanding and we could not meet I person because he had to leave to go to Abu Dhabi for a contract . He bid for a work to fix skyscraper and won. He wanted tondo this do he could retire and take care of me . One day, he found out his father left him 3 million dollars but he had to go to UK to get its. He could not go because tight up
    By this contract . He wanted so bad to finish this job , he worked for so long . He wanted to be successful in one thing, doing himself . But he wanted got me to go . I could help, just paid 15k and I could get the whole amount and live happy forever . Oh my gosh ! How can I trust again? How can I build another relationship ? What is true or false ? How stupid am I? His needy ? Just sad … Thank you for listening

  146. Lia says:

    Hi all..

    Thank goodness that after two consecutive day and nights of research, I keep coming back to this website. I wonder if someone can help me..

    Has anybody here ever heard of a “Kevin Sandberg” who is supposedly originated from Norway? Who is working as a private contractor in the Oil & Gas industry and at the moment is working on a project in Terengganu, Malaysia. He is supposedly a single father, was born on November 30th, 1967 (though on his Skype said 1968), lost his wife to liver failure disease on March 2008, cheated by an American girl from Hawaii named Dana. Caught her red-handed buck naked in his bed with another man, when he actually wanted to give her a surprise by asking her to marry him, and he’d even already had a ring in his pocket to give to her. He supposedly have a son by the name Benjamin Sandberg, 11 years old, going to and fro his school by a school bus (which I thought they do not have in Scandinavian countries but hey, I could be wrong too). His child lives with his Mother in Oslo, Norway. He supposedly have a strict Mother, and his Father died in 1992. He supposedly to have gone to Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), did his BOSIET training, and did his high school at Maidstone Grammar School in Kent, UK. This man is quite good looking and well-built in his pictures. Suppposedly he’s into chess, scrabble, beach-volley ball, swimming. Feel a lot more at ease in the company of women, no male BFF. Hard worker and passionate about his work. He also has a particular dislike towards nagging, which in his words described as “fault-finding and comes from a bitter heart which does not imply love”.

    I can tell a lot more about him but for now this is really just to confirm whether this “Kevin Sandberg” really does exist as he presented himself to me, or not. I had some feelings (and which I thought were also serious red-flags findings that I found such as; inconsistency in his use of English, bad spelling) that this supposed man was going to eventually scam me so, after three weeks of interactions, and intense research on my part, I decided to confront him with what I thought were my findings and cut him loose. To the very end he claimed that he never lied to me.

    Now, I’ve been feeling kind of bad about the whole thing, second guessing myself, feeling guilty about being rash and rude to him, when I decided to confront him with his inconsistencies. And tonight I found out that there is actually a Maidstone Grammar School exists in Kent, UK. Which then would make some of his stories correspond to the background setting he was giving me. Crazily, I had a flash of thought that I should email him again and apologize for my hastiness and jumping in into conclusion (though in fact it was actually him who was being hasty with his plans to visit me in my country, meeting my parents, taking me to Norway to meet his Mother and son, then convert to my faith and marry me, and all was supposedly to be done within the span of 3 mos since his arrival in Jakarta, Indonesia, my country). I know that based on my own findings and his specific dislike on “nagging”, I should just stick to my gun and walk off from this whole nonsense with pride and with a sense of fulfillment knowing that I have managed to keep this scumbag from trying to rob me, and never look back.

    But.. the thing is, this whole thing is still hovering above my head. Because to tell you the truth, even as I was trying my best doing research on scammers/fraud on the internet, looking out for the tell-tale red flag signs of a scammer, and background-checking him, trying my best to prove that he was telling the truth and I was just being overly protective of myself and my future, I was gradually falling in love with the man. Seems like the calmness he tried to portray throughout our interactions was reflected in those pictures of himself that he sent me. I started to have high hopes about the man. I was falling in love with the man in the pictures. And to make it worse, to this day I still haven’t found the pictures of that man among the pictures of real people that had their pictures stolen and used in scam practices.

    So, can someone kindly help me..? Does anyone ever come across this supposed man before, “Kevin Sandberg” from Bygdoy, Norway? I met him from Craigslist, after he replied to my ad in the personal section.

  147. angelina says:

    how i got my money back after been scammed,my
    name is angelina johnson a Mexican.If you”ve lost
    money because of a scam report it to
    Anti Fraud network, the national fraud reporting
    You can report the scam.You can also forward scam
    emails to them.
    You will need to provide as much information as
    possible, for example any names or other
    information about the scammer, dates and details
    about how the money has been lost I recovered my
    money through one of their agent on lostfinancecontrol37@gmail.com
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  148. Lisa says:

    Hi Cory, thanks for your comments and I am sorry too what happened to you! 😔 Thanks for sharing his name. Btw I recently checked his “website” and twice I’ve seen him changed his contact number to different cities! Let’s All be Wiser and a Fool No More.

  149. Angelina says:

    If you’ve lost money in a Moneygram or western
    union scam, here’s what
    to do:
    If you have already filed a complaint with
    Moneygram or Enter your comment here…western union,
    there is no need to do anything further at this time.
    If you have NOT filed a complaint with Moneygram
    or western union you
    need to do so. Call Moneygram or western union at
    1-800-Moneygram or western union to
    file your complaint.
    The FTC is working on developing a refund program
    appropriately distribute the $18M, however, given
    the settlement is capped at $18M, the FTC is
    consumers to that fact that they will only be eligible
    a partial refund (i.e., so don’t expect to recover all
    monies you may have lost as a result of the scam).
    If you do participate in the refund program, you will
    give up your legal rights (translation: you can still
    pursue legal recourse).
    If you are sure you really lost your cash to
    scammer using money gram or western union
    contact lostfinancecontrol37@gmail.com

  150. gea says:

    I think I have been scammed are someone is trying to scam me. I think I know who it is my ex best friend I’m gay by the way. We fell out months ago now I keep getting weird friends request. Maybe I should pay it no mind but everyday it is something different.

  151. Mary Achee says:

    I met a man in a dating website. He looked so sweet in his photo. I was new to online dating; so when he asked me to leave the site to text; I thought it was okay. Well; I was smart so I caught on and reported him. They had already kicked him off the site! I was blessed no real harm was done. The problem is; I became obsessed with finding the real man in the photo the scammer had pasted, pretending to be him. I found the photo on another site. I messaged the sweet man and warned him how the scammer had used his photo and how I had been searching for him for two months. He never answered me! I guess it was the scammer again. So; I prayed for Jesus to help me forget the man and if He wanted him in my life; Jesus would put him there. So; I no longer look for him. I know he is out there somewhere. Mary

  152. Natalie Goin says:

    Anyone on here know of a man named Alex Newel? He has been talking to my mother for almost 2yrs now. He says he is an engineer that is stuck in Malaysia and needs money for plane ticket back to Texas where he is from. I feel so bad for my mom because he is hurting her with the scam. She (my mother) is the only one who doesn’t believe he is a scammer! Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂

  153. Josephine says:

    I have boyfriend now, maybe he is scammer too because we are almost 4 years in networking till now we are still chatting.

  154. Melissa Williams says:

    My friend has been scammed out of 5000.00. He says his name is Edward James. He is so full of shit. And I am furious. What I would like to know is where u can turn them in to. Will the authorities do anything about it?

  155. beebee08 says:

    I met this guy last July 2014 in okcupid.
    His nickname there was wademosely. But after chattes with me 3/4 days. He said he deleted the profile. Because he felt he already met the right girl (i already sensed it is not right). He never asked for sending money.
    But the strange thing, everytime he going to visit me never happen. They way he exchanges message so romantic and convince you that he is in love with you. How can a people never met said deeply fall in love with you but never made his visit. Strange right?
    I asked him to video call but never happen. Always call only on viber or skype.
    I was so hurted.
    The ultimate strange thing was: he said his father used to work in aircanada, so he got discount using his Dad’s family pass. But everytime i asked for itinerary he always found reason. It happened two times. Eventhough u booked using family pass dont u get a booking number, rite? If you really love someone, it takes everything to prove it. Not just giving nice words but no actions. I am so pissed off. What a jerk.
    His name is Michael Best or mike best. Used to work in calgary ski shop. And now working as engineering in Rimrock hotel in banff canada and sometimes as security there too. He is 46 years old. He said he’s divorced already or maybe not. Has 2 children. Originally from winnipeg.
    Btw i exchanged msg with his Dad who is 75yo. I doubt a 75 yo could type on his iPad. Its just strange to me. Although he is very healthy.

  156. maria says:

    I been with a man that physical abuse n verbal abuse I have a adoptive son 11 years old butI thank god I raise him alone. Struggle sick to take him to school this man have his business in the city he will come only in the weekend but when my son turm 10 I left to the city so he could see how abusive this man is , my son n me just want a happy family , I have not see love for 37 years now yesI talk to guys o. Facebook but they not the one Um looking for, I been talking to this guy name frank he took my heart he was going through the same thing , I told him about what hurting me. Wow 37 years I have not heard man his kids come first their are his world, n he luv kids , WOW GOD KNOW IM NOT A BAD WOMEN ,SO HE SAID LESS TAKE IT SLOWY WOW WAKE UP HE LEFT ME A MESSAGE I CAUSE HIM PROBLEM WITH HIS WIFE BY SHARING HIS Page n block me but honest swear to god I didint know that will cauae problem I dont about facebook! Please I pray to god he talk to me again Im hurt he didnt even let me answer him but I pray to god Im not a bad wonen everyone has hurt me all I did is help ,nbuy finally when I wad speaking to frank it was like god send him to me, So I tell god if he for me n going to luv me n my kids n be a happy family n lived with him to the end , I need to get out the darkness to the light I even knoe that nino divino god son had promise me that I will find my love n I have so much faith! Please let him get in contact with me take him out the darkness n bring him to me he has taken my heart , but here Im thinking god knows all I want is luv n a happy family Im not a person to hurt no one I live it in god hand!!! Please Im here wishing he will contact me again please

    • RomanceScams says:

      I am sorry Maria, but if he is married and says you caused problems in his marriage by your postings, why are you still pursuing him. He is not yours to take. But shutting you off he has already told you he is more interested in his family than he is you and he wants you out of his life. You need to move on. What kind of example are yougiving your son if you are so willing to break up a mans family for your own self gratification? Think about what you are doing here.

  157. Wilma says:

    Lisa – Just in time to read this! I met Dario via Match 3 weeks ago. Everything you mention above has happened to me. I have fallen for this man but not hard enough that I can’t break it off with him today! I can’t express the gratitude for you posting this, it has saved another Lady from serious heartbreak 🙂

  158. carla says:

    hi I’ve been a victim of a dating scamI met this man I thought he was cool and charming basically start telling me about he own some business he told me that his mom died a year ago so he said he would have one of his mother’s company write a check and I cash it he say he have is sister and other people helping him out the nice kind hearted person I am I think in the state of mind I was I was desperate for someone to like me so I gave in and cash them checks so they came back bouncing so I owe the bank lots of moneyI know I am at fault for cashing the check I want someone to help me and I want to prosecute him to the fullest

    • RomanceScams says:

      Carla, prosecution is out of the question. He is in west africa and we do not have an extradition treaty with them and he is not the man in the picture and his name is not the one given to you so you have nothing to go on to find the shadow that did this to you. Please go to http://www.fraudaid.com and read their literature and fill out their forms. Someone from there will help you through this. Hugs

  159. mandywynne says:

    I think men just don’t really love the way women do. I don’t believe any man will ever love me. All they do is hurt you. I have given up on love.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Mandy, there are good men out there. Maybe you are looking at the wrong men. Do this little test to find what you are really looking for then look again.
      get a tablet and write down 25 things you would like to see in a life partner. Age and looks are not allowed on this list as they change. what goes on the list are the things that pretty much stays the same for a lifetime. When you have your list made, go over it carefully and make sure it is exactly how you want it. When you have it done, pick out the 10 most important qualities from that list that you would like to see in a life partner. Again make sure it is exactly the way you want it. Finally pick out the 3 things from the list you refuse to live withotu. THAT is what you look for in a life mate and if the person you are talking too has not got ALL 3 of those things, shut the door and move on. When you find the person with those 3 qualities, you will have your dream mate. Hugs, and good luck.

  160. Cathy says:

    Anderson Douglas Lynn
    I have his picture if you can send me what you have or know. He works for She’ll petro chemical enginer

  161. Debbie says:

    I was scammed for two weeks I was looking for adam benson on fb and adam benson pop up and said hello Debra.i asked how his vacation was going he said I am working and I said you better not be cause you have a week lied in your vacation he said he was on a vessel heading to Alustralia so we started talking for two hours I get oup at 3:30 am for my job and leave work by 5:00 after I read his letter he ask me to write him about me I did stupid thing to do.well the alarm went off husband got up I grabbed my phone and he was on messager I couldn’t belive he remember me we talked until 4;30. Then he said what time you leave I told him I can get reay in half an hour I told him I can shower fast then it started let me tell me if I was there with you I would enter the shower and wash your back then so on do on
    I don’t regret having TEXT SEX he was the best and yes it satisfied me.we would talk every morn eying for an hour sometimes until seven all the way to work his son was in boarding school his wife died of Brest cancer he told me he couldn’t work I was always on his mind .we talked on the way home and yes we would have text sex yes I would park my care on deserted parking lot and we would have text sec when we got done he would clean up . He told me we walkingin the sand holding hands he said I was so happy then he turned me around to kiss me and his alarm went off he had me hooked so I called my sister and told her she said he was sa scammer I told her no she said if he ask for money don’t give to him. Well the next morning he was in line and we started talking he said he is sad the school emailed him that he was in the hospital I told him I was sorry to hear that but kids are strong .he told me to wait the dr.was scanning something he got back on and said honey I don’t know what to do now I asked what the dr said .Dr.will not do surgery without having a 1.500.00 I told him I have never ever heard of that.he says I have the money but I am out in the middle of the sea . He ask me if I would do it and I said first I am going to call the school and why they didn’t use your insurance he said it expired the new one is at his house I said good your ID #will always be the same he said no it won’t work.I was giving him ways to get out of this cause he loved me .then I said give me the school # he said he didn’t have it all he had was their email so I said give me the address then said he couldn’t case he threw it in the trash so I said go back to trash and restore it he said he can’t cause he already empty the trash can remember I was giving him ever chance to get out of this.then I said ok give me the hospital ## of course he didn’t have it I said give me the name and what city it’s in .i told him I can get my IT AT WORK FIND IT KESS THEN 2min.his remark you have IT. department at your neck and call I said yes I said give me the info of course he didn’t have it. I even told him once I got hold of hospital I would pay the money for son to have surgery this took about three worth of talk as his son was laying lifeless . So then I said what is the doctors name I can call his office and pay the bill for your lifeless son so he can have surgery..he was telling me he loved me we were going to the beach and we would be s happy family..I just said dr.# please he said the school emailed him to tell him what dr said.i told him not to worry DR.Make a promise to the board before their lilicense are signed .DO NO HARM TO THE PEOPLE. He said U.S. IS SO DIFFERENT Then London England after that I was out of talk while my heart broke into 10000 pieces I said yes I will get your money.he said give them my email so He know the money gram is on his way remember he is on a vessel son hurt can’t get off vessel but he can go and pick up the money gram. .i just agreed to agree with him while holdin back tears while I felt like my life has just ended. I work up to a message from him CALL THIS NUMBER EXACTLY THE WAY I WROTE IT. I thought to my self no way I am calling him.well I did no answer he called me and said lets talk I said why I know who and what you are and I will be damm if I give you a penny.he told me I made him do things he has never did TEXT SEX I said really well I can’t lie but you need to make that a part time job for you cause you are great at it and remember you start it first the only thing I said to you that morning was and I tools he was a fake and you are not even English you sound like the people on the phone if the recording doesn’t work.oh he got mad I just told him good bye I will hunt you down and remove you from sites.so that has been my mission

    • Tammy says:

      Sounds so much like my story , it’s crazy
      And more so how they can emotionally Rob us:(

    • RomanceScams says:

      Debbie, all he will do is get a new picture, name and email address and keep going. Quit throwing your life minutes away chasing shadows, just delete, remove, block and ignore without another word to him. Silence is their enemy. And just so you know, medicine in the UK is free. No money required. Hugs

  162. Julie petty says:

    My scammer found me on Ourtime.com. He was there for only minutes before he disappeared. He was very handsome. His pictures were of a man holding a newborn in the hospital, in a car with his sunglasses on, another with his shades off, and the last one in a green golf pullover. He wanted my email address. I’ve had many people ask for it before but never would give it out. Of course I gave it to him. He goes by the name Paul Harrison. The only thing I remember about him he was from Maryville,Tennessee. His profile disappeared before I was able to read it. He wad born and raise in the U.S. His father was Spanish and his mother American. Theirs names were Pedro and Sherry Harrison. He has a daughter who is a law student in Las Vegas. Her name is Elizabeth. He inherited his business from his dad. He said he was a broker. He shipped crude oil to differnt countries. Scammers know exactly what to say. They are very romantic and know how to suck you in. I was suspicious of this man many times. I even called him out on a lot of it. They are sophisticated and educated. Because I thought he was a scammer I gave him a couple tests and he failed miserably. His business wasn’t doing so well and he wanted me to pray for him. And just like that, a miracle happened. He got a large contract to supply crude oil to Dubai. He was there only a few days before things started going badly. This was the biggest contract he has ever gotten. He would make a 7 million dollar profit. He was going to retire and come to my state, and ride off into the sunset together. Yep, happily ever after. Well the first thing that happened was the ship wasn’t large enough to hold all that oil, so it didn’t make it to Dubai. Then the ship was lost and they had to send out a singal. He thought the ship would sink because the sea level was rising. So he needed to lease a larger ship. He already had invested everything in this venture. Lots of paperwork and hiring workers. He had 14,000 USD, but to lease the larger ship he needed 17,000 USD. With all the wealthy and powerful people he knows, who do you think he asked for the money. Yep…me. He worded something like this…if you really love me prove it to me by sending the money. The last text he sent me said…Honey please my life is in danger. So I started doing my own investigation. What I found was he stole his identity and name from a man who does live in Maryville Tennessee. That he is not a broker or property owner. He knows what I found out but he’s still in denial. I was lucky because he got nothing from me, but I also know he was emailing other people as well. So lady’s NEVER GIVE YOUR EMAIL OUT. Follow your instincts. These people are dangerous. A lot of them are connected to the mafia and terrorist groups. Don’t toy with them. They mean business. Delete and block them immediately and do NOT respond to any of their emails.
    Good luck and best wishes to you all

  163. Tracy says:

    hi. I have also been scammed of my entire savings, including retirement savings. His name is John Spencer and his email is superspencer6@gmail.com. When I met him he was here in Calgary, Alberta setting up his business for when he moved back here. He said he was born in Ottawa, Ontario and moved to the UK with his family when he was 10 or 15 years old but he wanted to come back home to the land of his birth. He had to go back to the UK to finish some business there (selling his house and his car) and then he was going to Iran as he had a contract there, and would be back in Calgary by the end of March. When he was in the UK, he asked if he could send his equipment ahead of him and could I keep it for him. I said yes. The day after he shipped it to me, he sent me an email that he had included a large sum of money in the package – 500,000 GBP, from the sale of his house and car and he was going to use this money to buy us a house and start his business. When the courier arrived, it was overweight so they needed money to pay for that; then customs x-rayed the package and found the money and they needed money to clear that; then when the package was cleared, Revenue Canada got hold of it and needed money for that. Except for paying Revenue Canada, I had paid the rest of the money required. A not unsubstantial sum. Then he got into trouble in Tehran, Iran and needed help there….more money needed! He said he had money owing to him from an international car company (who I shall not name as they do not need their image tarnished as they were not part of this scam) and he would have the cheque made out to me (his “wife”) and the broker would send it to me. When the cheque arrived – for close to $50,000 – I deposited it and he said that he needed me to send more money (from the cheque). He then was leaving Iran and was flying to Calgary, via Dallas Fort Worth. Because he brought some of his equipment with him, customs in DFW detained him and said that he would need to pay them to bring the equipment to Canada as they said it was “contraband”. I was given bank accounts in Canada to deposit money into – as the US customs officer had friends in Canadian customs who would help him. Eventually he made it to Calgary and was detained again because of the large sum of money he originally sent to me. He needed more money. After I had paid, a day or two later he contacted me to say they deported him as the money that was paid was not enough. Of course, he couldn’t take money out of the package because that would have been illegal. So a week later he comes back to Canada and this time is stopped in Toronto by customs who wont allow him to convert the GBP into CAD money so that he can pay them what he “owes” them. So they again deport him back to the UK. Then he ends up in the hospital in London, UK due to a respiratory infection where is expected to stay for a week; on the Thursday of that week he feels great and can’t wait to get out of the hospital tomorrow. I don’t hear from him on Friday and text on Saturday and his “friend” now has his phone to tell me that John has gone into a coma from the shock of hearing that the money from his contract in Iran fell into “the wrong hand”. Well here is when I lose it and call bulls**t on this whole thing but am told by his friend that I caused all of this due to the pressure of asking him when he was going to pay me back the money. In amongst all of this, a week or so before he fell ill, I was contacted by my bank to say that the cheque (for close to $50,000) was fraudulent and they would be looking to me to pay back this money. I have since involved the police and contacted a couple of the banks where I deposited money…but the fact remains that I have been scammed and will very likely never see any of this money again. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop though – and that is for the bank to formally contact me for repayment. I’m 53 years old, I’m relatively intelligent and I feel like an idiot. I feel ashamed, embarrassed and am completely heartbroken. After coming from a very unhappy marriage, I thought I’d found the man who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I believed everything he said. I could have said no at anytime…but I believed him. He played me – I see that now. He used and betrayed me in one of the worst possible ways. Both the police and the therapist I’ve been talking to have said this wasn’t my fault…but who else is to blame? I allowed this to happen. No one forced me. I made a choice – based on the information I had at the time. I’m a firm believer that every choice has consequences: depending on the choice the consequences could be good or not so good. The consequences for my choice are not so good. Although I despise and loathe him…if he rang my doorbell right now, after kicking him in the balls and spitting him in the face, I might still let him in. I’m emotionally fragile right now and still feeling very vulnerable. Although I’m going to continue therapy it doesn’t take away my shame, my embarrassment and how my guilt for not saying no. They say time heals all wounds and I believe that to be true. It will take me years to rebuild my finances. How long does it take for a broken heart to heal though?

  164. elaine says:

    I gave my boyfriend a lot of money he said he had debts he loved me i was vunerable 9 months later he stopped ringing texting hes an british white who lives in oldham lied about his age he finally came back just to get sex we have been together 7 years ihe became distant when his brother supposingly died i dont even know if thats true

  165. kath says:

    Hi I’m from the Philippines, i was scammed by a Nigerian recently, emailed a promising words to me, said that he is an Engineer and a business man, he said that his origin is from New York but living and working in London UK for 12 years, widowed for two years and have child in NY..i ask him once to send his photo and he did he and look like a American and his picture also promising then he said his looking for a new wife and hi is single and don’t date for a very long time..after a days he emailed again and said that he is working very hard over on no resting time for him except night but he did say that he is planning to send me some gift so he ask for my email add, address, full name, mobile..so i did..!!, and i try to ask him if he has a facebook for me to got further information about him and he never tell that he have one, so i tried many ways to find his name even in Google but I’m so less fortunate to find him..there is a lot of name the same to him in the web..even the number he gave to me don’t exist i try to ask him to even call me but he always ignoring it, he said that he want to move in with me in my country and put up a real estate business and asks me to find a for sale land and he will going to sends me a money to pay it and when sends him the price of the land and i asks hi thoughts about it, if the price is okey for him but he never says his thoughts about..so on we exchanging email for more than a month and we’ve been a “GOOD FRIEND”,.then again he planned to go to my county but he said that before he come over he wants all to be settled first like he want a house and car and he will sending me a money to buy those things and it doesn’t matter for him the price and money is not a problem he said..and then emailed me again last week that he will send/arrange a diplomat to give to me the money and other expensive stuffs like jewelries, laptops and other expensive things etc.,so he stated the amount of money and that was too much with matching attached pictures of the stuffs he will be sending to me so it becomes obvious and malicious to me so i Googled again the images and surprisingly I found some of it there then i came up to the conclusion that this person is a SCAM!!!…that night i received an email again from him that stated “the Diplomat said to him that i need to prepare a small amount of money when they arrived and give it to them for me to claimed it all” but that was so terrible, supposedly its his gift for me but its like i will buy a gift for myself huh??? he is carrying a lot amount money then why i should still give him..i said hey call me now..then he did call me.. that call is unclear and it only last for a seconds his voice is not slang like American so I trace his number in Google then how come that he’s from London, I know the country code of London is +44 but the county code is +234 and belongs to Nigeria. immediately i send him email and ask him that why is his county code is Nigerian while he is in London then he said its a “NETWORK ERROR” huh??? how come?!!!, he asks me to trust him that everything will be okey and prepare the money of course i will not..then i tell him that I traced him already that he is a SCAMMER and told him that I will go to the authorities and we will be arrested him..and he said “everything will be okey just trust me”…

    All of you out there be ware of online dating site specially the “Mingle2” online dating site its like they owned the site I’m not sure so choose who to interact with especially if the identity of the person is hidden to you,,they are using fake face and identity, mostly they use American and British national people pictures with a promising faces both guy and girls faces so be very careful, they usually introduce themselves as a widowed engineer, models, nurse, mostly military, chef, and millionaire business man but the truth is they are Nigerian Nationals they are SCAMMERS..lesson learned..I hope there is an effective way to ruined this kind of fool people..if you are a girl or even a guy you should be very careful with this dating sites..now i was so feel sorry for my self and for the American guy they used in the picture they send to me i hope there is a way for him to noticed it also that his image was used by this fool because he is also a victim here not only me,.so please can somebody tell me if there’s a way to give him noticed about this…Thank you very much..God Bless us all scammers victims..

  166. kath says:

    Hi I’m from the Philippines, i was scammed by a Nigerian recently, emailed a promising words to me, said that he is an Engineer and a business man, he said that his origin is from New York but living and working in London UK for 12 years, widowed for two years and have child in NY..i ask him once to send his photo and he did he and look like a American and his picture also promising then he said his looking for a new wife and hi is single and don’t date for a very long time..after a days he emailed again and said that he is working very hard over on no resting time for him except night but he did say that he is planning to send me some gift so he ask for my email add, address, full name, mobile..so i did..!!, and i try to ask him if he has a facebook for me to got further information about him and he never tell that he have one, so i tried many ways to find his name even in Google but I’m so less fortunate to find him..there is a lot of name the same to him in the web..even the number he gave to me don’t exist i try to ask him to even call me but he always ignoring it, he said that he want to move in with me in my country and put up a real estate business and asks me to find a for sale land and he will going to sends me a money to pay it and when sends him the price of the land and i asks hi thoughts about it, if the price is okey for him but he never says his thoughts about..so on we exchanging email for more than a month and we’ve been a “GOOD FRIEND”,.then again he planned to go to my county but he said that before he come over he wants all to be settled first like he want a house and car and he will sending me a money to buy those things and it doesn’t matter for him the price and money is not a problem he said..and then emailed me again last week that he will send/arrange a diplomat to give to me the money and other expensive stuffs like jewelries, laptops and other expensive things etc.,so he stated the amount of money and that was too much with matching attached pictures of the stuffs he will be sending to me so it becomes obvious and malicious to me so i Googled again the images and surprisingly I found some of it there then i came up to the conclusion that this person is a SCAM!!!…that night i received an email again from him that stated “the Diplomat said to him that i need to prepare a small amount of money when they arrived and give it to them for me to claimed it all” but that was so terrible, supposedly its his gift for me but its like i will buy a gift for myself huh??? he is carrying a lot amount money then why i should still give him..i said hey call me now..then he did call me.. that call is unclear and it only last for a seconds his voice is not slang like American so I trace his number in Google then how come that he’s from London, I know the country code of London is +44 but the county code is +234 and belongs to Nigeria. immediately i send him email and ask him that why is his county code is Nigerian while he is in London then he said its a “NETWORK ERROR” huh??? how come?!!!, he asks me to trust him that everything will be okey and prepare the money of course i will not..then i tell him that I traced him already that he is a SCAMMER and told him that I will go to the authorities and we will be arrested him..and he said “everything will be okey just trust me”…

    All of you out there be ware of online dating site specially the “Mingle2″ online dating site its like they owned the site I’m not sure so choose who to interact with especially if the identity of the person is hidden to you,,they are using fake face and identity, mostly they use American and British national people pictures with a promising faces both guy and girls faces so be very careful, they usually introduce themselves as a widowed engineer, models, nurse, mostly military, chef, and millionaire business man but the truth is they are Nigerian Nationals they are SCAMMERS..lesson learned..I hope there is an effective way to ruined this kind of fool people..if you are a girl or even a guy you should be very careful with this dating sites..now i was so feel sorry for my self and for the American guy they used in the picture they send to me i hope there is a way for him to noticed it also that his image was used by this fool because he is also a victim here not only me,.so please can somebody tell me if there’s a way to give him noticed about this…Thank you very much..God Bless us all scammers victims..

  167. beebhey says:

    i’ve had a bad experience with a scammer. Thanks God not involving the money!
    But it hurst my feeling…

  168. beebhey says:


    This is his facebook page…
    Please let my comments appear on this site… i really hope no other girls will be the victim

  169. Tammy says:

    You are not alone at all! I consider my self a intelligent and intuitive individual and I too took victim of falling in love with someone that posed pics that were not him and I know now the person ( dog ) I was speaking to for 5 weeks was from Nigeria because I did my research. If only I had done my research in advance! He got me hook , line and sinker and then when money came into the picture o knew something wasn’t right. He got my time and emotions and now I am trying to heal
    Hang in there

  170. RomanceScams says:

    Tammy, we have a support group for healing. You might like it there.

  171. cindy says:

    I need help if anyone out there is heard of a Bryan Johnson civil engineer contractor apparently in Malaysia building some kind of mall he was in New York and then he had to fly out there because they installed the elevators wrong after being there for two days he sent me an email Stating he needed three thousand dollars because of the project they told him the local government that he had not paid disturbance fees and something else I don’t remember his family was sending him $7000 and he needed 3000 from me when I told him I had did not have that kind of money he became upset with me send another text he said now we only need 1500 because another family member gave him money then I got another text saying he has to watch from New York City when he paid 3000 for and only got 1100 for it now all he needs is $400 I don’t know what to believe anymore

  172. Tammy says:

    Cut the emotional losses now
    They are scammers not people with real feelings for you.
    You are worth more then this! They are dirt !

  173. Ceeway says:

    I am beating myself up for falling for one of these. I am strong, smart and independent. But I am starting to feel the loneliness set in. My husband passed away early this year after a 30 year marriage. My mother passed just 6 weeks later. I can’t believe this guy would want to purposely add more pain. He was so handsome and so sweet. He was there with a sweet mesaage on my screen every morning when I woke up, every day at lunch and every evening before bed. I suspected him from day one, but he convinced me that he couldn’t possibly mess with anyone’s feelings like that. I let him know early on that I did not now or never would have any money to give him, so if he wanted money he was wasting his time. I also told him that with the bills from a cancer patient and two funerals back to back, my identity would not be worth the trouble. With all my doubts and scepticism, he continually reassured me that he loved me more than life itself. He went on still for another month never asking me for anything. I got more suspicious when I gave him my cell number and he couldn’t call because his phone was broken. I asked for recent pics and he couldn’t provide them because of his broken phone. I started reaearching and his completely blank FB page had one little “like” on his only photo. I went to the page of the woman who liked the photo just to find her relationship status to read “in a relationship with this guy’s name”. I was so shocked I messaged her and gave her my number. I asked her to call and she did. I found during our conversatuon that she had already sent him at least $100. She said she was going to confront him against my advice and and later she messaged me that he told her I was just a friend. She went futher to tell me that they have it all smoothed out between them and that it would be best if I stop contacting him because she is the one he loves. This poor girl! I know exactly what he was getting out of her, and that is bad enough, but what I really need to know is what did he want from me? Was his sole purpose to hurt me? Break my heart and send me spiralling into an even deeper depression? Why didn’t he just letvit go when he learnes I had nothing to offer? I really hope someone can answer this question for me. I feel the answer is the only way I can begin the healing process from this wonderful dream turned nightmare.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Ceeway, the answer is there is more to these scams than just asking for money. There is the reshipping scam, the check cashing scam, the marriage scam. And all of those are worked a little differently from each other but all by these same sets of scammers. If you have access to that lady, you need to let her know she is being scammed and to refuse to send him any money. She will find out fast you are telling the truth when she refuses to send the money. Hugs

    • worried for my mom says:

      I feel like this may be the same man my mother is talking to. Blank Facebook page with 2 likes under his photo. I tried to contact the other woman and she has not responded.

      • RomanceScams says:

        These scammers work in groups of 5 to 6 men and they will all share the same facebook page so if this woman is on that page, she is being scammed but not necessarily by the same man as your mom. It could be any one of the members of that group. Hugs

  174. worried for my mom says:

    I fear my mom is being conned right now. She is going through a seperate on and a man found her on Facebook saying he liked her smile. He is a 55yr old hungarian widow with a young child living in florida. He says he’s a civil engineer with his own business very well off. My mom doesn’t believe she is being conned because he has money and she doesn’t really have much. I don’t want her to get hurt, she is the happiest she has been in years and this will crush her. Help! Any suggestions to get her to see what’s going on?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Go to our website, romancescams.org and find the file, ‘they might be a scammer if’ and print that out and give it to her. See if you can get her to talk to me. My private email address is yvwiya@yahoo.com From your description, she is definitely in touch with a scammer. He is from West Africa and is somewhere between 14 and 35 in age. He is not the man in the picture nor any of the things he is telling her he is. It will break her heart but for her own safety, you must get through to her that she needs to delete, remove, block and ignore them without another word. I will be glad to talk to her if she is willing. Hugs

  175. Ann eastwood says:

    I got scam by a guy and I told him stuff about me and said some sexuall things to him that I would do plus I gave him a picture of me I had chothing on help can he put that on the website

  176. I was messaged by a friend on Messenger
    Not unusual ..But I received one from my friend it was his picture telling me we were blessed Facebook owners were giving random people 150.0000 I was asked for my driver’s license foolishl I send it. Now I’m worried I caught on before they asked for money. I’m so worried about my info. I’m sure myfriend was hacked too.

    • RomanceScams says:

      You should make it an absolute habit that you never break, to never give anyone any part of your personal information. Especially on the internet. Call one of the credit reporting agencies and tell them the flag your accounts as they may be jepordized. I really don’t think he can do anything with just the drivers license number but it never hurts to make sure you are safe.

      On facebook, you need to delete, remove, block and ignore all of the friends of friends and then secure you pages to just friends you really know and family.

  177. Humiliated1 says:

    There should be a special word for the type of cruelty a certain kind of man can inflict upon a certain kind of woman.

    “You’re beautiful.”
    “You’re stunning.”
    “You’re a treasure.”

    Telling her the things she has always longed to hear. The things no one else has ever said to her before.

    And her greatest shame? To her utter humiliation and greatest embarrassment?

    She believed it.

    She suspended decades of evidence to the contrary and allowed herself to believe, really believe, she had finally met the one person on the planet who valued her that way. Who felt that way about her. Who loved her, completely.

    She believed it. And her heart sang.

    And for that, she was the greatest fool.

    These are the men who take advantage of the earth’s ugly, unattractive, and unwanted women, preying on hearts for their own advantage. Not caring one whit how much they are using and hurting these vulnerable women.

    They are after whatever it is they hope to gain, whatever that might be. For the online dating scammer, it’s access to a bank account. To the mere player, ego fulfillment. To the convict, perhaps it’s escape from prison. And the worst of all, perhaps? The real guy, with a real life, a real job. Maybe even a real family. A sophisticated one who uses you for the business you can get him. The connections. Or the free help you can give.

    I understand it for I am one of these women. Scammed by the most insidious of the bunch. What do we call this kind of cruelty? This form of abuse? Why doesn’t it have a name?

    It needs a name. I need a name for what has been done to me. For I am destroyed emotionally. And humiliated beyond compare.

    • RomanceScams says:

      c.June, It sounds like you may have gotten caught up in the Nigerian Romancescams. These particular criminals use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brainwash the victims so they can get them to do things they otherwise would not do. We have a support group you should consider joining so you can learn about these scams and the scammers that perpetrate them. You can join by going to : https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info Finding the link JOIN GROUP, click on that and then follow the directions from there. Do not use your real name or make your name a part of your email address. Hugs

      • Humiliated1 says:

        Actually, it wasn’t an online scammer at all, but a real person that I was involved with IRL. But he was a scammer, too. Believe me.

  178. Tracy says:

    Dear humiliated. You are beautiful. You are stunning. You are a treasure. And don’t let anyone ever tell you differently!!

    I was also recently scammed. It’s been to pick myself up and move on. Getting over being scammed is very similar to dealing with death. There are numerous stages (of grief) and you’ll likely experience them all…and go back for another round of emotions before you start to feel better. The good thing is you’ll come out a different person. A stronger person. A wiser person. A better person. It doesn’t feel like that now. Take it a day at a time. Although you’ll never forget it, you will, in time, move on and think about it less and less. The feelings of shame and embarrassment and humiliation will eventually go away; in the meantime, don’t give him the satisfaction of seeing you suffer. These scammers will get what’s coming to them. Don’t let him win! Be strong. One step at a time and you’ll get through this.

    • Humiliated1 says:

      Aw, Tracey, I’m so sorry to hear this has happened to you, too. Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot. Truly.

  179. Debbie says:

    I’m so sorry! I can’t even imagine having a real life scammer? My scammer ran out of steam at about 10 days in, and then I researched the hell out of him, pictures, information, and at 14 days, he asked for $, and I just laughed at his desperate plea. I blocked him, and reported his pictures, emails & phone #’s. I had red flags from the beginning, and will NEVER doubt my gut instinct ever again.

    What I will not do is think myself dumb or stupid!!! I had told my best friend a few months ago that I was going to be a nun. I’m 54, grandmother of 5, and I was happy with my life, I thought. I was wrong, and what this scammer did do for me, is let me know that I want someone decent, nice & kind to share some time with, and for this, I’m very grateful. I’m going to do this slowly, and take my time, and since I’m armed with the scammer profiles, I am now well informed with how they operate.

    So, thank you for sharing, that they also work in the flesh. Mine was from Africa, I guess. Supposedly Italian, and his accent was anything but. I kept making comments about the strange accent, and him going off the grid by 6pm at night, when he was living in NYC. We have such great intuition & insights & need to honor it.

    Bless you a speedy healing! ♡

    • Humiliated1 says:

      Thank you so much, Debbie. I’m so glad to hear that you were able to see the scam 10 days in and I’m so glad you are able to translate your experience into a degree of clarity that will serve you well. I wish the very best for you.

  180. Ann says:

    I have a scammer this guy I met on Okcupid.com been talking for nine months. He started asking me after three months of talking he supposed to been from the states but was in Minsk belarus after that he went Lagos Nigeria for a project he says he scammed me out of $1,100.00 it was little by little. He threatends you when you dont give any money.

    • RomanceScams says:

      The guy is from Nigeria, never been out of there. He is hiding behind a stolen picture and his name is not the name give you/ He is 100% guaranteed a scammer. Delete, remove, block and ignore.

  181. Gail Mayer says:

    i have been scammed and unfortunately lost a lot of money. How can these people be caught? They steal your money and your heart

  182. Florence says:

    I would like to share with friends how I survived a scam a few days ago.I met a man by the name of Martin’s Nelson from a site called mingle2.This man seemed to be go od & very understanding to an extent I started loving him but alas,he had bad motives.He claimed that he was an oil engineer in the US & that he is Norwegian but is in the US for work.He also told me that he was a widower as the wife died in a car accident 5 years ago.One day he called me & told me that he was coming to Africa for work in Nigeria & asked me to pray for him so he could be safe there as it was his first time to come to Africa,I don’t know whether he came to Africa or not because nowadays roaming is a fact but he used US # on whatsapp & he called me using Nigeria #.This other day he called me that he was in the middle of the sea for oil drilling & that he would be there for more than 2 weeks & I promised to pray for him as I’m very prayerful,after some hours he wrote me a msg that his only child Kelly had an accident & his Kidney was injured & doctors in Norway suggested to tranfer him to India for an operation I thought that was all,but not ,he wrote me back that his nanny was going with the boy to India & that the money he left her with she used to buy air tickets & paid bills so he told me that in India the doctors will ask for money before the operation & that he was in the middle of the sea it would be difficult for him to send the money to India & asked me to send that money (500 dollers) on his behalf,but I was smarter & 10 steps ahead of him,he thought I was dying of him & can do anything but I’m always careful.My innocent friends be careful with the people you dating don’t accept anything you suspect,these people are many & can change profiles.Lets pray for them to change because devil is using them.One more thing he also asked me to send him a picture of my private part of which I refused because hey I’m not a useless lady I have principles & can’t do that nomatter what.I’m a real African woman with good morals & God fearing.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Hi Florence, He is Nigerian. Ignore everything he told you and the picture he used is not him but rather an innocent victim the same as yourself. I am thrilled you did not fall for it. Hugs

  183. Angie says:

    I feel sorry for all the pain scammers have brought to you.

    Right now, I have a friend who I think is being scammed. He contacted her on Facebook and claimed to be a well known Malaysian businessman who has just divorced. Apparently he prayed and her photo came up in the computer. Then the usual story of wanting to marry her with a few weeks.

    It’s still ongoing and she thinks that we are all jealous as we warned her to be careful. What can we do?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Do you know what has happened so far. Just from what you have said here I can tell you, without hesitation or doubt, she has a scammer. He is not the person in the picture so tell her to take the picture and run it through google image or tineye to see if it will come up. Try to find out if she has cashed checks or opened a bank account for him, this can land her in prison. Find out if she has receieved package and reshipped them, this also can land her in prison and once she is warned and continues talking to him, she can be considered an accomplice in the crime rather than a victim of the crime. Print this list out and give it to her.

      When Contact is First Made: ‘they might be a scammer if’

      They immediately want to get off the website and onto Yahoo IM, email or text message
      Their profile seems to disappear off the website immediately after conversation begins
      They claim it was destiny or fate, you are meant to be together, or God brought you to them.
      They immediately ask for your picture and they send you a picture of themselves, which is usually a stolen picture of a photo victim
      They immediately want your address so as to send you flowers, candy, and teddy bears, often purchased with stolen credit cards
      They claim to love you either immediately or within 24-48 hours
      They immediately start using pet names with you: hon/hun baby/babe sweety/sweetie and hardly ever call you by your name
      They typically claim to be from the US (or your local region) but they are overseas, or going overseas mainly to Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia and sometimes the UK for business or family matters
      If you mention scam to them they get quickly offended. They will get defensive and hold off on asking for money for a while.

      Communication Skills

      Their spelling can be off at times.
      Their grammar is not consistent with how Americans speak, French speak etc.
      They appear educated at times but use the wrong meanings of words like hear for here
      They over-use emotions and animate images
      Sometimes it feels like you are talking to two different people with different personalities
      They are notorious for using BUZZ, DING & Knocking
      They are notorious for using “i” instead of “I” or Am instead of I’m
      They consistently use webspeak or abbreviations; u r ur cos pls/plz ma sry brb div
      They often mix up their phrases: “i” will like to heer from you soonest, I wait to read from you soonest, Do you have any woman/man you care to meet, Age is just a number
      They misunderstand our slang or comparisons such as night owl/early bird, poker face

      Their Habits

      They are around at all hours of the day any day of the week.
      They IM at unusual hours so you will become sleep deprived and can’t think straight.
      They disappear from the conversation for a length of time because they’re usually conversing with more than one person at a time
      They never answer your question 100 percent and give vague answers.
      They like to send you poems or love letters, most of which can be traced back to lovingyou.com or googled
      They send you flowers, teddy bears, and candy within the first few weeks of talking
      They typically ask you to get on your webcam yet they never seem to have a webcam of their own
      They ask for your phone number but when they call you can barely understand a word they say because of their accent and back ground noise
      They may give you a phone number but it hardley ever works
      They often claim to have one parent that is of foreign descent to cover up their accent
      A majority of them claim to have be Single, Divorced or Widowed parent
      They claim to be some type of engineer, contractor, self employed or independant worker.
      They have no close family, friend or business associates to turn to, even the US embassy can’t help them, instead they can only rely on you.
      To them love equals helping them in form of sending gifts, or money. If you don’t help them you don’t love them.
      If you deny them or question them they become verbally abusive and will resort to threats
      They will insist you keep the relationship a secret, so others don’t get jealous of what you have.
      They want you to distant yourself from your family and friends, and not talk about your relationship with them.


      Their details in chatting don’t match their profiles etc.
      They are looking from someone between the ages of 20 – 99.
      They often misspell the cities/towns they claim to be from and are unfamiliar with the local landmarks and attractions
      They don’t know common questions that every US citizen would know the answer to.

      • Yes, that fits the “lover” I just had to a T. I am continuing the conversation just to see when and how he is going to ask for money. I’ve already caught him in changing the son he started with to a daughter 2 days later and then saying she had died and he couldn’t talk about it. Now he is claiming to be going golfing even though the state he says he lives in is experiencing the polar vortex this weekend and has a high of 22 degrees. I caught another one (a military scammer) by saying his “box” would be safe with my dogs guarding it and that we don’t even get trick or treaters. He asked what those were. “Gotcha”. And I kept track of the time in Nigeria and Afghanistan and saw that the one morning when he was typing that the time on Skype showed up that it matched Nigeria and not Afghanistan. Needless to say I haven’t sent anyone any money. But I would like to know where to forward the emails asking for it and the pictures I was sent. The “military” guy’s pictures didn’t show up on the websites I found and I’d like to add his name and pictures to the sites if possible. And the same for the current “honey” because I haven’t seen those anywhere yet either.
        So, the question is, are there any REAL men out there in real US places looking for real women and how do we find them?

      • RomanceScams says:

        Lu Anne, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get to your messages but I have not been receiving my notifications from this site. So now to your scammer. I do hope you are no longer talking to him. Talking just to see how far they will go is dangerous on two counts. 1. is they use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brain wash the victims and the longer you hold on the more vulnerable you become to those tactics. and 2. in the process you are educating them. The longer you talk to t hem the more they pick up on language and other things depending on what you talk about. But regardless it is educating to them and they are sucking it up. Delte, remove, block and ignore.

      • I have a curiosity question – well too actually.
        Why do they prefer texting? Seems like FB or Skype would be cheaper?
        And the second one is, How do we know they are not monitoring this site?

    • Debbie says:

      Share these stories with her… all of us are jealous? I wouldn’t wish this journey into scammer hell on anyone. They pray on the most human parts of us… our ability to love, our emotions & our wanting to trust our fellow humans! Red flags should be coming up for her, and it won’t be long. She will need you!

      • Tammy says:

        Let her l ow every single sign of a scammer is there, it is not real! Our heart and human emotions want it to be but in the end she is going to get hurt. Show her these comments. This so called person isn’t real at all! She ersatz let go now.
        God Bless

  184. Florence says:

    What is the problem with this country Nigeria? Everytime you hear of a scam incident it’s them,witchcraft Nigeria,terrorism them,this & that I wander how innocent people survive in that country.Our identities have been stolen to scam others but these people are heartless,how I wish that country could just perish with its evil acts.That is why they do not have peace.How I wish God could clear it like Sodom & Gomorrah,I’m not judgmental but they are just too much.Those on dating sites becareful better alone than being tortured by these people from west africa.For the first time being on dating site I landed myself into trouble.I’m so scared & its a waking up call for me.People please warn others that do not know of the scammers especially whites are a target for these Nigerians I think knowing that they give in easily.I’ll continue this campaign till my death because I want people to learn & becareful.I will also write a book which I think will be out next year in my country to warn innocent people.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Florence, There are approximately 143million people in Nigeria and only about 8 million scammers all of which are NOT Nigerian. That leaves a lot of innocent people you are putting a curse on. The scammers from there get away with this crime because their government is crooked and will do nothing to stop them due to the money they bring into the economy there. Nigeria is one of the fastest growing nations in the world for millionaires. But they are moving out into other countries where they are beginning to be caught and punished. If you want to read books about this go to romancescams.org and scroll down on the right. You will find the books there and can order them. There is a discount if you order frm the website. The discount code is rsc2

  185. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, if you are in Sydney, Australia, be aware of a scammer named Damaris Milena Quintero Naranjo. She is from Colombia, DOB 19/7/1981.Once you become involved in a relationship with her she will persuade you to open joint bank accounts and transfer assets like motor vehicles into her name. She will then leave the shared house and report you to police, of course nothing will be proven, but she does this to victimise you. You will then receive demands for money.

  186. Kenny says:

    I have a girl name mary Morgan with the email address of morganmary805@yahoo.com she contacted me on facebook a couple weeks ago claiming she is in love with me and currently lives in Orange county florida and claims her father just died and he lived in Nigeria Africa and she is flying there tomarrow to claim 50 million dollars he left her and that she is going to send it to me when she gets there to Africa she is texting me from a sacramento california phone number but said she lives in Orange county Florida and just now sent me a picture of her with her friend driving in a car and the car is right hand drive I am closely investigating her by looking for Clues like a california phone number but lives in Florida and just sent me a picture she took today in her friends car but the car is a right hand drive car and we have left hand drive drive cars here.so far I am playing her games I no she has to be a scammer and I am just waiting for her to ask me for money but she has not done that yet but has anyone else came across this Mary Morgan morganmary805@yahoo.com and the phone number she is texting me from is (209) 625-9579 and I would like to here suggestions and comments from anyone especially if you have been contacted from this Mary Morgan on dateing sights or on Facebook that’s how she contacted me on Face

    • RomanceScams says:

      Kenny, stop talking to this person immediately and delte, remove, block and ignore. This is 100% guaranteed a scammer. It is a man hiding behind a womans picture. He is West African and works in a group with 5 or 6 other men. They scam 10 to 20 people at a time. Talking to them educates them and any info you get is false so does you no good at all. Playing with them can get your computer damaged. If they realize you are playing them and they just happen to be one of the IT tech guys, they can burn your computer before you can shut it down. It is not worth playing with them. Names and email addresses mean nothing because they change those like we change socks so the best bet, always, is the second you suspect you have a scammer on your hands is, delete, remove, block and ignore.

  187. Florence says:

    Kanny be careful & do what you advised to do delete her & move forward dear because the more you keep her she will seduce you,steal your mind & by the time you realise it ,hey! things will be bad for you.I’m suspecting to have received the same email in my spam asking me to help her get the benefits the father left & bring her in my country,so just stop communicating with that girl & its a he not the pictures you receiving,those are stolen photos from us innocent people.I’m a victim my NRC # was stolen & my photos 5 of them so who knows they will be using to scam others.I hate them this west africans & always pray that they could perish with their evil acts.Take this seriously Kenny.Educate others aswell.

  188. Florence says:

    Kenny before I go,these people are crooks & if she suspects you are playing her mind,she will twist the strategy & this time it’ll look real to you & you will fall for it so please K forget this scam before you land yourself into trouble.No matter how beautiful she looks its not her please,that’s a man behind a woman’s photo & they use women they employ to call you if at all she is & they sound real.Praying for you! bye for today & I will be happy to hear you say,you no longer communicating with that fool.

  189. Dan says:

    The first time Someone I met on okcupid ect ect mentions needing money on some out of country bs, all contact stops minus a polite f off. To all the women out there that have been scammed, I as a single normal guy would never beg money. We want you and your attention not your financial support. Wish the best for all of ya.

  190. Debbie says:

    Hi Dan, I didn’t take it that way at all. This is such a highly emotional situation in our lives, and our vulnerability is raw, so please do not take offense. Our anger is at ourselves, and the false person scamming us, with no real outlet for it. Because they do not exist. Time does help though!

  191. BABEVIE says:

    I nearly become the victim of this online lover scam. Knew this guy from FB, claimed himself from Melbourne Australia. We chatted for 6 months where he had been so sweet and nice ..everyday chat me 3 times. .their tactic is great. .caring and Sweet ..but I do stay precautions although I enjoy the attention. I did not add him as friend in FB ..lucky me. So is just fb chat and phone call and photos.
    After going into the 6 months of chatting. .he told me he is coming to visit me in Malaysia but he need to meet up a supplier in Kuching. The day so call he arrived in Kuching he told me he got detained by Immigration/Custom for not declaring the USD30K in his check in luggage which apparently use to pay his supplier. And he told me he need to pay the summons and he doesn’t have the cash with him and he is not allowed to use the money from the USD 30k as it was claimed by the authority as evidence. I also received call from a local lady telling me he asking her help. To my suspicious, I google the airport immigration and custom contact and call them to verified is there a guy from Australia been detained. .both authorities told me they did not detain anyone and even told me this is scam where I am not the first person who haf call them telling the same stories.
    I really glad that I have my senses and alert ..and if not I am sure become one of the victim.
    Now I am thinking should i report him at FB so that acount can be close. He using this profile Johnny Ray.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Yes, absolutely report him. If you can copy and paste some of that conversation to send with your report it will help facebook in their investigation. Also send them a screne shot of his profile page so they can easily locate him. Hugs

      • BABEVIE says:

        How can I report him to Facebook ? Can you guide me? I really don’t want someone else got scam by this person and i sympathy the profile of the guy he using.

  192. RomanceScams says:

    On the upper right corner CLICK on the OPTION ICON. Or the Lock

    A dropdown box will appear, click on HELP.
    New commands will appear in the box.
    On bottom line – click on Visit Help Center or Report a Problem.
    The command box will change and new commands are available in the options box.
    Report a Problem
    Let us know about a broken feature
    You can also Report Abuse or Policy Violations
    Click report abuse.
    A new box will appear. Type in what happened, the intrusion of the person being in your friends list. Report that your account appears to be compromised.
    Immediately change your password.
    Change the password in your email where you receive notifications, then change the facebook password. That way the scammer will not get into your email inbox and stop you from getting into your email server.
    Next: set your privacy setting to friends only and pictures and basic and personal information to me only.
    A new page will open:
    To the left is a column with a list of sections for types of reporting and help resources. I suggest click BASICS and learn how to navigate the reporting sites on facebook.
    Begin with BASICS; Learn about facebook: Important help regarding facebook featured sections.
    *Tools * how to Report Abuse * Privacy Settings * Family Safety Center * How to Report If you do not have a facebook account * Tracking your Report.
    After reading the Basics section, you can begin to file your reports on the following reporting forms.
    Look for “Report a Violation” section and click on the appropriate report form.
    *Bullying * Imposter Accounts * Pornography * Scam, Phishing, Spam * Violent or Graphic Posts * Hate Speech * Image Privacy Rights.
    Learn about all the optional security features and protections you can set up to make your Facebook account even more safe. Pick trusted friend, turn on secure browsing and more:
    Extra Security Features
    Facebook Help Center
    – Active Sessions – App Passwords – Login Approvals – Login Notifications – One-Time Passwords – Secure Browsing (https) – Active Sessions – App Passwords – Login Approvals – Login Notifications – One-Time Passwords – Secure Browsing (https) –

    How to Secure Browsing (https)
    What is Secure Browsing (https)? What are the benefits?
    Secure Browsing (https) is an opt-in security feature. When you turn this feature on, your traffic (i.e. all of your activity) on Facebook becomes encrypted, making it harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission.
    How do I turn on Secure Browsing (https)?
    To turn on Secure Browsing (https):
    1. Go to your Security Settings page ( > Account Settings > Security)
    2. Click on the Secure Browsing section
    3. Check the box provided and save your changes
    Please note that when you turn on secure browsing, any other active Facebook sessions will be terminated. This means that if you’re logged into Facebook on another web browser, you will be prompted to re-enter your login information.
    How can I tell if Secure Browsing (https) is working?
    Once you turn on secure browsing, the address bar in your browser should begin with “https://”
    Please note that if your browser warns you of a certificate error, it could be an indication that someone is tampering with your connection. Do not continue.
    How does someone who doesn’t have an account report abuse?
    Someone who does not have an account can submit an inquiry here. Please copy and send the link below to anyone who does not have a Facebook account and needs to report a violation on the site:
    What happens when you report something on Facebook
    It’s easy to click the “report” button on Facebook, but what exactly happens once you do? The social network’s safety team has a handy-dandy breakdown.
    In a post on the Facebook Safety page, it’s explained that the social network has multiple teams dedicated to handling reports made by users, 24/7:
    Hundreds of Facebook employees are in offices throughout the world to ensure that a team of Face bookers are handling reports at all times. For instance, when the User Operations team in Menlo Park is finishing up for the day, their counterparts in Hyderabad are just beginning their work keeping our site and users safe.
    There are four types of teams which review reports — the Safety team, the Hate and Harassment team, the Access team, and the Abusive Content team. The cited reason for a report determines which of the teams will see it. “For example, if you are reporting content that you believe contains graphic violence, the Safety Team will review and assess the report,” the blog post offers.
    If one of the teams’ members finds that reported content “Violates Facebook’s Policies”, then he or she can remove the content, warn the user who posted it, revoke a user’s ability to share particular types of content, disable certain features for a user, completely disable a Facebook account or escalate an issue to law enforcement.
    Alternatively, if content does not violate Facebook’s policies, the social network offers ways for users to directly communicate “to better resolve their issues beyond simply blocking or unfriending another user.”
    What happens when I report something to Facebook? Does the person I report get notified?
    Don’t worry, your report is anonymous. When something gets reported to Facebook, we’ll review it and remove anything that violates our Community Standards. We don’t include any information about the person who filed the report when we reach out to the person responsible.

    Note that reporting something to Facebook doesn’t guarantee that it will be removed. You may see something you don’t like on Facebook that doesn’t violate the Facebook Terms. That’s why we offer personal controls, like the ability to quietly cut ties with or hide people, pages and apps that offend you
    What should I do if I am being bullied or attacked by someone on Facebook?
    Facebook offers these tools to help you deal with bullying. Depending on the seriousness of the situation:
    Unfriend — Only your Facebook friends can contact you through Facebook chat or post messages on your timeline.
    Block— This will prevent the person from starting chats and messages with you, adding you as a friend and viewing things you share on your timeline.
    Report abusive content and fake / impostor timelines to Facebook.
    Also, the best protection against bullying is to learn how to recognize it and how to stop it. Here are some tips about what you should — and shouldn’t — do:
    Don’t respond. Typically, bullies want to get a response — don’t give them one.
    Don’t keep it a secret. Use Facebook’s Trusted Friend tool to send a copy of the abusive content to someone you trust who can help you deal with the bullying. This will also generate a report to Facebook.
    Do document and save. If the attacks persist, you may need to report the activity to an internet service provider and they will want to see the messages.
    Visit Facebook’s Family Safety Center for more information, tools and resources.
    How do I report pornography?
    Pornography is not allowed on Facebook. Please use the report link near the content you’d like to report to Facebook.

    Learn more about our policies by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards

    How do I report abuse to Facebook?
    Pornography, hate speech, threats, graphic violence, bullying, and spam are not allowed on Facebook. Please note that we will only remove content that violates the Facebook Terms. For information about what we allow and don’t allow on Facebook, please read our Community Standards.

    To submit a report, find the report link that is nearest to what you want to report.
    · Report a fake or impostor timeline
    · Report a photo or video
    · Report someone’s timeline cover photo
    · Report a page
    · Report a message
    · Report a group
    · Report an event
    · Report a question or post in Facebook Questions
    · Report a post
    · Report an ad

    Other tools for addressing abuse

    Our community is diverse, and it’s possible that something could be disagreeable or disturbing to you without the criteria for being removed or blocked. For this reason, we also offer tools to give you more control over what you see.
    · Send a message to the person responsible for posting
    · Unfriend the person to remove them from your friend list
    · Block the person from contacting you
    · Use privacy settings
    · ——————————————————-
    How to Report Things
    Don’t have a Facebook account?
    Learn more about how you can report potential abuse on Facebook.
    The best way to report abusive content on Facebook is by using the Report link that appears near the content itself. Here are some examples of how you can report content to us:
    Click the gear menu in the top right side of the timeline you’d like to report
    Choose the Report/Block option to report the account to Facebook
    When viewing the ad in question, hover over the ad and click the X to the right of the a
    Choose Hide this ad to report a specific ad, or Hide all from… to hide all ads from that particular advertise
    Click on the event you want to report.
    Scroll down to the very bottom of the event Wall and click the Report Event link. You may need to scroll down a few times to see this link.
    Go to the group you want to report
    Click at the top right corner
    Pick Report Group from the dropdown menu
    Open the message you’d like to report
    Click Actions at the top-right corner of the message
    Click Report Spam or Abuse
    Go to the Page you want to report
    Click the dropdown menu under the Page’s cover
    Select Report Page
    Photos & Videos
    Click on the photo or video you want to report
    Click the gear menu
    Select Report This Photo or Report This Video
    Posts Use your mouse to find the X or the arrow menu in the right corner of the post you’d like to report
    Click Report post or spam
    Posts on Your Timeline
    Use your mouse to find the pencil icon in the top right corner of the post you’d like to report
    Click Report/Mark as Spam
    Choose the Report link to report to Facebook
    Click on the title of the question. Then click the Report link under Asked By .
    To report a reply to a question, hover over the post and click the X to report it.

    What you want to do is set your facebook settings to private and your profile information and photos to “Only Me”.
    Your friends’ settings: limit what they can see or access on your facebook wall, due to their “friends of friends” contacts can slip in and see all your information without you knowing.
    (This is how scammers slip into our facebook wall to continue to abuse your emotional state, threatening blackmail to post undesirable pictures, messages for your friends and family to view).
    Place mouse arrow over name of friend. When the small command box appears place mouse arrow over FRIENDS, a drop command box will appear. Scroll down to SETTINGS, and uncheck what you do not want to receive from that friend or acquaintance.
    Next go to your privacy account and make sure your private information and personal details are set on “Only Me”
    Re-check in your facebook account settings that everyone you want limited access to your fb-wall is set. You might have to log out of fb and log back in so the changes can take effect.
    Facebook Privacy: 3 Features You Should Be Using to Avoid Oversharing
    If last month’s notorious Instagram privacy brouhaha should have taught us anything, it was this: People who subscribe to free social media services aren’t the customers. They’re the products.
    Social media companies such as Instagram, and its parent, Facebook (FB), have to make their money somewhere — and their strategy often involves collecting as much user data as possible so they can provide the targeted advertising that businesses covet. In effect, they sell businesses access to you.
    To succeed, these companies must maintain a critical mass of users, which in turn requires them to offer user settings that meet the privacy standards held by most target users. Still, while Facebook users can chose their settings to maintain a measure of privacy, these options only benefit those who periodically review the site’s policies, and adjust their privacy settings to suit themselves.
    With that in mind, let’s take a look at three Facebook privacy features you should know about, as well as tips for adjusting your settings to retain as much privacy as possible.
    1. “Like” Discreetly: How to Stop Companies from Using You to Spread Ads
    Suppose you “like” Target (TGT) on Facebook. Now that the company has your endorsement, it can bolster advertisements posted on your friends’ Facebook pages by pairing them with the announcement that you “like” Target. This personal endorsement is one of the best ways to get your friends to buy there.
    You have to read this regarding the ‘LIKE’ icon.
    The Secret Behind the “Like” Button
    If you don’t want businesses to use your endorsements when advertising to friends, edit your social ads setting:
    1. Navigate to “Privacy Settings,” found by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your Facebook page
    2. Click on “Ads,” found in the left-hand column of the privacy settings page.
    3. Click the edit link next to “Ads & Friends.”
    4. At the bottom of the page, click on the box located next to the words “Pair my social actions with ads for,” select “No One,” and save your changes.
    2. Tag! You’re It: How to Prevent Friends from Oversharing About You
    Suppose a Facebook friend posts an embarrassing photo of you and links it to your profile by tagging you in it. While you can decide whether that photo appears in your timeline, this embarrassing photo is now viewable to all of your Facebook friends, the friends of the person who posted it, and the friends of everyone else tagged in the photo through the News Feed and search function.
    If you’re not happy with what your “friends” are linking to your profile, your options are limited. In such cases, Facebook recommends that you “reach out” to your friends and ask them not to tag you. If that doesn’t work, Facebook provides you with the option of blocking problematic individuals to prevent them from tagging you in the future.
    3. Just a Suggestion: Turn Off Facebook “Suggestions”
    Not only does Facebook allow your friends to tag you in embarrassing photos, they sometimes also recommend that they do so through the “tag suggestion” feature. This feature detects photos that look like you and uses this information to generate suggestions about which photos your friends should tag you in.
    You can disable this feature by clicking on the “Timeline and Tagging” link found in the left-hand column of the privacy settings page. Near the bottom of the page, you can click on the edit button next to the question, “Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?” and select “No One.”

    Monitor Your Account
    If you’re not sure whether you can trust your Facebook friends to avoid oversharing, closely monitor your account so you can catch and respond to problematic friend activity early.
    One monitoring strategy includes adjusting your notification settings so you receive a text message whenever your friends tag you in a photo or post something on your wall. To do this, click on the “Notifications” link found in the left-hand column of the privacy settings page. Once there, you can decide what notifications you get and how you’re notified, and edit accordingly.
    The bottom line is that users should exercise common sense. It’s important to remember that once your information is out there — especially in the digital world — it’s hard to control where it goes. The safest route is to avoid posting any information that you’re uncomfortable making public, and to only “friend” people you can trust to respect your boundaries. Barring that, users would do well to select conservative privacy settings and keep a close eye on their accounts.

    Always immediately take a screenshot of the potential friend, online date as soon as you make contact. Scammers and predators do and will block or place you on ‘restricted’ group so you do not see what is on their fb page.
    Save the screenshot to include in reporting the potential scammer/predator in case they do step out of line during contact.

    Never leave the website you meet on, scammers invite the targeted victim away from the website so their victims have no evidence to report to FB/dating/social websites.
    Scammers excuses are the features don’t work properly, this is because the website mail features have record of our email exchanges in their web service to members. The website has more power to initiate closing down these criminals when we use these web-services. Once we leave the site it is your word/his defense.

  193. Broken Soul says:

    I am a victim of a scammer too. I’m 44, I’ve lost my life saving amounting to $60,000 and in huge debts now owing to a private finance company, family members, relatives and friends. I don’t know how to start living my life again. I am indeed a fool, how can I be so stupid, how can I trusted him so much? I actually believe that I’ve found the right person to spend my whole life with. My dreams shattered, my heart broken into pieces, it’s so painful, so ashame, for I’ve lied to my family and friends in order to raise the fund to help that heartless scammer. I have been thinking of killing myself, I really don’t know how to go on anymore. I came across this site accidentally while trying to search for more information to confirm that I’ve been scammed. I’ve finally realised the fact now, I just can’t stop crying, I feel so lost, so sad, depress and heart broken, what can I do now? Tears streaming down my face (T-T), my body is shaking. What do I do now? I don’t know how to carry on living. Why is this happening to me? I’ve never done anything wrong to anyone, I always good to people and help those in needs, I just want to be cared and loved by someone good, why me? Why ruining my life? Why hurting me so terribly? Why such wicked and evil man ever existed in this world, why I can be so easily harm by him? How can he do this to me? I’ve given him my sincere heart and yet he trampled my love. I guess there’s no true love in this world. Will everything going to be fine if I die? At least I don’t feel the pain anymore…

    • RomanceScams says:

      slfoong, I hope you are still reading here. Please do not even think of killing yourself. suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Please come to our support group to get the help you need to get through this. You can join the group by going to. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info and click on the link JOIN THIS GROUP. OR write to me personally at yvwiya at yahoo.com

    • RomanceScams says:

      Would you feel stupid if you were walking down the street and a criminal sneaked up behind you, hit you in the head, and stole your wallet? NO, I don’t think so. You would be looking for the best place to report the crime. Isn’t that what you are doing here? You see, These criminals use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brain wash the victims so they can get them to do things they otherwise would never dream of doing. That does NOT make you stupid. It makes you vulnerable. Please join the support group.

  194. Tracy says:

    Broken Soul….at the risk of sounding like a cliché, I completely understand how you feel. I too was scammed out of a substantial amount of money, very recently. I also thought he was the man of my dreams, the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Give yourself time to grieve…because yes, financial loss is still a loss. Having your heart broken is a loss. Cry and scream and curse him and cry and scream some more. But don’t let him win. I’m older than you and for me it will take at least 5 years for me to get back to where I was financially. He took your money….don’t let him take your dignity, or your life. Take time to heal. Take time for yourself. Hindsight is 20/20. Like me, you’ll probably relive what happened every day for the next while; please don’t let it consume you. Talk to someone. Talk to a counselor – they are non-judgmental and can offer guidance to help you through this. You will survive this. You will forget him in time. Don’t let him win!

  195. Florence says:

    Dear friend,I feel sorry for what you have gone through but don’t talk about ending your life because of a cheap stupid scammer.Yes it’s very painful losing that huge amount of money but still money is nothing & can’t be compared to precious life which you can’t buy or make,think about it.Dn’t allow the devil to enter your heart & do bad.What you have lost can be replaced in a short period of time but you can’t return life & remember that death & life is in the power of the tongue.The reason why bad things happen to good people is simple,because the devil is not happy seeing you close to God,he wants you to believe that God doesn’t care about you ,so be strong & pray God will soon give you more than what you have lost soon.Trust in God & throw your burden on him & he will sustain you never will he allow the righteous one to fall.Fight the devil & show God that you love him.My friend, money will come soon just keep on praying & leave on.Remember there are people who love you,keep on & tell the devil that he is a failure.We all have gone through that but,hey!! we have just let it go.SMILE!!

  196. Olivia Solon says:

    Fraudsters are everywhere and they are doing their job with dedication, but the problem is their jobs interfere and destroy our life and empties our bank accounts. The problem is, we also want to make money and because of that we fall for these scams on internet. Please never share your details with a stranger. I don’t understand only one thing, why people believe a person who is just want to know your account details or other important details. Don’t fall for these scams. Please be aware of these fraudsters.

  197. Florence says:

    Hi Oliver,these fraudsters play a very good game to an extent that a person believes it is true & would want to help,especially when one has no knowledge about them,like it happened to me,it was my first time being on the site looking for someone to chat with,I’m mostly home from work & I don’t like outings so I knew nothing about them & I thought whoever is there is genune so it was going to be easy for me to be fooled but he was not so smart & I survived because for me someone who talks about money much or what a person has then doesn’t love but up to no good that made me safe from being scammed with money though I sent him photos & a few about my life anyway,people should just learn that a person who has love should not always talk about what a lover has & some kind,it indicates that a person is not real.I believe there are many who do not know about them & they give them in the name of helping someone close to heart.It pains me alot seeing innocent people being scammed with huge amount of money & left wandering,how heartless some people can be!! Enjoying what they didn’t suffer for.I wish I could shout & warn everyone in the world.This world is full of evil,innocent have cried alot I wish God could end this now.

  198. clara says:

    I would really to join mind started the first of july there was theis georgous guy that was suppose to be from england we started talking twice a day always the same time after aweek he told me he was coming to see he was in love with me I started aski g him questions he wouldnt answer or would take a long time to respond then about a week ago he told me he had this big contract that his company was sending hi. Ti nigeria and after he got the money over there he would n
    Be comming to see me then monday he texted me and said that they wouldnt take his credit card so him and his daughter had no money and that were going to keep his passport told him I had no money he kept on tryinv to lay the guilt trip on me when I told hi that I knew it was a scam and that my friend how out that the pic I seen belong to someone then all of sudden there was no facebook page and all the messages he sent was gone

  199. I’m in my room in the dark crying my eyes out. I’ve been scammed. There are so many stories I don’t know where to start… the story goes that he is American, 47 self employed working in oil and gas. One son now 8, from Ohio, living in New York. His wife died in child birth. He bought land in Nigeria a few years back. Has been developing it on and off. So after 3 weeks chatting with a 5 hour time difference he announces that he was off to Nigeria which is the same time zone. So off he goes. Before too long he has trouble with the officials over the land, gold has been found on the land which means a change of use of the land. He had to pay 65000 dollars, so I watched him struggle trying to find the money to pay for the change of use of the land. If he didn’t pay they would demolish what was on the land. In the meantime he couldn’t pay for his hotel because he was putting all his money into the officials. So I ended up sending the money for his hotel bill. I asked him for his passport. he sent it but it wasn’t the same guy as the photos he sent me of himself. So I stopped taking to him. In the meantime I was talking to someone one else again American from Texas…long story short mum was sick needed operation no one to help….queue the good smaratian…me. I gave him 1000 towards his 84year old mums op. He said he would pay me back when his cheque came in. It didn’t appear. I knew something was up so I asked the first guy for advice. He told me that he was a scammer but it was too late by then I had already given him the money. So I was back talking to my original man. Eventually he got 20,000 out of me for the officials by bank transfer. Plus I had to keep him fed as he had no money, give money towards his sons school fees all by western union. So he had paid the officials. Then he decided to build a petrol station on the land in Lagos Nigeria. So he had a friend who was sending him money…. this cheque was for 450,000 so we had all the drama of the cheque coming to him, having to be cleared in Nigeria which took weeks meanwhile I kept supporting him. Eventually the cheque turned out to be a counterfeit cheque and sent back to the states which resulted in his bank account ending up frozen. All drama. So I ended up helping him with money for the site. Over 45000 gone.I’m not working. It’s my savings I have given him. Like everyone says it’s not the money. It’s the heartache. It’s the time invested with this guy, the love, the sharing of hopes and dreams, building a future sharing thoughts, intimacy. I miss him. He got the last of my money on Friday… oh there has been kidnappings, car crash while I went to see him in Nigeria but he never met me. We are supposed to talk about him coming to me next week of coarse who has to pay for the flight. But I haven’t heard from him since Friday. I’m here crying because I know in my heart I am being scammed but I don’t want to believe that he doesn’t love me. He normally contacts me everyday… but I haven’t heard from him since Friday… I’m worried, scared, confused, I think he has left me because I have no money left. I just don’t know what is going on. I feel like the greatest fool on the planet. Because my heart wants to believe that he does love me. I’m just not able for more drama. I’m lost, heartbroken and so alone. I just pray that He is real but I know it’s not right but I can’t face it. I can’t look into my future feeling unloved and alone. I can’t live without him. I can’t face life alone. I can’t live with the shame of being scammed this way.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Moneill, You are strong enough. You are stronger than you think you are. You are definitely being scammed and the reason he didn’t meet you is because he is hiding behind a stolen picture. The man in the picture is a victim just like you. The real scammer is a young, Black West African male somewhere between the ages of 14 and35. You are not stupid either so get that right out of your head. These criminals use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brain wash the victims into thinking and feeling just like you do now. They do that so you will send them all of your money and any other money you can get your hands on. The reason he is quiet right now is to give you a breathing period then he will come back with a different scam to involve you in. What you need to do is delete, remove, block and ignore him at every opening. In fact do that to both of the scammers.

      Here is a couple of facts for you so you know in the future not to believe. West Africa is a cash based nation. What this means to your story is the man could not possibly owe the hotel anything. The hotels must be paid, with cash, in advance of the stay for however long the stay is to be. At the end of that time, if you don’t remove yourself from the hotel, they will do it for you. You and your belongings will be thrown in the middle of the street. There are no bills there. No credit. Even hospitals must be paid in advance or no treatment.

      The governmet there owns all of the minerals in the land. So if there were gold in the land he owned, he would no longer own it, the government would. There is no such thing as repurposing it.

      Texas men do not call their mothers mum. They are mom or Mama or Mother.

      Please consider joining our support group. I think you need the people there. WE have over 20,000 members who have all been where you are at. So please consider joining.
      https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/romancescams/info Use that link and when the page opens, find the button that says, join this group. When you get in, tell the members your story and the help will start rolling in. Hugs

  200. You are most definitely being scammed. As others have said here; block that person – more likely those people – from all contact with you. Usually these long distance “African” things are crried out by a group of criminal, rather than one person.

    African countries that were colonized by the British: South Africa, Kenya, Ghana and a few others do indeed call their mothers “mum”; not a single Texan does. Nigerians do.

    The feelings tou’re having, all of us who are prey of love scammers have had — you’re feeling the aelf-doubt and chaos they create. Even after you block them you’ll go through post traumatic stress and continue doubting yourself… We all made it through.

    The longer you are in contact with them
    — the more we invest emotionally amd monetarily the worse we feel after and the longer it takes to heal.

    I was scammed by an African guy in person. He’d been living by scamming in Europe for 20 years. Scammer are criminals.they aren’t in need, desperate or in any kind of trouble. They just want money because they’re thieves.

    Please find support in getting away and study about scammers rimance scams, business scams, internet scams… Essentially they are done with the same tactics by heartless criminals.

    You aren’t stupid; you’re human. They use pur compassion and mesmerize victims with brainwashing anda really strong dark influence.

    Block them, find forums, a group, tell friends, family — anyone who won’t judge you and as time goes by you’ll see it more clearly and be so happy to have cut them off. Sending you all the best and prayers.

    • Oh, and as far as Afticans go: there are no single men above about age 26. Their cultures revolve around marriage. And in many African countries they can and do have multiple wives. If your mystery man was one individual he’s likely already married. Con artists (sociopaths) usually have more than one spouse and always have multiple scams going on. You’re lucky he didn’t meet you. He may know you’re out of money; he may sense you’re at the end of the cycle of usefulness… Scams always end and the sociopahts running them know when that time comes. — Also mot showing up – if he contacts you again – is a manipulation tactic: it makes you want him and so do more for him.

      These scammers are all alike. Thy have set patterns of manipulation… And we – to them – are interchangable and replacable.

      All the best.

      • Thank you for your advice. All the signs were there despite all the arguements I still ended up doing what he wanted. I guess love is blind…..or wanting to be loved makes u blind. After 7 months I guess he (they) will have left his impact. ..I just have to try and get over it.

  201. Florence says:

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for the advice you have given her and I’m happy she sounds to understand it all,it’s a good lesson to teach others but you are somewhat not right about Africa don’t mislead those that have not visited Africa,not all African countries are bad, just like everywhere, there are bad eggs😊,some African countries are good very good and very few people behave like that,yes this is common in West African Countries I hear but not every where, I’m in Africa enjoying peace and tranquility here no such nonsense, Southern Africa is cool and no men marrying more than one wife may be in typical villages where people are not civilised yet but still I doubt because people have learnt theBible and they abide by the truth.Imagine it was my first time to learn about scammers here when I survived one, the man said is Norwegian $ was In US for work, I spoke with him but the voices were not the same $ the accents where not of black men so now you will understand that these fools are everywhere. One more thing, most men in Africa are busy preparing a good foundation for the family and they also don’t marry @ the tender age so those that are not married @ the age you gave are there $ alot of them. 😃

  202. Florence says:

    Some African Countries like: Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, Malawi and up there, Tunisia, Morocco the other side: Seychelles, Mauritius just to mention a few these are peaceful Countries where you can move around anytime peacefully very good people you can truly marry & enjoy it, they accommodate anyone be it a foreigner & people in these countries are busy making their own money in their good ways yes thieves are there just like anywhere else in this world. West African Countries are not good I hear, I have never been to any country in the west because I’m scared as well.In the countries I have mentioned above people are well cultured you can enjoy yourself so it’s not true some of the bad things you hear about Africa, I have moved nearly to more than half African Countries except the west & believe me not this is how I know them where I have been.

  203. RomanceScams says:

    These scams originated in Nigeria and has spread from there to some of the other West African states. The fact that there are estimated to be 8 million of them, world wide now, tends to rub off on the entire country instead of just the western states where the majority of them are. It gives everyone a bad name. But you are right Florence, even in Nigeria there are good people.

    There is estimated to be 8 million of these scammers but there are 143 million people in Nigeria alone so 8 million, when put beside the 143 million good people there doesn’t sound like so much after all. And now, of course, they have spread to other countries. The biggest concentration of them, outside of West Africa is in Malaysia.

  204. Smith says:

    love comes and goes, if love is what you need then no need to plan or look for it , so many hurt themselves in the name of love , so many can not see the love infrond of them , so many are blinded by what they can not have , spending all of their focus on things that they aren’t supposed the focus on and forgetting things that they should focus on .. …….

  205. Obi says:

    O” God, i am very comfused, i lost all money am using in my busines. No food in my house, no money to pay my house lent and my office lent. No money to feed my children or pay their school fees. I don’t knw were to start again. A man that own me refuse to pay me my money, now’ he has switch off his cell phone. A land proparty that i put on sale since june, nobody ask how much since then. What wil i goin to do

  206. Debbie says:

    Have you ever found the scammers on here, trying to work their victims from this angle? We put our personal struggles & victim stories out here for anyone to read & comment on, and it just occurred to me that these arrogant fools could try & scam us for more $?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Hello Debbie, I am a moderator with the romancescams.org website and the yahoo support group. ALL the emails for this blog come through me for approval first. I can spot a scammer pretty good and would never let one in. We do not let them in the support group either.

  207. Lachlan Roberts says:

    I am a journalist at the University of Canberra and hoping to talk to somebody about their experience of online romance scammings. If you are willing to talk and share your experience that would be great. Please reply if you are in Canberra are able to meet up to talk about the situation

  208. Daniela says:

    this is not my story, I´m writing in behalf of a friend.
    He is an Italian and lives in Switzerland.
    About 2 months ago he was contacted by a beautiful girl named Isabelle Mercier on facebook.
    He is a very naive and trustworthy guy, she told him about a week or so, that she loves him deeply and wants to have a family with him.
    So far he has send her about 1000 Franken, she always has a different excuse why she could not meet him so far.
    Her appendix was removed, her money was stolen, she had to fly to Africa due to financial problems with her Business.
    I told him this woman is fake, I even found out that her photos are stolen from another account.
    He does not believe me.
    What shall I do?
    He is stubborn.
    He beliebes firmly that he can meet her tomorrow at the airport, I doubt it strongly.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Daniela, if he will listen to you at all, tell him you can tell him what will happen tomorrow. When he goes to the air port he will wait and wait and wait and she will not show up. He will not hear from her for a day or 2 then he will get a call or email from her or a doctor or a police officer, she will have been in an accident, or arrested or beaten and robbed and that is why she could not meet him. She will need more money for another ticket for bail, for flight for hospital for meds. You name it and she will need money for it. But she will never show up for him to marry. Print this list out and give it to him.

      When Contact is First Made: ‘they might be a scammer if’

      They immediately want to get off the website and onto Yahoo IM, email or text message
      Their profile seems to disappear off the website immediately after conversation begins
      They claim it was destiny or fate, you are meant to be together, or God brought you to them.
      They immediately ask for your picture and they send you a picture of themselves, which is usually a stolen picture of a photo victim
      They immediately want your address so as to send you flowers, candy, and teddy bears, often purchased with stolen credit cards
      They claim to love you either immediately or within 24-48 hours
      They immediately start using pet names with you: hon/hun baby/babe sweety/sweetie and hardly ever call you by your name
      They typically claim to be from the US (or your local region) but they are overseas, or going overseas mainly to Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia and sometimes the UK for business or family matters
      If you mention scam to them they get quickly offended. They will get defensive and hold off on asking for money for a while.

      Communication Skills

      Their spelling can be off at times.
      Their grammar is not consistent with how Americans speak, French speak etc.
      They appear educated at times but use the wrong meanings of words like hear for here
      They over-use emotions and animate images
      Sometimes it feels like you are talking to two different people with different personalities
      They are notorious for using BUZZ, DING & Knocking
      They are notorious for using “i” instead of “I” or Am instead of I’m
      They consistently use webspeak or abbreviations; u r ur cos pls/plz ma sry brb div
      They often mix up their phrases: “i” will like to heer from you soonest, I wait to read from you soonest, Do you have any woman/man you care to meet, Age is just a number
      They misunderstand our slang or comparisons such as night owl/early bird, poker face

      Their Habits

      They are around at all hours of the day any day of the week.
      They IM at unusual hours so you will become sleep deprived and can’t think straight.
      They disappear from the conversation for a length of time because they’re usually conversing with more than one person at a time
      They never answer your question 100 percent and give vague answers.
      They like to send you poems or love letters, most of which can be traced back to lovingyou.com or googled
      They send you flowers, teddy bears, and candy within the first few weeks of talking
      They typically ask you to get on your webcam yet they never seem to have a webcam of their own
      They ask for your phone number but when they call you can barely understand a word they say because of their accent and back ground noise
      They may give you a phone number but it hardley ever works
      They often claim to have one parent that is of foreign descent to cover up their accent
      A majority of them claim to have be Single, Divorced or Widowed parent
      They claim to be some type of engineer, contractor, self employed or independant worker.
      They have no close family, friend or business associates to turn to, even the US embassy can’t help them, instead they can only rely on you.
      To them love equals helping them in form of sending gifts, or money. If you don’t help them you don’t love them.
      If you deny them or question them they become verbally abusive and will resort to threats
      They will insist you keep the relationship a secret, so others don’t get jealous of what you have.
      They want you to distant yourself from your family and friends, and not talk about your relationship with them.


      Their details in chatting don’t match their profiles etc.
      They are looking from someone between the ages of 20 – 99.
      They often misspell the cities/towns they claim to be from and are unfamiliar with the local landmarks and attractions
      They don’t know common questions that every US citizen would know the answer to.

    • Florence says:

      Hi Daniela,I wish your friend could listen to you because that lady does not exist,he is chatting with a man & by the time he will realise,he would have spent thousands of dollars & remain crying for his money & fake love given.A person who loves does not ask for money like that,people please…True love is not about money,I wish people reading this will have what I have said in mind”true love is not about money or what a person has” Their sweet love words have taken people’s hearts to an extent they are giving huge sums of money,making those fools rich & enjoying money they did not sweat for,just as you have already been told,he is being scammed.Find a way of introducing him to this nice blog & read for himself how people have been scammed & very few survive like me & leave a story to tell though my photos were stolen to scam others,who knows? It pains me each time I remember.Praying for him to come back to his senses before it’s too late.

  209. Daniela says:

    He is truly a very obstinate guy.
    I´m speechless, the lady didn´t come, unsurprisingly.
    This time she was hit over by a car and she demanded another 250 Franken and HE DID SEND IT TO HER.
    This guy is living on the dole, what shall I do with him?
    I showed him this site, I showed him everything, HE STILL DOES NOT BELIEVE ME.
    I guess it is to hard for him to realize that she is really a fake, he does not want to wake up from his dream.
    It is really sad.

  210. RomanceScams says:

    Daniela, He is brainwashed and that is hard to break through. These scammers use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brain wash their victims. You just have to keep chipping away. Believe me, what you are doing is going to make him start questioning. Just don’t let his trying to push you away succeed. The scammer will be telling him not to tell anyone as they(you) are jealous of what they(him and her) have. However, it is not him and her but him and him. Can you get him to give you a picture of her? if he will do that, send it to me and we will run the picture.

    Some other things you can tell him, a bit at a time. If you try to tell him too much too soon, he will shut you out of his life so you have to have patience and chip away at him. So start telling him some of the things they will do when money get so tight he has none to send.
    1. they will have packages sent and ask that he reship them. This is breaking the law and can land the victim in jail.

    2. they will ask for his bank ID so they can put money into his account. Again this is breaking the law and can land the victim in prison.

    3. They will send him checks to cash through his account then send the money to them. Another potential prison sentence.

    4. they will convince him to sell any possessions he has to come up with money and that include cars and homes. They will leave him penniless and homeless then he will never hear from them again.

    How old is this man? How old is the girl in the picture? If their is a wide age difference, like she is 20 something and he is 50 or 60 something, this will also be working on his libido. It is extremely flattering to an older gentleman to have a very pretty YOUNG thing come on to them so strong. In this case, however, that pretty young thing is actually another man playing the part of a girl just to steal his money. He will never see the girl because she is not the one scamming him. Hugs

  211. Florence says:

    I feel bad Daniela that your friend cann’t see that the person he has fallen in love with is fake,sure how does he keep on sending money to a lady he has not seen? Can’t he wake up & see that this lady is always in this & that? Do what the moderator has said it’s a very good suggestion.Oh my God!!

  212. RomanceScams says:

    Unfortunately Florence, he is brainwashed and it takes a while to work through that and snap out of it. Until the spell can be broken, he is under her/his control.

    • Florence says:

      Dear Moderator,I’m very pleased with the help you giving to the hopeless,the good advice you giving to us, you are one out of a million & may the Almighty Jehovah God bless you abundantly,but I’m thinking a good #of people who do not know about these scammers just as I used to be, others because they have busy schedules they have no time for the internet others it’s because they do not have interest & these are @ higher risks of being scammed,I’m suggesting that you the Moderator, the entire group there & us people who are concerned put our heads together and find a way of sensitizing even those out there around the world,I think this will help because as you know,a good #of innocent people have committed suicide because they gave all what they had, others borrowed money from friends, families and more worse from banks & failed to pay back imagine that,these fools should just hold on to their jobs if they are working no matter how much they are getting or start up clean businesses not stealing from us innocent people,for God’s sake!! They may think they are too smart now but time will come for them to answer.I hope my suggestion will be put into consideration,God will be happy to see innocent people being saved from these fools.I hate them and I’m not scared of these fools, I’m ready to die saving innocent people from them,why do they want to be getting what they didn’t sweat for? No!! It is not fair, on a silver platter no!!

      • RomanceScams says:

        Hello Florence. We are already out there and have been for 10 years, putting the word out every way possible but you know the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can not make him drink. We have this blog, a facebook page, a web site a support group. We have done the Oprah show, Dr. Phil, Good Morning American(twice), Geraldo Live, 2 spanish shows, 2 shows in England. We have done newspapers and magazines too numerous to tell. But you see, until someone experiences these scams, they don’t believe it can happen to them so they ignore all of that, telling themselves, that can’t happen to me. I am too smart for that.

        There are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who have been scammed and know it. Those who have been scammed and do not realize it and those who have not YET been scammed.

        So you see, we have been getting the word out there but if you can’t get the people to believe it CAN happen to them, there is nothing you can do. ‘

        We are romancescams.org if you care to check us out. And I am Bunny C as you will be able to read about the mods at that website. hugs

  213. Zalenzer Broughton says:

    I need help I met Ann Smith whom I feel in love with move her in took care of her for three years and she pays Mr back by take me for money messing my credit up and the bad part she wasn’t who she claims to be she had a Facebook book page but she took it down so I wouldn’t have a picture of her I met her 2014

  214. Robert says:

    I’ve been speaking to this girl called Helena from Africa and I’ve been sending her money for over a month now says she loves me and wants to come over to Scotland don’t know if I trust her or not or if she is serious about me after reading these comments from other people is she scamming me or is my family and wife just lying to me

    • RomanceScams says:

      Robert, you are being scammed big time. Stop all communication with this criminal. It is not even a girl it is a guy hiding behind the stolen picture of a girl. Immediately, without another word to this criminal, delete, remove, block and ignore. What has happened to you is that you have been hypnotized and brainwashed to believe everything this criminal has and is saying to you but not a word of it is true. It is all build up to steal your money and they will keep telling you stories about why they need more money and are not showing up on your doorstep.

      NEVER give money to someone you have met on the internet and especially when they are telling you they are in Africa. You can write to me personally if you have further questions at yvwiya at yahoo.com or post them here on the blog board. There is a lot you need to learn. Hugs

      • Robert says:

        I don’t know how it can be a guy when I so this woman on Skype cam face to face so to speak I know how she is and has also told me that she has a past that she’s not proud of and she says that she loves me and wants to come and live with me and get married some day

      • RomanceScams says:

        Robert, My name is BunnyC but in the support group it shows as dalonige. And my email address is yvwiya at yahoo.com. I am telling you this because I am going to go private mail and send you a link to a video to watch so you can see who they do what they do on skype to fool you. Please look for my email and watch that video.

      • Robert says:

        How much is not enough is when you give it all you have and it never stops at that, how much is not a question if it’s that’s much is still not enough, how much is not enough when you fall in love, love is never enough even if you fall out of love, so how much is not enough…answer is to never give up on something that has never gave up on you keep trying to better yourself and the person you are intimate with and like a first time love you crave more of it…love is the answer if you are true to the one in your life…love is a one-way street between 2 people and 3 is a definite crowd and is not the answer to a cheating method because not only does someone get hurt that is close to you but you yourself feels hurt for being the one to hurt the one you love the most and didn’t want to hurt…so remember how much is not enough and just keep trying. I will forevere love you and will never give up on you honey. Kisses and hugs, my love for you is real.

      • RomanceScams says:

        I am thinking this was written by your scammer to you. No matter how much you love someone, if they are stealing from you, cheating on you, abusing you in any way, it is always best to WALK AWAY, not hang in and try to change someone that is not going to change. However, that is exactly how the scammers think and want you to think so you will stay with them until they have drained you dry. They don’t care if you die after that, all they care about is they destroyed you. Delete, remove, block and ignore this criminal before more damage is done.

  215. Benita ponce says:

    They are FAKES. Narccistic personalities . They have no empathy. Its only about them. At first its all beautiful and suddenly the have mood swings and you think . What did I do ? AS SOON AS YOU START TO QUESTION AND YOU KNOW THE TRUTH . THEY WILL BREAK IT OFF AND LEAVE YOU HANGING IN. HELL. AND YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOUR A PIECE OF TRASH. AND LIKE YOUR GOING TO LOSE CONTROL . I CRY ALL THE TIME WHEN I THINK OF MY MEMORIES WITH HIM . THE MONEY DOESNT MATTER OR MY BELONGINGS OR MY RING THAT STAYED BEHIND AT A HONDURAN PAWN SHOP . I GUESS HE GOT IT OUT TO GIVE IT TO A YOUNG GIRL WITH A BABY . IM 51HES 46 and he feels like hes a king. And now i have nothing no job no money no car living with my daughter. And feeling like a useless hopeless . And still looking at our wedding pictures. And talking to his picture and wishing everything would have been different I wish I felt like his Queen and he was my King.I prayed to God to bless my marriage .I told. to see how I loved him and by the blood of jesus to make. our lives be one. But God ignored me just like he does. Now Im lost.and feel like giving up. I dont really care about nothing . I even wished him to hell . I text. Him everything. i felt I cussed i told him i wish him dead. It s bad

  216. Florence says:

    Hi Robert,I see that you don’t know the fools well,I have been here for just a few months & I have learnt alot,please take BunnyC’s advice now before you spend all your money(income) & by the time you realise,it will be too late for you.Do you know that they can tell you to be on skype so that you think it’s true? I was told to be on skype as well but I don’t how I survived,I didn’t rush to & later realised that he was a scammer when he told me stories that both his parents died & his wife also died in a road accident,and now this time his child was involved in an accident as he was coming from School & was evacuated to India,so he wanted me to send money on his behalf to India for the child’s operation for he couldn’t do it because he was in the middle of the sea working(oil engineer),it’s long story but one thing you should know is that,love is not about money…NO!! How was she surviving before you? Please stop sending her money,she will not come to marry you,it’s a lie.Open your eyes before it’s too late.You know,these fools can make up sad stories so that you feel sorry for them & start helping.Where on earth are you going to see her when she puts you in trouble? Be careful!! Other people have seen them face to face but turns to be the same scammers & onces they get all what they want,you will not hear them again.Research more.

    • Robert says:

      Thank you Florence for your caring information it’s appreactated and I haven’t wrote back to her and nor will I be between you and everyone els how’s gave me the same advice if like to thank you Robert

  217. Florence says:

    I also thank the Moderator for the information given to us,I have learnt alot here & just as I promised,I will save innocent people from the fools.I’m not scared of them.Thank you Robert for your understanding as well.I’m happy knowing you are safe.Stay safe!!

  218. jasminne says:

    i dont know whether i have been scammed or not. He said he is from London, been staying there for 7 years. He has skype, and he insisted on chat by video calling but i’m the one who refused to do so, but somehow I managed to get a glance of him before i get off from skype. Later on he said he got this one tender from Malaysia, which he is working on it. He did come to Malaysia on 5th Sep (not sure this is true or not) , but he did call me once he arrived and manage to get phone number in malaysia, he did mention what hotel he is staying on and how hot it is in Malaysia and food and etc. The first incident happened when he said that the company asked him to pay something in advance in order to get the tender, he begged me for the money, since the amount is quite small for me, i did give him the money. Later on, he showed me that he received letter of award (oh yeah, he claimed he is independent contractor / architect). However in the letter of award it does mention about gst that Malaysian government imposed, which he has to pay for them, it is quite huge amount, i couldnt help all of them but i did lend him some money more. Later on, when he got his tender, he said he must bank in the cheque however he cannot do so as he cannot open the account here. He is on visit visa and he claimed that he need more money in order to change visit visa to working permit. This time i did not lend him any money and what i did i try to find the agent to help him out. He refused as he said the agent is the outsider and not from his company. He said he cannot prolong further as he doesnt have enough money to pay the hotel, and that’s why he need the money to change the visa soonest possible. Unfortunately i’m not buying his reason anymore. I think i’ve been scammed. What on earth i’ve done…to get into this mess..

  219. Chastity says:

    I’m losing my car because I took a title loan out and they said they would pay it back they never and also losing apartment because other loans I have taken out to help this person this person scammed me out of my money my car and apartment that fixing to not have thanks for hearing what I have to say I if I could tell other people don’t make the mistakes I made and lose everything

  220. lindsey says:

    Wow, I can’t believe I just found this site for the first time. I’ve had a similar experience, but mine differs from most that I’m reading here in that I had a real live in-the-flesh love affair, and I still don’t understand what happened to me.

    This was a couple years ago, when I went travelling by myself for the first time, at age 21. I went to Spain for two months to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 800km trek across Spain. A day in, I met Erwin.

    He was a tall handsome Dutch man, 8 years my senior. On the Camino, people are often very open about themselves and their struggles, and many walking have suffered a tragedy. He tells me of a terrible car accident two years earlier in which he lost his parents, his girlfriend, and their infant daughter. He carries photos of them all, and shares his story with me. His vulnerability makes me trust him and feel close to him. After a few days, he tells me I’m the first person he’s been able to trust and really talk to since his partner died, and he ropes me in. I quickly fall in love with his funny, sensitive, charismatic man, and he sweeps me off my feet.

    Then.. his bank card stops working. Supposedly, there has been a cyber attack on his bank, and the only way he can access his money is to go back to Holland. I don’t want him to leave, so I start paying his way as well as mine. Somehow, this raised no red flags. I had no doubt in my mind he would pay me back.

    So together, we walk across the whole of Spain. We go skydiving in Seville afterwards. We rent a villa in the hills of Granada for a week. I feel as though I’m on a honeymoon… and then, it’s time for me to go home. He sees me off in Madrid, and goes home to Holland. By this time, we’ve basically planned our life together. He’s going to come live with me in Canada, as he has nothing keeping him in the Netherlands anymore. We even had a small pregnancy scare at the end of the trip and he had me convinced that if I was pregnant, everything would be okay. He says he’s booked a flight to Canada in a few months time.

    Meanwhile, I get home, and my parents learn that he owes me money. Being suspicious, they google him. It turns out he is a missing person in Holland (I saw his passport and ID, so I’m fairly sure of his identity). We also find an article from a few years earlier, in Dutch, that sounds as though he was imprisoned for theft and scamming.

    I try not to let him know what I’ve found. I’m worried about my $2500 he owed me. Amazingly, he paid me back within a month of me getting home. So a part of me thinks that while he started out to scam me, he actually fell in love with me. Why else would he pay me back and invest so much time in maintaining a long distance relationship?

    That few months after I got home were the worst of my life. I spent so many late nights googling any information he had ever told me. Trying to find evidence of afatal car crash on the date he told me. Trying to find Dutch death certificates. Trying to find evidence of a cyber attack on a bank. I never found anything.

    The last I heard from him was a letter from prison, in which he apologized, and blamed his mental illness on sexual abuse when he was 12 (????)

    So, it’s been almost two years since I spoke to him, and am still trying to cometo terms with the fact that I never knew him at all. I have happily moved on, and am in the healthiest relationship of my life. But whenever I think of Erwin, my heart sinks. I’ll never forget this, and I wish that I could.

    • Debbie says:

      Wow… I keep thinking that I’ve heard it all when reading all these experiences with horrible scammers, and I continue to be proved wrong.

      Lindsey, I can’t imagine how much more devastating it would have been, in a face to face with one of them. I’m glad he paid you back, because you’re one of the lucky ones in that department, but still heart broken, along with all those vivid memories, not just dreams.

      Thanks for sharing! ♡

  221. You know what? I have not been scammed. But even though I thought I’d set my Facebook to private, somehow just after my husband died I got all these messages from supposed widowers who owned construction companies, very very creepy that somehow they tracked down I was recently widowed. Two weeks before my husband died I had watched a whole TV show on romance scams, so I knew what was up.

  222. Faith says:

    I have met this Amaizing Nigerian man but its only two months and he is asking me for money should I or should I not give him

    • RomanceScams says:

      Faith what you have is a scammer criminal. If he was an amazing man he would never dream of asking a woman for money for any reason. What you need to do it delete, remove, block and ignore without saying another word to him and NEVER give your money to someone you have only met on the internet.

    • Florence says:

      Hi,Faith.That man is a scammer please don’t give him money,how honestly,can he grow wings & ask for money? These fools are not normal I think,I’m sure they use drugs as well because what they do is very strange,I mean what a normal person cannot do.I always tell my friends that ‘LOVE’ is not about money & someone who asks about money so fast & oftenly does not love but upto no good! Be careful Faith & don’t trust anyone from these West African Countries.I hate scammers,I hate the fools so much!! I wish I had a way to clear them all so that innocent people can stay & move freely around the world Jehovah gave us.

  223. Anne says:

    Is any one aware of one of these scammers using a small child in their stories to trap us into falling for the lies , I am currently talking to a guy and I am unsure of him as I have been caught out before, maybe I’m to suspicious, no money has been lost by me but I’m getting fed up of being targeted. I’d be grateful for any responses to help me with my decision thanks

    • RomanceScams says:

      Yes Anne, the majority of the scammers who are working female victims do use children as a prop because it brings out the mother in them. They are easier to bring under control because they are thinking the child is sick of hungry or whatever is going on and they don’t want to hurt that child. However, there is no child, it is all part of the script they use. Delete, remove, block and ignore without another words. Hugs

  224. Debbie says:

    Hi Anne,

    Yes, Sean Patrick, my scammer was raising his 9 yr old granddaughter on his own, since his wife & daughter died in a car accident. I’very read some of the stories that it took much longer for the $ requests to surface, while mine was only 2 weeks. Follow your gut instinct. Something has brought up a red flag, so please do not ignore this.

  225. Elizabeth says:

    I was recently contacted by someone name Lucio Barron on eharmony. He sent me a detailed message including his personal email. I emailed him and we been emailing back and forth. He states he is a U.S. Marine born in Cuba moved to the states as a young boy. He is a widow and has a young boy and a daughter. Right after he sent me his email and I emailed him he forwarded to me an email that rearming had sent to him, they had just terminated his account (I don’t know why). Any how I have heard many stories of scams and i am very concerned this is what this is.

    We have exchanged questions and information. He did ask me for my exact bday but l gave him the wrong one lol. My gut tells me it’s a scam but my heart and mind want to believe he’s legit. I should just block him right?
    Where can I post his picture that he sent me?

    No I have not sent him money and I will absolutely not do it.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Yes this is absolutely , 100% guaranteed, a scammer. You need to delete, remove, block and ignore him without another word to him. I am surprised he showed you he got banned from Eharmony. The reason for the ban is the scammer is actually West African and they are a cash only society. To do anything on the internet, you have to have credit cards and the only credit cards they have are stolen . You can send the pictures you have to tammilee13@yahoo.com and make sure to put SCAMMER PHOTO in the subject line and the name and where you met in the body of the email.

      Send all of the contact data to scam_data@yahoo.com.

  226. Niki says:

    Hello I thought he really loved me but …. I met him on a dating website he told me he had a wife and that she was sick he said she only has 1 kidney that he donated. I should have ran but because I have been alone so long I didn’t. Big mistake he ended up spending the last of my money not to mention I now have 5 charge cards maxed out, when he left me in February to go back to her. Now I do what I want and when I don’t have to answer to anyone.

  227. lou says:

    Reading about all of this because I’m in the mist I believe is a scam right now. I’m scared. I feel like he’s the one. Yet reading all these post scares me. IPhone 6 and money gram and fake airport ticket. Makes me angry because he mentioned all these things to me. I said no. That’s sounds criminal. He says he’s working for the Indian government and when leaving he learned he had to pay insurance first and they arrested him for money laundering . He’s been there since August 17th. I told him that his issue not mine and if you love me you’ll find a way. Help someone because I have been communicating with him since June I feel like I’m going to lose a friend because he and talk all the time every day. He said don’t worry its my problem he’ll take care of his own mistakes so he hasn’t asked me for anything since. We still communicate everyday. Unless he found another victim he begs me not to let him go. I told him I will wait a little while longer but don’t make me responsible for his negligence in not taking care of his own business.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Lou, yes this is a scammer. You need to , without another word to him, delete, remove, block and ignore. These scammers use hypnosis and psychological profiling to brain wash their victims and apparently he was unable to do those to the full extent on you or you would be sending him those things he asks for without question. He hangs on because his nest step will be the green card scam because he did get you to care for him. However, for him to pull that one on you, he will have to ‘come clean’.What this means is, since they steal pictures to hide behind while they rob you blind, to pull the green card scam, they will have to own up to the scamming but say they really did fall in love with you and want to marry you and then they will tell you their real name and show you their real face. But believe me this is still a scam.

      What you have is a young, Black West African male between the ages of 14 and 35. They work in groups so you may not have even had the same scammer from beginning to end. Many of them are computer techs and can burn your computer before you can shut it down.

      The man in the picture is a victim, just like you. He doesn’t know you exist but I am sure he already knows his picture is being used so please do not try to find him. It is not fair to him. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Hugs

    • Florence says:

      Lou you did well to tell him that,you know these fools work on someone’s mind & after knowing that his plan can’t work,he will now read your mind & come up with something that would make you feel sorry for him,believe & then he will start getting your money smoothly.Women we are the most vulnerable especially when we reach that age of wanting to have a Mr right,this is why they are taking us for granted,but what we should know is that,there is no grave for singles,we can live well even without a man after all.Forget about him & move on before he finds a good lie,don’t even listen to his sweet words anymore because he will convince you & by the time you realise,he would leave you bankrupt with a lot of problems.LOVE is not about money & money is not love anyway! I always say that money can’t buy love,this is how I feel but I don’t know others.A real man doesn’t talk about his problems so fast to a lady! In love a man or a woman should help willingly when one has a problem.That man is one of these fools I hate so much.Be careful & stay blessed.

  228. Tracy says:

    While I have sympathy for everyone who is being scammed, by the moderators telling everyone that these scammers use hypnosis and psychological profiling is bullshit at it’s best. Hypnosis? Really? People do things because they want to. You’re suggesting everyone can be hypnotized and that simply isn’t true. As for psychological profiling – well you’re giving these scammers just too much credit. How about the true fact that people need to starting being accountable for their actions and taking responsibility. Not only the scammers but the victims as well. Yes, I was scammed. But I blame but myself for that…and the scammer. I could have, at any time, said no. Yes, the scammer was very, very good at what he did. And the stories at the time sounded very true. I was not hypnotized in any way, shape or form. The bottom line is, don’t give money to anyone you don’t know. And even if you do know them, be very cautious. When we let our emotions get in the way, we do silly things. Perhaps the moderators should focus on the reality of emotions and loneliness and how these affect people vs the hypnosis and psychological crap.

    • debbie sowash says:

      I have been invoked with a packistan guy .yes we skype he is married never going to divorce his wife I just like hearing his stories he says I

    • RomanceScams says:

      Tracy, It seem you have a lot to learn and you can find it all on the internet. Hypnosis does take place and more people are susceptible to it than those who are not. And it can be done on the Internet. And while you are at it, look up and read about Stockholm Syndrome and see how that works and you will find it is exactly the same techniques used by the scammers.

      I never once suggested that EVERYONE could be hypnotized. I am one of those who cannot be so please do not put words in my mouth that I did not speak.

      This group is about support and healing and education. From your letter, you apparently just want to tear people down so in the future, if You cannot say something nice, say nothing at all. And please educate yourself before trying to educate the people here.

      • Tracy says:

        First of all I did not put words in your mouth. Please re-read what I said because it was this “the moderators are telling everyone that these scammers use hypnosis” NOT “everyone can be hypnotized”. If you’re going to criticize what I say at least quote me correctly.

        Did it ever occur to you that not everything you read on the internet is correct? Just like not everything you read in the newspaper is correct. I understand what the group is about – support and healing and education. How about accountability and responsibility for one’s actions? Where is the education on that? I have sympathy and empathy for those who have been scammed. But. We all make choices. And all choices have consequences…good or bad. Where is the education on making good choices? Where is the education on self-esteem….as it appears that many of the people who have been scammed might (now this is only my observation) have low self-esteem to allow themselves to be used as they have been by the scammers. If you’re going to educate and support then perhaps the education and support you offer should encompass more than just how not to be scammed.

        You can continue to tell people that they were hypnotized or suffered from Stockholm syndrome. You can continue to suggest that they acted not of their own free will. You can continue to promote victimhood or you can help people stop being victims. You can’t do both.

        You said “if I cannot say something nice…” well how about the people on here who offer subtle racial or religious slurs, just as you have (and bear with me for a minute and I’ll get to your slur). Is that ok? While I agree that many of these scam are done by Nigerians, not all Nigerians, or black people for that matter, are scammers. Your comment to Debbie (below) says “Not all scammers are terrorists. These scams started in Nigeria. Half of that state is Muslim population and half is Christian. The Terrorists come from the Muslim population”. You seem to be painting all Muslims as terrorists, when in fact, they are not. To educate you, Islam is a peaceful religion. There is a small (but growing) faction of Muslims who take their religion to fanatical levels and it is those fanatics who give Islam and Muslims a bad name. I think you owe the peaceful Muslims an apology for your comment.

        You are sorely incorrect when you say that I apparently want to tear people down. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t think anyone should be scammed. I don’t think bad things should happen to good people. But this is an imperfect world where shit happens…to everyone. No one person is more susceptible to bad things happening to them then any another person What I do think is that people need to stop being victims. Acknowledge what happened. Grieve over what happened. Realize that you’ll never get your money back. But most importantly…don’t let them (the scammers) win. Take your life back. Yes, for many people – myself included – it will take years to get back to where we were financially before being deceived by these scammers. And yes I wish all scammers would go to hell. But in this imperfect world, they will continue to scam others.

        To reiterate my point above, people need to be accountable for their actions and take responsibility for their actions. Generalizing this as “hypnosis or Stockholm syndrome” is too easy and really isn’t helping anyone. The fact of the matter is we chose to send money to the scammers. We made a choice. A conscious choice. It’s way too easy to blame others for our actions and it’s way too easy for you to allow this to happen by blaming hypnosis. That’s not educating. That’s enabling. There is a huge difference.

        You may not like what I say. You may take exception to what I say. But as long as I live in a free world where I can express myself, I have the right to say it. I have the right to say my truth. And you have the right to disagree.

  229. Debbie says:

    I disagree with parts of what Tracy says & agree with the rest of her post. Hypnosis, is powerful, and the scammers do work on our own sensibility & good hearts, and take us for everything we have. They DON’T care that their intent is to cripple us financially, embarrass us, shame us, leave us poor & destitute, while nursing a broken, busted heart at the same time. And, then they move on to the next round of victims. If that isn’t working some kind or type of hypnosis, then I don’t know what is? Yes, they are scum… trained to be & do what nets them millions of dollars. It was stated somewhere on here that terrorists support & run the scammers, if I’m correct? And, how sad it is to read that some people, even with all these tales of horrible injustices, still do not believe what we have written here, and gone through ourselves. So, there is some brainwashing and/or hypnosis being played on us. They have this well oiled machine running, and things rarely go wrong for them, I think. It did go wrong for my scammer. He just didn’t know how broke I really was, and I have never asked anyone for $, and if I was to get a loan, it would be for me, not some man half way around the world. He got so nasty & hateful with me, it was easy to delete all traces of him, and block him. What real man would ask a woman he doesn’t even know for money? He wouldn’t… unless he didn’t care at all. It was my fault 100%, but it still doesn’t help the human side of us, wanting to believe that true love does exist somewhere & it is as beautiful as it should be! So, I’m hoping for a some day! ♡

    • RomanceScams says:

      You are absolutely right Debbie. Yes it was stated about terrorists but they do not support and run the scammers. SOME OF THEM are scammers. Not all scammers are terrorists. These scams started in Nigeria. Half of that state is Muslim population and half is Christian. The Terrorists come from the Muslim population.

  230. Debbie says:

    well we have been talking and everthing he has a wife which I know he will never leave her I have researched him pretty good so far everthing fits picture same as the person I am talking to them he tells me he is wants to take it slow never ask me for nothing yes I offered to test him out and he said he never wanted to talk about gifts money with me I said ok well he said he need time so we back off but the day he was leaving for the sacrifice killing of a cow he Skypes me and ask me to buy him 3 programs for his work computer I am thinking you r nuts ask your boss he work s in the biggest denim place in packistan.and the reason u didn’t get it all is somehow I sent it to him do u think he is a scammer

  231. RomanceScams says:

    Do I think he is a scammer. Yes, Not the typical ones we talk about on here but a scammer still. He is married and carrying on a relationship with someone else and asks for money. Oh yeah. He is a scumbag for sure.

  232. RomanceScams says:

    Tracy, instead of telling me to go back an read what you said, perhaps you should. Your exact words on the hypnosis was, quote,’You’re suggesting everyone can be hypnotized and that simply isn’t true. ‘, that was copied from your post. And That is not what I was suggesting at all. In fact I went on to tell that person that obviously the scammer was unable to do her.

    WE do not have just this blog. We do work one on one with many victim of these crimes. WE do educate them so they don’t get caught again. WE do tell them how to take control of themselves and learn to say no. WE do have a self esteem program we give to anyone who wants it. and much more.

    As for the muslims, Again, I did not say all muslims were scammers. What I said was that the scammers in Nigeria were from the muslims. I cannot give you a current ratio over all because the scammers have increased in numbers and spread out from Nigeria to other parts of the world. So the figures I am going to use here come from 2005/06 and everyone can figure their own ratio for it.

    In 2005/06, there were 143 million people in Nigeria. Of this 143 million people there were only 250,000 scammers. That leave 142750000. innocent people in that country who are NOT scammers.

    So I was not being a racist when I said what I said about the terrorists. I am only stating what we were told by the FBI.

  233. nicole says:

    I am still wondering if the man I fell in love with was a scammer or not. he always seemed to be in situations where he needed money but never asked directly and I wasn’t eager to send any. I actually wonder if his satisfaction wasn’t breaking my heart. he posed as mario Fourie. we spent months chatting after he messaged me on whatsapp out of the blue. it came time for us to meet. his friend had also taken to chatting to me and on the day before we were supposed to meet his friend sent me a text saying that mario, the man I fell in love with had killed himself. it was life derailing for me. I was in hospital because of it. I kept an eye on his number on whatsapp to see if its being used. now 8 months later the number is being used again on whatsapp by a person who claims to be Nicole. I am Nicole and I think its his way of messing with me further

    • RomanceScams says:

      Yes, Nichole, unfortunately, this is a scammer. He ‘died’ because you were not sending him any money and Bravo to you for doing that. You were in love with an illusion and not a real man. The man in the picture was not the person speaking to you. That was a scammer hiding behind a stolen picture. Please report him where you met him and report the number being used now. Hugs

  234. rere says:

    Hi my name Rere I am from Indonesia. I have been scammed from man 48 year old from USA work and live in UK. A Live with his mum and have son 10 year old. His wife died because cancer.
    I meet him on dating site on May 2015. His name Clifford Morris/engineer/ independent contractor so handsome. After we chat through Viber and send email on June 15 he arrived in Malaysia because his project got approval from government by his agent in KL. In the first and the second day nothing happened he still send me an email “my love I came back from the meeting” or “My Love I am so happy to meet you ” etc. At that time I believe him and I really love him.
    On June 16 he called me that he need money because his agent cheating him. He has collected his money and he have to pay his agent 2700 USD if not so the project will be open to another contractor. He confused and crying so I help him to send 2700 USD by western union, I believe him because I also talked with his mum (77 years old) and it’s seem really like a old woman begging me to save her son life and also he send me cheque for his money will be transfer to my account 4.345.000 Poundsterling. After that 2 days he asked me again for money 5000 RM (Ringgit Malaysia) for opening bank account in RHB Bank in Malaysia. I asked why so expensive he told me because his account is special account (Virtual Account) and so stupid I believe him I send it again. (So stupid and I am ashamed with myself how can I became stupid woman).
    And after that he also have to pay for the tax 82000 RM but his mum already send him 40000 RM so we still remaining 42000 RM , and transfer fee 24000 RM to bank Negara Malaysia, Beneficiary 3500USD, and than for Immigration tombfinger 9300 RM and Clearance form 6200 RM. I send all my money to him by western union.
    When that money (4.345.000 GBP) that day the bank Negara will be transfer to my account there is happened again that he arrested by police and team investigation because for the delay project. It happened on last month August and we have to pay 28000 RM.
    Yesterday until I wrote this email he still called me begged me this money but he said to me that the magistrate and his lawyer help him to got this money so remaining only 8000 RM
    I just said I don’t have money anymore. I have been lose my car, my saving all I send it to him
    I am so stupid stupid and now I life with all this loan and broken heart.
    But until now even I said I don’t have money he still called me and still love me so much
    Please ladies be careful with this man, Before I sending my money I have been searching his photo in google image but nothing in there, email address, phone number nothing in internet so I just thinking he’s true
    Now I am nothing, hopeless, and I don’t know with my life ….. please help me

    • RomanceScams says:

      Rere, The first thing you need to do is, without another word to him, delete, remove, block and ignore him. AND stop calling yourself stupid. After you have done that, please write to me privately so I can put you in touch with someone who can help you better than I can with the Malaysian scammer. He is not American and does not live in the UK. He is West African who went to Malaysia on a student visa then hid out when the visa expired. So please write to me at yvwiya at yahoo.com

    • Ana says:

      Rere, I would like you to get in contact with me because it seems your Morris is trying to get another victim. We may work together so that he´ll know two women are stronger and more intelligent than one man.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Ana, going after a scammer is the wrong thing to do. These criminals are sociopaths. There is absolutely nothing you can do that is going to harm them or stop them. All you are doing by trying to pursue this course is to delay your own healing. As long as you are chasing shadows, you are not trying to heal from what has happened to you. And it is not fair to try to drag someone else into that fray. These scammers work in groups of 5 to 6 men who all use the same ID. So the chances of the 2 of you having had the same scammer and the one you are chasing all being one and the same is extremely slim. You are far better off and way ahead of the game by simply deleting, removing, blocking and ignoring them in every corner of your computer before they totally destroy your computer. And yes, they can do that. The majority of these scammers are college graduates who has majored in computer technology and they can burn your computer before you can shut it down if they find you are playing games with them. They are criminals. Why would you want to play with a criminal?

  235. Lol says:

    Someone has scam me out of important things what should I do when there is to much at risk or steak

  236. Nett says:

    I have just realized I have been romance scammed. I’ve lost a lot money and don’t know where to start. I feel like a failure to myself and especially my son. I’m scared to reach out anyone and I don’t want my family to know. They will not understand. I pray a lot for strength. I have lost trust in everyone.

    • RomanceScams says:

      The first thing you need to do Nett, is to delete, remove, block and ignore the scammer so he can no longer talk to you. Do this without saying another word to him. You are not a failure. There are always bumps in the road of life and some are just bigger bumps but we climb over them and keep going. You will do this too. Please consider joining our support group where you will gain knowledge that will help you on this journey. You can join by going to http://www.groups.yahoo.com/groups/romancescams and find the link JOIN THIS GROUP and go from there. Hugs

  237. Florence says:

    Hi Rere,I’m sorry for what happened to you,you know in life we learn things through mistakes we make & life is a teacher so no need of calling yourself stupid,you didn’t know,just as all of us didn’t know.To tell the truth,I survived because with me a man who asks for money so fast is up to no good so I just tell that man off,it’s my nature,I give willingly,I survived because of that.One thing you have to know is that,you shouldn’t trust anyone especially these men & women on dating sites,they are fake…!! Don’t hurt yourself so much,money comes & go just put everything in God’s hands & you will be fine dear,smile & keep going.Those fools don’t care what happens to you after as long as they have what they wanted.I hate them,I hate the fools very much,may Jehovah forgive them.Be strong& think of tomorrow we love you & God loves you too!! Keep smilling for so long!!

    • Rere says:

      Hi Florence
      God thanks you for your motivation and your spirit I really need right now
      I must to move on and I front of me or tomorrow is my future we don’t know what happen for that
      Right now everything I give to the god hand and do my best for my 2 kids even I have to start again from zero again
      Thanks for your word it’s means lots to me thanks you
      I hope there is no woman anymore to get scam like me is hurt hurt so much and feel betrayed
      Thanks guys …… I love you all

  238. Roger Lutze says:

    Are there any penalties or fine for those caught as dating scammers?

    • RomanceScams says:

      This is an open ended question Roger. The point is to answer your question correctly, we would have to know more about your scam and scammer. If he/she is Nigerian, then the answer is no. Hugs

  239. Roger Lutze says:

    This is Australian based. My ex wife created a profile on oasis with the view that I would fall in love with this woman who appeared wealthy. My ex wifes motive was that I would rush through property settlement at any cost as to settle and move into this new relationship. There were fake pictures and promises. To me this is a form of fraud and I am trying to seek ways for her to be charged. It had a very emotional and psychological impact on me. I have made a report to the ACCC and Fair Trading and am going to make a report to NSW police. I was just wondering if she could be charged, fined and or jailed for this. It ended up costing me around $80,000 in property settlement. Any suggestions?

  240. Roger Lutze says:

    Furthermore, this was done to gain information about my current position in the settlement case, to find out what my intentions were and to find out what improvements I have done to the property, all for the benefit of gaining more money from the settle my case. I am 100% convinced it was my ex involved in the scam, thanks for any suggestions I can receive.

  241. RomanceScams says:

    I am sorry Roger, I am based in America and know nothing about Australian law. Can you prove your wife was behind it? If you can prove it then there should be something you could do about it.

  242. Roger Lutze says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that it is my ex wife. To many reasons why to list, but it is definitely her. I have lost faith in the female of the species.

  243. RomanceScams says:

    Knowing it in your heart and head does not prove it in a court of law. You must have positive proof if you expect the law to do something to make her pay for it. The burden will be on you to provide the proof. Hugs

  244. Roger Lutze says:

    I have enough supporting evidence, I was simply trying to ascertain the penalties for fraud 🙂

  245. RomanceScams says:

    OK, I am sorry I cannot help you with that since I do not know Australian law. Good luck . Hugs

  246. Roger Lutze says:

    I appreciate your time, thanks for listening. Kind regard

  247. szza anthony says:

    hi..i already talk with my scammers since july 2015. at first, i told him, if you are scammers, then please, block me or unfriend me. after few days, he sending me poems, and every romantic words. of course i dont fall in love to a stranger that is thousand miles far from me. but then he keeps sending messages and photos of him and his family. he said he is single father and had two sons. after that i realised that on his facebook, he removed all the pictures.or maybe he blocked me from seeing the pictures. then i said to myself, are you trying to scam me?ok..lets start the game. he just call me and then i heard his voice…british man not sounded like that. his voice is more to nigerian. and after a while, he said he want to send me a gift from uk. he want my address. then i said to him, it will be much better if you send the gift yourself because the cost to send by courier is expensive.he said, ok.the point is, where he get all those pictures? how am i going to track this scammer? thank you

  248. anoyn says:

    Can anyone help me mouth with this ? I may possibly be talking to a scammer but I’m not sure . I’ve made it very clear that I’m an intelligent ,young , good looking man , not desperate in any way . I’ve also made it clear that I will not ever for any reason send even a dollar to her . I’ve told her I’ve researched all the scams and know what to look for so to not waste both our times if that’s what it is . and she continues to talk to me . what would that mean ? not a scammer or a very persistent one ?

    • RomanceScams says:

      I would need more information on her. Like where is she from? where is she located now? what are her circumstances? Tell me her story. What you have told her is your story and thinking but not her story. Hugs

      • anoyn says:

        She says she’s from a place called pertominsk ,about 70 km north of archaegelsk . she’s apparently a nurse , lives alone after 3 failed relationships . the thing is , is that if she is a scammer then fuck is she bad at it . like we don’t have the same views on alot of things, I’ve tried talking about sex with her and she’s very reserved about it like won’t respond when I talk like that at all .I’m 28 and she’s 29 ,and like i said I really take car of my body ,crossfit is my life . I’m intelligent and I’ve made it soo clear that even if I believe who she is , even if she’s for real , I still would never ever send money . she seemed pretty hurt by that . like hurt that I would suggest that . she never talks about money or income unless I bring it up . and I’ve haven’t once yet caught her lying , answering a question I didn’t ask or just generall weirdness, nothing . she also is insisting that I come to her first to meet her, then come back here to canada together . she just seems way too beautiful to not be able to f