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  1. Karin Mandy says:

    I would like to know if anyone has been communicating with someone by the name of Richard Muniz. I met him online at I transferred a lot of money to him via western union and would appreciate information anyone could give me. Thank you.

    • sandy says:

      can you post a pic of this guy?

      • Angela says:

        I met one who tried to scam me. He said he’s originally from Europe and works as a captain on a ship. I met him on Tango, after about a week of chatting, he started saying how much he loved and wanted to be with me. Then he said he was sending me some expensive gifts, I can’t explain why I gave my address, well, after a few days, someone claiming to be from EPL shipping company called me saying the gifts will be delivered that day but I’ll have to pay them $500 upfront, I told them the shipper will pay; call him. This infuriated the so-called captain he kept telling me to pay this fee, I said no. Immediately I hit me that this is all a scam and he was in on it. As you know, that ended everything and this “captain” I didn’t hear from him again. The name he used was “Rahman” his 2 phone numbers: +44 7845 867 120 and +44 7517 454 188. Theres no email, we chatted on viber. I advise all to beware.

      • Angela says:

        Yes i have his pic, where do i send it?

      • RomanceScams says:


        SEND SCAMMER PHOTOS as attachment in jpeg format to;     (safe link)

        In the subject line type “SCAMMER PHOTO

        In the text message box include thescammer name and the website you met.

        Please allow 2 weeks for the photos to be posted in the RS Scammer Album, our volunteer receives hundreds of reported scammer photos per week.

        Members will not be notified when the photos are added to the album.

        If in 3 weeks the scammer photo does not appear please resend the photo as yahoo might lose your email before reaching delivery point.

      • Angela says:

        i just posted the photo, it should be available for viewing in 2 weeks

    • Roxanne Ramser says:

      I have from him just within the last week. he tried a scamming game on me as well. his current cell # is +447759757588. and the # he game me for home is 323-345-2259 his email is…. he sent me pictures, but the way i see it is a scam artist wouldn’t use his true identify. if anyone needs copies, email me at hope this helps. good luck. And now he’s saying he has a daughter named kelly. she’s 16. still using the construction comp story. he was sending me a b/d gift that wasn’t declared properly and the so called shipping comp wanted me to send them a western union $$ order for over $1000. I basically told them to send it back. did a little research and found out even the shipping comp is a farce.

      • romancescams says:

        Roxanne, you did right by refusing to accept anything from this criminal. It was all purchased with stolen credit cards and once the charges came back, you would have been held responsible for paying the debt. Please report all this information to That way it will be input into the database so others may find it. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • James says:

      Hi you will never see a penny of your money again, I am sorry to say.
      As a genuine guy on dating websites, I have been approached on twenty different occasions by Russian Scammers,Malayasian Scammers, even English Scammers.
      I consider myself an intelligent man and by no means a fool.
      However I have to say that these dispicable people have honed their skills and fabricate all sorts of emotional blackmail, guilt trips and other ridiculous scenarios to pull on decent peoples heart strings.

      Fortunately for me I am far too shrewd and wise to be taken in by all their lies.
      As an honest and decent man I urge you all to not send any money whatsoever to anyone you meet online or offline…. For these reasons
      1: A Gentleman would never ask to borrow money from a woman he has just met.
      2: An honest man would be wise and cautious about building new relations with a woman he hardly knows.
      3: A genuine person does not declare any feelings of love without firstly meeting and developing a relationship over many months in fact probably years before the L word would be mentioned.
      4: A genuine man would in no circumstances whatsoever ask for money, even from his wife!!!
      5: lastly but perhaps the most important, a genuine Gentleman would always want to meet your friends, relatives and parents before even declaring any kind of involvement with any potential partner.

      These low life’s have made it very difficult for genuine Men and Women to find a partner through dating sites because of their dishonesty and cunning.

      Please don’t give up looking, be cautious do your research and trust your gut instincts about someone. If any warning signs come from within yourself . Take precautions and stop communications straight away.

      I Sincerely hope this may help anyone looking for a genuine man on a dating website.

      Kind Regards James

      • RomanceScams says:

        Hi James, Being wise or shrewd or anything you want to call it is not a safety measure. These criminals use light hypnosis and a heavy dose of psychological profiling to brain wash the victims. Once brainwashed, they believe in the dream that has been woven by the criminal and they believe they are in a loving relationship. We have had geniuses fall for this. Pretty much, those that don’t are people who cannot be hypnotized. Simple as that. There are people that can and people that can’t. So even though your words are wise words, they will fall on deaf ears because the victims doing this are already under the spell and the ones that are not, won’t know what hit them when it happens.

        I have been counceling victims for 10 years now and I think you might be very surprised at the number of people that new about these scams and still fell into the trap.

      • Shari Folken says:

        I was scammed online by a Malaysian scammer. I was issued from him a picture that I found out wasnt him, I reported it to their Police Dept and to The FBI and they assuured me it was a scam. The picture was Dr from Argintina. he went by the name of Michael Brown. I had never in my life experienced anything. like this. He got in touch with me on Facebook. Another lady sent me information as she had been scammed too and saw his contact to me from him on facebook and notified me. If you or anyone would here of a Michael Brown OIL rig worker engineer pleas my email is I reported it 2 mos ago

      • RomanceScams says:

        Shari, the chances of finding someone else with the same scammer is next to impossible. These criminals work in groups of 5 to 6 men so the chances of you even having the SAME scammer from beginning to end of your scam is next to impossible. You may find someone whose scammer used the same picture but still not the same scammer. It is best to not search for this anyway as it keeps you under the spell of the scam. What you really need to do it delete, remove, block and ignore without another word and start moving forward with your life.

        Shari, You cannot fall IN LOVE with a picture. To fall in love, you have to get to know someone. You have to be able to sit across a table and see them for who they really are, to learn all of the little things about them that makes them tic. To fall in love takes time and patience and work. What you do with a picture is fall in lust.

        Yes, the pictures are real, it is the person behind the picture that is the shadow and you cannot pin a shadow to a tree. Hugs

      • Cinzia says:

        Hello James,
        I had my gut feelings about a contact, as soon soon as he told he had been robbed. He didnt ask me money, however, it was me , feeling so sorry for his situation, at Offered to see if I help him. Although, I have syltaryed thinking that he might have built a particular situation about him, to play on my good feelings. I urged himthe to ask for help from his parents: no, his parents refuse; he was expunged from his family, he had a stepmother and stepbrothers who dont care; his father is careless. The police cant help, the local religious priest cant help. Too many obstacles, which made me think….

      • RomanceScams says:

        Cinzia, you are right to be suspicious as this is definitely a scam. I hope you have not only stopped contact, but blocked all means of communication. It’s the way of scammers to keep working on their victims. You have made an offer to help, whether you did that or not, so to the scammers you are like a fish with the hook in its mouth; they just have to keep trying to reel you in. And they will keep trying. Please visit our page at (safe link) and read more about how to identify a scammer, how to report scammers, and more. If you are feeling the emotional impact of being pulled into a lie, please join us at (safe link) for understanding, support and more information. Everyone there understands.

      • Estellla says:

        Hi james,
        Thank you for sincer words, I’ve spoken to one or two scammers and have actually said exactly the same things you state above…. Real people meet and speak face to face.
        Once again Thank You for being a Gentleman
        Best wishes and the best of luck

    • Sherrie says:

      Sorry you lost alot of comment has nothing to do with your post…..but i could not figure out how to do my own post.but has anyone heard of PRINCE MIKE supposedly from china? he has reached me from facebook.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Sherrie, if he is telling you he is a prince and he is in China, he is really a scammer from West Africa. Delete, remove, block and ignore. without another word to him.

  2. sandy says:

    what country?

    • Karin says:

      Hi Sandy, I wired money to Richard in England and Nigeria but he is in Nigeria. DON’T SEND HIM ANY MONEY!!! HE GOT $4,000 FROM ME!! I AM A SINGLE MOM OF 5 KIDS. I AM DISGUSTED. I met him on Match last year in Jan 2010. He claimed he owned a construction company and was having trouble leaving the country with his son “Christian”. I had my local police department investigate him and he is a fraud! He made up so many stories and I feel for them b/c he would mention how his son was sick in a hospital in Canada….all lies

      • sandy says:

        Hi Karin,

        I met him on
        Yes I fell for him, his story is he was in Malaysia and he ” is” a civil engineer, and the stories to leave the country were ridiculous, (taxes to free up the ‘money’ in the bank there, an arrest at the boarder with the ‘money’ then more requests for money to free his money. He also claimed to have a son ‘Christian” who at the time was in Australia with his mother. He claimed to be Spanish/Australian. The money I sent him was always to Malaysia…but interestingly enough never to his name to other people. So I really cannot figure this out?
        I stopped, but he just wont stop harrassing me for more…he even skyped me a photo lol.
        I never gave him my address and do not have a webcam so he cannot see me.
        What a liar and a scammer, I cannot understand why people waste their time. He is really good, sweet, smooth, I should have been smarter.
        But no its over…I wish someone could make him stop,
        What were his pic like…he sent me pics of a white man, black hair and greenish eyes, stubble beard…very attractive. and A pic with his son…I feel for the real guy whose Photos he is using.

  3. sandy says:

    I have been communicating with a richard muniz he claims to be an engineer who found himself in all kinds of trouble in malaysia?

    • Karin says:

      Sandy, please tell me you are not in contact with him. I told about him and they got rid of his profile ASAP but these dating sites are known to hire scammers to keep their sites in business. He could be under so many sites…every piece of info he gave me was fraudulent…phone numbers, photos, emails, and he even had the gall to send me roses!!!! Please don’t try to meet someone online. I have a wonderful man in my life who lives in my town and was going thru a divorce when I was…he has saved my life and filled my soul. I will never go online again.

      • sandy says:

        Hi Karin,

        No I will never go online again either.
        He contacted me last September… claims he is now in Florida, I never sent money to Nigeria, so he has prob moved his operation to Malaysia. He is pure total scum.
        Like you I believed so I send a lot of money to him.
        Now that he realizes that I will not send any more…. he has backed off.
        Thank God you have met someone.

    • Karla Smith says:

      It makes me wonder if the guy I was writing is the same guy? He is having all kinds of problems in Malaysia. Only he claims to have a daughter. He claims his name is Henry Norton and his daughter is 7 (Rosabel). He also claims to be a construction engineer from Scotland. He says he is Italian..lost his parents when he was young. Was raised by an aunt and uncle who lives in Scotland. He is an older guy, not really great looking, but it attracted me. He doesn’t look Italian–when I called him on it, he said his mother was part German and that many people said he must have taken that trait…yeah right! How could I have been so stupid?

      • C says:

        Im now wondering if its the same guy we have all been scammed? I too have met a man who claims to be a german(Berlin) chemical engineer (who is on a contract job with petronas in Malaysia) hes a divorcee and he has a 9 year old daughter. He got a large amount of money out of me. I believe he has a few profiles set up under Skout. I never made the report cos i didnt have any proof! Even when i gave him the money, i voluntarily did it(stupid of me i know) it was only when he started asking me for more money when i realised ive been scammed!!

      • romancescams says:

        There are over 100,000 scammers working from West Africa. They use scripts and have thousands and thousands of profiles on dating sites of all kinds. Their method of contact is to mass send contact requests to as many unknowing possible victims as possible. Whether or not someone responds and ends up being victimized, can only be reduced by education and knowledge.

        Your money is gone and will never be recovered. Anyone who attempts to convince you otherwise is probably working with the original scammer as part of their crime ring. If you live in the United States, your money losses could possibly be reported as theft loss on your income tax return. We have documents to walk an individual through the steps posted on our Yahoo group.

        If not done already, please quietly cut off all contact once you know you are a scam victim.

  4. sandy says:

    pls post a pic of this guy

    • Shari Folken says:

      My story was simular. He found me on facebook used a handsome mans picture had a son. He went by Michael Brown. I was alerted by another one hed scamed he has been reported bu both of to maylasian Police and FBIO WAS an engineer in oil etc’

      • Do you have a pic ?

      • RomanceScams says:

        Beckie, you can view the photos (stolen from innocent victims) that have been reported by scam victims by following the link on our home page at Here are instructions for reporting photos to be added to that database if you want to do that. I am also posting the way to report the scam to RS.


        SEND SCAMMER PHOTOS as attachment in jpeg format to;     (safe link)

        In the subject line type “SCAMMER PHOTO”

        (if the photo is a soldier please type Military Impostor).

        In the text message box include thescammer name and the website you met.


        Please allow 2 weeks for the photos to be posted in the RS Scammer Album, our volunteer receives hundreds of reported scammer photos per week.

        Members will not be notified when the photos are added to the album.

        If in 3 weeks the scammer photo does not appear please resend the photo as yahoo might lose your email before reaching delivery point.


        REPORT SCAMMER CONTACT DATA;Include Accomplices contact data also.

        SEND SCAMMER PERSONAL CONTACT INFORMATION to,  (underscore between scam_data)


        scammer alias “user ID” name,

        email address,

        phone numbers,

        physical mailing address,

        city, state/providence, and country.

        Passport number and information with picture

        Include all Accomplices Contact Information also.

        Include all accomplices contact information; children, doctor, barrister, lawyer, aunt, uncle, hotel manager, driver, etc

  5. liliana Georgi says:

    sandy or karin:

    this guy is total scammer he told me the same story of having problelms with his company because one of his workers died and they were suing him for $20.00 and they had frozen all of his assets he only got 650.00 out of me until he came up with another story of an inheritance of 9.5 m left by his dad that died 14 years ago, and until now he was finding out about the inheritance. He wanted my account no. so he can deposit the money because he did not have one and could not deposited into the working account. This guy is good knows how to write and be sweet, and romantic, he also send me flowers white at that. according to him his mother is 87 years old taking care of this 6 year old, which I found odd, also he has been a widower for 3 years he became bankrupt when his wife came ill, and had to sell everything to save her. He forgets what he tells people, and after the lawyer contacting me is when I realized that all was a scam. I have worked as a paralegal for 5 years and everysthing the lawyer kept telling me did not make any sense, that is when I put two and two together. He is not working alone other people are working with him, He is in Maylasia right now, I know this because he calls my cell all the time and I had the phone check and it is in Maylasia and the money I sent was also to Maylasia under someone elses name because his documents were taken by the hotel until he paid the money. I really think the picture he is using is not him, I personally think he is a foreigner from where can detect too much his accent, he has one. I even have come to think that he is asian. Well ladies lets stick together and get this bastard, I reported him to the FBI they have a chapter on scam and fraud, sent his pictures and copies of his emails. Lets hope he gets caught. I met him on

    • Shari Folken says:

      The picture of mine was so handsome but I saw a real picture

      • Kathy says:

        I meet this very handsome man on facebook from London his name was Austine Fred and his daughter Lisa and his wife had passed way in child birth with there second child 3 years ago. he said he was a engender and was going to Africa on besness then he told me he was mugged when he was going to the bank with all his papers. so now he has no money no passports and can not pay for his hotel that he was unable to leave. and started asking me for money for his hotel over a thousand dollars and would need money for the plain. i did not send money

  6. Sue Goodwin says:

    Hi Ladies

    This mongrel is at it again!!! He is now on as well as many other sites throughout the world mainly Australia and USA. I have alerted as many sites as I can

    • romancescams says:

      Sue (and all who read this),

      The chance the scammer who took advantage of you is the same using the name/photo on is little to none. There are over 100,000 scammers in West Africa alone. All share photos and profile scripts. Most are organized. Several scammers share the victims using one existing profile. That is why if one has been in contact with a scammer, it seems at times like talking/chatting to several different people. The reality is each scammer is working several dozen victims at a time using different profiles set up at dating and/or social networking sites. They work shifts — when one gets up to go home, another slides into the seat and picks up where the last one left off.

      Hope this helps,
      RS Webmistress

    • karin says:

      Hi ladies, I am sobbing right now knowing this person has not been caught and has hurt other loving and kind people such as yourselves. Richard Muniz was always in”Nigeria or Canada when he chatted w me…I always looked up his IP address and started putting the pieces together after I found out this info. He is part of a network out of Nigeria when all happened to me and I have heard that is corrupt in letting stammers do this for a monetary benefit of course. I have been afraid to check the blogs b c of shame and b c of I let down my children. He will get caught….or die a miserable person….KM

  7. Karla Smith says:

    Has any lady been confronted on messenger from facebook from a guy who claims he’s from Scotland? His name is Henry Norton. He says he is 55 years old, widowed with a daughter name Rosabel. After writing a month and him declaring his love for me, he claims he is a construction engineer that is being sent to Malaysia. After he got to Malaysia, he claimed his billfold got stolen or lost (with all his credit cards and money–he claimed to be very wealthy). He asked if I could send him $5,000 U.S. money and I did. Now he is claiming that he cannot fly back to Scotland to his bank so he can pay me back (which he promised with extra for being so kind). He now wants $1400 for a plane ticket. Has anyone heard of him? I am just realizing how stupid I was and that I will probably never get it from him although he promised he would send it no later than August 1 (next Monday). I don’t make a lot of money and I borrowed money from a bank to send this. I am crushed over this. How could I have been so naive and gullible?

    • romancescams says:

      Hello & welcome, Karla,

      I am sorry to hear all this and even sorrier to have to tell you this is a scammer. Your $5,000 is gone. Please go to It is an open group so you can read messages. To respond and access the files, you will need to join the group but please create an email address/identity that is totally anonymous to join. Also feel free to contact me directly if I can be of more help to you. The first thing you need to do to make yourself and your computer safe is to block and delete all ways you have contact with this criminal. DO NOT send anymore money. Do not share with this scammer that you are seeking help. He will do his best to convince you that everyone is against the two of you being together.

      Our group has been in existence for over 6 years and we have never seen an instance where the “alleged” friend ever arrives. He will keep telling you stories until he can drain you dry and no matter what name and/or story he tells, it is all a lie. He may be using a made up name/story or he may have stolen another individual’s identity. Either way, please follow my suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you and/or seeing you at the group.


  8. karlakay917 says:

    Thanks, so much for your response. I did invent a new yahoo account and went on there like you said. It does help a little to know I am not the only one that got sucked into something like this. I hope this criminal gets punished and soon…and I wish so much to get my money back…OMG I was so foolish! I am so embarrassed!

    • romancescams says:

      Again, Karla, I am so very sorry for the loss of trust you are experiencing as well as the loss of money. You are a victim of a crime in this instance. Embarrassment is natural, however, if you were mugged and your purse stolen, would you feel embarrassed? Because this is exactly what happened. You thought you were helping someone you cared about and who cared about you. Instead you were manipulated into thinking and feeling this way while the scammer knew all along he was using you. I am very sorry that you lost this money. The reality is that no matter who contacts you to tell you they can get it back for you, it is gone and if this happens, the person who contacts you is also a scammer. Stay with the group. Read and learn and when you feel you are ready, share your experience. It will help you and will help others as well. I wish you healing and health.


  9. Karla Smith says:

    Thanks it is helping to post these messages-to know that someone out there understands and doesn’t judge. What really makes me upset with myself is, I mentioned to some friends that I was writing a guy online and they warned me. I thought this was different and that I knew what I was doing. How could anyone be so dumb? I am not normally a moody person. I am usually a happy-go-lucky type. But since this happened, I go from okay to depressed and I cry at the drop of a hat. I want to get back to normal again. I have a great job and a really good life..but this has really messed my thinking up. If my colleagues knew what I have done, I would probably lose my position. It is bad enough that part of my family knows. And they are all going to wonder why, in a few weeks when I have to sell my car (I bought it brand-new with cash when I inherited a little money from my father who died a few years back). All this is weighing heavy on my mind..and shoulders. Thanks for having this group to ‘air’ our thoughts and read advice. I am determine to get over this…even though right now I am really having a difficult time. Thanks…and please anyone I need all the kind words right now. Thanks so much!

    • happyheart says:

      Karla,this scam-mers already took our money and trust,we have to be strong,we should not let them take our spirit also,they are not worth a drop of tears and with this experienced we can help others by spreading the words to every one and find other ways to at least slow them down if we can not stopped those evil doers.It is natural to question ourselves,but remember we are human who is compassionate,caring and loving and those scam-mers used that to get us.God has the vengeance for those people who used His name in vain.Don’t worry their day well come.Take care!

    • Shari Folken says:

      It hurts to fall in love with a picture as that is really what I did . it has recently ended but sorry for you too

  10. Cynthia Wright says:

    I currently am in contact with a guy who claims he is in the UK and his Dad worked for a company called PETRONAS…which actually is a real company…now we have just emailed and he says he is supposed to come into some money…He does have my phone number and I have his…it is the same person I talk to whether I call him or he calls me…okay, I want to believe him so much, but his name is Kelvin Frankling and I met him thru Myspace…I have tried to check his email and phone(reverse check on spokeo) but it comes back as his email is “genuine” I just want to know if he is for real. I don’t know how to post his pic right now other wise I would…he can be found also on FB and Netlog….please tell me he is for real….or help me get rid of him….I need to know….thanks in advance for any help you can give

    • romancescams says:

      Hello Cynthia,

      I’m sorry but it sounds like you are involved with a scammer. To view our Photo Album or submit a photo to be placed in our album, go to For help and support while going through this, please visit our support group at Even though this person’s email address checks out, if a scammer has stolen someone’s identity and using it, everything about that person will check out. It doesn’t mean it verifies that the man you are involved with is for real. I am very sorry you find yourself in this position and hope you will join the group (make sure you read the introductory material first) and seek the support and assistance you need. We look forward to supporting you through this.

    • James says:

      Chances are he isn’t real.
      Here is a simple test for any women to test if a man is genuine.
      If money is never spoken of even hinted at chances are he is genuine.
      In no way shape or form would a decent guy ever ask a lady for cash, to use her credit card etc etc, he would go to a bank, relatives or go without before asking a lady he hardly knows.
      If they do ask….. Ask yourself why if they have a great job do they need to ask for money?
      A poor man would never ask , so why would a wealthy man? If it doesn’t make sense, ring true, sound genuine it is nothing more than a big fat lie!

      Hope this helps stop nice people being had by these lying scumbags.

  11. Cynthia Wright says:

    well I am hoping not…..he hasn’t asked for any money nor will I send any….he hasn’t given me any sad story about his life….he offered his number and told me to call if I wanted to…the only thing I found fishy is that when he calls me, is that it says unavailable….but yet the person I call and the person who calls is the same voice…you say “it sounds” like a scammer…I would like to research this…I looked at pictures and did reverse email and pics and nothing came back…

  12. Lisa says:

    Hi – I was just scammed by someone on Chemistry. I thought I was being careful. I ran Spokeo to see if there was someone with his name in the city he claimed to live in. Yes, there was and he was the right age too. He claimed to be Carlos Parker, living in Daly City, CA. I also live in CA but not the same city. I thought he lived too far and this wouldn’t go anywhere, but talked to him through IM (conveniently his webcam didn’t work) and by cell phone. He started using terms of endearment too fast for me, but eventually his romantic emails got to me. One week before we were to meet he had to go on a business trip. First, to the east coast. Then, he got a huge new business contract. He was to go to Ghana to purchase gold for a company in Australia this was for ‘our future’. The first problem, his laptop got lost on the airplane or in the airport or something. He said Dell wouldn’t ship out of the US. I checked and that was true. I foolishly sent him money to help purchase a replacement in Ghana. Then, he invested everything he had ($2.1 million) in the gold because it was such a good deal. But, oops he didn’t have the money to ship it and could I wire him $55,500. He emailed what were suppose to be official documents supporting his purchase. My family doesn’t know I sent some money for the laptop. But, this large purchase I showed to my brother who is a geologist. He found the scam on the Ghana Embassy website. When I refused to send the money somehow he managed to raise it on his own. But, oops now he needed money for something else so that he could return home. I cut off all communication.

    I alerted Chemistry and they removed him. Then two days later I saw him there using the last name Parker as his first name. I alerted Chemistry and he was removed again. I know he continues to scam people. I had no idea this kind of thing happened and now see it is a prevalent problem. This was my first experience with online dating. It is heart breaking and I hate knowing that he is continuing to suck women into his lies.

    Has anyone ever let the person who’s identity is being used know? I located his home address on Spokeo. I have thought about writing him a letter just as a heads up. He may want to take precuations to better protect his personal information. I have went to the online white pages to remove what information I could and tightened up my banking access.

    Thanks for advice and I hope if this scenario sounds familiar it stops someone else.

    • romancescams says:


      Thank you for sharing your story. I am very sorry you find yourself in this position and have lost not only time but money as well. I am glad you shared the information you had with your brother. Many people keep the relationship to themselves and end up losing so much more. Our Yahoo group is full of members who have experience this same violation. I invite you to visit and join: It is unfortunate the dating sites don’t do more to monitor the location of those who join and put up profiles. Feel free to contact me directly if I can be of further support and/or help.

    • Renee Hesson says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I just as of yesterday found out for sure the “Man of my Dreams” was not I had red flags but he answered them to my satisfaction everytime so I hung on to that glimmer of hope he was for real LOLOL then it happened his son”Michael” got sick with Malaria and was in the hospital he still didn’t ask for money for a week then he needed money for his medicine or he might die OMG LOLOL I got him to send me a bill from the hosp and it was so fake he even had the “Dr” call me to tell me all was true I’m sure it was his buddy and the bill was emailed from a Yahoo email LOLOL all I could do was laugh oh he goes by Mends Bansah he said his full name was Mends Bansah Prince and he contacted me on Match,com his profile dissapeared right after he contacted me, imagine that so I can relate I saved every email that fake bill and an address where he told me to send the money so I did get the last laugh because I told him I sent the money $500.00 to the hospital in their name to be sure it would be recieved sooner to them so “Michael” could get his much needed medicine LOLOLOLOLOL he wasn’t happy I cut him off everything and will be reporting him

  13. Hi i was scammed by a guy who seemed so real i believed what he said i researched on my own and found nothing on this guy and i understand why many of his victims were afraid to put anytrhing out there about this guy he is a demented scammer many of the women he victimized probably had shown there selves on cam like i did partial in the nude when i cut him off from wiring money he threaten to post my pictures on line where the whole world could see them for a few days i cried and wondered how could i have gotten in to such a bad place with a stranger i felt like i had been raped my scammer stalked me so much i had to contact the authorities this scammer is really good at what he does he tried to get more money out of me but i told him no if he wanted to post the pictures no one knows me anyways and that it would make me more popular. After filing all the reports i needed to file with authoirties i was able to get some help and on some of the sites where his profile were the pictures and profiles were taken down from the sites he was on. I know he will come back again with other names and other profiles. I realized the grestest lessons in life we must learn are some of the painful one that shows us who we are. By telling my story it may help someone who feels like there is no hope after what a scammer does to you you feel violated and rape. I have learned not to trust just anyone and this is the lesson my mother taught me about a stranger this scammer was a stranger be aware. I have moved on with my life and will not let this guy take anymore from me then he already has and now that i know what to look for i will not compremise myself again.
    This guy is dangerous and my hope is that he will be found and prosecuted for the crimes he committs against women i truly understand now the dangers that are out there now i have decided not to be online that when the time is right God will send the right man my way. I believe that something needs to be done these man are predators online and think they are untouchable to any laws something has to be done.

    • romancescams says:

      Charity, I hope you will share the details about this criminal by submitting his data and the photos he is using to our website. The link is:

      We have live chat also available. Even if a peer counselor/moderator is not available, you can leave an offline message and one of us will contact you shortly.

  14. hi my name is marcy and i believe i have been scammed his name is leonard bruce of irish and scottish decent i have been in contact with him for 2 mo. and he told me about being a project manager from fredericksburg va. he also asked for my # which i gave to him he was calling me all the time from va. with a va. # that i checked out was coming from salem va. then he sends me an email that he has gotten a contract for a job in malaysia for 1.5 million then he calls me all the time then one day he calls asking for 10,000$ for equipment and tells me how depressed he is supposedly his son is also there he tells me to wire him the money under his sons name and the address of course i said no way i have no money and when he emailed me he says about how much he loves me and cherishes me and that he is going to treat me like a queen i emailed him some of my most inner thoughts and today is the first day that i come to believe he is the scammer that my family was telling me about he also wants you to keep everthing a secret he also told me he was an only child and his parents had passed away he also sent me pictures of him and his son and grandson and 2 wks into our internet relationship he starts to call me his wife and he also writes the most beautiful emails i have ever read i really fell in love with this scammer and i have just come to terms he is not for real please ladies watch out sometimes we can not trust men that we meet in person why one on the internet oh and the first time i talked to him he sounded nigerian but i dont know what i thought about that he contacted me on ourtime .com

    • romancescams says:

      Please block, delete & ignore this scammer and have no further contact with him. Go to and read the front page, join and ask for help. We are here for you. I am sorry this has happened but you can recover and learn how to spot a scammer instantly so you can enjoy your web surfing experience and be able to use the wonderful sites out there to network us with others.

    • Faye says:

      could you send me a picture I am e-mailing this same name and sounds so familiar to me has not ask for anything yet, says his wife died from breast cancer. He has not said anything about love, actually he said we didn’t want to rush in to anything, and he did ask me to pray that he would get a bid on a contract in Malaysia, so it sounds so familiar to your situation, I have only e-mailed about 4 times, I wish before I waste anymore time talking to him that I knew if he is the same person, I ran a search on him, and the telephone # he gave me checked out, so apparently he is pretty good at this stuff. He sent me a picture of his son his son’s wife and 2 year old grandson, says he is 66 years old

      • romancescams says:

        It is impossible to tell if one scammer is the same as another. From everything you have written, this guy is a scammer. Quietly disappear. Don’t have another conversation with him. Don’t tell him anything. Disappear and block him from contacting you in every way possible.

    • Marty S says:

      I am interested in knowing more about this guy. My mother recently told me she was corresponding with a Leonard Bruce of Fredericksburg VA. I suspect he is scamming her but she is very naive about the possibility of being scammed.

      • Gloria G. Mehbrech says:

        I am on Christian Mingle & rec’d a “Smile” from Leonard M Bruce. He talked me into giving him my email address & started to email me the most wonderful letters. Today, 4 March 2013, I woke up to a another great letter and my inner voice (the Holy Spirit) prompted me to Google his name and I found this site. I have already blocked his emails and will never give my email address again ever !!! The same stories that he told the other ladies were the same stories he told me. Please be ware. I am a widow which is identified on my CM account and he preys on us. Please tell your Mother to just not communicate with this scammer.

      • romancescams says:

        There are over 10,000 scammers overseas sharing identities. It is very unlikely that any two people being scammed by someone using the same name are being scammed by the same criminal. For more help, please join our Yahoo support group to learn what to look out for and how to keep you and your computer safe.

  15. yvonne says:

    I do not feel so foolish after reading how we are all susceptible to a scammer. I recently “fell” for one. He never asked me for money, yet he claimed all the other routine criteria such as the contractor for oil and having been a widow for 7 years as well as having a son. He is currently supposedly out of the country getting his big contract. I started reading other women’s stories and looked at this website and saw a picture that I had always been suspicious of but he told me he didn’t know anything about. His name is John King aka Jose Miguel. As I said, I didn’t lose any money, just emotional feelings and time.

    • romancescams says:

      Welcome, Yvonne, if you’d like to share your story with others, please join the support group at:

      I am very glad you didn’t lose money but the toll a dating scam takes goes beyond that and support while healing can be helpful.

      Diane G
      Peer Counselor/Moderator

  16. Margie says:

    I just got scammed by Rajmund Timotez. Email is
    It’s another Nigerian based lie. Look out for him on

    • JW says:

      Wow, I am sorry but I was a victim to by Rajmund Timotez.. I try to look him up but had found nothing until today… he started with me 3 weeks ago, I guess by the same time with you Margie.. I just had a red flag when he said he was taking him 8yr old daughter with him on business trip to Nigiria…
      I hope you didnt lose to much time and money…
      Meet him on

    • LIsa says:

      hello, Can you give me a pic of your Rajmund ?

    • LIsa says:

      What was the story he gave you Margie and JW?

  17. Jean Verlander says:

    Does anybody know of Abid Khalil, of Peshawar,Pakistan, maybe Dubai, on Skype, New York. I have known him since 2008 and over 3 and half years he has conned me out of £1,000. I trusted him because of the length of time I have known him. I have just found out that everything he told me was a lie. Although the fool did give me his correct name and address and copy of his Passport plus his Pakistan ID No. This Guy can charm the pants off of you be very careful if he has approached you. I am fighting him like mad to get my money back, through is Parents who now know the whole story.

    • Jean Verlander says:

      This is an update.. Abid Khalil has now threatened to put a bullet in my head, he says he has a visa to enter Uk to get married.. Never, I have notified the police for I have his real name, ID No, and Parents address. Had I sent all the money he asked for, I would be £9000 a loser. He even killed his Mother off on May 2nd 2010. What a liar. Please do not tell me to let go of this, I will not, he deserves all he gets now.. His name Abid Khalil, his parents address and where he was living at that time, 17, Akbar Town, Danish Abad, University Town, Peshawar, Pakistan. ID No.1730152198279. I wiil never get the money back but he will suffer I promise you.

      • romancescams says:

        Why are you still in contact with this criminal? You are right. Your money is gone and there is nothing you can do and no one who will recover it for you. Anybody who says they will is another scammer. This scammer is using a made up name. Everything about him is a lie so there is no way anyone can ever find out who he really is. In all probability, you have been speaking to more than one person.

        You can keep going if you wish but the only person who will ever be hurt is you. By not letting it go and allowing yourself to heal and begin anew, you are wasting time you will never get back and, in the end …. you will have done nothing to the criminal … only made yourself more bitter and allowed “him” to steal more (time) from you.

      • Jean Verlander says:

        The name and address, Id No is correct. When he decided to steal from me I do not know but he did. His Parents have disowned him he is no longer allowed into their home. I just feel a little kick now and then will remind him to be good. he has begged me to stop. By the way he has already sent two lots back, two separate Western Union amounts. I like making him uncomfortable. May save another woman cos I really think he will never do it again. Gave me the proper home phone number I actually spoke to his Mother (who was supposed to be dead). I am quite enjoying it. My turn to have a laugh.

      • romancescams says:

        Of course he will check out. This scammer is using an identity from a real person who is most probably another victim from the past or present. Playing with a criminal is dangerous at best. These people have incredible computer skills and have ways to destroy your computer in a moment. Besides playing with someone because they hurt you never satisfies. It increases the ultimate pain, healing time and adds more bitterness.

    • Jean Verlabder says:

      It has taken me 4 years but I have managed to get back every £ Abid Khalil lied to get from me. I searched the Internet and found the whole of his male family and 1 female (who is a model). This family is middle class his Father an Accountant. Abid Khalil himself is working for a German NGO in Islamabad, he knew that I would plaster him and his family all over the internet and he returned all of my money. I was so angry at the way he lied to me that I was determined either to get my money back or destroy the lot of them. Now I can have no more contact and rest in PEACE. These B`s should not be allowed to get away with it.

      • RomanceScams says:

        This guy was not Nigerian so count yourself lucky that you did get your money back. That does not happen with the Nigerian romance scammers so Warning to others, do not try what she did. As for being caught and punished, they live in a different country and our laws do not apply to them. Most of the romancescammers hide behind stolen pictures, use false names and never tell you the truth, so you wouldn’t know them if you ran into them on the streets, how would you identify them in a court of law. You would have to go to their country and try and if you did, you would probably end up dead because they would just as soon kill you as look at you over there.

  18. Peggy says:

    Has anyone heard of a man calling himself Paul Brown? Lives in Colorado, but goes to Dubai to work because he won a contract there.

    • Yes, definitely not a real person. He “lives” in Irvine now. His daughter’s name is Judith. He was cheated on by his wife with his best friend and he has been alone and not trusted anyone for nine years. He is good and will make you believe that you are fated. I think the scam could include getting pictures and using them with other victims. If you need to be online Skype. I almost met this person and I truly believe I would not be here had I done so.

  19. Yanira Chavez says:

    Hello, I just started emailing to a guy that claims is from the UK, widower,and a father of a daughter name Kimmy. What I don’t understand is how can this scammers get pictures,I have close to10 pictures of this guy and his daughter and him ,at different ages. He sounds very suspicious , and I was wonderingif anybody has run into a Tony Quinn. From I haven’t lost any money,but I wanted to know if anybody has run into him anywhere else.thanks for all the testimonies. This website is very helpful.

  20. lin says:

    I was approached by a guy named Phil rodman, he lives in dublin, ireland. has two kids 4 and 6 years old. lives with grandma in Brazil, wife died 4 years ago, parents and one sister also are dead. he claims he is a civil engineer, has a huge contract in Malaysia. he message me by #236 234 2383 and #360234 2394, that’s why found out he is scammer. he has very good looking pics. i met him through facebook. he claim he is 46 years old, birthday march 23, 1965.

    i can’t believe there are so many victims. and i am glad and appreciate for the postings. i blocked him totally. did not lost anything except my two weeks time.

    i fell in love with pics this bastard used though


    • romancescams says:


      You did exactly what every victim should do upon realizing they are in contact with a scammer. Stop all communication and block all access.

      I am truly sorry you’ve been hurt but glad you found out early and didn’t lose money.

  21. Barb says:

    hi dose any one know cox valen woolbright i think i have been scamed by him

  22. Kate Ramain says:

    Your scammer sounds like mine. The name he used is Bobby Davies,he is a civil engineer, lives in Manchester, England with 2 sons. Both parents are dead and sister also. His wife died 4 years ago. He just supposedly received a 5 million pounds contract in India. He called me his angel and will make me his queen. Like you, I fell in love with the picture.

    • Lynne Chretien says:

      Hi Kate. I don’t know if this is still an active thread or if you still come on here. But just curious if you could tell me a bit more about Bobby Davies? How did he get you? You can email me with the details if you want to go with that way. Did anyone else get contacted by him?

  23. Linda says:

    Just block him completely and walk away, I know your feeling, as I am still feeling hurt, but you will get over, and leave as early as possible, don’t say anything to him!

  24. Brenda says:

    Has anybody run into a guy named George Eddy Williams from uk and has a daughter named Caroline. He tells me that he is stranded in malaysia.

    • George Eddy Williams scammed me now. He borrow Money from me. After that he been robbed and get a knife in his bofy. He sent Pictures when he “were in the hospital” and he told them i was his wife, so i got a hospital bill. When i search in internet on the hospital, it was not found a Bukit Alor Hospital in Malaysia or something on the doctor. When i sent him Money so he should come home, it Always happening him something. And he need more Money so he could come home to London and pay back the Money he borrowed me. But i don`t pay more. He say he and Caroline (KIKI) just eating fruits, so he needs the Money. Don´t send him Money!!!
      He have sent me a Picture of his and the doughters passport and his driver license and of course hit business contract

  25. Patricia says:

    Hi. I was scammed by a man going by the name of Mark Maine, supposedly lives in Miami but owns a construction company and travels to other states to put in bids so to speak. His wife supposedly died in a terrible accident with his eldest daughter and left him with a young boy to raise. His only family is his son Samuel and his mother in London, UK. When he first called me I hung up on him because obviously the accent wasn’t anything like I suspected I even said something to the fact “Have you spent time in Africa?” LOL. He said that he was trying to blend a London accent with an American Accent. What a joke! One night I called and was hung up on. Then I called the Austin # where he called me last again. Some terrible accented young men answered the phone and I heard laughing in the background. That is when I knew it was a hoax. I came right out and told the idiot that I was broke LOL and lived paycheck to paycheck so don’t ever e-mail or call asking for money in the near future. Oh yeah the so-called flowers never arrived. I got a call from some Nigerian accented man who was supposed to be Mark Maine and he LOL broke it off LOL! I just received a call from that Austin Number again. I really want to find the guy whose pictures they used with his son or grandson in the pictures. I want to allow the man in the photos to know he is being used terribly. I sent pictures to these jerks and who knows when they will use my face to attract other victims. I am not happy at all.

    • romancescams says:


      The people in scammer’s stolen photos are victims of this crime also. We do not recommend trying to find them. Many already know and have tried to stop the use of their photos. Some of these victims have been tracked down and stalked by scam victims thinking they are the actual scammers. There have been instances where a photo victim was tracked down and stalked and the police intervened as this person was preparing to murder the photo victim and her husband. There have been instances where the photo victim’s mate has left them or divorced believing the mate is cheating. Since we never really know what position the photo victim is in, please respect their privacy and do not search for them.

  26. Renee Hesson says:

    I am sending this site to all my friends I am amazed at what I have learned besides what I already knew, I have had my share of bad experiences, and for what it’s worth there are dishonest men everywhere, stay clear of (Mends Bansah, Walter Moss and Jon Base) isn’t there a “Safe” site anywhere?

  27. BGonzales says:

    If there is anyone currently on contact with Paul Peder Magnus aka: Paul Peder; Paul Magnus; Paul Paul (recently changed FB profile to this a month ago). Email addresses:; & most recently: Stop all contact immediate. He is a scammer. He claims to be from Houston, Texas going to Europe to work to on the interior of a hotel. He first contacted me in December 2011. We maintained communication for nearly 8 months. I had my suspicions; but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he I fell for the illusion of him being my “Mr. Right”. Long story short; he scammed me out of $300.00! Could have been more; but I had no more to give him. I fell in love with him; he even asked me to marry him when he returned back to the states. Truly left me standing at the alter with a broken heart. It has been difficult for me to get over the pain of the heartache; much less lost all of my trust; which after a divorce which resulted from infidelity; will be hard for me to regain again. I don’t really care about getting the money back; as I know I never will; but I will do anything and everything in my power to put him & other scammers out of commission for I am on a mission in doing so.

  28. As far as scammers go I had the best. He found me on a dateing site. His scammer name is chris ortega from Ireland with a daughter Sophia. HE sounded very nice so sweet. He would write or copy love letters He got me hook line and Sinker. He said he loved me and was coming to see me. Worked on a Cargo ship going to Russia. The ship was stopped off the coast of Malasia by sea pirates. He said he had money and took it off ship to a courrier in a Box. The ship left with the box still there in Malasia. He said he needed money to be able to send the box to me. He had a pic of the box top with my name and address on it.I was really suckered in. I beleived in him even with finding signs that sounede untrue true. Wells Faro even stopped me from sendng money to him But I went and sent by a different company. I even found another one of his scam sites that was almost idetical. He had a cover for everything. The day The money was transfered he stopped calling and writing me the same day. He had me send the money to Global Premium Courrier Service in Malasia. He strung me along and didn’t send the box. The head man that I did business with Named Mr Habib his # is 01160104273067. I told him the box was never shipped and I wanted my money returned I have not heard from him except that he was going to use a wire transfer service, I also warned him that I was turning him in. This is where things stand. I realy wanted to believe he wanted me and I fell for. I’ve shed a lot of tears over the scammer. This to shall pass in time. If he looks like a skunk, smells like a skunk run it is a skunk.

  29. audrey says:

    Encouraged to read that other sane, sensible women have had the misfortune to be ‘taken’ in by scammers. I didn’t know such evil men existed until i joined my first dating site a few months ago. I have encountered them on ‘Just Widowers, Just Christain, Speed Date & Eharmony dating sites.
    The common themes are, 1- they profess undying love & ask you to consider marridge after a few days, they want to know what you do for a living, they ask do you own your own house. They all claim to be engineers or in a job which involves travel to places abroad. They then claim to be trapped & in financal trouble & ask for you to send them a large sum of money to help them. They always promise to pay you back.
    I thank God, that although i have my heart broken twice, i have NEVER sent any money to any men.
    So once you see this pattern emerging, please beware & block these men a.s.a.p.
    Some names i discovered scammers had stolen & are operating under:-
    Kelly Dustin Smith.
    Roberson Smith – his facebook photo is of a dead American soldier.
    Frank or Fred, a diamond dealer. i forget his surnames.
    Richard Muller, didn’t ask for money but lied about all his details for months & broke my heart.
    Good luck everybody, & take care!

  30. audrey says:

    That should have read – Kelly Daniel Smith.
    Dustin is someone that will take me forever to get over.
    He stole my heart & soul 😦

  31. Mary says:

    My scam took a little different twist, one day I was on IM talking to my “husband” Lucas Mullerburg, telling him that I was having trouble getting him the money he needed for his sick son. All of a sudden, a message to chat came on the site, so I bit, turns out he could help me get money to Mr Mullerburg and/or trap him at the Western Union office when he picked it up. I was having my doubts about Mullerburg being real, so in walks Michael Allen Smith, my hero and savior, who actually is the one who ended up with thousands of my dollars. He was stationed in Afghanistan in the military, no soldier would lie, right? Boy, was I ever fooled. But, then they finished me off a couple months ago, posing as a romantic interest from the dating site., This very sweet man was going to make me forget all about my trauma and love me forever!!!Damned if I didn’t fall for it again, they knew I would be hurting from the first one so they struck when the iron was hot. When I realized I had been scammed again I was physically sick. Was for days. But, with the new year here, I see hope. I think I need a twelve step program to help me get away from the dating sites. The Serenity Prayer is very helpful, I should have been praying it alot sooner.!!!

  32. sandra de la luz says:

    if you know somebody names Gary Paolo, sounds good looking, i bring my friendship, he ask me severals questions i answer him after that i was like ready put me like to introduce me with his daughter like told me mom ready,he live in Baltimore working in oil rig, he lost his wife after his daughter born to live in Malayzia with her grandma,he in short time said he miss me, and he wants married me, when im ready a partner,and he said is Christiam, when you beleive in God i suppose you never lie, and with all that , i told him he trap me and made conclusions about everything, suddenly, the daughter told me she cant back school until paid the fees, he ask me cant entry his money, and silly i send ready 1500 dlls, i said to him is the first and last tiem, im not the bank, and you need return my money back, well again she trough school is happy to the trip to Nigeria, and said grandma doesnt have money for a camara, and give my pphone and adress, i said to her is his dad responsability, i contact him, and later on he ask me to mades happy his daugther to give 1000 dll, i said to him no,i dont have, and is his responsability, and the school; send information to him, i said he use me , and took advantage of me, he said no, and he gave me his adress, only i need to know if he said a true or im victim to thanks, also he send me pictures in where looks same expresion with different clothes, and the daughter no looks malaysia back ground, the problem i feel to much for somebody i dont know, and since i met him and crying, is like move the carpet, i said to him things stink like a cat lock in the closet, but he trying to convince me is sincere, anyway he knows no more money, i said women no give money to the men,at the contrary care and is the provider, thnaks if you help

  33. Bettina P. says:

    Hello Ladys, i had the same Problem with a young Man on facebook….He was friendly and he is very Attractiv….We chat 3 Weeks ,then he send me an email how much he loves me bla bla bla….But i was with a very strong distance by my Words…Then he give up…No Contact….But he is still on my facebook…Oh we HD a Phone Call..the 447430149758…he talks nice but with a strong Akzent…African Man….his Name is Mario Williams,43,Widow with a 9 year old Girl…a big Fake~ Greetings Bettina from Germany

    • romancescams says:

      Bettina, to be safe and keep your computer safe from this criminal dropping a virus or malware on it, please delete him from your FaceBook account and block him in every way you have previously communicated. Have no further conversation with him or anyone from that part of the world about him. He will try to come back later if you allow it once he thinks you are more vulnerable. Even if you are strong, the only thing that can happen if you chat with him again is to further educate him on how to scam his next victim.

      • Bettina P. says:

        Thanks i delete this Scammer,,,I saw he is back with a New Name called John Williams!!!! A New Scammer with Name Williams Benny wrote me and he ASK so much ,what do you have for a Job and how much Money do you earn,,,,The have no Character,,,I watch out now,,, Greetings from Germany Bettina

  34. Janna Paris says:

    Has anyone ever had contact with a man named David Mancini? Claims to be Italian and I met him on Chemistry. Things progressed fast, claimed he loved me after a few days but he wouldn’t ever meet me or I couldn’t call him. Last week he said he had won a contract for untreated leathers in South Africa and had to leave for 2 weeks, Wanted to send his 2 big dogs for me to take care of while he was gone. LOL! His email address is I found the site Pig Busters and they have him listed as a scammer living in Nigeria. I am done with online dating!

  35. barb says:

    dose any one know a mark wilson his email is dr.mark.code@ we have been talking for 3 years but all he wants is money i stop sending and now he is telling me i dont want us to be together im not sending any more i think he is a scammer also

    • romancescams says:

      Barb, he is a scammer. Please quietly (without another word) disappear by blocking every way in which he communicates with you. Any further conversations with him and you may without knowing educate him to be a better criminal with his other and next victims. Please visit our group for help in healing: If you live in the USA, you may be able to claim any monies lost on your income tax return as theft losses. Files are available at the above group to explain how to do this.

    • Janna Paris says:

      One of the best sites to check out if a guy is a scammer is “Pig Busters”. Just enter his email address and if he has been reported as such the name he is using and his real name will come up.

      • romancescams says:

        There are several ways to check out anyone you meet online quickly. Do a Google check on the name and then on the email address. Check the photo out by doing an image search through Google and then one through Tineye (

  36. ruth says:

    its sad to see people take advantage of others

  37. sonia says:

    I have been scammed of the same kind by an African but thanks to the Interpol police net in africa, crooks were my stop and I could get my money followed compensation and Interests, you can do the same if you have been scammed here is their email address []

    watch on dating sites

    • RomanceScams says:

      You need to delete, remove, block and ignore this link to interpol. This is scammers set up to suck you into money laundering. Interpol does NOT use gmail for their email address. This is a scammer tatic. Stop all contact immediately. Money laundering is a federal offense and is punishable with a prison sentence.

      • Janna says:

        In other words, never trust anything a person tells you on any dating site, especially if you choose to correspond with them outside of the site. They will always ask you to leave the site and email privately. Be aware; be smart; and don’t be so gullible when they tell you that you are the answer to their dreams after only a couple of emails.

      • RomanceScams says:

        The reason they want you off of the sites so quickly is they pay with stolen credit cards and as soon as the site discover this fact, the scammer is banned from the site. They want to get you off where they won’t lose you as quickly as possible so you don’t see them just up and disappear without notice.

  38. has anyone ever heard of peter palmers?

  39. Owl gurl says:

    Person writing to me as a man. Professing deep love for just 2 days. Says he & young daughter are in Johannesburg on business trip. Then all of a sudden says he was robbed of money , phone, credit cards. Says he has nothing. Daughter is hungry & they are going to starve & be put out in the street cause everything was taken. Pleading with me to send money from the USA. Scam or not?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Absolutely 100% guaranteed this is a scammer. He is West African in origin and hiding behind a stolen picture. The man in the picture is an innocent victim same as you. The west African scammers work in groups of 5 to 6 men. What you need to do is delete, remove, block and ignore without another word to him. Hugs

  40. Michelle says:

    I have been scammed by a guy that goes by the name ruiz medina. I have about 10 pics of him and he got me to send him a cellphone…but he wanted it to be a q10,, so u sent it and ended up send approx. 1000.00 bucks and when I couldn’t send more he got so mean to me…so let me know if you know this one???

    • RomanceScams says:

      Michelle, Names mean nothing in the scamming business as they change names like we change socks. But I can tell you, without a shadow of doubt, this is a scammer you are dealing with and you need to immediately, without another word to him, delete, remove, block and ignore.

      send the pictures to and make sure to put SCAMMER PHOTO in the subject line and his name and where you met in the body of the email. send any contact details to Hugs

  41. Skout is the one I was using and I got 3guy interested and they said that from here and next they come back 2month later from Lagos Nigeria

  42. Hi I think I am being scammed from a woman a met on badoo. Her name is Hannah Moore she claims. She asked me if I can chat on hangout app. She wants me to send £300 to a guy named Bruce moody in huntingdon, Cambridgeshire zip pe279bw in the uk but only in moneygram the email is

  43. Jamie says:

    Has anyone had problems with Smith Martinez?

  44. George Eddie Williams Betrügt mich gerade Januar 2016 genau so wie Agneta die gleich Geschichte auch mit Überall und das er jetzt kein Geld mehr hat .Mich hat er in Deutschland gefunden.Auchb ich habe Fotos und Dokumente

  45. Uschi Tschorn says:

    George Eddie Williams
    Betrügt mich gerade wie Agenten auch ich habe Bilder und Dokumente.
    Auch er wurde überfallen und lebt mit kiki von Früchten.und er will Geld.
    Kiki Engineering &Construction
    46 Essen Rd.London,England
    PHONE +44 7087640804
    GIBT es aber nicht.

    + 44 7749815144

    • Ute Scheibner says:

      Hi, ich hatte auch gerade mailkontakt mit ihm. Habt ihr Fotos?

      Danke und Gruß Ute

      • RomanceScams says:

        Schauen Sie sich die Website für Romantik Scams ( ) . In der Spalte auf der rechten Seite der Seite finden Sie einen Link zu unserer Fotodatenbank zu sehen. Die Fotos werden nach Geschlecht organisiert , dann alphabetisch nach Namen , die mit dem Bild verwendet wurde. Diese Fotos und Namen wurden von den Opfern vorgelegt .
        Ich hoffe, das beantwortet Ihre Fragen .

      • Romy says:

        Hallo Uschi,
        ich habe seit dem 13.01.2017 Kontakt mit William Patricks aus London Essex. Er hat eine Tochter namens Kiki, ist Witwer und ist aktuell geschäftlich in Singapur. Wir whatsappen über + 44 77 498 15144. Ich habe auch Fotos, die ich Dir senden kann. Kannst Du mir helfen? Ist er wirklich Fake?
        Danke Dir.
        Liebe Grüße

      • RomanceScams says:

        Diese Nachricht wird mit Google Translate übersetzt. Romy, das ist ein Betrug. Es ist das übliche Skript, das die Betrüger verwenden. Bitte beenden Sie den Kontakt zu dieser Person. Sag kein anderes Wort, weil das dich in Gefahr bringen könnte. Entfernen Sie Whatsapp von Ihren Geräten, weil es sehr einfach für die Betrüger zu verwenden, um Malware und andere schlechte Programme auf Ihrem Telefon oder Computer hochladen. Es kann sehr schwierig, aber das ist, was Sie tun müssen.

  46. Christine Zwicky says:

    Do you know some man with The name of Quinn David Allan?

  47. Michelle says:

    Hi my name is Michelle I wasbefriended by a man named Mata Kelly on fb he said he is stationed in Kabul for peace keeping but that he is not suppose to speak to outsiders for security reasons but that hene eds a woman for himself. He said he wouldnbe able to call me for that reason as everything is monitered and then told me he would rather chat thru gmail hasn’t asked for money or anything just said he is ready for a serious relationship and just wants to be loved. He claims to be a senior officer in the U.S.ARMY STATIONED IN KABUL PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT IF THIS GUY IS REAL OR AM I JUST ANOTHER VICTIM BEING SWEET TALKED THANK I PATEINLY WHAT FOR YOUR REPLY.

    • Angela says:

      Michelle, that is a lie, when people are on real peace keeping missions, they are not allowed to be online with anyone PERIOD. I get lot of invites from such men on skype who claim to be on peace keeping missions overseas. Then when i accept them and start chatting with them, they turn out to be scammers mainly from Nigeria who use pictures of US military men stolen from other sites. Believe me, they will soon ask for money, they always do.

  48. Anyone hear of Nicolas Larry Michael Mani’s…Nicolas Larry Michael….Nicolas larry

    • RomanceScams says:

      Names mean nothing here as scammers change names like we change socks. Since you seem to be using the name Nicolas Larry, why are you also asking about him since you appear to be him.????

      • I have sent money to him not much he says for internet for his phone,food….tried to say he lost his gun needed to get another one before commander found out and something about money to be wit his plane ticket to get home

      • RomanceScams says:

        It must be the way you signed in. Anyway, It sounds like you might be saying your scammer is acting like a military man??? No matter what, if he is asking for money for these things, he is a scammer, guaranteed. You need to delete, remove, block and ignore him and report him where you met. Under no circumstances, send him or anyone else any money. If they are on the internet and asking for money they are a scammer. delete, remove, block and ignore.

      • Met him on Facebook he was in uniform I requested friends wit him how stupid I was. Thank you

      • Must filled something wrong out on my account let me look

  49. Why would his name be coming up Larry Nicolas on my comment here

  50. My name vyvyen sullivan

  51. Man I was stupid he didn’t get much hasn’t ask for a few days I do say nope no money he gets mad tells me bye

  52. jaya selvamoni says:

    I have been chatting with the guy called Alex Bob Rich and claims he is a contractor from Petronas Malaysia and he posted a cheque for million and he doesnt havemoney to open up a bank account. I ve given him 1400 so far and he is requesting for more money 1k. I ‘m unable to figure out if he is genuine or not. He posted his pictures and his daughter. he is a white male from UK but his voice sounds like nigerian
    im just curious

    • RomanceScams says:

      you have a Nigerian scammer. the picture he is using is stolen. There is no daughter. There is no million dollar check either. That is a forgery just for show. You need to delete, remove, block and ignore without another word to him.

      • Sandy S. says:

        I do know about the stolen photo, oh 16 year old daughter as he was turning 60 ? really.
        the 3,7 million dollar check, the promises, the SCAM, FRAUD and this so called Sea Captain…Yes in three months I did get scammed I have nothing left and a lot on my credit cards I was lured to purchase. His organization is large and the best thing I did was keep all I did in a file. The report I did to the Federal Authorities was large and gave information that was valuable. There is many more crimes I could write about but it is over, I’m going on with my life and being pro active to become an advocate for women who have been violated by such horrific crimes to vulnerable women and men.

    • Gloria says:

      It ‘s not real ! Pls don’t sent more money ! I have been scam .

    • RomanceScams says:

      Jaya, have you reported to the Malaysia Authorities? If not you need to report the scammer at your local embassy for scammer country, UK; and at Malaysia embassy. Also report to the UK Anti-Fraud Centre. I have reporting information to report 4-1-9 Advance Fees Fraud to Malaysia authorities and UK authorities. You can contact me at
      You have a scammer 100%. I have helped many Victims in Malaysia romance scams. The scammers are students who remained in Malaysia with expired student visa. The scammers find Malay citizens to help them with online victims. Most scammers in Malaysia are from UAE Nation, Nigeria, Ghana & Philippines.

    • RomanceScams says:

      @Jaya Selvamoni, the first indication of a scammer is he has 3 first alias names; contractor abroad, they do not get a check previous to terminating the contract. They way it works is the foreign contractor works as an employee, and not as a separate independent entity. They have access to banking and their monthly pay is deposited into that account. The bank never freezes or detains anyone’s money/account. Foreign workers are asked to provide blank checks to the employer so the pay transactions can be deposited into the foreign contractors account. Everyone who travels abroad is instructed to open a temporary account with an International bank and link their active bank account with the new international account.
      As for the stolen picture did you google the picture to see if it is reported as a scammer?
      Regarding the Million Dollars check:
      Don’t be tricked into becoming a money mule! The police will be able to track you down but will have a harder time finding the actual online criminals who are hiding behind you. The criminal therefore recruits a money mule in the victim’s country who will receive money transfers and merchandise and resend them to the criminal in return for a commission.
      Length of sentence for federal convictions vs. state convictions (USA)
      (depends on each country government; prosecutes money laundering violations)
      Another major difference between federal punishment vs. state crimes punishment is the percentage of actual time you will have to serve if you are sentenced to a federal conviction.
      In federal court, you will have to serve 85% of your sentence if convicted of federal charges. Thus, if you are sentenced to 10 years in prison, you will actually serve 8.5 years in prison.
      However, for most state felony convictions, you will only serve 50% of your actual sentence. Additionally, in some serious felony matters, you can serve up to 85% of your sentence, but in the vast majority of state felony matters, you will only serve half of the sentence imposed. The bottom line is federal sentencing is much harsher than state sentencing in almost every situation.
      Warning: If you are engaging in a financial transaction and you think the source of the funds could possibly be from an illegal activity, even though you may not have done the illegal activity, you are committing a crime simply by participating in that transaction!

      • Joanne says:

        Beware of a man called Tony Pieros who is also a lying scammer. He has lots of patience and will go on for months with his bullshit before he asks for money.

  53. Joanne says:

    Tony Pieros latest scammer, full of lies and knowledge of what women like to hear. Preying on older single lonely women. Sooner or later asks for money. Has lots of patience. Kept lying to me for 10 months. Beware.

  54. Ray West says:

    Have you been scammed by Delix Michelle Hagan. She from Ghana uses Danish and American dating sites she scammed me and my family. If you need photos and information email us at:

  55. Im seeking to help my mother in law. She was on outrtime for two weeks met a man claiming to be italian…lost his parent s……was an only child. Was married but wife would always have abortion to get rid of babies Posing by a red camaro. And a work out video. His name is riccardo romani from haviland kansas owns a care dealership. Has anyone heard this story before?

  56. Rosemari says:

    Hi. I have just found out that I’ve been scammed, thanks to my friend that care a lot of me. I’m from Sweden so I am not so familiar with the english language even if we learn it in school and online but I’m not very good at it. My friend found this page and when I looked at it it was just the same letters over and over again but with different names and in my case a 10 year old daughter. My scammers name is Carillo Jose. Thank you for sites like this so everyone can be warned for this scammers and I realize that I’m not alone in this. Take care everyone!

  57. shelly says:

    Do anyone know Steven Barr he is on Tinder and KIK as Flying Angel and i also fine him on Facebook. i meet him on tinder and ask to sign for KIK. he say that he is deploy in Afghanistan he have 4 yr daughter. he also send me a lot picture of him and daughter and his sister. he will ask me to send a picture of my beautiful face i send him a lot of picture of me. Can he use my picture to scam someone else. on 5/29/2016 he ask Honey can you help me with little amount i needs to get some things for myself here. as soon as he did i know i was getting scam. i stop talking i try to delete the KIK account could not so block him.

  58. Shirley says:

    Feel so sorry to hear so many sad stories. I didn’t know there is such an kind of people called Romance Scammer before. A man named Paul Tomson sent me a friend request via Facebook on Jun.4th, his profit picture looks great, so I accepted.and we contacted via Whatsapp per his request. He told me he is a English, lives in London, is CEO of shell oil company. His wife passed away a few years ago. I searched Shell managers in London, he’s not on the list. It’s very strange that a UK man will declare he falls in love with the first sight of my picture and love me so much. He advice me to pay him a visit in London. I feel so funny. To our common sense, Most of UK men are very cautious, is it a joke? So I told him I never been to UK, having no idea about London, keep asking him about London. He told me his house is located in Manchester, close to downtown of London. But when you google, you can see a long distance between Manchester and London. He refuse to have video call with me, his English is not formally, sometimes I can’t hear clearly what he said. Another sign is he always confuse about the time in USA but he told me he had been here for business. As a business man, it’s really impossible. Then I used image search finally I find the gentleman in the picture belongs to a Romania Policeman. On Jun.13th I send him the image search result and block, cut off all connection with him. But he keep texting and calling me by Whatsapp, so annoying, I have to close my Whatsapp account. Luckily I’m not fall in love with him and lost nothing. but I still always check my bank and credit card accounts just in case.
    I share my story for all nice and kind people, hope them always keep an eye on the details which doesn’t make sense while dating online or by phone instead in person. God bless you!

  59. Angela says:

    I met a man named Muhammad Younis on Zorpia who says he’s from.pakistan. the number he gave is +92 334 720 6823, email: a while after chatting he started mentioning how he wished he had his own truck so he could haul things for pay. he asked me if i could loan him the downpayment for the truck and he’d repay me once revenue started rolling in. i said no, offering to help find the contact information to loan companies in his area where he csn get the money. he had excuses as to why he couldn’t do that. every suggestion i had was shot down by excuses. so i kept saying no i will not send him money. shortly afterwards he pulled away and gradually cutting off contact. one day while strolling another scammer site i saw his photo along with.a comment from another woman he scammed out of $180. i had my suspicions about him but seeing him there confirmed it. i was glad that i didn’t give in to his tricks.

    • Su says:

      Angela the guy you talking about recently started messaging me. He didn’t introduce himself but sending me sms.
      If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine…Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you my Queen,,,Good morning to you my Half, How was your night, well mine was awesome, missing you so much, I love you forever honey🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

      And he using this no +44 7517 454188
      My true called showing his name Adam Uk
      Thank you for your sharing story.

  60. Angela says:

    I recently met a man on (a Muslim chat site), who goes by the name of fahad9000, supposedly from the Middle East, living in the US (Nevada). All went well till yesterday when i offered to give him my phone number, he then said he couldn’t call me because he’s working on an oil rig in the North Sea of Europe. He hasn’t yet asked for money but i have a strong feeling that if i continue chatting with him he eventually will. Can anyone give their opinions on this? is the person i am chatting with a scam artist?

    • S says:


      Don’t trust on him my experience said he is fraud you could continue for check it i think but don’t trust on him or give him your all details.

  61. Angela says:

    where can i post pictures of a so-called scammer i met as a warning to others on here?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Angela, you can follow this link to a form and directions about submitting photos used by scammers. Your photos may not appear for 2 or 3 weeks because our volunteer receives 100’s of these in a week. The procedure is usually to post the most recent ones in a group by date, then to sort them by gender and alphabetically by scammer name.

  62. badz803 says:

    Is there anyone know KENNEDY FRED STEVE,from Athens Greece A civil Engineer, he said he is working at BEXWELL CONSTRUCTION LTD in London as Construction Manager. He is given a Settlement Project at Malacca Malaysia to build a Refinery. He arrived at Malaysia last May 16, At first he is not asking money but this month of July he told me that he need to pay 190k Ringgit as GST to claim his money of 9.7Million Riggit to be used in the construction. I told him that I don’t have money. He told me that “no amount is little” and he even ask his other friends to lend him just to claim his money. Thank you so much

    • RomanceScams says:

      Badz, in the Romance Scams group we often say that scammers change their names as often as we change our socks! Sometimes when searching a possible scammer’s name, we will find a match, but it is not the person who we are communicating with. I found a match to tha name my scammers used with me, and that person lived right where they told me he lived, but it wasn’t the person who talked to me on the phone because he never left Nigeria! Sometimes names are re-used, but usually with some variation. In any case, it is never the name of anyone in the scammers group. Often the names scammers create are unusual in that the last name sounds more like a first name. They really don’t understand the names of English speakers

      Commonly used by scammers as professions are engineers (construction, civil, road and bridge specialists, oil rig workers, gold and gemstone importers/exporters, and so on. It is usually a profession that takes them out of the country to work. After they arrive in that country is when they tell their victims of all their troubles, illness, needing money for construction supplies, foreign taxes due, broken laptops, being unable to access their own money, being unable to cash their pay checks, etc. once the victim sends even a little money (such as a gift card for iTunes), the requests will not stop. It sounds like you did not send any money. Good for you! This person is definitely a scammer! If you haven’t already done so, block all means of contact that they used with you.

      Be careful on every social media and dating site. The scammers are lurking everywhere. Learn to recognize the clues of scammers. They are listed on the Romance Scams website.

      • badz803 says:

        thank you so much for that info. i will never give him any money til his last breath. i told him on my last chat that it is not too late for him to change and look for decent job.

    • Shelma says:

      Hmmm this is sounded like the guy I met on FB by the name of Fedrick Brent. I met him last week of July then we became friends more than friends I would say so lol, According from his FB Profile he’s from Pori,Finland born on April 4, 1966 widowed, his wife died in a car accident 2years & 8 months ago and he’s raising his 13year old daughter by himself. He’s an independent contractor and also working in a maritime/shipping company as according to him he took that job because he likes to sail out around the word… He’s such a very decent, nice, hardworking guy and the way he writes and speak English is very fluent as you can’t not imagine he’s from Nigeria sort of but he has a deep accent so as for me at first, thought that’s how the Finnish people talk as he claimed he’s from Finland and moved to Leedstown, UK as he has a contract project going on, and soon that project of his is soon be ended and move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because he applied another project over there…As for 3 months we’ve been talking tru WhasApp as his request, everything was doing fine between us until he arrived in Kuala Lumpur last month (September 24th) when he started asking me for money because he needs to pay or clear the GST for 13,000$ before he can collect his contract money blah, blah, blah and told he that his friend from UK already sent him 10K$ so he wants me to pay the remaining 3,000$ I told him I don’t have money but he said he’s stuck at the hotel blah,blah so at first I never thought it was all scam… I don’t know nothing about it all I knew is I care about him so I helped him out sent him $2,500 so he can cleared the GST and get his money…he promised me to return my money ASAP after he cleared the transaction…then another bomb shell drop he said he didn’t succeed he can’t get his contract money because he has to pay again for the money laundering certificate for another 5K$ and asking me if I could help him again, then that’s the time I’m awaken with my senses lol…told him I have a feeling this is already a scam everything he said was all lies and cooked up stories until I start bombarded him with all kinds of nasty words and insults and told him every time we text that I don’t believe him anymore and I already filed a report to the FBI Cyber Fraud and still profusely I have to trust him he will vindicate himself soon blah,blah, blah, but nothing happened he didn’t pay me as he promised so since then all I did is confront and insults him till one day I found out he deleted me on FB so I blocked him on whatssup….so ladies this is happened just last Saturday so beware of this name I knew now that this name Fedrick Brent is also victimized by the Nigerian disgusting ruthless people…

      • RomanceScams says:

        Shelma, Your story is very familiar. It has all the signs of scam written all over it. You were rightto block him on whatsapp, be sure to block his numBer if he talked to you on the phone. It is recommended that a victim never accuse a scammer or tell them they are suspicious of them . Just leave them hanging with no way to contact you. Of course, most of us didn’t know this was important when we found out we were being scammed – we were angry and let loose with accusations and suspicions. At the least, this educates the scammers about the mistakes they made and allows them to do a better job next time. At the worst, it gives them time to download destructive programs onto your computer or smart phone that can actually make those devises inoperable. They can also steal all of your contacts and or mirror your keystrokes in order to see your passwords and other private information, perhaps even steal your identity.

  63. renini says:

    Hi, ladies unfortunately back in October 2015 I met a guy through E-harmony who was claimed to be from Dallas TX . His name was Mark Lemon, he was a engineer a widow raising his 6yrs old son and then he asked me to deleted my profile from the site to communicate via Viber. In the middle of Nov he told me he will go to Canada for a bid with others engineers for a gas oil contract with the Shell company and the winner will go to Scotland to work in the project for a month. He won the project and he left his son with his secretary . When he was in Scotland things started getting complicated for him and he was asking me for money for him and his son and I ended up sent the money through MoneyGram on his name and also under another person name it was a woman name who is living in Tennessee. But then I found out he was a Scammer he stoles pics from Rod Hobbs and his son who lives in Virginia beach and I also got in contact with another woman who was victim of this scammer too. Please be careful to all women out there DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THIS SCAMMER

  64. Ellen Black says:

    Has anyone heard of Mohamed Khaled Whayeb Al Rawi from Dubai?
    I have a gut feeling this man has my sister in Fl. Brainwashed into thinking they madely in love. He sent her money for a passport & to send money for plane ticket for her to go to Dubai for a week. I feel he is not an honest person & may not allow her to come home.
    He says hes well educated by having a Masters degree and studyi now fir a Dr’s degree. He suposedly is to be done in May 2017. I dont want my sister to go there. If he wants them to meet face to face so badly…..he can come to tbe US.

    • Dubai Spy says:

      def a scam as uae guys tend to just marry their own kind, plus thar is not a real Emirati name. Lots of indian scam artists operate out of the Gulf.

    • Nova Starr says:

      Ellen, I do know about the connections in Dubai, I am a Victim of Scam and Fraud and the Professional Scam Artist who scammed me was also connected to several in Dubai. Please tell your sister to STOP any connections with this FRAUD Person of interest he is DANGEROUS.
      NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is true about him or his so called situation.
      DO NOT LET your sister go anywhere as I’m sure you care about her very much.
      Also Florida is a target state for Scammers. PS Tell him to stay in Dubai also.
      I care about others and need to let them know. Starr

  65. dubai spy says:

    Girls watch out for Austin Bruce on tango and and facebook. Says hes British but that isnt a British name and his typing/grammar is typical of indian speakers of english. Says hes’s a ship captain of 39 but the stolen pic on his profile is of an airline copilot mid 20s.

    • Melinda says:

      I got the same scam from Austin Bruce on Facebook.

      • RomanceScams says:

        And that profile is still on Facebook. You may know this already, but it’s important for everyone to understand that none of these sites will remove a scammers presence unless the scam was happening at least partly through their own members email service. This is one reason the scammers want to take the conversation off the site. The other is, for dating sites which charge a fee, they have paid with stolen credit cards and need to disappear before that gets reported. They may be back again later, just repeating the same routine: setting up their appealing profile, getting a response to one or more of the hundreds of “winks” or friend requests that they send out, and proceeding to make an excuse why communicating off site would be better. As soon as the victim agrees, their profile disappears again.

  66. willie says:

    database scammer spotted
    I am disclosing the details of one of the scammers from delhi.he simply takes money by cash or account deposit to provide you the telecalling data and will not ever give you the data. He just took the money face to face and never gave the receipt or his company name.

    I paid him Rs 5000 and he never provided me the data for the record I have all the proof with me.
    I have all the call recordings , wats app and sms requesting him my money for months.
    No refund yet.he is based in delhi.

    His full name and contact phone number, email address and facebook profile link given below.
    Name : rohit arora
    Email :
    Contact mobile : +91-9958573569
    Facebook page :
    Usa company name : webtecpro
    Usa address :913 n market street suite 200 wilmington Delaware 19801 usa
    Usa contact number : 18778124508

    • RomanceScams says:

      Willie, I don’t completely understand your scam story. Are you saying you actually met this person? Was there any proof that what he told you was true. This is a web blog for Romance Scams; I’m uncertain if your story falls into that category.

      The Facebook link no longer exists. The toll free phone number cannot be found on a search of toll free numbers. The Delaware address is a building that is home to many businesses but webtecpro is not one of them. The building is across the street from the Wilmington Public Library.

      All of this has the sound of a scam, and therefore you should report it. Go to the Internet crimes website at You certainly have a lot of information to report.

  67. Tom says:

    Can anybody please help me out I told her that I want to marry her she yes she told me she going to Nigeria Africa she is a fashion model she also told me she will be there two days and come back to meet me her name is Sandra S 801-516-6450 I know that a fashion model make lot of money can you please trace this phone number and no I did not give her money thank you for your help

    • RomanceScams says:

      Tom, I know this is devastating to read and so difficult to accept, but the odds of this being a scam are about 98%. Where did she say she was living before going to Nigeria? The phone number is for Utah, but it is most likely spoofed. Please discontinue communication with this person without another word. Especially don’t mention scams before you do that. If you continue this connection you will soon find that she is having difficulties in Nigeria. She may say she is trying to claim an inheritance, or does not have the cash to pay for the hotel or food, or she has fallen ill and needs money for the hospital and doctor. She won’t be able to access her own money for some reason but promises to pay you back if you help her. If there is suspicion that you think this is a scam, your phone or tablet or PC may be damaged or ruined by viruses, malware, Trojans, etc.

      This is not one individual scammer. Scammers work in groups,keeping notes on their victims so they can fill in for each other. The photos used are stolen from social media and modeling or soft porn sites. In fact, you are most likely communicating with a man (or men). This is certainly the hardest thing for straight men to accept. Please join us on the Yahoo email group for Romance Scams at (safe link) to get help with this ordeal. We have volunteers who can track down the place the emails originated from, run searches for the photos to find where they have been stolen from, give you information on how to report this crime, and provide understanding and emotional support. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to share your story there; we have all been scammed and many members are men who found themselves in a similar situations.

      • Shari K Folken says:

        Anyone heardof a scammer with e-mail address

      • RomanceScams says:

        Shari, the email addresses the scammers use are often changed once they have been disvovered to be scamming. This is especially true if the email address is based on the made up name they are using. When we first discover we have been scammed we believe the person we were in contact with is a scammer instead of the loving person that has been presented to us. It’s difficult to realize that this person never existed. Absolutely everything was made up. Yes, you may have talked to someone on the phone, but that individual was a member of an organized group of scammers, each one working on the victim in different ways, sending gifts, music, emails, texts. And as a group, they are scamming multiple victims at one time. These are not kids, having a good time fooling people. This is a very organized professional criminal organization working around the clock to take victims’ money, involve them in money laundering, getting sponsorship foe a green card and more. Some of the money they get goes to terrorist groups. So tracking down that single email address is not going to be significant. There are an estimated 8 million scammers, the majority of the living in Nigeria or Ghana.

  68. Man named Greg Morrison claims to be army man out on tour in syria. Has a daughter 11 and shes in australia with her grandmother. Ask me to send a little gift to her. Totally not who he is on facebook page

    • RomanceScams says:

      This is a typical scam scenario, Ramona. In the first place, the military are forbidden to use social media, plus they would not have time. The free time they have is spent connecting with family at home. Also, they have no reason to ask for money; most everything they need is provided for by the military. The young daughter is another red flag, very typical of Romance Scams. Do not send money or gifts! Block this one from ever being able to contact you again!

  69. Angela says:

    Has anyone heard about a man name Ashraf Younus from Egypt? I met him a few years ago on a chat site, and we are presently communicating online. He doesn’t yet come across as a scammer but i want to make sure that I’m not “one of many?”

    • RomanceScams says:

      Angela, please read the following and see if you recognize any of these red flags that will tell you if this man is a scammer.

      While reading the following, if you answer “YES” to three (3) or more, you are involved and in contact with a scammer.

      When Contact is First Made

      They immediately want to get off the web site and onto Yahoo IM or MSN IM
      Their profile seems to disappear off the web site immediately after conversation begins
      They claim it was destiny or fate and you are meant to be together
      They immediately ask for your picture and they send you a picture of themselves
      They immediately want your address so as to send you flowers, candy, and teddy bears, often purchased with stolen credit cards
      They claim to love you either immediately or within 24-48 hours
      They immediately start using pet names with you: hon/hun baby/babe sweety/sweetie
      They claim God brought you to him/her
      They typically claim to be from the US (or your local region) but they are overseas, or going overseas mainly to Nigeria, sometimes the UK for business or family matters

      Communication Skills

      Their spelling is atrocious
      Their grammar is not consistent with how Americans speak, French speak etc.
      They appear uneducated with their speaking/writing skills
      They over-use emotions
      They are notorious for using BUZZ
      They are notorious for using “i” instead of “I”
      They consistently use web speak or abbreviations; u r ur cos pls/plz ma sry brb div
      They often mix up their phrases: “i” will like to heer from you soonest, I am kool, Do you have any man you care to meet, Do you have any man you planning to meet, Looking for someone to love and care for in life, Am cheerfull in life, I will like to meet someone that is careing and loveing for real in life, “i” am too young for my age if you don’t know, Ok so how will you feel if i says i dont mind you, i will like you to be my best friend, You are so pretty for my likeness
      They misunderstand our slang or comparisons such as night owl/early bird, poker face

      Their Habits

      They are not usually around on the weekends to IM
      They IM at unusual hours for your time zone
      There are times they are gone from the conversation for a length of time and will sometimes come back at you with a different name, they’re usually conversing with more than one person at a time
      If you ask them a question they don’t know they will usually be offline for a length of time so they can go look up the answer on the internet always claiming they had a phone call or had to go to the bathroom etc.
      They like to send you poems or love letters, most of which can be traced back to Sometimes they even forget to change the name in the poem or letter to match your name
      They send you flowers, teddy bears, and candy within the first few weeks of talking
      They typically ask you to get on your web cam yet they never seem to have a web cam of their own
      They ask for your phone number but when they call you can barely understand a word they say because of their accent and back ground noise
      They may give you a phone number but it’s typically a calling card or a call center, you can rarely get them on the phone
      They do not like to answer personal questions about themselves and tend to ignore questions
      They often do not know the correct time difference between where you are and where they claim to be
      They often claim to have one parent that is of African descent
      A majority of them claim to have lost a spouse/child/parent in a horrific traffic accident or airplane accident or any of the above are sick or in the hospital
      They have no close family or friend or business associates to turn to, even the US embassy, instead they can only rely on a stranger they picked off the internet
      To them love equals financial assistance…if you do not send them money or help them out with what they ask, you do not love them
      If you deny them or question them they become verbally abusive and will resort to threats
      They will insist you keep the relationship a secret until “they” come to you live with you
      Above all, if you call them a scammer they are highly offended and some will start throwing words at you in their native language

      Their Inconsistencies

      The details they give you on IM are often different that what was stated on their profiles, one of the more common ones they give different answers to is their birth date, height/weight, and age etc.
      If you catch them on an inconsistency they will claim a friend or relative must’ve been using their id to chat with you, they will always try to come up with a cover-up and of course, you are always wrong or mistaken
      They often misspell the cities/towns they claim they are from and are unfamiliar with any of the local landmarks and attractions
      They do not know common questions that every US citizen would know the answer to

  70. Angela says:

    Has anyone ever met a man name Deep Kumar, supposedly from India who relocated to the US a year ago, says he’s a soccer agent. I met him on He sent me an email today and part of his story I think i saw in a message from another scammer, the part where he says “I divorced my wife after i caught her having sex with my friend in my house.” I hope I haven’t ran into another one?

  71. Angela says:

    …..Deep Kumar left a phone number: +44 734 0880 753. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Angela, there is no such person. The phone numbers are VoLp (internet phone) which can be made to look like they originate anywhere in the world. The scammers set them up to match the country and area codes of the place they say the are living or working. The name is made up. The pictures are stolen or photoshopped. It is all a fantasy created to capture first your attention, then your money. This fantasy is created and played out by groups or cells of scammers, most often located in Nigeria or Ghana, but also in Malaysia, India, Russia, and more places as this type of scam grows.

      If you haven’t spoken to this person – don’t! There is less than a 1% chance that this is not a scammer. Please go to the website at and read the information there to educate yourself about these scams. Especially read the section titled “they might be a scammer if….”

      Stay safe!

  72. Gaye R Swink says:

    Well I have been in the same issued what I read RomanceScams., Once I learn this paragraph put a chil bumps on me and drop my jaws if this really I knew it long before this were connection OMG!! ain’t I am getting twisty guts in there to know what I wish this really faker using me. Oh well I learn my lesson that I would have to learn much harder doing this.
    Thanks and now I am putting brake on. But what scare me is that the person mention me if I don’t cooperate he will do his things now do I believe or not believe if this is what I am scare about. That he said will hurt me and my family that will not regret for it.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Gaye, it is very frightening when threats like this are made. In general, scammers living in places like Nigeria and Ghana cannot carry out these threats, nor do they intend to. It’s a long, complicated process for them to get a passport/visa to travel to where their victims live – almost impossible, in fact. Nor are they willing to spend any of the money they have stolen to pay for surveillance or hired killers. Please read the nformation here: link) and also go to (safe link) if you want to know more about this issue of threats.

      Take things one day at a time. Blocking all contact without any further conversation is very important. Think about joining our email group at (safe link)for more information and understanding support.

  73. Vickie says:

    Has anyone ever dealt with a romance scammer who shows his real face (Nigerian). He started out using a Caucasian photo and used name Fredrick Peters. I soon called him out on his accent, grammar, etc. as not matching. At that point he “came clean”, we began live chats and daily texts and calls. He is by no means a looker but there was something abouthim that drew me in. It is now 2 yrs layer, I’m broke, obsessed, ashamed and ready for mental breakdown. Throughout these two years I have bailed him out of countless hunger and hospitalizations, in pursuit of a government engineering contract he was pursuing in Port Harcourt. I am an attractive professional woman who is shellshocked this has happened to me. It all happened in shades of gray not…$5000 to buy into Reynolds Construction and gain govt contract for project. Along the way Fredrick was robbed, lost wallet, got stuck in countless govt red tape and tax fees, injured in ATM robbery, malaria, broke leg in bus accident (with photos), suffered a heart attack (with hospital photos), and unbelievable tears and heartache, on both ends. I believe I have a very good scammer who also happened to fall in love with me along the way. The relationship is so twisted and I’m in so deep I’m having trouble, so painful breaking free. This man elicits so much compassion when I hear the pain in his voice when he has no food or $ to call me. I guess he plays me perfectly while he has moments of obsession with me, often not asking for money, just cries in anguish. I am generally very intuitive, but why do I refuse to accept, no real man would repeatedly ask for money…he would rather starve, if that is truly the case. I do think there is light hypnosis that is used. Has anyone dealt with a FREDRICK PETERS or Fredrick Osayi (he gave me his “real name” when I called him out on being Nigerian). Help! Someone help me gain clarity and pick myself up. One day I’m sure he’s scamming, the next I’m compassionate about the lengths people will go to to avoid starvation and have a roof over their head.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Vickie, it takes determination, but you must immediately block all means of communication with this person. Even though he has revealed his identity to you, he is still scamming you. You may feel that your heart is breaking but you have to end this before you find yourself in serious trouble. Do not have any further contact with him, not a word. Block all of the email addresses and phone numbers and text apps that he contacted you from. You may need to change your phone number and email address. If you are reluctant to do this, ask yourself if you really want to live in Nigeria for the rest of your life, probably being forced into helping to scam others. Or do you want to sponsor this man to come to join you and become legally responsible for his expenses for the next 10 years, regardless of whether the relationship continues. One of the moderators in RomanceScams has been through this experience and can tell you how horrible it was for her. Join our group and she can help you. Or I can give you her email address in a private message. Just answer this message to ask for it.

    • Starr says:

      Vicki, My heart feel for you indeed as have also had a very serious Romance Scam just this past Spring through Summer. As I read your note to Romance Scams I know you are dealing with a not very experienced and younger Scammer. All what you wrote in your message about the hospital and more money for everything under the sun is totally false. I have felt the pain of thinking I found the Love of My Life oh boy did I get a shock !!!!! It was truly horrible for me as the events came to the end, Fraud Stolen checks trying to be deposited, Stolen Credit Cards sent to me and a list a mile long. I did keep all records of everything during this so called Love affair and had to finally report to Federal Authorities. I lost 44K and having to file bankruptcy for the purchases I was told to make with my good credit.
      The note Romance Scams sent you please take for the truth, breaking away is difficult I know this oh so well. Wanting to be Loved and feeling Loved is what God meant for us to be happy. So sad that this kind of online or texting relationship can happen to anyone no matter who they are.
      I have had courage and support from my Friends and Counselor that I continue to see to rebuild my life and promised myself to be an Advocate to help others Victimized by such Crimes as this.
      Please do not send any more e-mails or contact this Nigerian Scammer.
      I encourage you to join the Group as it will be very helpful in healing and ask for a moderator’s in RomanceScams for help also. Starr

  74. Ornella says:

    has anyone ever heard of James Stewart?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Ornella, it won’t help you even if someone has had contact or knowledge of someone using the name James Stewart. Scammers change names as often as most people change their underwear. It could be paired with a different photo or the same photo. It doesn’t mean that it is the same person. Scammers work in groups called pods or cells. They will work together on different aspects of a scam on the same victim.They are also working on many victims at a time. They use endearing words like Hon, Hon, Sweetie, Luv, wifey. Silly girl, not because they love you, but to ensure they don’t use the wrong name is writing or talking to you. This particular scammer name is typical of sammers from Nigeria or Ghana in that it consists of what could be 2 first names, James and Stewart are both first names in most English speaking countries. In Western Africa, peoplmay have several variations of names based on relationships with the people who know them or are related to them. They don’t really understand our names, so to be safe they frequently combine two first names.

      Please share more of your story to get more specific answers to your concerns. You can do that here on the blog or in the Romance Scams Yahoo email support group at (safe link)

      • ornella falconelli says:

        I am Italian, he asked my friendship in facebook, he said he is a general of US  Army, now in mission in Syria. I saw the same his pics in other name, but same pics seem  he is really a military, he asked me if I have skype and I would see if he is the same person who said to be. He calls me with my name.When it will happen I will write you if he is a scammer or not.Thanks in advanceOrnella

      • RomanceScams says:

        Ornella, please do not communicate with this person any more. He is a scammer. U.S. Military officers are not permitted to be on social media, nor do they have time, especially Generals. The scammers have ways with technology to manipulate photos to seem like they are videos. The fact that you saw this picture with another name is proof of a scam. Do not put yourself in the position of allowing them to convince you that this is real.

      • ornella falconelli says:

        Thank you, I will do what you said.

      • Starr says:

        Dear Ornella the person that SCAMMED me called himself Smith Anderson, yes two last names.
        All that Romance Scams replied to you was correct and so much more that you would not believe what the Scammers try to say and do to you. They are NOT Military officers !!!!! and NOT on any mission except to get you to believe everything they say to you and want from you.
        His is NOT in Syria.
        I’m glad you replied to the advice from Romance Scams note as I continue to be an advocate to help anyone I can for I have to start much of my life over again because of what I let happen to me. Be Safe Starr

      • ornella falconelli says:

        Thanks for your words, I delete him, so no problem but I have a wish: I would like to know the general truth or military, of which I have many photos.If someone can help me.

      • RomanceScams says:

        Ornella, there is information on our home page at (Safe link). Also you can get more information and help in our support group which you can join at (safe link)

  75. SM says:

    Here is another scAmmer name. “Elliott Llord” typical dead wife no fAmily here wind property Texas kentucky California. Has a Mercedes and a truck used for work. Sent pictures of some poor guy who doesn’t know his face is being linked to this trash I’m sure. Look out for this her. If u wannA give him a call (424) 245-0836.

    • RomanceScams says:

      SM and others reading this post: it is not a good idea to call a known scammer number. Scammers, when angry, can and will infect your devices with viruses and malware and worse. The name and phone number are meaningless because they are lies. The scammers use Internet calling (VoIP) so that they can make a call appear to be from any place in the world. The name is made up and may or may not be used again. If it is, it may be different scammers who use it. And you are right about the picture being stolen from an innocent person who has nothing to do with the scam. The best way to avoid a scam and help others avoid one is not to share scammer names and numbers. It is only by learning and sharing all the signs of a scam (listed on our website) and avoiding any further contact once you see these signs. Do not lead the scammer on, pretending to be interested. This is called scambaiting and is very dangerous. We never want to forget that these men are professional criminals.

  76. This Man Name Frankly Henderson says he from Albany New York and that he is in the oilcrude business.he goes to Niegeria to get oil an brings back to states sell at higher price.that was his business we been talking strongly since Nov 2016 he promises me the world well now he asking for money 1st time 550.00 2nd time it was 50,000.00 but his daughter tessy came up with 46,000.00 he wonts me to send 4,000.00 he says not scam .but friend pull up romance scam can i find out he said his visa expired

    • RomanceScams says:

      Monica, good for your friend for finding information for you. This man is definitely a scammer because the script he uses is typical. His visa is not expired, it is fake! He most likely lives in Nigeria and is part of a scam cell working many victims at a time. They call us Baby, Hon, Sweetie, Wifey, not because they love us, but because they don’t want to have to explain themselves if they accidentally use the wrong name! So, there is no such person as Frankly Henderson who lives in New York and is the crude oil business. There is no daughter.The pictures you have seen are stolen or photoshopped. The money we send, believing we will be paid back, will never return to us. I lost in the upper 5 figures, even got a signed and witnessed promissory note which is totally useless. Think about joining us at (safe link) to share your story and to get information on how to report this crime and how to heal.

  77. Cheryl A Summers says:

    Monica, Like Romance Scams replied to you yes it is good to have caring friends that find out information for you. It is so hard to recover from such a loss of money once they get you in their loving relationship that is totally false.!!! Everything he wrote to you is FALSE – NOT TRUE and NOTHING is paid back once you send money as I know this too well. There are so many that are Scammed in the US and many other countries Thousands of Crimes every day reported, please share your story and report this crime and you will begin to heal as so many have. Click on the link they sent you as I did.
    God is looking over you, Starr

  78. Tatiana Gloerfelt-Tarp says:

    “Oh Im so lonely..I want love and warmth and caring😢😣 I just want to be loved as I am..take it or leave it..someone who gives me a glass of water when Im sick…I have a beautiful soul, but my weight is 120 kg and the guys only want sex! But I want to be loved for my reach inner world not for my body…Im 55 and still virgin..Im so scared and give everything for the loving soul beside me!😭😭💔..””Ladies! Exchange your glasses for contacts. Make a beautiful haircut. Begin to exercise and get hobby. Always go with a stright back. ..Discipline yourself and get rid of that self-pity! …Its how to fight the romance-scams. Dont expect love from anybody. Love yourself instead!

    • Starr says:

      Tatiana, The comment was just wonderful you posted as it is so important for us beautiful women to LOVE Ourselves first… I have a book that is excellent to recommend anyone would enjoy called “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L. Hay Teaching Love, and realizing we are very Special, as this will turn your life around. Yes Love Yourself !

    • RomanceScams says:

      I would add that each of us needs to be able to see the signs of a romance scam. And also to realize that no good man will ever ask someone he has never met in person for money or their banking information.

  79. I have been talking to a guy for 3 months. He says his name is David Marcus Jerry. He says he works on a ship and lives in Florida. Works 3 months off 1 month. He said he bought a plain ticket to come and visit me and even sent a copy of the schedule. A day before he was to arrive he said the ship got attacked by sea pirates. I knew that was a lie. He said he had valueables and they got them. He had a safe in his cabin where he said he had some money and jewelry they did not get. He wanted me to get. He said after te pirates had left that in malaysia he took them to diplimatic couriers and they were to send it to me. I didnt believe that either. 2 days later I recieved a email and document with my address on it and name mispelled and his last name benjamin on it for me to western union 1850 dollars. I told him I did not have it. He begged. He stopped talking to me for a few days. Then he finally called me again and said he solved his problem. Bbut his passport was in the stuff he was sending me and he had to get the people at the courier service to open it and get oit to him. I ask him how he got it if he was on a ship? I never got a answer. I told him those courier services do not use western union and do not contact the reciever for money. I said its a scam. He said oh I better get my stuff back. Now he is asking for my credit card I told him I didnt have one. Then he ask for my sons. Now he is asking me to get a prepaid card for him. I have no clue why he wants that. This man even had me log into a off shore checking account and it showed over a million dollars in it. He wanted me to check something in there. He told me to send myself to my bandk 20,000 dollars but I didnt. Later I thought I was a fool for believing him but i figured the acct was fake after i thought about. So this is my story and what I have dealt with the last three months.

    • RomanceScams says:

      Are you free of this scam now? Have you blocked all means of communication used between you? After 3 months you most likely feel a strong emotional connection that can be hard to deal with. Please consider joining other scammed victims and peer counselors on our email group website at (safe link) There is so much support and information there, much more than I can post here.

    • Starr says:

      Kim, It was a good thing for you to express what happened to you and share with others, the reply that RomanceScams sent to you is all good to follow up with very helpful. I was a victim also but let it go on with sending money, and so many other demanding things to do for him.
      It has almost been a year since I reported the Fraud and Scam to Federal Authorities and I am going on with my life now being pro active and anyone I hear of that is being scammed I give them the Too Good Too Be True Story.
      You can heal your Life,,,,Starr

  80. Patricia Garcia says:

    I’m currently speaking to a military man by the name of Michael Nelson. He has asked me for money for several things and I have sent it to him through a third party. He says he cannot leave the base and that his commander gives him the names. I have sent him over 5,000 I feel stupid but he made me feel happy .i saw his email address on your website it He has sent me pictures and he says he cannot talk to me because of his job he says he is a weapon specialist and is in Louisiana right now at fort Polk he cannot talk to me just text through hangout can you help me find out if he is the real deal. Also he says he cannot be on Facebook because of his job

    • RomanceScams says:

      Patricia this is definitely a scam. Military scams are very common. In spite of how you have been led to feel, you need to cut off all contact immediately, without another word. Do not confront him with questions or accusations. It will be difficult, but it is necessary . You are in contact with a cell or small group of scammers working together to drag you into their plans along with as many other innocent victims as they can manage. They have the technical skills to upload malware and viruses to you equipment. This allows them to steal your contact information, upload screen shots whenever they want and to see your keystrokes tomsteal your information such as passwords, etc. They will not hesitate to do this or make threats against you. There is no such person as Michael Nelson, the pictures are stolen. Have you done a reverse image search? You may find his photos in a scammer database. Your money went to another person, possibly a scammer, but more likely to be another innocent victim being used to launder money so that it can’t be traced. Please read the section on this blog about military scammers, also on our web page. It is a shock to deal with the reality of being scammed. Please consider joining our support group at (safe link) to help you cope, to learn how to report this crime and to understand how scammers are able to pull victims into the dream they create. There is no judgement because we have all been scammed or have family/close friends that are involved in scams. We understand and want to help.

      • Patricia Garcia says:

        Thank he is texting me as I’m reading this he is telling me he loves me and missed mei just don’t understand how someone could do this but chances are I’ll probably never see my money again

      • RomanceScams says:

        No, sadly that money is long gone. I lost a lot more, some have lost I’m the 6 to 7 figure range. It does not hurt less to have lost a smaller amount, or no money at all. There is plenty of pain to get through dealing with the emotional aspects. The reason the scammers from West Africa do this is that the pay rate is so small, even for those with college degrees, that they can barely pay for necessities. Also, it gives them quite an emotional rush to have pulled us into their game. They celebrate stealing from the U.S and other countries thatused their ancestors as slaves. They forget that their own leaders sold them into slavery. Also the believe that our “Uncle Sam” gives the amount of money stolen from us back to us. If only! You can claim a loss due to fraud on your income taxes this year and you may get a small amount back depending on your income.

  81. Alan says:

    I myself recently had people from Russia contacting me saying that their stuck in places like Moscow & want me to send them money to help them cover the airline costs . I also met someone where they say their from the States & they’re stuck in Africa claiming they need an iTunes card so that they can sell it for money to buy food with they also said their father died & left them money I spoke to the person’s mother who spoke to me on their behalf should I believe this person they seem real but I’m just not sure

    • RomanceScams says:

      No, Alan, do not believe them. None of this is true; it is all part of a scam script. The request for an iTunes card is very common among scammers. The money that was supposedly left will lead to me that f several possible requests: your bank account information so that the money can be transferred to you (but the church or money order will turn out to be counterfeit) or a request to send money so that the inheritance can be released to them. None of this is real. Scams are commonly from Nigeria or Ghana, but they are spreading across the globe to counties like Russia, Malaysia, India, even Spain.

      You need to block all means of contact that each “person” used to communicate with you. Do not say or write another word to them. Scammers can get very nasty and threatening if they think you are on to them. Don’t put your electronic devices and the personal information on them at risk. These people are very skilled at all types of technology and they never hesitate to use it to fool or get even with a potential victim.

    • Nova Star says:

      Alan. You were smart to write your comments to Romance Scams, The reply they gave you is very real and is happening all over the world do everything they recommended block all contact, reply with nothing……I was a victim and now recovering after a year has past. The research I did along with some help has given me the chance to warn anyone I can how dangerous these Scammers are even if they say their from the US. We need to help each other Star

  82. Angela says:

    Has anyone met a man by the name of Jake Ethan Flourish? He contacted me on Skype, he said he’s originally from Oklahoma City, currently working at Atlantic Petroleum Company in Torshavn Faroe Islands in Denmark, phone: +447 509 531 953. After days of chatting asked me to buy and load a Google Play card with $200 because he needed the money for his sick son in his so-called hometown, of course I refused, I know he is scamming; then he asked to borrow money from me, promising to pay me back once he was back in America, i told him i have no money, that he should have taken care of his business before he left. Everyday he send sweet messages along with pictures of flowers and teddy bears, saying how much he love and miss me, this person has never met me, so i ask: should i continue communicating with him or delete/block him?

    • RomanceScams says:

      Angela, this is a very common scammer script. There is absolutely no doubt that you have been communicating with a scammer pod. Without another word, no accusations, block every means of communication that you used. Scammers can become abusive if they think you suspect them; they will not hesitate to do extensive damage to your communications equipment so that even IT experts might not be able to repair it. They will also install hidden programs to monitor your keystrokes and to copy your contact list and personal information, passwords, etc. The name is made up and may be just one of many that they use. Photos are stolen. If you have photos you can do a reverse image search on (safe link) or google images. You may find the real person that the photo belongs to, but never, ever try to contact that person. They may already know about this. Divorces have happened when a spouse of the pictured person didn’t believe the story and thought their husband was cheating on them.

      If your contact stayed on Skype, report this scam to them with whatever information you can provide.

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